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Meet Mark Grassinger of Citrus Heights, CA. His son Riggs received a liver transplant on September 13, 2012 when he was 18 months old. “You just felt each day him getting weaker, and weaker, and weaker. And lighter and lighter and lighter. And there was a point where we really did think that we might lose him. That was the scaredest, saddest I have ever been in my entire life. Because everything happened so quick, I didn’t have to sit on that feeling for very long. He’s yellow. You’re walking up and down the halls because he is uncomfortable. Your arms are falling off because you’ve carried him for another three hours. You just keep doing it because you know what, you do whatever it takes. So we’re running around, they have this little courtyard over at UCSF and we’re running behind bushes trying to get a smile out of him. Just because if you get a smile out of him, there is still life there. Or if he eats a grape, oh that is great, he ate a grape today. I mean, we’re in really serious denial at certain times. I remember so many times going, ‘Hey doc, hey doc, he had a bite of a cracker, he is doing great. He is going to put some weight on. And I know he is going to be OK.’ You just have that level of hope. You have to. You have to have that level of hope through the process.” – Mark Grassinger, Riggs’ father. (Photo by @davidylee for @the_waitinglist)
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the_waitinglist : At 10:32PM EST there are 122,353 people on the organ transplant waiting list. The DMV is no longer the only place to sign up as an organ donor. You can sign up online right now: www.donatelife.net/register-now
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prosers : May I ask why Riggs's liver failed? The three pictures in this series are so beautiful, @the_waitinglist.
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Meet Riggs Grassinger of Citrus Heights, CA; he received a liver transplant on September 13, 2012 when he was 18 months old. “After Riggs' transplant we got to revisit old news and experience new ones. There was his first smile, first time standing, first time eating, first time he got a month off between labs, first time he had a fever, first time he didn't cry when labs were drawn. The first time Riggs was able to take a bath again was huge. He finally was tube free and was able to enjoy a simple everyday activity. So bath time at the Grassingers is in some way ordinary. We divide and conquer: Dad does bath time while Mom and Simon clean up after dinner. But it's also special. We all line up for Riggs' fun game of peek-a-boo. His smile and 3-second delayed ‘Boo’ still cracks us up a year and a half later. It's the little things like this that I appreciate to the core of my being.” – Sarah Grassinger, Riggs’ mother. (Photo by @davidylee for @the_waitinglist)
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the_waitinglist : At 5:39PM EST there are 122,348 people on the organ transplant waiting list. The DMV is no longer the only place to sign up as an organ donor. You can now sign up online: www.donatelife.net/register-now
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the_waitinglist : Thank you @sierradonorsvcs for sponsoring this portrait series.
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Meet Simon Abbott (11) of Citrus Heights, CA. His brother Riggs received a liver transplant on September 13, 2012 when he was 18 months old. “We were just a perfectly normal family until this happened. I didn’t realize how bad it was. I didn’t learn until a few months ago that he only had hours, days to live. If I had known that, I probably would be, that wouldn’t have been good. I am kind of happy that they hid that from me. So I wasn’t scared, I knew that stuff was wrong, and I didn’t like it because he was in the hospital. I would go down and see him and miss school days. Yeah it was definitely difficult because I’d be in school and my mom would always send emails (about Riggs) to my teacher and I’d read them and sometimes it made me sad, sometimes it made me happy. Just being at school, around my friends, having to have another thing to worry about, do you know what I mean? Like it was just a bummer.” – Simon Abbott. (Photo by @davidylee for @the_waitinglist)
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the_waitinglist : At 12:04PM EST there are 122,290 people on the organ transplant waiting list. The DMV is no longer the only place to sign up as an organ donor. You can now sign up online: www.donatelife.net/register-now
the_waitinglist : #endthewaitinglist #whatareyouwaitingfor #makeportraits #portraitseries #mybrother
prosers : It's good to hear the story from your perspective, Simon. I would like to hear it from my son's perspectives but I think he still has a hard time expressing it, I'm sure it was scary for him but he always says he was fine.
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