Awesome legends #legends #pokemonxy #pokemon #celebi #zekrom #zygrade
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trainer_nathan_ : They need more legendaries in X and Y like seriously there is only 3 that u get once u finish the main story
_powerful_blastiose_ : I agree but you can use pokebank @trainer_nathan_
trainer_nathan_ : Yea but like its cooler when u have to go to some place in game and find it and catch it. And there should be new legends aswell
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That's one powerful lick! The qotd is, do you think a gen 3 remake will come out with pokemon z? ~ Connor
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___thelegendofgilbert_____ : In pokemon z ya dumb butt
poke_madness : @___thelegendofgilbert_____ it'd be the same as x and y ya dumb butt
___thelegendofgilbert_____ : Lol dude txt me @poke_madness
poke_madness : @___thelegendofgilbert_____ my texting is being derpy, kik me
___thelegendofgilbert_____ : Can't my kik is broken @poke_madness
poke_madness : @___thelegendofgilbert_____ reinstall it :3
___thelegendofgilbert_____ : Like the keyboard won't work and I've already tried that @poke_madness
poke_madness : @___thelegendofgilbert_____ ugh. That sucks
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All my Legendaries.trading Xerneas and Zygarde for non shiny original Mew and Moltres #pokemon #pokemonx #pokemonxandy #legenarypokemon #gottacatchemall #mylegendaries #mewtwo #zapdos #xerneas #zygrade #fortrade #tradingpokemon
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wf8117 : Is ndsl?
imsouglythatsokcossoareyou : @wf8117 nay its a 3ds
imsouglythatsokcossoareyou : *Naw
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Anyone want?#pokerus #pokemon #pokemonxandy #zygrade #shinypokemon #3ds
zygrade - shinypokemon - 3ds - pokerus - pokemonxandy - pokemon -
videogamessuck : It can't be traded lmfao only through infrared trading
explodin_bubbles : Shiny delibird for it and a event meloeta
explodin_bubbles : It can be traded @videogamessuck and @i_am_magmortar only event pokemon can't be traded
mr_magby : I know I never said it couldn't be traded and if event pokemon can't be traded then why are u offering an event meloetta @ino_leaf_shinobi
videogamessuck : I'm saying it can only be traded through infrared trading @ino_leaf_shinobi
explodin_bubbles : Oops lol @i_am_magmortar and oh ok @videogamessuck
dat_neko_vy2 : Did u know that u can hack to trade this to anyone!
rareman28 : Yeah
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Pimp #zygrade #shinypokemon #shiny
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trainerblue6 : I thought those things were shiny locked in the game?! @king_scyther
king_scyther : They are but people have hacked them this is my friends. @trainerblue6
trainerblue6 : Oh that's pretty fancy @king_scyther
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Want to adopt a Zygrade? Comment below Why you wanna Adopt! :) You have 30 mins before me and Abster decide who to choose! ^•^ If no one wants Zygrade, the Pokemon will stay with its original owner #pokemon#zygrade
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glameow_adopts : Btw this is @shinyespurr_ 's Pokemon ^•^
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Wat #zygrade #turminouscave #pokemonx #legendary
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So I'm playing pokemon Y and wtf is this #Pokemon #y #giratina #zygrade #legendary
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Found it #zygrade #pokemonx #legendary
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Shiny Regice, Shiny Fearow, and Zygarde (not shiny) for trade. I'd like a Meloetta. Or make an offer. #shiny #shinyfortrade #fearow #shinyfearow #zygrade #shinyregice #regice #fortrade #meloetta #pokemon #pokemonx #pokemony #pokémon #pokémonx #pokémony #x #y #meloettaplease
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poketrd : Okay, Dm me when you are ready
masaomi__kida : @poketrd okay. :)
poketrd : Sorry, I have to go to sleep, but if you don't mind we can trade tommorow. Oh, and about uxie, it was in gts and I forgot to take it, so I don't have it anymore( but I can give regirock instead
masaomi__kida : @poketrd okay. That works. But if you're still up and willing to do it I'm ready now. But I can wait until tomorrow as well.
poketrd : Oh, ok. Lets do it now
poketrd : 0147-0577-0649
masaomi__kida : @poketrd I direct messaged you my code.
masaomi__kida : -- fearow and regice traded--
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#pokemon #like #ha #notMyDrawing #zygrade #lobeit #follow
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_powerful_blastiose_ : Follow
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Well this is my strongest team yet#pokemon#tips#needsomeshoutout#helpmefame#lololol#jkjk#mewtwo#zygrade
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chrishartono : #69
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#zygrade #pokemon
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#pokemony #lengend #shiny #gts 4 trade #wondertrade #rare #celebi #deoxys #phione #manaphy #mewtwo #yveltal #zygrade #zapdos #arceus #keldeo #shaymin #genesect #kyogre #rayquaza #giratina #meloetta #bibarel
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raremr : Ok
rollercoasterfan101 : I'm ready
rollercoasterfan101 : My fc is 4441-9955-3625
raremr : Did you add me ? @rollercoasterfan101
rollercoasterfan101 : Ya i added you
rollercoasterfan101 : Now just add me
jaymex616 : Shiny lugia ho-oh palkia dialga or giratina for Shaymin or Genesect
dark_souls2 : Shiny palkia lvl 100 6ivs 2:1 for keldeo and genesect
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-5 Years After The Events of Pokemon X and Y- The Kalos region is updated with new technology, Lumiose city has grown into a point of interest for the Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Region. Gym leaders from those regions come to apply as gym leaders and elite 4 in the Kalos region. Soon after you begin your adventure, you see a woman with blue hair, and she speaks to you about team flares antics five years ago along with every villainous team ever in pokemon and explains that they just need to control everybody in way were they won't speak back. She talks about Lysandre and team flare in more detail if you have pokemon x and y linked (MEMORY LINK RETURN). As she finishes she explains that his intentions were indeed righteous but how he went about it was wrong. After continuing on your journey once more, tremors begin, and increase more and more in magnitude. As you walk out the 8th gym leaders gym, a tremor is so large you see the Anistar sundial rock from afar. You then return to lumiose city to go past and enter the victory road when suddenly, a tremor is so large ... Prism towers crumbles and falls down in centrico plaza. They you see a the team of evil people in this game Team Crest (I need to work out the name 😅). They then proceed to bomb the last corners of prism tower and the tower falls, and the people are in sheer terror, then out from underneath the Prism tower you see a green creature SLITHER to an underground tunnel, that leads to a base you found earlier in the game, in terminus cave. Now you the player, must save all of the pokemon world from Team Cress, and stop them from Manipulating Zygarde's power to strike fear in the hearts of the Kalos people, and you can fly on the back of Yveltal or Gracefully ride on back of Xerneas on your mission to stop zygarde and team cress. #VersagramApp #pokemon #pokemonx #pokemony #pokemonz #zygrade #yveltal #xerneas #possiblestoryline
pokemony - pokemonx - pokemonz - yveltal - versagramapp - possiblestoryline - zygrade - pokemon - xerneas -
pokemon_trainer_valerie : Yes, this sounds so cool, 💚 @nintendo should see this :3
pkmn_trainer_orange : @pokemon_trainer_valerie Yess, and the whole prism tower thing is so symbolic
pokemon_trainer_valerie : It is, I love this! @pkmn_trainer_orange
pkmn_trainer_orange : @pokemon_trainer_valerie thank you, I'll let you lead the 7th gym if you want they ever ask me to pick the gym leaders 😄
pokemon_trainer_valerie : Haha that's ok, but that would be cool :3
pkmn_trainer_orange : Of course who wouldn't want to see @n_and_reshiram as the 8th leader @pokemon_trainer_valerie
pokemon_trainer_valerie : Haha yeah
zorualover2816 : Lol thx a lot but I don't think that's true at all
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_official_garchomp : #instamilion #instalike #likeaboss #likes4tags #likes4likes #likesfortags #likesforlikes #legendary #like #zygrade#cool #beast #picoftheday #pkmn #pokemon #tags4likes #tagsforlikes
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Got #zygrade on #pokemon y
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yes. Everyone has... #pokemon #zygrade #yes
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strange, alot of ??? #whoisthis? #zygrade #pokemonX
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Like if you like legendary Pokémon. Which legendary Pokémon out of all 6 Generations of the Pokemin Franchise? #pokemon #pocketmonsters #anime #manga #arceus #mew #lugia #hooh #celebi #deoxys #genesect #kyurem #zygrade #xerneas #yeveltal #kalos #unova #sinnoh #hoenn #johto #kanto #legendarypokemon #pokemontrio #ash #red
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tai_uchiha : Are your Favorite! Comment if you dont mind:
tai_uchiha : My favorite is Mew
enjoy_the_show72 : Mew
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I also heard that there was another legendary of Kalos one who shows up to restore balance #Zygrade I know have befriended 2 of the three Kalos Legendaries
zygrade -
aspertia_champion_white : It welcome :) @ethan_is_official
ethan_is_official : Can't find the cave though
aspertia_champion_white : U gotta to the second level below n then u gotta find the stairs that'll take u up towards the entrance of where Zygrade Is, u also will find the Grisieus Adamant and Lustrus orbs in that chamber @ethan_is_official
ethan_is_official : Ok
ethan_is_official : Where is the second level?
gamingiskey : Zygarde
gamingiskey : Not zygrade
official_treecko_ : I can't find zygarde I'm still looking
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Finally took the time to capture #zygrade now on to mew two #pokemon #pokemonxy #pokemony #3ds #nintendo #achievement
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westoncrossing : Check your direct message
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Finally After so many attempts
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tl_deception : Started with 407 ended up with 375 pokeballs left
tl_deception : @manuel9755
tl_deception : #pokemonx #pokemony #pokemon #ds #3ds #2ds #pokemonxy #pokemonxandy #pokemonyandx #zygrade #yveltal #Xerneus #mewtwo #megaevolution #minecraft #cod #pokeball #masterball #ultraball #greatball #pixelmon #animalcrossing
manuel9755 : Dem skills
tl_deception : @chrisgill1995 I caught mewtwo Xerneus and Zygrade with a pokeball
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Any one wanna trade? #pokemontrade #pokemonY #zygrade
pokemony - zygrade - pokemontrade -
devin_is_awkward -
Trading my legendaries for regular shinies! None are shiny so don't ask. Latios and Regigigas aren't for trade. Regirock is EV trained and Latias is level 100. #zygrade #latias #regirock #mewtwo #terrakion #cobalion #virizion #shiny #shinytrade #shinypokemon #friendcode
terrakion - shinypokemon - friendcode - latias - mewtwo - virizion - regirock - shinytrade - zygrade - shiny - cobalion -
wahab_adel : Np bro
wahab_adel : GG
xyzpokemon : Good game! @wahab_adel
liquidtragedy : Need a chespin squirtle or klefkie perfect ev s
xyzpokemon : No thanks. @guitardude1707
liquidtragedy : 😪Knew it
el_danny_12 : I will give u my shiny seaking and shiny relecanth for Latias @xyzpokemon
xyzpokemon : I have both and I already traded it. Haha @xxdanielxx12
pokemon_enslaver555 - pikazapchu_tik -
I've decided I'm going to trade my legendary pokemon. None are shiny so don't ask. I'm not looking for shiny pokemon, not other legendaries. Latias is level 100 and Regirock is EV trained, so please consider that. Top right corner isn't for trade. #EVTrained #Shinypokemon #shinytrade #trade #shiny #legendary #legendaries #legendarytrade #latias #terrakion #virizion #cobalian #regice #registeel #regirock #mewtwo #zygrade
terrakion - shinypokemon - mewtwo - virizion - legendary - evtrained - shinytrade - trade - legendaries - regice - latias - cobalian - legendarytrade - regirock - registeel - zygrade - shiny -
_pokemon_arena : @xyzpokemon alright in coming back online
_pokemon_arena : @xyzpokemon thanks, hopefully I have you something you didn't have already, checked your previous posts and didn't see that pokebank mon on there
_pokemon_arena : Gave'
xyzpokemon : Oh yeah, you did! I would have never gotten krabby. Thanks again! @_pokemon_arena
_pokemon_arena : Np, I think if we build a proper network or community for PokeFans on insta that it would be easier to help more people out, just getting scammed on here sucks especially when you try and help people
xyzpokemon : That would be so beneficial to everyone. But yeah, that's the biggest issue with Pokemon on here sadly. @_pokemon_arena
_pokemon_arena : That's why when I do find good people on here I keep them in the friends list and delete the people who aren't moving the network/community forward, only good vibes!!
xyzpokemon : Haha I get what you're saying. That's great! Good to know there's good people out here. Haha @_pokemon_arena
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Hello beautiful. #zygrade #pokemonx
pokemonx - zygrade - zygarde -
krystallynxo : #zygarde
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These Pokemon are up for trade!! Only good offers please my friend list is full and I traded some good pokemon for most of these. I also have tynamo but I haven't bred it yet. #Mewtwo #Zygrade #Frillish #Phione #Yamask #Porygon #Cottonee #misdreavus #Meowth #Tynamo #Shinypokemon #shiny #Trade #cofagrigus #jellicent #persian
shinypokemon - tynamo - trade - porygon - cofagrigus - misdreavus - phione - jellicent - mewtwo - cottonee - shiny - frillish - persian - zygrade - yamask - meowth -
amillionexplodingsuns : @xyzpokemon what's your friend code
olie2710 : Is that misdreavus shiny??
xyzpokemon : None are shiny. @olie2710
jascromantic : Can I have a mewtwo? I have all the starters from all gen, other rare ones from friend safari, etc.
jascromantic : Or a misdreavus ;-;
xyzpokemon : All these pokemon have been traded already, sorry! :/ @trackerjacker_jasmine
skyler_thecreator_ : Still have mewtwo?!!!! Does it come with mega stone I need the y one!!!!
xyzpokemon : I've traded them all, sorry! @skyskycutiepie1
pokenation_ - jordany509 - jaydzilla -
Does anyone have a #Chikorita? Idc if it has the worst nature possible or if it has no EVS or IVS, im willing to trade a cyndaquil, 5IV mr. Mime, or even a Zygrade! Please i need one for my girlfriend!! Ill give a shoutout also if someone can trade me one!! #Pokemon #PokemonY #PokemonX #PokemonXY #Pokémon #Chikorita #Cyndaquil #MrMime #Zygrade #likeforlike #likeforlikes #likeback #followforfollow #followback #following #f4f #shoutout #givingshoutouts #Johto #Kalos #XY #ShinyPokemon #Shiny #2ndGeneration#BeAFriend #HelpMeOut
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catchingthemall : @trainer_ericketchum I'm ready when you are (:
catchingthemall : @trainer_ericketchum you there?
trainer_ericketchum : @catchingthemall im on right now! Whats your name on the game!?
catchingthemall : @trainer_ericketchum liza 💕
trainer_ericketchum : @catchingthemall my friend code is in my bio!
catchingthemall : @trainer_ericketchum added :3 I'm ready
catchingthemall : @trainer_ericketchum thanks!! Enjoy chikorita 💕
trainer_ericketchum : @catchingthemall thank you!
niallssslaugh - slothniac - _pokemonworld_ - 50calgunner -
#lol #pokemon #zygrade #swagmontwo #illshowhimlater #die #pokemonswag
illshowhimlater - pokemon - die - pokemonswag - zygrade - swagmontwo - lol -
popular_the_pokemon_x_y - matty_talco717 - zangoose_tamer - trentthegamer -
Any trades #pokemon #pokemonx #pokemony #shinypokemon #zygrade 1091-8818-3419
pokemony - pokemonx - zygrade - shinypokemon - pokemon -
poketradz : @alex5sinanidis
poketradz : If you get zygarde you can trade him for another shiny @alex5sinanidis
poketradz : I'll give you a shiny for him @alex5sinanidis
poketradz : I'll give you a shiny for ursaring @alex5sinanidis
alex5sinanidis : Which shiny do you have
poketradz : I will give you a shiny poliwrath and a zygarde @alex5sinanidis
alex5sinanidis : But i need a shiny charmander
poketradz : I don't think anyone will trade a shiny charmander for a ursaring but I'll trade you a shiny poliwrath and zygarde that's a really good trade# @alex5sinanidis
legendofcelena - shiny_ampharos - 7amdo0ony - magikarpers -
joao_duarte23 : I love Zygarde !!!!
animeisoishi : That's sick!
heroofgaming1300 : Prepare your anus...
animaljam_360 : Pokemon Z....?....
__la_dey__ : Where can you find Zygarde??
yoshiplaysgames : @thegaminggamer101 deepest part of Terminus Cave on I think Route 18 :3
__la_dey__ : Am I supposed to do something before I look in the cave? @yoshiplaysgames
yoshiplaysgames : @thegaminggamer101 his section of the cave opens after you beat the Elite 4/Champion
thedashiofdoom - bhos_96 - epicscr - mega_aggron -
#pokemon #pokemonxy #pokemonx #pokemony #pokemontrade #tradepokemon #pokemontrade #trade #EVtrain #IVtrained #xerneas #yveltal #zygrade
pokemony - pokemonx - ivtrained - tradepokemon - yveltal - pokemonxy - evtrain - trade - zygrade - pokemontrade - pokemon - xerneas -
kirbychan20 - aznizerbunny - pokemon_master_for_life - oscachu__chainz -
Statigram feedback