I love color panels and block coloring because as the hair moves and is styled different ways it shows off the depth of the color as well as the texture of the cut. Something really cool about a color that compliments a cut and a cut that compliments a color.πŸŽ¨β€οΈβœ‚οΈ #hair #hairlife #hairnerd #hairstylist #hairobsessed #hairdressermagic #peekaboo #panels #teal #green #blue #bob #aline #whataboutbob #fun #funky #funhair #vivids #saveyourscissorssalon #redhotstylist #colorist #color #lovethis #btcpics @modernsalon @behindthechair_com
hairnerd - aline - color - hairstylist - redhotstylist - hair - whataboutbob - vivids - saveyourscissorssalon - blue - peekaboo - lovethis - hairdressermagic - hairlife - funhair - funky - green - teal - colorist - fun - btcpics - bob - panels - hairobsessed -
dionythebarber : πŸ‘πŸ‘
sm_torres : Amazing!!!😍
macpheeeeee : @mackenziebastian 😲😍
madameci : This is hot
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#Repost from @voodoochild_baby with @repostapp ---
whataboutbob - repost -
sgx6 : #whataboutbob
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Someone's got their eyes on me! #bobsbigboy #whataboutbob
bobsbigboy - whataboutbob -
taaaakaaa - ansione -
"...take a vacation...from my problems. " #WhatAboutBob #LocalsOnly #Moab
whataboutbob - localsonly - moab -
sashaboston : You need to come back! 😊
mahtasalimian : Who is he??
miltongoh - sashaboston -
Car enthusiasts, respect your elders. #brooklynautorennen #brooklyn #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #ny #ceasersbay #bayparkway #carguys #mustangs #chevys #carblood #fuelisadrenaline #boostmyadrenaline #whyyoumadfor #momanddadarethebest #doratheexplora #evilsorcery #whataboutbob
carblood - brooklynautorennen - newyorkcity - newyork - momanddadarethebest - brooklyn - ceasersbay - doratheexplora - bayparkway - whyyoumadfor - chevys - mustangs - whataboutbob - fuelisadrenaline - ny - boostmyadrenaline - nyc - carguys - evilsorcery -
streetracernyc : Bro I changed ma number email me at @photowithart
xnmbrr9x : What time is everyone there till?
underwrapsautomotive - yungwackboxthagodalsothekidlol - lifestylerush - gmoney11224 -
@rhubarb79 post speaks to me a ton, especially this week. I think I've had this convo w quite a few people about life. #quote #appreciation #emotional #mentality #whataboutme #whataboutbob #giversandtakers #weneedmoregivers #weneedlesstakers #autoimmunediseases #autoimmune #heartonsleeve #morehashtocome
weneedmoregivers - autoimmune - giversandtakers - quote - morehashtocome - mentality - heartonsleeve - appreciation - whataboutbob - autoimmunediseases - weneedlesstakers - emotional - whataboutme -
itsawatsonthing : You are amazing!! πŸ’œ
rhubarb79 : @9chickadees I closed my eyes and randomly pulled this one. This one hit close to home today for me as well.
9chickadees : @itsawatsonthing you're not too shabby yourself!! I think this may be something we've talked about this wk too??
9chickadees : @rhubarb79 yes!! I saw you post it & I shed a tear. I'm emotional lately, but this spoke to me. Is this a card catalogue of sorts? It may be worth it for my house. Thank you for posting it TODAY 😊
jeaniisgirl : This is so timely and hits so very close to home for me in this season of life!
rhubarb79 : @9chickadees it's a box/ deck of cards I got at Target in the Scrapbooking Section.
quotel0l - itsawatsonthing - quoteble - pilotswife4 -
Done! #Bob #LaBamba #RitchieValens #SauzaTequila #Tijuana #Roses #EsaiMorales #ChicanoArte #Art #Drawing #ItsNotMyFirstOrMyLast #WhatAboutBob #ToHerItsDirty #PutSomeMotaInOurLoveLife
ritchievalens - sauzatequila - art - chicanoarte - labamba - roses - whataboutbob - itsnotmyfirstormylast - esaimorales - bob - toheritsdirty - drawing - putsomemotainourlovelife - tijuana -
hvtv_casualty : I think I found my next tattoo
greasyp : @hvtv_casualty I've been wanting to get him tattooed on me
hvtv_casualty : Get him with the giant carrot shouting "Eat it! Eat it!# lol
greasyp : @hvtv_casualty hahaha that'll be dope one! I'm gonna get the quote "Lubbock, Texas?" On my arm haha
_monalisa__ : Can you draw me Ritchie!!!! Hahaha
hvtv_casualty : "Bony Maronie? To these shit stompers?"
corazoncyn : Lol
solakmania - lariosej - juliancalavera - lachispa8 -
90s Authentic "What About Bob" Bill Murry Tshirt, NOT A REPRINT #billmurray #whataboutbob #90s #90svintage #90smens #menshipster #mensvintage #90stshirt #imsailing #babysteps #90scomedy #caddyshack #wesanderson #queenbeastvintage
mensvintage - 90s - queenbeastvintage - billmurray - 90svintage - 90smens - imsailing - 90stshirt - caddyshack - whataboutbob - 90scomedy - wesanderson - menshipster - babysteps -
davidolson255 : Love the movie! Love the shirt!
queeniebeast : @davidolson255 thanks! It's the best! You should order it!
denamariehamilton - fckjake - kylehaircut - shelbymurphy88 -
Experimenting with a new teal color in a bunch of different ways. 🎨 #undercut #teal #tryingnewshit #color #colors #vivid #vivids #bob #bright #whataboutbob #funky #funky #funhair #btcpics #hair #hairlife #hairnerd #hairstylist #hairobsessed #hairdressermagic #saveyourscissorssalon #redhotstylist
undercut - color - hairnerd - redhotstylist - hair - colors - vivids - tryingnewshit - saveyourscissorssalon - vivid - whataboutbob - hairdressermagic - hairstylist - hairlife - bright - funhair - funky - teal - btcpics - bob - hairobsessed -
maddeliner : So awesome!! You are such an inspiration! @redhotstylist
patricejanine2421 : Thanks for the hottest style ever!!!!
rigit_ : @sprinklesideup
redhotstylist : @patricejanine2421 anytime love!
redhotstylist : @maddeliner thank you so much that means a lot!
kgears15 : πŸ˜πŸ‘Ž
redhotstylist : πŸ‘†Quick way to be blocked from my feed. NO BEAUTY BULLIES ALLOWED!! This if for inspiration purposes.
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Fun asymmetrical, undercut with some vivid peekaboo sand fun creative color.🎨 #ilovethis #fun #hair #bright #vivids #undercut #funky #aline #bob #whataboutbob #hairobsessed #hairlife #hairdressermagic #btcpics #hair #hairstylist #colorist #saveyourscissorssalon #redhotstylist #funhair #black #teal #pink #peekaboo #surprise
undercut - aline - hairstylist - redhotstylist - hair - bright - vivids - saveyourscissorssalon - btcpics - pink - peekaboo - ilovethis - hairdressermagic - hairlife - whataboutbob - funhair - funky - black - teal - colorist - fun - surprise - bob - hairobsessed -
savino8 : Where is your shop located? @redhotstylist
redhotstylist : @savino8 bethel ct
savino8 : Appointment only ? @redhotstylist
redhotstylist : @savino8 yes
lysseon : You're an amazing inspiration
core83cutts : Beast!
redhotstylist : @lysseon awe thanks lady! Means a lot!
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"It's not my first or my last!" #Bob #LaBamba #EsaiMorales #Ritchie #LubbockTexas #ByTheSweatOfMyBalls #RitchieValens #Art #ChicanoArt #Drawing #WhatAboutBob #Buzz uzzard
ritchievalens - art - esaimorales - bythesweatofmyballs - chicanoart - whataboutbob - lubbocktexas - buzz - ritchie - bob - labamba - drawing -
brownpython : Pinche Bob!
brownpython : Hey fool let me have that pic!
bmz_marley : Ayeee
greasyp : @brownpython you got it bro! I'll buy a frame tomorrow for it and you can take it home when you come over Saturday
brownpython : Sas!
lisa2364 : Its bob o
lucinda2o9 : Mom go to bed @lisa2364
hvtv_casualty : Let's put some mota in our love life!!
thabeanss - hvtv_casualty - southpark_towelie - joelzavala1012 -
What about bob, one of my favourite movies, in fact my whole family loves it #billmurray#whataboutbob#familyfavourite#easter#movieclassic
movieclassic - billmurray - whataboutbob - easter - familyfavourite -
douceyd - quality_movies - francescaluisaferrari - billmurrayfunnybone -
Hanging out in the arena while my friend exercises this guy #lunge #whataboutbob #sportequine
lunge - whataboutbob - sportequine -
melodyhue - notnancyromero - caitlinameyer - dmarlitt -
@el_afr0 all day en el jale lol
whataboutbob - masafortheraza -
maqdaddy : nothing better then getting paid to take shits lol there was times I held it just to do it at work haha
el_afr0 : Ajajajjajajaja no manchis el calzon wey lol @gcardenas_408
gcardenas_408 : #whataboutbob #masafortheraza
el_afr0 - loneshark408 - pattoobutts - pancho_lopezjr408 -
@sjagsko #whataboutbob
whataboutbob -
ciara_f : I loooooove that movie!
sjagsko : "These arent for you, these are for Faye!"
kaleyjcruiseee - melbrixo - mearased - _lindseyalyson_ -
Outfit for character day tmrw. #bob #whataboutbob #gill #donthasselme #imlocal #babystepstograduation #babystepstocollege #senioryear
gill - imlocal - donthasselme - babystepstocollege - senioryear - whataboutbob - babystepstograduation - bob -
ehoops21 - lexilou77 - bianca_cabrera - kmeehleib -
Don't hassle me I'm local. #billmurray #billmurrayforprez #whataboutbob
billmurray - whataboutbob - billmurrayforprez -
supertotallyalot : So good
roxalne - supertotallyalot - rood_boy - deuxpunx -
Love my job. #sociusconstruction #whataboutbob
whataboutbob - sociusconstruction -
lil_elanor : I love to see that statement "love my job" ...... makes me smile 😊
rudeboi1 : Awesome pic
rudeboi1 - matt_maddox - goldenboysixtynine - kribberboy -
#whataboutbob #bobcat #sociusconstruction @sociusconstruction
bobcat - whataboutbob - sociusconstruction -
cementpro - goldenboysixtynine - pavel_syrysev - kribberboy -
Hahaha love this bitch! @meooowdison #whataboutbob
whataboutbob -
meooowdison : Hahahaha we are so funny!
lexienicolemurray_ : Oh my god. "Dr Marvin! I'm sailing!!
vivalavannie_xoxo : @lexienicolemurray_ ur my bitch hahaha funny ass movie! !! Haha
lexienicolemurray_ : I'm doing the work I'm not a slacker!!!
vivalavannie_xoxo : Baby steps!
lexienicolemurray_ : I'll be quiet...I'll be peace!
ohmynasta - meooowdison -
whataboutbob -
makeblackoutpoetry - nattyh99 -
I'm sailing! #whataboutbob
whataboutbob -
darkcrystal : I'm a sailor! I sail!
brianrmiller : yeah well i just picked it up'
darkcrystal : Baby steps @brianrmiller
darkcrystal - daniellarecine - suzylfdt - marinerman82 -
First of all let me just brag about this amazing shirt my husband surprised me with. A few of you will get it, others will find it lame... Lol but to the few, ha! Best shirt ever right?! #whataboutbob #chivette #thechive
whataboutbob - chivette - thechive -
jizzita : llmmmaaaaooo love it!!
ssgulledge25 : I don't get it but think it's cute!! What's the story???
leimak7 : It's from the movie What About Bob. Rent it! Buy it! It's the funniest Bill Murray movie ever! Lol @ssgulledge25
ssgulledge25 : Lol will do!!
leimak7 : It's a must! @ssgulledge25
talybug - ssgulledge25 - chu22ck - pitbull_transam_gym -
1. I hate to repeat myself. 2. I can recite Dumb and Dumber, Wayne's World, Uncle Buck & What About Bob from memory. 3. I've played piano since age 9. 4. I'm terrified to sing in front of people. 5. If it has a moon or a tree on it, I want it. 6. I owned one VHS growing up: Godzilla vs Megalon. 7. I have a bachelor's degree in film. 8. Leave a comment with bad grammar and I won't respond. 9. I never poop. Seriously. I'm on that fiber ishhhhh. 10. My favorite books almost always include magic, fairies, lore, angels, or all of the above. 11. I've had a job since I turned fourteen. #thestruggle 12. I'm a plus model, but I still have days where I hate my body. #pms 13. My boyfriend would do anything for me. And he does. 14. Most wanted magical power: flight... and/or mind control. 15. I have an odd obsession with all things Native. I used to draw my family as Indians in kindergarten. 16. I hate the ocean and all things in or around it. 17. I'm full blooded Italian. My mother is from Italy. #terrifying 18. I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and we should all just get along. 19. I do not want kids. I'm too selfish. 20. If I were a television character, I'd be Elaine Benis. If I were to be ON television, I'd be me because that will happen one day.
13 - thestruggle - terrifying - pms -
lindsaycordwell : When you make it to the tv world you'd better invite a few of us to enjoy front row seats πŸ˜‰
redwood66 : #13 I'd also do anything for u. ❀
marcialee21 : @griminator "what am I gunna do with a gun rack!?"
griminator : Lol love you @redwood66
linarose63 : Hahaha @marcialee21 yesssss
griminator : I don't even own A gun! @marcialee21
ae1129 : You forgot 21. You got great boobs
shyenne1991 : I just laughed so hard!
shyenne1991 - rocco_6 - instaseinfeld - 1beardedbloke -
Watching #whataboutbob with Ron checking out some #babykicks
babykicks - whataboutbob -
rdnekprincess : How are you feeling mama?! Getting closer πŸ‘Œ
agmoose : @rdnekprincess I feel massive lol. Most of my discomforts now are shortness of breath, random nausea, and just generally hard to move about. I'm so exhausted. I had my second internal yesterday, he's dropped a wee but and my cervix is just starting to get ready. He should come right around his due date according to my doc. How are you feeling mama? Anymore contractions?
rdnekprincess : Yay that is awesome! Well the coming around his due date part not about discomfort lol. I'm getting another stress tests done right now things seem to have settled though 😩
agmoose : @rdnekprincess is this your second one? Ohhh well he needs to cook a little more anyways πŸ’™ so you think it was false labour?
yummyhearts : I should have took a video last night! My little guy was try to break free!! Lol
rdnekprincess : I guess he's starting to engage but could take awhile and doc won't do anything until 38 weeks
agmoose : @rdnekprincess ohhhh the suspense is killing me lmao
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Good morning from Lake Winnipesaukee #whataboutbob #workisfun
whataboutbob - workisfun -
annaleigh1995 - amandamaebowman - vaughtdavid - joellabella18 -
I just received this vegan chocolate bar from Lindsay she just shared her story of how I inspired her to change her lifestyle. I was just being myself day in and day out. Taking the bad and making it good. I am thankful for her story today it was the inspiration I needed. #share #stories #inspire #change #together #community #thankful #chocolate #beyourself #baristalife #vegan #babysteps #billmurray #whataboutbob
inspire - baristalife - billmurray - share - whataboutbob - community - chocolate - thankful - beyourself - stories - together - vegan - babysteps - change -
rithim_kmglife - destinysnutrifit - cgadventure - sigeud -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #whataboutbob #imsailing #imasailor #isail #babysteps
whataboutbob - babysteps - imasailor - imsailing - isail -
sarahdenes2002 : Lol I'm dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @bails2020 @erica_lewis_06 @alaina__hitzz
bails2020 : Yeah πŸ˜‚ @sarahdenes2002
connorsmith_08 - mrsfinigan18 - sarahdenes2002 - jodecihunter14 -
can't believe I'm actually writing a college essay about this movie πŸ˜‚ #whataboutbob
whataboutbob -
mrhad12 : I love that movie lol
kimzoeplitz : haha me too one of my favorites actually! @mrhad12
benoles_13 : "If I pretend I have it... I know I don't have it"
kimzoeplitz : hahaha I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful.. @benoles_13
benoles_13 : "Good morning Gil ... I said good morning Gil"
hayleyoles : Classic!!!!!
kaitlynt22 - mpaolucci27 - kzoeplitz1 - katelynzoep18 -
#billmurray #whataboutbob #iwantthatshirt #babysteps
billmurray - whataboutbob - babysteps - iwantthatshirt -
mrwalkoff : U use digital copy @thatkeithguy_
thatkeithguy_ : @mrwalkoff this was DVD, still waiting for the blu ray on this one :-/
drewchiodo - shenpa_paisley - tonypiercekc - jeremypowder -
I live in St. Paul now. Tweet @SWTweetWilliam #FloorHop #80HDtheMixtape #beats #producer #looper #loop #liveloop #flstudio #twincities #minneapolis #stpaul #chicago #hiphop #dopebeat #wakenbake #followforfollow #followback #teamfollowback #DontHassleMeImLocal #whataboutbob #classic #selfie #psych
stpaul - followback - producer - classic - selfie - minneapolis - beats - psych - looper - liveloop - twincities - 80hdthemixtape - flstudio - whataboutbob - chicago - followforfollow - teamfollowback - hiphop - donthasslemeimlocal - loop - floorhop - wakenbake - dopebeat -
stephanyquincot - granitemortgage - soniclogic - lwillivmsofficial -
Fun Fact: My friend owns the house where What About Bob? was filmed and I slept over once. It was pretty cool. Also, when Bill Murray had time off from filming, he went walking down a street that's literally two minutes from my house. Also, I saw Bill Murray at church once, and he walked by me and brushed my arm. That was in SC though. #whataboutbob #billmurray #richarddreyfuss #90smovies #90scomedies
90scomedies - billmurray - whataboutbob - richarddreyfuss - 90smovies -
staygroovyoldstuff : I love that movie!!!
the_breakfast_goonie : @staygroovyoldstuff It's so funny!!
thegold80s - staygroovyoldstuff - muziqart - pageyintheskywithrogerwaters -
Weekend fun with my ❀️ #boothang #lilt #nero #whataboutbob #family
boothang - lilt - whataboutbob - family - nero -
trippt3 : Hahaha #whataboutbob
thesongofcicadas - aa_stef - calista_w_4 - trippt3 -
Statigram feedback