Crazy shit! #whatsreallygoingon #realshit #Fuckthesystem
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Brasila !!! #nofilter #orioélindo #whereeverimayroam #whatsreallygoingon #whateverwors #vemprarua #palhaçodoplanalto #brasilia #brasil
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Man she don't pissed me off n I swear I was thinking hard af SMDH... I can't deal #DidMyMamaJustAskMeToThinkOfALieForHer #whatsreallygoingon ❓❓❓❓❓❓😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I'm GOING BACK TO SLEEP BYE !😑👋😴💤
didmymamajustaskmetothinkofalieforher - whatsreallygoingon -
0324b : Lmao you can't lie though that shit is funny lol
ms_gapeach03 : 😂😂😂😂😂
nick_virtual : 😂😂😂
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#Whatsreallygoingon @kpinnipk new track coming tonight watch out for future shit coming soon @vs_keno_mn_sc @mannymajoronthebeat
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mannymajoronthebeat : @iite bro
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#tbt #throwbackthursdays #throwitaway #puffjohnson #forevermore #highschoollove #gaylove #gayboyproblems #gay808 #gayhawaii #gaylife808 #gay #gayboy #whodoesthat #whatsreallygoingon #video #lovesongs #dragdays
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kingnojs_wifey : 🎶❤️🎶
tyytanium : @aznwolf remember when we were talking about this song??
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#wow #iamnotthatorganized #whatsreallygoingon
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idittyrod : No 1 rule of travel is to always pack your own bag. That looks like it's had a woman's touch 😀
shirleybihary : Nerd alert! #austinpowers
mandoalvarez : Only way to do it!
chinadoll2816 : Perfect packing!
thrashhurst : My man sexy time!
keithbihary : Stevie this looks just like how my wife @shirleybihary packs! Except add a few more pieces if luggage!!
theresakereakes : Definitely chick packing! I do it this way too; only I learned it from a dude
melodiekeefe : Your experience shows
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Alright Alright Alriight. You know what day it is.Tune in tonight to the #BabydollandBubblesshow on AS ALWAYS we have celebrity gossip. And we we definitely got some buzz.Lets address The Elephant in the room #MimiNikosextape #obviousscandal hear our thoughts . Speaking of Scandal, star #ColumbusShort is getting a divorce threatened #murdersuicide #Wutangclan associated rapper #AndreJohnson cuts genitalia off before jumping off a 2 story building #whatsreallygoingon #Drake sued for 300k and Guess who's dating behind scenes #interracial love? Tune in tonight for more buzz in your ear on from 6-7PM MST! Champagne Mzimeliteradio ImeliteRadio Boiy
obviousscandal - miminikosextape - columbusshort - andrejohnson - wutangclan - whatsreallygoingon - imeliteradio - drake - interracial - murdersuicide - babydollandbubblesshow -
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Alright Alright Alriight. You know what day it is.Tune in tonight to the #BabydollandBubblesshow on AS ALWAYS we have celebrity gossip. And we we definitely got some buzz.Lets address The Elephant in the room #MimiNikosextape #obviousscandal hear our thoughts . Speaking of Scandal, star #ColumbusShort is getting a divorce threatened #murdersuicide #Wutangclan associated rapper #AndreJohnson cuts genitalia off before jumping off a 2 story building #whatsreallygoingon #Drake sued for 300k and Guess who's dating behind scenes #interracial love? Tune in tonight for more buzz in your ear on from 6-7PM MST! We are cute! #womeninradio #imeliteradio #wedidthat
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We live in a society where a sex tape can make you a celebrity, & people won't even judge you for doing porn. "What's Really Going On?" #SexTape #Scandals #ImJustAskingQuestions #WhatsReallyGoingOn? #Writer #Author #Poet #OccassionalThinker #MyLoveAffairWithWords #UnicornPrince #QosmicQadence #BeIncredible
scandals - sextape - imjustaskingquestions - unicornprince - author - writer - occassionalthinker - whatsreallygoingon - poet - myloveaffairwithwords - qosmicqadence - beincredible -
mia_moore__ : What's going on is more people honor rebellious, care free lifestyles than self respect & good morals. People make fun of me because I choose not to drunk or smoke. I feel bad for them because they can't have fun unless they drink or smoke. Everyone's priorities are all out of whack. I blame the media.
qosmic_qadence : I totally agree with you all @mia_moore__ @simplyme1368 @imfly_howru @1maiangel
honeychilehairlove : Standards have changed from the old school. No respect for self and forgetting who is watching us, our children!
ms_ericha : I just find it interesting how people are worried about what someone else is doing in the bedroom. I like taking care of my own love life n keeping my partner happy, who cares what the next person is doing.
shonuf_kristi : No morals..... want attention and that $$$ money! Sad! If a person don't cherish anything else at least cherish your love and respect for self.
qosmic_qadence : I agree with you ladies @honeychilehairlove @ms_ericha @shonuf_kristi
simplyme_ellen : Sadly true, we live in a different time zone where it seems like to be known and famous, all you have to do is get naked or throw chairs at each other and call each other names.
qosmic_qadence : Right @simplyme_ellen
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Can we talk about THIS!? #JermaineJackson needs an #intervention. I was trying to find a recent picture bc he was on #CelebrityWifeSwap and it looks like someone took a #RAKE to the side of his head and made wavy designs. #WhatsReallyGoingOn #IsThatShoePolish #WifeSwap #WTH #WTF #Huh #WhereDeyDoDatAt #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm
isthatshoepolish - rake - wifeswap - jermainejackson - whatsreallygoingon - huh - wth - wheredeydodatat - wtf - celebritywifeswap - tellthetruth - thingsthatmakeyougohmm - intervention -
audiblefeelings : That looks good!
ipleadthesmizzif : @audiblefeelings #TellTheTruth
stefiesweet : Why does his skin look so leathery?
ipleadthesmizzif : @stefiesweet GIRL!!! That's an entirely different conversation!
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😂 #byebye
andidontlikeit - yougotsomesiblings - whatsreallygoingon - bitch - byebye -
stevenblakeley : #ohno
erin_gammon : @stevenblakeley all about my Instagram these days #whatsreallygoingon
stevenblakeley : #yolo
stevenblakeley : #longhairdontcare
erin_gammon : #bitch #yougotsomesiblings #andidontlikeit
misssmargaret : Girl BYE
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Truth can hurt....smh when will people learn.... #gottadobetter #deadbeats #whatsreallygoingon
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That I can vibe with.....especially from a good ass nap!!! #hungry #foodporn #feedme #whatsreallygoingon
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Even Santa Clause is confused!! #ThisWeather #WhatsReallyGoingOn #IsItReallySpring #AprilShowersNotAprilFlurries #DidIReallyContemplateWearingGloves
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music_lover1988 : Not Merry Easter lmbo
tammyfrasier : @ericlbrownjr yes!! I mean what else can it be lolol!! 😂😂
tammyfrasier : @lissee12 @mrslfielder @mrs_rah30 @ritaw14 @fashionably_kinky @starr1op
tammyfrasier : @pookiemars @anniyahj_ @s__rochelle
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Minutes ticking by!!!! #nolikesbitch #whatsreallygoingon? #30minutes #haha #nolove #misunderstood
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blueyedblonde4888 : @pumpin_iron_88
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#expression #ninasimone #queenninasimone #artist #whatsreallygoingon? #piano
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#WTF #Monday #whatsreallygoingon #wired
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It's snowing frfr smh #whatsreallygoingon
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#lifequotes #lifelessons #bs #whatsreallygoingon
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woodstocknation : Truth. 😞😞
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This is what's going on outside my office window right now. #whatsreallygoingon
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#WhatsReallyGoingOn #@3AM
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........... #freemontst #Vegas #whatsreallygoingon
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Sooooo lets enjoy today because Tuesday we're going to be MAD AS EVER!!!! #snow #saywhatnow #whatsreallygoingon #Ahhhhhhhhhhh
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#pinata getting frisky with the #fam #pervert #whatsreallygoingon #turndownforwhat #bdaybash #frozengonewild
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mayraeeee : Poor Ana haha
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If this aint true then truth will never be known. #imjustbeinghonest #niggasbelying #smh #realshit #realregcognizereal #niggasNEEDbitches #youaintgettingmymoney #whatsreallygoingon #sad
niggasbelying - realregcognizereal - youaintgettingmymoney - whatsreallygoingon - sad - imjustbeinghonest - realshit - smh - niggasneedbitches -
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No little birdie, you can not live here. #whatsreallygoingon #bird #snuckinmyhouse #isavedhim #frommyviciousdog
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That's a wrap!! @stacey1040 we better have gotten the epic shot!! Lol #whatsreallygoingon
whatsreallygoingon -
susielo : 💖 💖💖💖
jbsalazar21 : So gorgeous @shirby211
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In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society . #Anarchy #ThirdEyeStrong #WhatYouKnow? #WhatsReallyGoingOn¿ Hahaa #HippyLiven #Peace~
hippyliven - peace - whatyouknow - whatsreallygoingon - anarchy - thirdeyestrong -
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I'm trying to make a face..... What's your excuse Tip???? #whatsreallygoingon
whatsreallygoingon -
steamyhoslappa : TIP
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😳 #MH370 #DiegoGarcia #whatsreallygoingon
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rob_mee : Also 4 of 5 inventors to the semi-conductor (new warfare cloak technology) were on that flight. The fifth who was not, is Freescale Semi-conductor. Who owns Freescale? #jacobrothschild through Blackstone.
rawdriguez_xo : They can locate a phone but not a air craft Ridiculous @rob_mee
rob_mee : Gotta see through the bullshit brotha It really isn't about locating the plane. They already know where that plane went, it's really about why that plane went missing. They already blind the mass majority of people to prevent the real story.
veritooooooo : @miamihausjunkie told you !
rawdriguez_xo : People in tgat plabe were targets, everyone had to pay for it @rob_mee
rob_mee : Exactly. Small price to pay for a insane amount of credit to someone that really didn't do nothing with it. But his name is more important than that plane my friend. See the Rothschild family owns almost everything in the world. When I mean almost everything, EVERYTHING! They're use to be 7 World Banks, were down to 3. These was just a bend of wrist to get full credit on the patent for the semi conductor, which will probably be in use for military soon. Look them up man. This is just small pieces to big puzzle that they're doing.
rawdriguez_xo : People were targets*
emekrazy : Was just there, only one plane there. I was on that plane. But they do have beautiful beaches with lots of sea turtles
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My number one thing to piss me off and send me down a bad road, Is to break your word to me... #sad #mad #confused # tiredAf #howcouldyou #missher #whatsreallygoingon #needtothink #dissapointed #feelingunimportant #someonecheermeup #:-(
howcouldyou - needtothink - whatsreallygoingon - confused - sad - someonecheermeup - mad - feelingunimportant - missher - dissapointed -
d0lph1n69 : Aye bruh whats up @skylerakajackblack
skylerakajackblack -
National sibling day... 😂😂😂 @dt_taylor_made really has 3 brothers. #WhatsReallyGoingOn
whatsreallygoingon -
paigebarton13 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @shawnnamayes
m__hannah : Omg, yesssss!
shawnnamayes : Lmao Ikr!! 😂 @m__hannah
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#tbt #throwbackthursday #whatsreallygoingon ?! Why am I in the #bushes !? Lmao 😂😂 #birthdayparty #vip #rooftopbars
bushes - vip - throwbackthursday - whatsreallygoingon - birthdayparty - tbt - rooftopbars -
briteeyezx0x : @briteeyezx0x
briteeyezx0x : We loved the bushes that night! Lmfao 😂😂😂
frogeyez87 - briteeyezx0x - melthebell21 -
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