Roll on the weekend even though I'm stuck on a safeguarding course all day Saturday #wah #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #weighinday #sw #swuk #swfamily #swmafia #slimmingworldjourney #feelingsick
feelingsick - wah - slimmingworld - sw - swfamily - slimmingworlduk - swuk - swmafia - slimmingworldjourney - weighinday -
lesley__sw - lizhumphries26 - sjmum2boys1girl -
Im in 2 minds about today, i think I've lost but not much and I really want to lose 3lbs this week, fingers crossed! #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #sw #week4 #weighinday #weightlossjourney
weightlossjourney - weighinday - slimmingworld - sw - week4 - slimmingworlduk -
therealskanderson - oshan24 - slenderkitchen - gforcecorp -
#slimmingworld #extraeasy #bodymagic #weighinwednesday #weighinday
slimmingworld - weighinwednesday - extraeasy - bodymagic - weighinday -
nic232013 : Good luck 😊 xx
charlottelucy_sw : @nic232013 thanks xx
stephslight_sw : Good luck!! Xxx
charlottelucy_sw : @stephslight_sw THANKYOU xx
ununpentium : Good luck πŸ‘
charlottelucy_sw : @ununpentium thanks :)
v3kyc : @charlottelucy_sw good luck πŸ€xx
suraya_sw - missdustybin - slimmingworldsadie - leequigleysw -
I hope the scales are kind tonight
slimmingworld - weightlossjourney - slimmingworlduk - weighinday -
carolebow : #weighinday #weightlossjourney #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld
dexstreme : Good luck hun x
lesley_sv_sw : Good luck xx
faye_mel : πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
k8yvwm : Good luck xx mine is this morning xx
sueandmeg : Good luck x x
srousselle18 - kaylijade23 - ails2013x - samhoskinssly -
Urghhh it's happened!!! Iv gained half a stone 😞😱😫😭 back on full form tomorrow! Need to get over a stone off for my engagement party! #ww #wwuk #weightwatchers #weightwatchersuk #weighinday
ww - weighinday - weightwatchers - wwuk - weightwatchersuk -
jokc81 - tinishaww - mogiesmama - skinny_wrap_boom -
#sw #slimmingworld #weightloss #weighday #weighinday #slimming #weightlossmotivation #weightlossprogress #gottokeepgoing
weightlossmotivation - weighday - gottokeepgoing - slimmingworld - sw - weightloss - slimming - weightlossprogress - weighinday -
strawberrikini : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘
herbalifestylecoach - brezavscek_paula - kerry_sw_henley - claiire_sw -
This makes me I'll! 😨😷I've lost 27 1/2 pounds! Can't believe I was carrying that about! Where's everyone else at?! #slimming #slimmings #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldposts #weighinday #weightlossjourney
slimming - slimmings - slimmingworldposts - slimmingworld - weighinday - weightlossjourney - slimmingworlduk -
haylesjay : I've lost 10.5lbs in my first two weeks on SW I had no idea that's what it looks like xx
robdc67 : 20 lbs kinda looked like fat slobs for a sec ha
discoeyes_22 : @haylesjay & @robdc67 it's crazy to think our bodies can store that much fat!! I've still got a long way to go until I hit my target too! X
blondemomentashley19 - b_and_e_weightloss - lifestylebypam - inmo_shape -
I lost 3.5lbs!!! So so happy that's huge for me!! #happy #fitfam #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessfreaks #weighin #weighinday #weightloss #weight #ww #wwfamily #wwprogress
fitspo - weight - wwprogress - weighinday - fitnessfreaks - wwfamily - weightloss - ww - fitness - happy - weighin - fitfam -
sarahsweightlossjourney2014 : That's brilliant! I think slow and steady is defo going to be my approach. I've done ww before and lost 2.5st so I know it works- that's what makes me stick at it! I want this time to be the last time :-) xx
sarahsweightlossjourney2014 : @losingitwithweightwatchers
losingitwithweightwatchers : @sarahsweightlossjourney2014 yeah I had done it before... Lost some.... Then put it back on then lost then put it back on... Then one day it just clicked for me. It has to be the right time and in the right head space x
sarahsweightlossjourney2014 : I think I'm there @losingitwithweightwatchers just having the girls at home for half term and the Easter holidays just messed me up! I keep thinking I should be further along in my weightless now BUT I'm still lighter than when I started so I'm winning as far as I'm concerned!! Just gonna stick at it 😊
losingitwithweightwatchers : @sarahsweightlossjourney2014 that's it. Sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy life with your family!! Otherwise you'll never stick to it hey x x
sarahsweightlossjourney2014 : I agree πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thank you x
firepoppy84 : Well done @losingitwithweightwatchers!! :and
firepoppy84 : :D
samantha_lou_ww - rachiieswwjourney - emmalosingweight - newlou2014 -
Week 2 of the ultimate reset and I lost - 4.3 pounds durring my detox phase. so far I have lost a total of 8.9 pounds on the rest with one more week to go. I still cannot belive the number on the scale today, I have not been this low in a long time and I still have a long way to go and I hope this time I actually do get there:) #onmyway #healthyeating #weightloss #fitfam #hypothyroidism #hashimotos #progress #vegetarian #vegan #relax #weightlossjourney #success #fatlossjourney #ultimatereset #nutrition #newchallange #happy #journey #goals #beachbody #weighinday #fat #loveit #loseit
nutrition - fitfam - relax - loveit - vegan - weightlossjourney - journey - hypothyroidism - fat - weighinday - beachbody - hashimotos - healthyeating - loseit - success - vegetarian - newchallange - weightloss - fatlossjourney - onmyway - goals - progress - ultimatereset - happy -
momwifelovemylife : Great job!
_weightloss_for_me : @momwifelovemylife thank you!!:)
jusslim_beachbody : AWESOME! its 21days RIGHT?
_weightloss_for_me : @jusslim_hcgtobeachbody thank you!! Yes the program is only 21 days:)
ryder4lyfe2 : I feel awful I've been watching your journey in hopes to get back on track with my weight loss and I haven't done a thing but like others pics who are losing!! What is the name of your reset program? I am so happy for you, your looking great. @_weightloss_for_me #needtolose #VAnurse #got45tolose
_weightloss_for_me : @ryder4lyfe2 thank you so much!! It is a beachbody program and it was the best thing I have done so far for my body, It feels amazing. I love beachbody products that's all I use, if you want to order any of there programs or are interested in them or joining a fitness group online my coach @amanda_alexander04 she is awesome and will help you to your goals,Sometimes we just need a little extra help, you can do it!!:)
amanda_alexander04 : One more week!! You're in the home stretch! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Are you going back to Combat after this?
_weightloss_for_me : @amanda_alexander04 I am so happy, It is the count down!! Yes I will be doing combat and t25 because I never finished that one either:)
heathernicole522 - lololoses - amanda_alexander04 - artsy_blue -
#squatchallenge Almost done! Weigh in day today too, hurray! #weightwatchers #ww #weighinday #pointsplus
ww - pointsplus - weighinday - weightwatchers - squatchallenge -
weightwatchersluv : Ahhhhh great job so close to the end :)
wwswtblondie - melodyslosingthejellybelly_ww - weightwatchersluv - wwbubblez -
Woop woop! Love a good #weighinday ! Down 2 lbs this week. Over the past 2 weeks I gained .7 all together, so I've lost that back off plus some! I was a little worried after Easter haha #weightwatchers #down28 #wannabeinthe150s
wannabeinthe150s - down28 - weightwatchers - weighinday -
margargoingfar : Nice!
stephylynn75 : Congratulations!!!
agirlonawwjourney : @deedeeron_wwjourney good job! πŸ˜ƒ
deedeeron_wwjourney : @margargoingfar @stephylynn75 @agirlonawwjourney thanks ladies!!! One week at a time!!
wwbiggestloserjayne : Well done!! I was just wondering, is this an app where you can find this information? X
deedeeron_wwjourney : @wwbiggestloserjayne thanks!!! It's actually a website called I use it every week. Really puts your weight loss into perspective!
wwbiggestloserjayne : Great! Thank you, I'm looking forward to having a look! :-D
andreamariecook - cecontillo - nasmo143 - jokc81 -
Post-gym lunch: Smoked mackerel, jacket potato with tuna (1 syn for mayonnaise) and salad #slimmingworld #slimming #sw #lunch #food #healthy #weighinday
slimming - lunch - food - weighinday - healthy - slimmingworld - sw -
laura_nick_sw - slimmingworldsimonex - amandajayne_sw - flawless_mess_ -
8pp breakfast to celebrate another -1.6 lb loss πŸ˜„ #ww #ww20s #wwonline #weighinday #weightloss #wwfooddiary #wwsisterhood #weightwatchers #weightwatchersfood #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreemeal #glutenfreeweightwatchers #glutensensitivity #pointsplus
wwfooddiary - glutensensitivity - ww20s - weightwatchers - wwonline - glutenfreefood - weightloss - ww - glutenfreemeal - weightwatchersfood - weighinday - wwsisterhood - pointsplus - glutenfreeweightwatchers - glutenfree -
thepandapost : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
missaleciaj - peaceandkim - stampedpaperco - juliawynell -
5am gym beats! Thanks @diplo and @bbcr1_official! #happykk #singingingym #vegas #instafit #weighinday #needmorewater
vegas - happykk - needmorewater - singingingym - weighinday - instafit -
meredithschneider - vegastilam - mattressdepotlv - vegasclubtickets -
#weighinday 1 month 3.3kgs
weighinday -
_chantellenewman_ : @m_e_o_w so perfect!! πŸ˜€
rach_ben : Hi my darling I miss u x
scarlettrosefarrant - soteriamagar - ella_moyo - dsinead -
Lunch! Last thing I'm eating all day till after weigh in! Roll on half 6! Starving!! #banana #breakfast #lunch #losingweight #food #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessfreaks #fingerscrossed #ww #weight #weighin #wwfamily #wwprogress #weighinday #weightloss
fitspo - weight - food - wwprogress - ww - lunch - weighinday - losingweight - breakfast - fitfam - fitnessfreaks - wwfamily - weightloss - fitness - fingerscrossed - banana - weighin -
wwbubblez : Good luck tonight!!
wolfz_nate : Follow my page for motivation! (:
losingitwithweightwatchers : @wwbubblez thank you hun! 4 hours to go....! X
irishweightwatcher - primedtobefit - kimibabi_ww - emmzzily -
Wahey I have now lost 2 stone 1lb! 😊😊😊 want to lose 2lbs next week so I'm down to the next stone bracket #wwuk #weighin #weighinday #weightwatcher #weightwatchers #weightwatchersuk #weightloss #healthy #healthyeating #lifestylechange #motivation
motivation - weightwatcher - wwuk - weightwatchersuk - healthy - weightloss - lifestylechange - weighinday - healthyeating - weighin - weightwatchers -
dm74ww : πŸ‘πŸ‘well done πŸ˜ƒ
vonpsx : Thank you @dm74ww !! X
hungryhealthyhappy : Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
slimmingsophie : Congrats πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
vonpsx : Thank youuuu! :) xx @hungryhealthyhappy @slimmingsophie
soupdragon67 - curvaliciousgirl - shape_your_future - clairelikescake -
Weigh in day Breakfast!!! Melon, strawberries & raspberries with lemon greek yogurt #weighinday #weighin #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld #breakfast
slimmingworld - breakfast - slimmingworlduk - weighin - weighinday -
soon2bslimmer - trina8721 - sw_kayleighanne - sw_journey_ -
Weigh day nerves!! I've been on plan all week, been gym every day yet I'm still terrified!! Busy day today so distract me! I hate rainy weigh days.... I'm convinced getting wet on my way there is goi to add weight!! Wish me luck! I want under 9st tonight so need to lose 1.5lbs...... #weighin #weighinday #weightloss #weight #ww #wwfamily #wwprogress #losingweight #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessfreaks
fitfam - weight - wwprogress - fitness - fitnessfreaks - wwfamily - weightloss - ww - weighinday - losingweight - weighin - fitspo -
propointswonderwomen : I have mine today to.went to the gym this morning so hopefully I've done enough . Good luck :-) xcx
losingitwithweightwatchers : @propointswonderwomen ah good luck hun! Counting down the hours to 6:30! Got dinner planned already for straight after!! X
giggyfour_ww - jojowwjourney - primedtobefit - propointswonderwomen -
1pp quick brekkie as leaving super early for work! Will have brekkie for lunch then nothing else till after weigh in! #raisens #tea #food #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitnessfreaks #losingweight #nutritious #ww #weight #weighin #wwfamily #wwpoints #weighinday #weightloss #wwprogress
nutritious - wwpoints - fitfam - weight - food - tea - ww - wwprogress - weighinday - losingweight - raisens - fitspo - fitnessfreaks - wwfamily - weightloss - fitness - weighin -
chellwwjourney - emmalosingweight - sarahwaters1989 - slimmingworldsadie -
Words can't describe how happy I am... β˜…_____β˜… A huge #weightloss in only one week! {____ forever gone: 41,9 kg!!!!!!} #wiegetag #weighinday #progress #weightlossjourney #weightwatchersdeutschland #weightwatchersgermany #weightwatchers #wwmafia #wwworks #wwgirl #wwsisterhood #wwfamily #becauseitworks #looseweight #getfit #eatclean #fat2fit #fitspo #changeoflifestyle #fitfam #weightwatchers360 #wwdivas #germanblogger #psblogger #byebyefat #newme2014
weightwatchers360 - changeoflifestyle - wwmafia - looseweight - weightlossjourney - wwdivas - fat2fit - weighinday - wwsisterhood - fitspo - weightloss - wwgirl - fitfam - weightwatchersgermany - byebyefat - weightwatchers - weightwatchersdeutschland - newme2014 - germanblogger - wiegetag - wwfamily - wwworks - becauseitworks - eatclean - getfit - progress - psblogger -
allthatglitters_isnotgold : Alta😳
ww_ali_ : πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
lottierdbeer : Wie hast du das ΓΌber Ostern geschafft? Ich bin stolz auf dich
lynnvuitton : Alter Schwede... Richtig tollπŸ‘
larista88 : Absolut Wahnsinn!!!! Ich zieh so den hut vor dir, tolle Leistung! Respekt πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_mywaytoabetterlife_ : Das hΓ€tte ich auch mal wieder gerne :)
gettingcurvy : UuuuhuuuuπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!! Toll hast du es gemacht!!
weightlossjourney_buba : @missgeschickt01 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘superrr
healthy_fitness_food_alicia - __monique__2310 - klrh86 - macl333 -
Weigh in Day!! I lost 1.8 lbs this week. I have lost 25lbs since I started my journey! I am proud of myself. I can't wait to get up tomorrow and head out for a hike. #kristinasweightlossjourney #weightwatchersinspiration #wwarmy #wwdivas #wwsisterhood #weightloss #weightwatchers360 #weightwatchers #weighinday #getlostweight #ilostwhat #gettinghealthy #getfit #fitmom #icandothis #proudofmyself
weightwatchers360 - proudofmyself - kristinasweightlossjourney - gettinghealthy - ilostwhat - fitmom - wwdivas - weighinday - wwsisterhood - weightwatchers - wwarmy - getlostweight - weightloss - icandothis - getfit - weightwatchersinspiration -
nana_313 : Oh yay!!πŸ‘ CongratulationsπŸŽ‰
_hi_im_kat_ : Good work girl!
cymiller111 : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
tortoiselove : πŸ‘πŸ‘
meridafan : Awesome job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
xtinalynn2 : Thanks @nana_313 @_hi_im_kat_ @tortoiselove and @meridafan!!
apesandmonkeys : πŸ‘πŸŒΊ
churrobaby : πŸ˜ƒfantastic job!!! Are you going to the reunion?
ww_mroblez - imlosingit7 - wwmotivation - apesandmonkeys -
This is my "I don't want to eat healthy face" lunch. Lol weigh in tomorrow! 6 oz of honey baked turkey- 6pp, some carrots and grapefruit-0pp. And water so I don't die/pass out at the gym tonight. We're halfway through Monday! Hope everyone's is awesome so far. #weightwatchers #weighinday #amiskinnyyet
amiskinnyyet - weightwatchers - weighinday -
soupdragon67 - jokc81 - rachiieswwjourney - vlncc -
Massive 5lb off! πŸ™€ hard work pays off! #slimming #slimmings #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #eatclean #eatingclean #eatclean2014 #weighinday #weightlossjourney #fff
slimmingworld - eatingclean - slimmings - slimmingworlduk - slimming - weightlossjourney - eatclean - weighinday - fff - eatclean2014 -
cleanshake : πŸ‘πŸ‘
slimmingworld_kimmyd : 😡😡😡 well done!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
binkyboots83 - solod13511 - rebeccaeastie - get_fit_with_herbacoach -
After weighin grub Hexb wholemeal bread with hexa cheese, sliced cherry tomato and onion so so good I love bread and it is one of my biggest weaknesses so I am treating myself this evening! This is not dinner by the way its only starters haha ;) #weighinday #hexb #hexa #healthyeating #cleanliving #slimmingworldtreats #slimmingworldireland #slimmingworld
hexa - slimmingworld - hexb - weighinday - slimmingworldireland - healthyeating - slimmingworldtreats - cleanliving -
nikkis_sw_diary - kayleigh_slimmingworld - slimmingworlddevotee - tallica_boy -
Very happy girlie this evening -3lbs this week a total of 2st 6lbs in 14 weeks I am overwhelmed, I was not expecting it at all after over indulging yesterday but it just goes to show a good week will not pass you by and one day of bad eating will not through me off!! So determined to loose 1 pound this week for my 2.5 stone award!! Onwards and downwards as they say!! Have a great week everyone β™₯ #weighinday #weightlossjourney #slimmingworldjourney #determined #slimmingworldireland #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworld
weightlossjourney - determined - slimmingworldjourney - slimmingworldireland - weighinday - slimmingworld - somebird - slimmingworlduk -
swnewbie : Brill well done hun xx
kmc1901 : Well done πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ x
whassappp : Wdu xxxx
hooooollybutcher : Well done!
bex_sw_journey : That is awesome!! Trying to get back in to it!! :-)
nikkis_sw_diary : Aww thanks everyone @swnewbie @kmc1901 @whassappp @hooooollybutcher @bex_sw_journey xxx
beavis420 : Coolaboola happy days @nikkis_sw_diary
nikkis_sw_diary : Thanks Mick @beavis420 ;)
binkyboots83 - cornishgirl84sw - hooooollybutcher - swemma3662 -
#slimmingworlduk #progress #weighinday #sw #diet #weightloss
weighinday - progress - weightloss - sw - diet - slimmingworlduk -
slimmingworld_lauren - fitfast14 - beachbodyjenn - georgia_slimmingworld -
Haaaappy Moooondaaaay!!!! #mondayweighin this morning and I'm ⬆ 3.8 lbs πŸ˜•πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜•πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜­ I mean, a gain was totally expected but that big of a gain, just sucks. But I'm also veeeery aware of where and when I failed this past week, ate every single one of my emotions and let anxiety took over. NOT THIS WEEK!!! I got to get my shit together and move on! So that's that! And breakfast ☝☝☝ Delicious #overnightoats made with 1/3 C dry old fashioned oats(2pp), 1/2C almond milk (0pp), 1/2C Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt(1pp), Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup (0pp) and a banana! Fruit salad and black coffee on the side 😊😊 Have a great Monday Peeps! And an awesome week! Let's do this!!! #weighinday #wwjourney #weightloss #wwsisterhood #wwladies #wwsendthelove #wwmafia #wwbreakfast #wwfooddiary #wwpointsplus #wwpp #weightwatchers
wwfooddiary - wwladies - hellyeah - wwbreakfast - wwpp - wwpointsplus - wwmafia - weightloss - mondayweighin - weighinday - wwsisterhood - wwsendthelove - overnightoats - wwjourney - weightwatchers -
missaleciaj : Own it this week!!
javiisww : #hellyeah @missaleciaj !!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜œ
skarletblonde : You've got this! πŸ™Œ
wwfussbudget29 : You go girl! !
javiisww : Thank you ladies!!! @skarletblonde @wwfussbudget29 😘😘😊😊
shandu1273 : You'll turn it around cuz you're full of awesome sauce!! :) stress eating is my biggest downfall, gotta work on that still...stress eating carrots or apples isn't as yummy :)
javiisww : So true @shannonj84 !!! But yeah, we have to work on that! :) we can do it!!!
coffee_and_cardio : nom!
wwkarend - peace_luv_n_hugs_ww - lovelosingonww - weightwatcherskelly_uk -
Weigh In Monday! #weightwatchers #weightwatcherspointsplus #weightwatchersonline #ww #wwworks #wwfamily #weighinday #weightloss #wwsisterhood #weeklyweighin #weighinmonday #weightlossjourney #dontgiveup #fitin2014 #fooddiary #foodjournal #getfit #healthy #healthyeating #healthychoices #icandothis #ytroadies #keepmovingforward
fooddiary - foodjournal - weightwatchersonline - ww - weightlossjourney - weeklyweighin - weighinday - wwsisterhood - ytroadies - healthyeating - weightloss - keepmovingforward - weightwatchers - dontgiveup - healthy - wwfamily - wwworks - weighinmonday - weightwatcherspointsplus - healthychoices - icandothis - getfit - fitin2014 -
yateslaura : Hang in there!!!
just_being_kinu : You got this!!!!!
wwbubblez : You got this! Maybe try Wendie plan? Also on an unrelated, hopefully not creepy note, I had a dream last night about the kitties you were posting lol
justagirlgettinghealthy : @wwbubblez What is Wendie plan? LOL Not creepy at all! They are just too cute! The are still figuring out their walking skills so they look like little drunk kittens. hahaha We had storms roll in last night so they have been in hiding. I saw the mama early this morning but not the babies. I put some food and water out so the mama can keep her strength up to feed her babies.
wwbubblez : Wendie plan is a plan that came about back on a diff version of ww. It was known as a plateau buster. Your body is very efficient and also a little lazy. It figures out how to best conserve the food you are giving it and becomes complacent about using it. That's where this comes in - the plan uses all of your weeklies but spreads them out over the course of a week in various amounts. It keeps your body guessing at how much to burn so it never gets comfortable. Give it a google - the first link that comes up is a calculator where you put in your daily points target and what day you want to be our highest point day. I almost always pick Saturday because hubby and I eat out the most on that day. Last week I lost four pounds. 😊. Aw it's good that you look out for them. Do you have a local shelter that would spay and neuter them or take them in to find a family? In my dream they were climbing on a roof lol!
losingwithlinds : Hang in there!
ww_mroblez - violetspark17 - ashleesonww - wwbubblez -
Soooo excited this morning!!! πŸ˜„ I lost 2lbs! 😊 I did great all week but yesterday was Easter & I definitely indulged & didn't track any points so I was pretty nervous about weigh in when I stepped on the scale today & saw a 2lb loss you better believe I weighed myself 2 more times just to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is just what I needed to motivate me this morning not to dive into all those leftovers calling my name in the fridge!! πŸ˜‹ #happymonday #weighinday #happy #wwfooddiary #wwjourney #wwmotivation #wwsharethelove #wwsisterhood #getsome
wwfooddiary - happymonday - wwsharethelove - getsome - weighinday - wwsisterhood - wwjourney - wwmotivation - happy -
tiapatt : Great Job!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
wwskinnyminnie : @ww_lifestylechanges413 well done hun πŸ‘ fab loss 😘 xx
ww_mom9112 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ww_lifestylechanges413 : Thank you so much for the love & support ladies! Means the world to me!!! 😘😘😘 @adharaferrari @wwroxybabay @wwbubblez @staceyt2468 @wwgirl515 @ww_journey2me @dollyessfit @tiapatt @wwskinnyminnie @ww_momma9112
coffee_and_cardio : Awesome!
ww_lifestylechanges413 : Thanks pretty lady!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜ @coffee_and_cardio
lovelosingonww : Great loss! πŸ‘πŸ‘
ww_4me2014 : Awesome!!😘😘
coffee_and_cardio - ashleesonww - wwfussbudget29 - dianahunter27 -
Good morning!! Today is weigh in. Day for my challengers and I. Down 1.8 lbs from last week. I will attempt to exercise again today as my sciatic pain has calmed down a bit. I will modify a lot doing #t25 and stretch a lot before and after.
nutrition - scale - monday - weight - shakeology - fitness - fitnesslifestyle - weightloss - fitmom - weightlosschallenge - goals - weighinday - sciatica - t25 - exercise -
dee_castillo1 : #weight #scale #weighinday #monday #weightloss #weightlosschallenge #fitness #nutrition #shakeology #sciatica #exercise #fitness #fitmom #fitnesslifestyle #goals
eyes4everblue : I love your socks!!!! Costco?? I've got dozens! πŸ‘
chawizlicious : That pain is horrible, I'm actually dealing with it right now.
dee_castillo1 : Yes! @eyes4everblue I love the colors lol
dee_castillo1 : And the pain sucks! @chawizlicious it started after I had my son
musclepipecouple - lil13jjj - gymlovers_united - lwizze10 -
Very nervous about weighin today, I honestly dont know how it will go I was so off plan yesterday. But thankfully it is the start of a fresh new week! Have a great Bank Holiday Monday everyone β™₯ #weighinday #weightlossjourney #newweek #slimmingworldsupport #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldireland #slimmingworld
newweek - weightlossjourney - slimmingworldjourney - slimmingworldsupport - weighinday - slimmingworld - slimmingworldireland - shittinabrick -
fixingfletchie : Good luck! Xx
beavis420 : See you at 3.30
nic232013 : Good luck xx
nikkis_sw_diary : Aww thank you @hooooollybutcher @fixingfletchie I need it lol xx See you later Mick @beavis420 ;)
nikkis_sw_diary : Aww thanks @nic232013 xx
missdustybin : Good luck babes - u got this! πŸ˜‰ xxx
nikkis_sw_diary : aww thanks hunni bun #shittinabrick lol @missdustybin xxx
leannewatmough : Same my weighing day iv put on iv got to of with what iv eat lol xx @nikkis_sw_diary
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Was hoping to hit -20 today but that's ok. A loss is a loss. Next week, I can feel it! :) #ww #wwdiary #wwfamily #wwjourney #wwsisterhood #weighinday #weighin
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wimzcicle : Good job! @mianto59 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
minacachu : Yaaaaay!!!!
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