This is how I feel when I'm on that cool refreshing xyience. Lol... Thank you @xyiencexenergy. For fueling our athletes and helping make our event such a success. #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #xyience #xyiencexenergy #OCR #obstacleracer
phoenixevolution - ocr - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - powertowinteam -
brittanypkirkwood - naliedabella - iouziz - marajohnson_ -
Xyience Swag! Gym Towel and Xyience Tee #xyiencexenergy #powertowin #itsallgoodep #elpaso #texas @s_montes25
powertowin - itsallgoodep - texas - elpaso - xyiencexenergy -
saucesofit : Oh my gosh I need that neon tee!!
timtedesco : im not sa
xyiencexenergy : @saucesofit your old residence inhabitant now has one, lol
saucesofit : @xyiencexenergy I call it forced sharing. Hahaha
timtedesco : Meant to say I'm not scared to wear pink
timtedesco - the_joelholston - julieboolietran - kingokali1904 -
At Tempe Roadrunnersports spreading the word about obstacle racing. #traininsane #xyiencexenergy #Roadrunnersports #OCR #ocrtraining
ocrtraining - roadrunnersports - traininsane - ocr - xyiencexenergy -
dreambig_raz : Awesome brotha
eestrick - gavinkawasaki - cefostr - seemerun74 -
lookin good #xyience #xenergy #xyiencexenergy #teamxyience #ufc #ufcfn
ufcfn - xenergy - teamxyience - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ufc -
cageofbones - toyrobot88 - mmaworld - rosecherrie -
Come visit us today! 4036 sunset rd! #xyiencegirls #lasvegasgirls #freegiveaways #freesamples #itshotoutcomegetrefreshed #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar
xyiencegirls - lasvegasgirls - xyiencexenergy - freesamples - itshotoutcomegetrefreshed - freegiveaways -
timtedesco - xyiencegirls - magicc_14 - alicialybarger -
Repost from @xyiencegirls "The pineapple lemonade is almost too good to share... ALMOST! Good thing each can has two servings! ☺️ #xyiencegirls #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar" πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹go catch up with the #Vegas Xyience girls today! They will be @mrTerribleLV from 11am-1pm on 4036 E. Sunset blvd and at 10590 Southern Highlands Pkwy from 3-6pm #Terribles #TerribleHerbst #Swag #energydrinks
swag - vegas - xyiencegirls - terribles - xyiencexenergy - energydrinks - terribleherbst -
timtedesco : Sorry I done share my xyience LOL
xyiencegirls : @timtedesco haha πŸ‘
apesandmonkeys : @xyiencexenergy what email can I contact you at to inquire about where xyience is sold in my area? 😎
timtedesco : Ok I will share
xyiencexenergy : @apesandmonkeys we have a retail locator on or you can email me at and I'll help you
thesteeleproject22 : @xyiencexenergy oh wow... Pineapple lemonade!!! Sounds amazing.. I need a drink to replace red bull!!
rdzjerks - roboherculesrx - terribleherbst - jessicarowellfitness -
The pineapple lemonade is almost too good to share... ALMOST! Good thing each can has two servings! ☺️ #xyiencegirls #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @jamieviolet @sameyastar
xyiencegirls - xyiencexenergy -
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Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is dedicated to promoting the sport of obstacle racing and helping its athletes reach their full potential, come joins us this weekend and @xyiencexenergy as we bring you a real world race day experience. @xracewear will be on hand with their awesome OCR gear. #xyience #xyiencexenergy #xracewear Failure to prepare is preparing to fail~ John Wooden
xyience - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
jp3_spartan - annybukhanovskaya - muddy_camping - sjboggan -
new favorite. Sorry Monster.. #xyiencexenergy #mangoguava
mangoguava - xyiencexenergy -
joshuameyerson - geyo89 - fitlifehouston - letor_420 -
Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is dedicated to bringing you fitness and nutrition at a high level. Come join us this weekend as @xyiencexenergy will be on hand to provide you with clean sustainable energy for our 3-5 mile course with 15plus obstacles. #xyiencexenergy #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #fit4life
phoenixevolution - ocrtraining - fit4life - powertowinteam - xyiencexenergy -
vchapthevegan : @samlopez3 Come on out if you can bro!
samlopez3 : No doubt man @vchapthevegan this saturday?
vchapthevegan : Yes sir! I'll be running the course this time. We'd love to have you come out. You can register a See you there bro! @samlopez3
li3sld : Is that @kalynnlowry in that photo?? I think it is!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
samlopez3 - theman_msajr - naliedabella - trboggan -
#mmm #xyiencexenergy #gymtime
mmm - gymtime - xyiencexenergy -
harrisgardencenter - katie_hogan7 -
It's not how you start, it's how you finish! @xyiencexenergy helps me go the distance and makes it possible for me to finish strong. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #faithfocusfinish #faithwithoutlimits #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #obstacleracer
phoenixevolution - faithfocusfinish - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining - faithwithoutlimits -
xyiencexenergy : Love that!
naliedabella - toughtraining - spartan_brandonblondeau22 - johnjarbinkz -
The BEST "On the way to work" drink ever! #mango #guava #xenergy #xyience #xyiencexenergy #yum #yummy #simplyirresistible @xyiencexenergy #ut #utah #cottonwoodheights to #orem
orem - xenergy - yummy - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ut - utah - simplyirresistible - mango - yum - guava - cottonwoodheights -
taloose27 - melissasfarts - tbase33 - mattmears1980 -
Morning my ig family. If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area and want to hone your skills on the spear throw and get a great workout, come join us this weekend at our 3-5 mile course with 10 plus obstacles. Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is fueled by @xyiencexenergy, and we will have you race day ready. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #traininsane #phoenixevolution #ocrtraining #obstacleracer #fit4life
phoenixevolution - traininsane - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining - fit4life -
stephensinek : Lol nice catch.
brittanypkirkwood - stephensinek - jaimez024 - __tempest_within__ -
Everytime I open a can of @xyiencexenergy this darn cat comes and true to lick the can. Cracks me up every time. Lol..... Nope none for you! Hahaha.. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #badkitty #funnymoments #notliketheothers #specialkitty
badkitty - xyiencexenergy - xyience - funnymoments - notliketheothers - specialkitty -
dblunt1 : Cocaine in a can baby! Lol
marajohnson_ : Awwww kitty !πŸ˜»πŸ’•β€οΈ
xyiencexenergy - dblunt1 - natylove1 - theman_msajr -
Stacked heat today at Reebok Spartan race! Finished 102 out of 336 males. Lots more training to do, back to the drawing board. Thank you @xyience for fueling me before and after my race. #xyiencexenergy #xyience #phoenixevolution #podiumordie #traininsane
xyience - phoenixevolution - traininsane - podiumordie - xyiencexenergy -
stephensinek : Great battle-encouragement with you today brother!
phoenixevolution : @bandit82 the hills are what make Spartan. Aroo..
phoenixevolution : @stephensinek yes indeed brother! see ya soon!
bandit82 : True @phoenixevolution , you @stephensinek @toughtraining decide yet to do the beast in nor cal yet?? There's ur hills there
stephensinek : @bandit82 I'll be at Monterey. Loved it last year.
bandit82 : @stephensinek awesome maybe I'll get to meet all you guys. @toughtraining @phoenixevolution
koreanbuttafly : @phoenixevolution lets connect soon to.prep for Monterey. I was disappointed in my end time.
phoenixevolution : @koreanbuttafly I have a training event this Sat at 830am if you care to join. And training on technical aspects of the obstacles Mon, Wed, Friday. www.phxevolution. com
soulheiress - jaimez024 - muddy_camping - spartan_brandonblondeau22 -
4 more cherry limes is better than no more cherry limes #xyience #xenergy #teamxyience #xyiencexenergy #cherrylime #myfavorite
myfavorite - xenergy - teamxyience - cherrylime - xyiencexenergy - xyience -
xyiencexenergy - kidicarus45 -
Got my supply of @xyiencexenergy for Reebok Spartan race this weekend on Vegas! But one of these is not like the other.. *note to self* Don't ask someone else to pick up your supplies while at the store. Nice gesture but epic fail! #notliketheothers #xyiencexenergy #xyience #powertowinteam #phoenixevolution #podium
phoenixevolution - notliketheothers - xyiencexenergy - xyience - powertowinteam - podium -
teampaperchase : Man i used to drink those...
phoenixevolution : @teampaperchase which one monster?
teampaperchase : A ton of monster, i have had xyience too. Luckily found a healthier alternative though! @phoenixevolution
pnchzzl : What's the spartan race? I saw other post on it this weekend...
phoenixevolution : @pnchzzl @spartanrace is an insanely great time. It's obstacle racing. Go check out once you do one you will hooked!
xyiencexenergy - blessedraider - marajohnson_ - supermike2012 -
Always starting my day with the things that are important to me and help me accomplish my goals and stay humble. #faithwithoutlimits #faithfocusfinish #bible #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - faithfocusfinish - faithwithoutlimits - bible - xyiencexenergy -
penguin0581 - highexistencetraining - supermike2012 - theman_msajr -
#EnergyDrinks contain a #ingredients #extracted from #bull #urine and #semen. #RedBull #ItGivesYouWings #Monster #NOS #AMP #FullThrottle #VPXRedline #4biddenknowledge
semen - fullthrottle - monster - ingredients - energydrinks - urine - extracted - itgivesyouwings - bull - amp - vpxredline - redbull - 4biddenknowledge - nos -
m_e_l_i_ssa : @elpa1sa lol
ladyliberia : @danessareyes @rafquadros22
lauradeniseeexoxo : @_lexxmariee
ashj6ix : Here ya go @juicynelly @nastytjg 😏enjoy!
nastytjg : Don't act like u never had a lil semen πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ @ashj6ix @juicynelly
ashj6ix : @juicynelly tell that ninja @nastytjg #DontBePetty πŸ˜’
nastytjg : Lol @ashj6ix who's a ninja
napo5leon : @s99ortega
nastytjg - chynaduzzit - naughtyia - redvixen_ -
#teamxyience #xyience #xenergy #xyiencexenergy #zericalories #sugarfree #happiness
zericalories - xenergy - teamxyience - xyiencexenergy - xyience - sugarfree - happiness -
xyiencexenergy - teampaperchase -
Gotta Love Xyience!! #Xenergy #XyienceXenergy
xenergy - xyiencexenergy -
89em98 : Try the cherry 1 its bomb!!!
el_nastie : @89em98 I know I already Have
t_e_r_e_s_a_t_r_e_v_i_n_o - marquise_urijah04 - cynthiastrawberry - july_760 -
Refueling with my #xyience after finishing 17th overall today at Hardcharge Thanks for being a great host this weekend #xracewear .Top notch gear and top notch company. See you guys in a few weeks for terrain mud runs. #traininsane #phoenixevolution #xracewear #xyience #xyiencexenergy
xyience - phoenixevolution - traininsane - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
kthunk : Good job! Love the green!
vchapthevegan : Congrats my friend! @phoenixevolution
warriorfit45 : 17th that's awesome bro..congrats! How many people were there?
phoenixevolution : @sawitcapturedit 81 on men's elite
stephensinek : Great race Lashay. You are getting faster!
phoenixevolution : @stephensinek it's the red hair bro! Lol..
stephensinek : AND all that hard work. I see you over there!
brittanypkirkwood - stephensinek - warriorfit45 - marajohnson_ -
Up and ready to rumble this morning for hard charge race. #xyiencexenergy #xracewear #xracewear #hardcharge #phoenixevolution
phoenixevolution - hardcharge - xracewear - xyiencexenergy -
jcmac17 - eight20four0824 - ricjmsbch - tukon -
Headed to Tucson too conquer Hard Charge this weekend! Had to stop first and get my favorite drink. Xyience..... baby ...... #xyience #xyiencexenergy #hardcharge #phoenixevolution
xyience - hardcharge - phoenixevolution - xyiencexenergy -
nicvon_fitness - jaimez024 - muddy_camping - spartan_brandonblondeau22 -
Grape Xyience Xenergy+Hydration #grape #xyience #xyiencexenergy #xenergy #zen #energy #drink #energydrink #hydration #amazing #awesome #cool #can #good
xenergy - grape - xyiencexenergy - xyience - energy - drink - zen - good - amazing - hydration - can - energydrink - awesome - cool -
yungmoney_03 : Is that stuff actually good @deadcarpet ?
deadcarpet : @yungmoney_03 It isn't as good as the Rockstar Recovery Grape.
yungmoney_03 : I see. How would you compare it to grape NOS?
deadcarpet : @yungmoney_03 The Grape NOS is more sweet and has more sugar. It also has a better kick than this. :)
yungmoney_03 : I see
clo_deg - cophard - yungmoney_03 - stans2012 -
Felt good to finally be able to work on some light snatches after dealing with a patella tendon issue. #urbanwarfit602 #transplanttransformation #fromsicktofit #xyiencexenergy @xyiencexenergy @urbanwarfit602
fromsicktofit - crossfitcoach - crossfit - transplanttransformation - xyiencexenergy - realmenwearpink - urbanwarfit602 -
crossfit_jamison : #realmenwearpink #crossfitcoach #crossfit
kayakgary11 - sghobin - pickypbackstage - shell024 -
Yes I'm a big crazy but I try and be safe as well. Notice the two hops back to set up my finally. haha... Train Insane or Remain the Same! #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #fit4life #Harley #crazyguy #bigkid
bigkid - phoenixevolution - xyiencexenergy - xyience - fit4life - crazyguy - harley -
xyiencexenergy : @phoenixevolution have you applied to be on the new #PowerToWinTeam?? Check it out on opportunity for free swag and products plus financial sponsorship!
phoenixevolution : @xyiencexenergy checking it out Now! Thanks!
kaozent : haha... you stoopid on this one fam. Booyah?!? haha
sandman0331 - marajohnson_ - tukon - insta_onabike -
What do you get when you mix me, my Harley, and xyience?? Stay tuned....... #Harley #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - xyiencexenergy - harley -
luvdaisies2 : The suspense is killing!
xyiencexenergy - jp3_spartan - snwahs - theman_msajr -
Phoenix Evolution OCR Training is fuel by xyience! #traininsane #ocrtraining #xyiencexenergy #xyience
xyience - ocrtraining - traininsane - xyiencexenergy -
marajohnson_ : Dang nice!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
drjekyllprofessorpatrick - marajohnson_ - tukon - sandman0331 -
Nothing like a nice refreshing Xyience Xenergy drink after a nice hike up Devil's Bridge! #adventuretime #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #devilsbridge
xyience - phoenixevolution - adventuretime - devilsbridge - xyiencexenergy -
marajohnson_ : MmmmmmπŸ‘…πŸ‘…
eight20four0824 - supermike2012 - melly0024 - sjboggan -
Ronda and this antelope are getting me jacked for leg day. @xyiencexenergy flavor addiction of the moment (because I have flavor ADD and can't pick an all time fav).
xyience - energydrink - montana - legday - xyiencexenergy -
saucesofit : #xyiencexenergy #xyience #energydrink #legday #montana
jaynel11 : That is my favorite flavor it's amazingggg πŸ’š
megcbailey : Oh man Rhonda is intense! I would not want to fight her.
saucesofit : @jaynel11 I really like them all. The only two that I don't care for much are the Melon Mayhem and the Orange. But I just enjoy those flavors in general.
k_donisthorpe_k : #monfuckintana hahahaha so awesome
alcvs - michellekhoudary - nashvillenen - chelsea_adeline -
Quick lunchtime workout! 1mile run 30 burpees 2 rounds of tire hops with rubberbands around ankle. #xyience #xyiencexenergy #phoenixevolution #traininsane #obstacleracer #ocrtraining
phoenixevolution - traininsane - obstacleracer - xyiencexenergy - xyience - ocrtraining -
embearable : Hobbie hop
embearable : #hobbiecall
seemerun74 : Yup, I'd fail at least three times before I'd get that down
phoenixevolution : @seemerun74 so I expect to see your video in a few days. :)
tukon : Love it!..
1sassybrownsugar : Happy Feet, Phoenix!
warriorfit45 : Nice having that right outside your work back door!! πŸƒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
dnnsldr - nicknichols3 - melly0024 - txpea -
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