Yesterday was my official rest day... This morning I woke up a little sore but I am back at it again today. #wannafeeltheburn #fit #fitness #fitlife #fitnessaddict #healthy #fitnessmodel health #eatclean #trainmean #getlean #missionpossible
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pnj87 : Ahhhh my legs are sore! But, your right, gotta keep the body moving. :-D
shockysnina : That's right... keep the pain coming.. at least you know you are doing something right lol @pnj87
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💪 Gym > superbowl 🏈 #sunday #wannafeeltheburn
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Wanna stop this pain already so I can get back to my routine #sweatisfatcrying #loveit #lovetorun #wannafeeltheburn #goawaypain
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unagu : Yayyy keep crying fat!! Ahha love this
meglin88 : @unagu isnt it hilarious!
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Things I brought for a week at the beach: 11 bathing suits, a bajillion sundresses, 2 pairs of flip-flops, SPF 4. Things I did NOT bring for a week at the beach: a blow dryer, straightener, warm clothing, my J Crew Downtown field jacket, an umbrella. #fuckthisshit #wheresthedamnsun #wannafeeltheburn
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Time to get a tan #wannafeeltheburn
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fionajanemclaughlin : SKINNY
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Excited to get back on track after a long hard two weeks my family has had with sickness. #alarm #gymtime #fitness #wannafeeltheburn #byebye #babyweight #doinggood #mustdobetter #icandoit
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brianhouk69 : U can do it honey :)
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Need new exercises! And yes I just got a new app that I love #textgram #abs #obliques #plank #crunches #sideplank #abs #protein #cleaneating #exercise #gym #nopainnogain #wannafeeltheburn
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californiboo : Pilates. All. Day. Long. Works deep
itsaoifebitches : @californiboo really? I have a dvd I havnt tried yet thanks I will!
fat2fitfreak : Cardio and clean eating will help and add in weight training If your not already
itsaoifebitches : @fat2fitfreak yeah I started weight training more recently so we'l see how it goes!!
californiboo : I spent three weeks working with a world class Pilates instructor every day and I have never had a flatter stomach or better body.
fitspofromsweden : Go check blogilates on youtube :)
journeytototalhealth : @eefa_lovesfitness I just discovered the manny paquaio ab workout on YouTube. It's 10 mins and I do it every day. It rocks ❤😃💪
itsaoifebitches : @journeytototalhealth aw thank u il look it up!!
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Working out some of my frustrations! #cardiomax #imightdie #wannafeeltheburn
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alexandrafisher : Yeah girl getting' healthy!!!
jordanhobba : Literly I have never sweat so much. It was gross. Lol
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