They say Results matter. This is the result of not working out for so long. So does it matter? 😝 #haniatthegym #yasminhani #adidasMY @adidasMY @celfitMalaysia #adidasallin
adidasallin - haniatthegym - yasminhani - adidasmy -
anggun_smile_gg_putih_5hari : Wow....
nfhbeautyhouse_ : Good job!
butiklawalawa : Wowow
bajubabycomel : Wahhh...keep it upπŸ‘πŸ‘
auntyleez : @yasminhani hr tu bsalin czer ke normal?
galeri_pesona_ayra : Yes it does haha
modal_serendah_rm55 : ^_^
stylelistacloset : Keletihan
nisha_syabina - najihah_zah - shahirahjeffri - atieizaty -
With @yasminhani #mstaronline #thegardens #yasminhani
yasminhani - thegardens - mstaronline -
apek_cina : Macam bercouple ngan dia.
ahmadkasyidi : @apek_cina Dia sudah kahwinlah.I x ambil kesempatan,lah.
apek_cina : Tak pe... Sabar menanti. Jodoh ditangan Tuhan.
ahmadkasyidi : @apek_cina God willing.
apek_cina : Hehehe...
maisarah_saliza - najmiajmal - adamzulk - munirahmuhammad -
by @atiliaharon "Sebab kita fun!" via @PhotoRepost_app #yasminhani #yasminhaniatevent #haniandshaarin @shaarin #mstaronline
mstaronline - yasminhani - haniandshaarin - yasminhaniatevent -
kurungcotton_murah_freepostage : Pretty
butiklawalawa : Gorgeous
jubahfromdubai : ☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺
esmatfauzi : Hehehe @kyralola
kyralola : Wah wah..mntk laa autograpgh skit.bg kte collection autograpgsvye @esmatfauzi
bajubabycomel : Meriah uols
nurprettystore : Nk buat duit sampingan income rm20-rm200 sehari?
cheapest_onlineshop4 : Happy..❀
zulhilmichiktak - amychantek - ansaryhasry - wenawinny -
Love us!! #mstaronline #celepets #clpt #yasminhaniatevent #yasminhani #dynasmokhtar #atiliaharon #sazzyfalak
dynasmokhtar - yasminhani - atiliaharon - sazzyfalak - clpt - yasminhaniatevent - celepets - mstaronline -
almari_preloved_rm20 : Cantikkkk❀❀❀
kurungcotton_murah_freepostage : Pretty
butiklawalawa : Pretty girls hehe
syafiera_lewis : Yasmin dah macam ellen haha
jubahfromdubai : ☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺
stylista_handbag : Ingin bergaya dengan handbag branded antaranya prada,chanel,gucci,furla,lv dan byk lg?jom visit my ig loveliess..
kimchiraymond : You cut your haaaaaair
norahr75 : Thx for coming guys!!! 😘😘😘
wenawinny - izham_ig - dylaedrys - alyaasuraya -
Yoohoooo ladies! Estee Lauder is holding an IG contest from 4 April - 16 May, you can be one of the three winners selected each week to win a Pure Color Envy Shine lipstick. How? Easy! Just upload a photo (or selfie ;) ) of yourself wearing the lipstick with the hashtag #LipstickEnvyShineMY http://bit.ly/1kMFxY9 Plus, they’ll also be holding the β€œBe Envied” contest soon, so keep an eye out for that! Prizes include Estee Lauder products worth up to RM5000 and a beauty spread in 3 fashion magazines. Wow! #yasminhani
yasminhani - lipstickenvyshinemy -
yasminhani : @zaqmnoor pure color envy shine 320 Surreal sun. @muslimah_plus_sizes @allaboutpincantik @elysious_beautyconsultant @stylelistacloset @instaframecanvas
cheapest_onlineshop4 : Cantik..
bajubabycomel : Nice colour
fairyha : @aikiross Aku tak pkai lipstick. Maybe @ilyianur @s_munira bleh join πŸ’‹
zaqmnoor : 😘 okay.. πŸ‘πŸ‘
ilyianur : @fairyha ak takde luck dlm contest
nurprettystore : Nk buat duit sampingan income rm20-rm200 sehari?
mommymoma : Cik @tisibaki @wanhasne yok
nadirahim - nadirazain - faizaldayah - diuzfirdaus -
Had fun at #icewatch event. Well coz we had a lil rockstar Qaseh to entertained us! 😝 congrats Habib! @shaarin #haniandshaarin #yasminhani #yasminhaniartwork @therealfafau @ellaaminuddin
icewatch - yasminhani - yasminhaniartwork - haniandshaarin -
muslimah_plus_sizes : adik depan tu pn xnak kalah posing. Kikiki
thanyaporn_breast_enlargement : Cool shot
jubahfromdubai : ☺😊☺😊☺😊☺☺😊
amalinaawis : @ninaawis shall go and check it outttt
bad_girl_teahasya : Kak hani rock giler...
cheapest_onlineshop4 : Fun...πŸ‘
zurindazakaria : Ella tak sesuai la pakai skirt pendek!
_snsyaaa : Comel anak @zilabakarin75 😘😘
sweet79aries - tashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - ctsahari - zieyraghaffar -
"Hi auntie Yasmin, baby Noah is sooo cute!! Next time, Daniel want a play date with him k" #yasminhani @hippopobabyspamalaysia πŸ‘ΆπŸŠ
yasminhani - danielharris -
yasminhani : Hehehe ok Daniel.. U r cute too πŸ‘Ά
seriasfarinahani : #danielharris
barangandariluarnegara : Alahai cutenye.. :)
atikahazmi - suraya_imani - lnl_wardrobe - nurulhudamr -
Eraman's In House Brand "Flying Nomad" Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show @ KL Hilton, with my babygirl @yasminhani #clpt #sazzyfalak #yasminhani
yasminhani - sazzyfalak - clpt -
advanced_slim : Kasut sazzy da boom la!
habizacollection : Nice stripe
daphneiking : Smokin hot both of u @yasminhani @sazzyfalak
rahsiamontok_ketat_dlm5hari : Cantikkk
rahsiamontok_ketat_dlm5hari : πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’‹πŸ’ŸπŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŽŠ
ejayjamal : Tq for gracing the event @sazzyfalak
sazzyfalak : @ejayjamal Thank you for having us! :)))
irfzaq : 😍😍😍
jbtrsy - shaieraaida - alesya_alzehra - shafiqasalime -
At Flying Nomad Spring Summer 2014 fashion show. With the Chairman of Eraman En Jeremy n my friends. #yasminhani #hanishaarin
yasminhani - hanishaarin -
bomohbelvya : @yasminhani wachaaaaa! hehe
nfhbeautyhouse_ : Good!
arinaosman : @fionz85
fazuzu : @mamanudge waaa didnt knw he was the chairman!! Ur dad is awesome!
mamanudge : Omg.....haha! @fazuzu thx for tagging this pic babe :)
habizacollection : Org kuat nih
esmawatie : Hai che ta
aiza_iza_ : Kita baru nak tag najwa @mamanudge , nak tanya
amoy2thr33on3 - miss_eiqa - aida20ai - aikimi18 -
Gang biskut roda.. #dibawahlindungankaabah #haniatwork #yasminhani
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
saya_jual_baju : zahid, please la.. hahahahahahaha
whitesecretbeauty : sportinggg
areja23 : Hahahah zahid tuuuu
bajubabycomel : OmeyyyyπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
puan_aidilfitri : Zahid cute....hehehe
thanyaporn_breast_enlargement : Cute
nazuainman : Sedap tpi tu la masin kan
tiens_sehat : READY!!! PENINGGI / PELANGSING / PENGGEMUK / masalah JERAWAT dan MATA MINUS?? Contact us : sms/WhatsApp: +6285260297697 ---BB pin:76b9f62c;)----line/wechat : riorivandi
lyanamior - australiafahad - roroessa444 - ratihpratiwimispan -
by @yasminhani "Some of the ensembles of Di Bawah Lindungan Kaabah. Left to right : Rosnah, Hamid, Zainab n Tuan. Rosnah: "lupa engkau agaknya, bahawa kedukaan itu tumbuh diapit oleh dua rumpun kesukaan?" Hamid: Ada dinding diantarankita Keluarga kukuh budi bicara Adat belengu peri dan laku Agama mukim mengikat dosa Zainab: Sampai waktu kau berangkat Berkelana menambah ilmu Pertaruh roh pada jasad Mengenangmy dengan rindu Tuan: "itulah kisahnya percintaan dan persahabatan diantara yang diikat diantara adat dan agama" #dibawahlindungankaabah #yasminhani #haniatwork" via @PhotoRepost_app
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
fizafaiezah : @marr276 amacam?hikhik....
marr276 : Jommmm kita @fizafaiezah
fizafaiezah : Haaaa....jommmm30x...gedik dh nie.. @marr276 hikhik...
ameiraibrahim : Kakak xde tix free ke...??
julifa_s : @ameiraibrahim Ade kakak...nnt aku roger hang 😘
ameiraibrahim : Yeeaaayy nak kakak.. aku x pernah g istana budaya.. heehee.. tringat tgk husbend kakak on stage..
julifa_s : @ameiraibrahim Hahahaha gedik nohh...nnt aku roger kita tgk sama2..btw rindu kakak sgt2 😭
ameiraibrahim : Yeeaayy hahaha.. miss you too kakak..!!
shadysohaimi - shamctakim - marr276 - lailatulashikin -
Some of the ensembles of Di Bawah Lindungan Kaabah. Left to right : Rosnah, Hamid, Zainab n Tuan. Rosnah: "lupa engkau agaknya, bahawa kedukaan itu tumbuh diapit oleh dua rumpun kesukaan?" Hamid: Ada dinding diantarankita Keluarga kukuh budi bicara Adat belengu peri dan laku Agama mukim mengikat dosa Zainab: Sampai waktu kau berangkat Berkelana menambah ilmu Pertaruh roh pada jasad Mengenangmy dengan rindu Tuan: "itulah kisahnya percintaan dan persahabatan diantara yang diikat diantara adat dan agama" #dibawahlindungankaabah #yasminhani #haniatwork
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
mar_rawi : Kak mar akan tgk ni..terbaik hani @yasminhani
pakaianbabymurah : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
tepung_hairan_agent : So true..Cantik n ayu Kak @yasminhani bhijab..in Sha Allah suatu hari nnt.. :)
nazuainman : Comel nye kak @yasminhani pki tudung cute giler
khalilpasya : Looking good wearing hijab :) iAllah one day yeah? @yasminhani
azilaazhari : cantiknye brhijab @yasminhani ....plz teruskan...sejuk sgt hati tgk ni...apetah lg yg diats...mdh2an ye
jual_pelangsingalami_peninggi : Nice
habizacollection : Adi putra β™₯β™₯
nur_aqila - fahmy_z - mizzamylia - aienjoharry -
Whole Ensemble of #dibawahlindungankaabah #theatre #yasminhani #haniatwork
yasminhani - haniatwork - theatre - dibawahlindungankaabah -
aishatasha : @yasminhani i need your email for some work stuff.
wallpaper_rumah_murah : Nk join bleh?
baby_hotsellerlicious : RAMAI nYEer
burlesque_gems_house : πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆnak pkai pelakon lebih? πŸ˜…πŸ˜… hahahaha #kidding πŸ’πŸ’
nabilazamrin : I saw my friends!eah!suzzy!mekti!good luck guys!:)
nabilazamrin : @suzzylovato @nazihahnazruddin
kiuttstylo_fashion : Wow..
yasminhani : @aishatasha u an email shaarin.razali@gmail.com first ya dear.
fairusabran - shamctakim - zueilyas - s_zamiraz -
With Uncle Afif Hamka the son of Allahyarham Prof Doc Hamka. Such an honour. Lovely man he is. #dibawahlindungankaabah #yasminhani #haniatwork
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
snebeutskin_dealer : Starstruck jap...
naylisshop : sentiasa nmpak lawa :))
deepankar001 : Beautifull girl
iniszaura : I envy you, lady! Please send my regards to him. I named my 1st son after his father ☺️
yasminhani : @iniszaura really? Did u know that HAMKA is Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah? 😊 @hashimrejab theatre dear. Nanti 9th-18th May pementasannya k.. Kat IB
hashimrejab : @yasminhani ohh kena g tgk nii
cintazulaiqa : Sampaikan my salam to him please. Tqvm ya
amspmy : @itsdidit
amoy2thr33on3 - aziemahesam - duaa_du - eiydaaviddaa -
Aahh feels like dating plak.. Its been a while since we worked out together. #AdidasMY #Adidas #AdidasEnergyBoost #gym #yasminhani #haniatthegym #haniandshaarin #healthyliving #fitness #workout @CelFitMalaysia #allin
haniatthegym - adidas - workout - fitness - gym - yasminhani - adidasenergyboost - allin - adidasmy - haniandshaarin - healthyliving -
azharmario123234 : @yasminhani no arrogant
mahadewiaris : @haqnavaz88 sweet kan
cheapest_onlineshop4 : Sweet
kejuisland : @yasminhani me likey your hair!! Lawa!!
ellyazreen : @aminjamil dah lama x workout sama2πŸ˜”
aminjamil : @ellyazreen kan...
amyaroraaziz : Wow
faralisa_zara : @yasminhani...Hai sis..Bile sis start balik exercise yer.....Sy pun czer.. Nak th masa yg sesuai utk workout..
alyncolorfull - eiydaaviddaa - sitimahirahmohamed9 - annavengers -
Good morning!! @noahismailwong Be a good boy k mummy of to work.. 😘 #noahismailwong #sonshine #yasminhani
sonshine - noahismailwong - yasminhani -
sajaaxxi : @rabiatul_rahim
butikaludra : Noah he's sooo cute n encem boy!! If baby gurl nnt mesti lg double cute like mama @yasminhani
sugarcrushboutique : So so so so handsome boy....
h2hskincare : Hensem boy.... #sayajualfaceserum
edwan152 : @yasminhani so lovely
sabariahbahari : Super comel
hurrylicious : Alaaa comel nyeee. :)
dirah_armani : so cute la baby #noah πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά @yasminhani
syazwaniekhalid - ellysuhaily11 - dyeaismail - enneffbyy -
Kejadian tadi waktu rehearsal #dibawahlindungankaabah it was a good cardio! 😜 #yasminhani #StaminaDahDropOiiiii
staminadahdropoiiiii - yasminhani - dibawahlindungankaabah -
bajupengantin_murahsimple : Good luck
burlesque_gems_house : πŸ‘―πŸ‘―bkn mainβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ step Menari dlm wedding kah?😊☺️☺️☺️☺️
ell_gadgetklon_murah : :D
zuienlee : Poco poco?
bajubabycomel : Wahhhh
maya_riss : Nak join! #tinamala_beauty
turun_3ke4kg_dlm_seminggu : nice
syaimaamanaf : Dafi put on weight..
ri3n_asyira - fitrihjahmad - mizzamylia - ier_fan75 -
Rehearsal today.. #haniatwork #yasminhani #dibawahlindungankaabah
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
shahrulromlee : I see elfira loy
fiezalicious_shop : Waahhhh... Tantiknyerr
muslimah_plus_sizes : Waoooooo
habizacollection : Wahh
herba_abg_power : Wahhh
miera_dress_bkualiti_termurah : cptnyaaa kurus kak
amiuracle : Saw u kat sukiya tadi takot nak tego huhu
arohaibrahim : Hey Cik Ros. :D
prelovedbabyitem - erniesyaz - shazhufa - aienjoharry -
With Dato Sri Abd Wahab Managing Director of Sime Darby watching a performance by No Noise percussion. #yasminhani #haniatwork #recycling #simedarby
recycling - haniatwork - yasminhani - simedarby -
eddycasmady : Tepuk kuat lagi
telekunglycra_rm50_murah_laris : Pretty @yasminhani
muslimah_plus_sizes : Pretty
rahsiaputih_gebu_dlm5hari : Semangat kak hani
bajupengantin_murahsimple : Comel kak hani ni
bajupengantin_murahsimple : :)
opasnoworiginal : Styel~
monopod_murahh : Comel
njiaa21 - leya91 - diandra_ang - dhianadiyah -
Look whom we bumped into? Super adorable Baby Noah and his gorgeous mommy @yasminhani πŸ˜πŸ˜™ #noahismailwong #yasminhani #jibbyco #cutebaby #kids #DanishHarraz #instagramers #instakids #insta_kids
cutebaby - yasminhani - kids - insta_kids - instagramers - jibbyco - instakids - danishharraz - noahismailwong -
afridams : Salam sis.sy Ade crop n ambil gmbr Yasmin hani n handbag dia nak repost dlm ig Saya.saya minta izin ye?😊
mammadanish : Ahahaha mcm2 tau cik adik ni πŸ˜…πŸ˜† @ifahibrahim_
mammadanish : Salam @afridams okay dik πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
afridams : Thank you so much @mammadanish β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
mammadanish : You re most welcome @afridams πŸ™Œ
farahnanee : my son #danishhariz
mammadanish : Hi danish hariz's mommy😊 @farahnanee
farahnanee : @mammadanish hi back. nice to meeting u.
tarikjeans - rienazmi - myln76 - alya_nasuhaa -
Make recycle as a habit n ur lifestyle. Start with yourself n show good example to your kids. #yasminhani #haniatwork #recycling #recycle
recycle - recycling - haniatwork - yasminhani -
elysious_beautyconsultant : Happy Friday sis β™₯
mariodesauza : Wah!...potong rambut ke?? Comel la hot mama ni...hehehe @yasminhani
rossadiapercakes : Hot mummy!!
awesomeklicks : Thank you @yasminhani for visiting #awesomeklicks photobooth. :) hope you enjoy your pictures!
luffsha : I want your skirt. @yasminhani
white_pinkish_glowing2skin : Wahhh mln budak πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
opasnoworiginal : Cute~
ena_rockerina : @luffsha sy ade jual skirt tu..leh tngok kat page sy..www.facebook.com/arenafashionista
fathiahnajihah - leya91 - dhianadiyah - nawwarah93 -
Thank you Sime Darby for inviting me as a Guest Speaker to talk about Recycling on their Recycling Day. #yasminhani #haniatwork #recycling
recycling - haniatwork - yasminhani -
opasnoworiginal : Nice~
butterflymagic444 - nazuainman - fizaahmad - botaksuarez -
#YasminHani #haniatshoot #JelitaMagazine #24032014 @shoesshoesshoe5
jelitamagazine - 24032014 - yasminhani - haniatshoot -
hannashamsuddin2 : Lawa mommy nih
bajupengantin_murahsimple : So pretty la
saya_jual_baju : lawa!!!! lawa sgt
kylaruiz : So beautiful Hani
faradzilah : watched u at astro for dua dunia...lama kot time tu u tooo skinny, but now u look fab dear @yasminhani
boongalalang : Hi dear, how to contact you? I nak bg gift
yasminhani : @boongalalang u can email shaarin.razali@gmail.com ya @faradzilah aaw thx dear..
opasnoworiginal : Nice~
aqilah_sulaimann - leya91 - roarxtumblr - mizsnishsa -
Yasmin Hani real Stylo in Kyla Ruiz Necklace. #yasminhani
yasminhani -
phian73 : Wow..cantik new look...i like
shaniakhairul - nrl_as - aduratengku - faizahmawi -
Bila jumpa with this crazy beautiful mummy ni mesti berebut nak cakap! Haha had fun shokting with u babe! #yasminhani #haniatwork #yasminhaniatshoot oh pls tag makcik ni.. Haih tak sempat mintak.
yasminhani - haniatwork - yasminhaniatshoot -
snebeutskin_dealer : πŸ‘β€πŸ‘β€πŸ‘
cici_asha : @
cici_asha : @shieraijoy
cadar_3d_murah_cantik : dua2 still cntik!!!
miss_9922boutique : β™₯β™₯β™₯
pinkguava80 : Very nice jacket
farrahyuhanis : Kak @yasminhani ..anak ayu si aiyan kirim salam..dia ckp..sape cubit pipi aiyan waktu shoot aritu?! Hahahahahahah
opasnoworiginal : Nice~
yayaa_dh - graxieparadise - mirabakar - hajardanisha87 -
@noahismailwong joined mummy & daddy to say that we are #finishedwithfins #savethesharks #iwantafinfreechinesenewyear #stopbuyingkillingwilltoo #shaarinoahani #yasminhani #shaarin #noahismailwong
yasminhani - finishedwithfins - iwantafinfreechinesenewyear - shaarin - savethesharks - shaarinoahani - stopbuyingkillingwilltoo - noahismailwong -
cheapest_onlineshop4 : Sweet
telekunglycra_rm50_murah_laris : Happy family!
jualbeli_online_murah2 : Wah.. gudnitez
princessdress_tudunggojess : Happy2 family!
miss_9922boutique : β™‘β™₯β™‘
pandora_sofea11 : Comel noah
yayansmum : Cute family... ;)
qiqin35 : I saw u at mid valley....happy family...
nabilatulasyiqin - nuriennabiehah - leya91 - nadhrahjumri -
This 'boy' is wearing @kylaruiz today.. 😜 #yasminhani #kylaruiz
yasminhani - kylaruiz -
cottonloverstyle : Cool...
azzaracottons : Swag
ayuiqbal88 : Stylo
eyqal96 : Auch
shoesbyjordan : Why so stylo
maisafiah : Look's great..
bajubabycomel : Stylo!!
bundleladies : !stytlo!!
chelsinakong - nellyyulhendri - demmilusyl - nuartengkusafuan -
Had fun emceeing for Media Indulgence Day-Grow Up In Style featuring Mothercare, Gingersnaps n Stride Rite. #haniatwork #yasminhani
yasminhani - haniatwork - kylaruiz -
bajubabycomel : Cantikk
emazens81 : Apabila sudah menjadi ibu... Curvy and voluptuous is sexy! U r looking great @yasminhani!!! ...
fieyqafiqah : Cantikk akak :)
labourse_hairchalk : Hot mama!
afiqhalem : Hi milf
yasminhani : #kylaruiz @kylaruiz
mohd_jeffrey : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @yasminhani
dark_ox : gorgeous @yasminhani
chokyulatemint - megatnursyazwan - emma_nasir88 - endahawin -
At script reading n rehearsal with u know who.. @dafiismailsabri @zahidbaharudin #haniatwork #yasminhani #dibawahlindungankaabah
yasminhani - haniatwork - dibawahlindungankaabah -
handbagclubhouse : Okey comel β™₯
gorgeous_zone : Comel
elysious_beautyconsultant : Muka nak sama je hee
income_rm600seminggu : Comel 😍
scalabeanbag : Mcm best je teater ni
loopscarfbyija : Mcm adik beradik
cottonloverstyle : Crite ni ble kuar?
shakinahkina : Both so cute n natural
saidatuladhwa - ainiezuraimee - sofeajoseph - mizsnishsa -
Tak bawak script la tuh! Lol Bismillahirahmanirrohim... #zahid #haniatwork #yasminhani #dibawahlindungankaabah #theatre
theatre - zahid - haniatwork - yasminhani - dibawahlindungankaabah -
handphone_sebagai_mesin_duit : Jajhaha
serlahkan_aset_wanitamu : Hehehe
ayutykah : Hahahhahaa
erryns_shoppe : Hahaha..nmpk sgt muka pnyibuk zahid tu..hee
yasminhani : @rainhamzah 9-18 May. 😊
yasminhani : @zahidbaharudin 😜
karmachic7 : Lol
rainhamzah : #inshaaAllah akan pegi tgk, hopefully my gift to @noahismailwong sampai hari ni ye @yasminhani 😸😸😸
olieoona254 - sebastianlautner - sitinurain92 - rinnaz294 -
#candid! Photoshoot warlier today with @elfiraloy @dayanaroza for #dibawahlindungankaabah #theatre #haniatshoot #yasminhani
candid - yasminhani - theatre - dibawahlindungankaabah - haniatshoot -
yasminhani : @idaibrahim85 hi dear.. I'll get my producer to get in touch with u ya
zhatyewikskkavsaoa : Waw cantiknye akak pkai tudung..
idaibrahim85 : Yup. Sure dear @yasminhani . @middleeastglamofficial β™‘ β™‘ β™‘
thanyaporn_breast_enlargement : sejuk mata memandang
fiezalicious_shop : Cantik bertudung
bajubabycomel : Wow! Cantikkk
dynasmokhtar : Alah sweet nye baby @yasminhani
erniannghani : Cantiknya @yasminhani pakai tudung
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Some think they r crazy.. Some think they are gorgeous..! 😘😝 #haniatshoot #yasminhani #crazybunch
crazybunch - yasminhani - haniatshoot -
gilagilaperfume : Buat muke cm ne pon tetap comell
forex_billionaire_club : Cute
shazlina_k : @johankassim
nursing_dress_ibumaisarah : Muke 2 org kt belakang sama je... hee
fiezalicious_shop : Auwww... Cute
bajubabycomel : Hahaha!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
dayah_razak : @aziah83 macam hang la. haha. comey2
aziah83 : Huhuhuhu terkesima iols Kate McM iols @dayah_razak πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
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Kenduri Doa Selamat at @dynasmokhtar moga diberkati.. Amin.. #clpt #yasminhani #makankenyangperutkembung
makankenyangperutkembung - yasminhani - clpt -
rahsiamontok_ketat_dlm5hari : Cantikkk
nasaruddinn : Dah mcm kumpulan nasyid den tgk..
iziffinb : @aisrashid ai sow yu dey.
aisrashid : Hehehe diamlahh! @iziffinb
sihatanggun : Amin
sir_mode : @yasminhani.. So lawa tahap tinggi la kak.. Damn pretty! Suka!!
sofnuh : Cantiknya @yasminhani 😘
dynasmokhtar : Thanks baby @yasminhani
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