Shop Waistsnatchers.com today and get FREE SHIPPING using the code SHIP NOW!!! When ordering Waistsnatchers we reccomend that you order according to your actual shirt size. For color preferences indicate it in the comment box. #Waistsnatchers #SnatchTakeover #getwaisted #freeshipping #SnatchTakeover #Fitness
snatchtakeover - freeshipping - fitness - getwaisted - waistsnatchers -
half_man_half_martian : I paid for my compression vest almost a month ago....I have my receipt in my email...and I still haven't received anything
newnew8237 : @waistsnatchers I haven't received my shipment. It's been over 2 weeks.
he_callsme_puddin : If I orderes mines today would it be to houston texas by the 28th of april ?! My bday
mizznikki_a : @luvnmyboys_
skl3 : It so sad @waistsnatchers you have got to get better with your customer service skills! I finally received mine after a month , but the hassle and no communication on your customers part made me not want to even give my progress report which is UNBELIEVABLY GREAT!! You have to do better. But thanks
shebleeds_queen : I have a question how do you know what size corset to purchase long or regular is it due to your height @waistsnatchers
keemah28 : Order from 1800 cinchers. Com there customer service is awesome, they have a website u can easily navigate through and shipment is within 5-7 business days
keemah28 : They have a IG page as well.
neeke82 - brainey17 - __optimistic__ - killagrams718 -
Waist training. Hopefully this helps! #fingerscrossed #waistsnatchers @waistsnatchers
fingerscrossed - waistsnatchers -
mahaffey_d : Don't pass the hell out over there lol @kweenfit get it!!!!
kweenfit : Ikr. Lol. @mahaffey_d
asobit1 - chaysemonaemarley - mahaffey_d - aniyahsdaddy -
Yay! My waist trainer came in the mail today. #waistsnatchers. @iamsodeelishis put me on. Imma try sleeping in it everynight. I'll let you guys know if it works.
waistsnatchers -
kweenfit : @waistsnatchers
meme82blessed : I just ordered mine yesterday. Hit long did it take for you???
kweenfit : Bout 10 business days.
kweenfit : I shoulda got a smaller size. This one is already on the last row of hooks and it could be tighter. Gonna be ordering a smaller one soon.
kweenfit : @meme82blessed
meme82blessed : What size you get?
kweenfit : I got a 2x. I should have got a 1x
meme82blessed : Hopefully mine isn't to big
benita12 - ti_ti_juicy -
TIME FOR DINNER!! YUMM YUMM! #7daychallenge#waistsnatchers#imready#iwontgiveup#day1
day1 - imready - waistsnatchers - iwontgiveup - 7daychallenge -
tattooedxmom : Send me details to this challenge !! I wan do it lol
miss_villacon : Omg I thought about u but I wasn't sure cause u still in the 40days... Aight hold on @tattooedxmom
miss_villacon : @mojica_fitness eres mi inspiración!! U doing an amazing job! 👍
tattooedxmom : I got 9 days left for my 40 days ! So I'll start next week - I wan go to the gym too !
mojica_fitness : @miss_villacon thanks. 🙏😄. Sigue. Comiendo. Limpio Vera's. Mucha. Diferencia. 💪🙌
ny_papy - efrabarber19 - elpatron1225 - m_reyes27 -
Today I would like to challenge all my #Snatchers to a 7 day📅 “Get Waisted Challenge." 📄Rules: You must wear your Waistsnatchers a minimum of ⏰8 hours daily along with exercising (a minimum of 45 minutes⌚), proper dieting🐀 , and plenty water. Please tag yourself if you would like to be apart of #TeamSnatch “Get Waisted Challenge." “You are going to want to give up... Don't!!!" Let the Snatch Begin🏃🏃🏃🚶👏🙌🙌🙌👏 On the 7th send in your before and after results; even if it's just a few inches off. You can dm them to me or use the hashtag #SnatchTakeover Let's Go Ladies.... #GettingFit #Fitness #gym #motivation #exercise #diet #water #shred #nofat #Waisted #nowaist #Waistsnatchers #hourglassfigure #7daychallenge
teamsnatch - motivation - waistsnatchers - snatchtakeover - gym - diet - gettingfit - water - hourglassfigure - 7daychallenge - nofat - snatchers - waisted - shred - fitness - nowaist - exercise -
mrshills35 : I need to order one whats the info
maryd2themusic : #maryd2themusic
miss_villacon : @tattooedxmom
mzbreezy12 : Nope!
queendaneshia : Hey ! My name is Daneshia Anderson . I ordered a waist snatcher corset long . I have a question , I didn't put my full address ( my apt # ) so it sent to my apartments but , since it had no apt # it got sent back to Biloxi , Mississippi . Now my question is , how do I put the correct address on my delivery & or have it sent back to me ? @waistsnatchers
honeybunnymoney : I'm already on my second row of hooks...is this normal?? Its only been three days.. how do I know when im ready for the next size down?
honeybunnymoney : @waistsnatchers
429_aqueenwasborn : How do I no what size to get @waistsnatchers
lady_t25 - nrbiscaino - yourman_smistress - j9garofalo -
motivations - dm - feedback - consistency - snatchtakeover - positivity - fitness - gym - comments - greatness - movements - nopost - goodmorning - waistsnatchers -
waistsnatchers : #GoodMorning Snatchers “Waistsnatchers are reshaping garments that mobilize fat cells in the stomach to shape it for an hourglass figure." If you want a fuller breast we reccomend that you latch your corset up. If you want fuller hips we reccomend that you latch your corset down.. For all order inquiries I ask that you contact us via website or dm me. Any comments about orders under any Post will be deleted. Our shipping process takes 5-7 business days that excludes weekends. Once your order ships your tracking number will be emailed to you. Thank You and Let The Snatch Begin!!!! #Waistsnatchers #SnatchTakeover #Fitness #feedback #nopost #comments #dm #Waistsnatchers #movements #Motivations #Greatness #gym #positivity #consistency
mysteryme07 : @waistsnatchers what u mean latch.....latch on 2 what
423kc : Confused about latching it up or down. I got mine a couple days ago, love it already but I thought there was only one way to use it
_iknwyouluvit : I think they mean start latching it up from the bottom or from the top.
xi__xxi : Can I please get a response to my email @waistsnatchers
miss_hapi : @waistsnatchers the blatant disrespect from this company. They have time to be posting and deleting comments but cannot reply to customers who have paid their hard earned cash for a product. Rudeness to the highest order
blessed_to_know_better : I placed an order with their website, my receipt has reflected some different from what I placed. It's been a week and I am awaiting a response from your company. If at all possible can you please respond to my e-mail. I unused stand your high demand but I deserve a response as a consumer. @waistsnatchers
honeybunnymoney : Ladies be paitent! It takes 5-7 business days ( monday-friday) excluding weekends for them to process your order. Once its processed they will ship it out. Once it actually ships then you get your tracking number and can start tracking it through usps. I ordered mine April 5th and received it today April 16.. It was worth it!! Be patient ladies it's coming :-)
charliesangel_911 - aliciamfernandez25 - nailsby_lynn - ninersbabe -
Yummy! Got my #healthystart #herbalifeshake today!!! Today's #ShakeofChoice is #PineappleOrangeCoconut #delicious and #healthy Get the #recipe from my website at https://www.goherbalife.com/healthnwellness4u/en-US #endobesity #smiles #shedpounds #fitchick #befit #instafood #tagsforlikes #happiness #instabest #instagramfitness #fightthefat #ItWorks #JoinMyTeam #healthyrecipes #healthyshakes #weightlossshakes #waistsnatchers #businessopportunity #results #thick #curvy #HappyInMySkin
shakeofchoice - instagramfitness - waistsnatchers - healthystart - healthyrecipes - recipe - results - endobesity - delicious - fightthefat - thick - befit - happiness - instafood - businessopportunity - joinmyteam - curvy - healthy - happyinmyskin - instabest - fitchick - tagsforlikes - weightlossshakes - healthyshakes - herbalifeshake - shedpounds - pineappleorangecoconut - smiles - itworks -
mzmorton - dappervito - fitness_health_happy - tialaurenjonesx -
“Wake up in anticipation something great is going to happen today." #GoodMorning #Waistsnatchers #hourglassfigure #orders #on #the #way #quotes #shipping #sellers #boutique #corsets #online To order your Waistsnatchers today go to ..Waistsnatchers.com or click on the link in bio
on - waistsnatchers - boutique - shipping - sellers - quotes - corsets - hourglassfigure - way - online - the - orders - goodmorning -
snickerskatia : @antswithlove
snickerskatia : What a coinkidink!! @antswithlove
honeybunnymoney : @waistsnatchers
antswithlove : Loll dunno wat Dese ppl r @snickerskatia
waistsnatchers : @qui_sosweet @miss_hapi please dm me your order number and your first and last name. @bettieshia @queendaneshia dm's are being answered
drigotemwonderin : Can you please get back to me about my defected snatcher? You keep posting and erasing my messages instead of resolving my issue. I sent a dm yesterday. Can I please get some kind of service? @waistsnatchers
samiraboy13 : I received my waist snatcher and I ordered a medium and I received a xsmall... And my invoice specifically says medium? I read on my packaged that all sales are final how can that be when the mixup was made from you guys! I cannot fit my product and i don't want my money to go to waste.. So you guys are gong to have to come up with something better... I need either a refund or and exchanged! ASAP! My email is jamu22@rocketmail.com shit times is hard and 65.00 is a lot of money.. Smh #pissed
ss_super_sport : @samiraboy13 same thing happened to me if you don't mind me asking did they ever get back to you? I got the wrong size as well
conceited_wanna - mzbellaappleton - mari_iris23 - tiffanyfior -
Free shipping on all orders domestic and International Today- Sunday use code SHIPNOW when checking out. Shop www.waistsnatchers.com or click the link in the bio. Have you been #Snatched Its not a hustle it's a #movement #snatchtakeover #watchussnatchthatwaist ~~Any questions, inquiries or order updates can be sent to our website via the contact us tab. A member of WaistSnatchers is currently responding. Tracking numbers are also currently being sent out. We cannot give order updates under post. Thank you for your patience and support Let The Snatch Begin ~~~Every'Body'ShallSnatch~~~
snatchtakeover - watchussnatchthatwaist - snatched - movement -
miss_hapi : @zion_city_of_peace if you don't mind me asking how long did you have to wait to receive your item? Thanks
zion_city_of_peace : @miss_hapi I waited around 2 weeks
miss_hapi : @zion_city_of_peace was it within America?
zion_city_of_peace : @miss_hapi yes I stay in Cali .
miss_hapi : @zion_city_of_peace thanks so much for the info :)
zion_city_of_peace : @miss_hapi no problem I totally do recommend it but you have to be patient I was so afraid for all the bad comments.
chyysantana : Where are u
drigotemwonderin : Can you please get back to me about my defected snatcher? You keep posting and erasing my messages instead of resolving my issue. I sent a dm yesterday. Can I please get some kind of service? @waistsnatchers
_jaylene_jandalee_ - dsexcee1 - bellamariababy - keke8732 -
The Figure Factory is open today 11-5pm 5228 s Blackstone #LLA or call 773-633-2405. Open Sunday by appt!! #waisttraining #getsnatched #waistsnatchers #corset #chicago #weightloss #wellness #bodyshapers #hydepark #birthdaydiscount
waistsnatchers - birthdaydiscount - waisttraining - getsnatched - chicago - weightloss - hydepark - bodyshapers - wellness - corset - lla -
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“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat." #GoodMorning #motivation #SnatchTakeover #Snatchthatwaist #shredded #quotes #inspiration #Waistsnatchers
motivation - waistsnatchers - snatchtakeover - shredded - quotes - snatchthatwaist - goodmorning - inspiration -
ntricatedesigns : Amen!
desichannel : @waistsnatchers I ordered mines on Tuesday April the 8 when should I expect it? In live In Los Angeles I so emailed you and no response.
qui_sosweet : @waistsnatchers I received my order and I can't even use what I've purchased, ive emailed and left comments and still no reply. Can I get some assistance please???
waistsnatchers : @qui_sosweet dm me for further assistance
xi__xxi : Can I get some assistance as well please @waistsnatchers
blessedbeyond28 - bellavita9905 - mz_ddouble - glamorous_love -
Go get yours because i got mines. Thanks to @waistsnatchers @waistsnatchers @waistsnatchers
waistsnatchers -
sammygetsit : U need to give your baby sister one of them rings...😘😘😘
motherof_kjlx : #waistsnatchers
motherof_kjlx - sammygetsit -
CHECK THE SIZE CHART AND GET STARTED TODAY!!!! CurvyGirlWaisted@Gmail.com #sizecharts #sportshapers #waistcinchers #cinchers #keepyourcurves #girlswithcurves #Fitchicks #fitisthenewbeautiful #Waisttrainning #waistsnatchers #hourglasscurves #trainhard #trainlikeagirl #eatclean #trainmean #CurvyGirlWaisted Getwaisted #fitnessphysique #gym #cokebottlecurves #Trainyourwaist
sportshapers - waistsnatchers - trainlikeagirl - cinchers - gym - girlswithcurves - fitchicks - trainyourwaist - fitisthenewbeautiful - cokebottlecurves - trainhard - fitnessphysique - keepyourcurves - waistcinchers - sizecharts - waisttrainning - eatclean - hourglasscurves - trainmean - curvygirlwaisted -
curvygirlwaisted : @truly_blezzed What size are you looking for?
miss_yogi_ : Im in Charlotte. NC how long is the wait @curvygirlwaisted
curvygirlwaisted : @miss_yogi_ tag your email below for information
curvygirlwaisted : @miss_yogi_ tag your email below
miss_yogi_ : Yogi310@Yahoo. Com @curvygirlwaisted
curvygirlwaisted : @miss_yogi_ email has been sent
j_nicoledope : Jasminepowell09@yahoo.com
juarezbianca : biancaj935@gmail.com
lipstiicknkush - mz_neena - louisetwiggy - 1queenkira -
Invasion of the #waistSnatchers #ButtsNOguts #instafit #AwaistWhatsthat #fckbeingfat
awaistwhatsthat - fckbeingfat - waistsnatchers - instafit - buttsnoguts -
sexycool_crazy : @lacelifecorsets
lacelifecorsets : Your hashtags though! #lol
sexycool_crazy : @lacelifecorsets :-)!!!!!
dannynegroni3nine - big_ill - astronutchick - occupational_hazard -
Lost 6in in 4wks #loveyourcurves #waistsnatchers
waistsnatchers - loveyourcurves -
thick_n_lovely_1990 : how did u do it? im n need of some advice @rozayb91
rozayb91 : Just ordered it from @waistsnatchers love it besides the 3wk wait but it's worth it
rozayb91 : Thanks @sweet_lilmiss
thick_n_lovely_1990 : okay thankz for the advice.u look good hun.
rozayb91 : U welcome mama gta a long way to go but it's nice finally seeing some results
tia_angelz1 : Yasssssss go rosie
sosha_sings : Amazing results
rozayb91 : Thanks @tia_angel21 and @sosha_sings
sweet_lilmiss - oshay_shay - thick_n_lovely_1990 - prettybpistol -
Waist training #waistsnatchers
waistsnatchers -
prettyybri_ : @rozayb91 whered u get urs?? & How do u do it??
rozayb91 : I got it from this website waistsnatchers.com it takes 3wks to get it @waistsnatchers
rozayb91 : It's not much to putting it on might take awhile to get in but it's worth it
sosha_sings : I love it rosie your doing great imma start soon
rozayb91 : U should ima get the next size down at the end of may
katoent - angelmae91 - tia_angelz1 - prettyybri_ -
She got exactly what she was looking for from us!! Instant waist reduction and soon to be permanent!! #getwaisted #getsnatched #waistsnatchers #corset #weightloss #healthandwellness #chicago #results #waistremoval #instacollage
waistremoval - waistsnatchers - corset - chicago - getsnatched - results - weightloss - instacollage - healthandwellness - getwaisted -
nutritionnerdmike - getfit_gethappyx3 - choclatebabe_ - muvachuckz -
Good Morning #Snatchers⏳ “WaistSnatchers LLC are corsets that permanently shrink the midsection by mobilizing and repositioning fat cells giving you an hourglass figure!!!⌛ Try one of our corsets by ordering today💻📱 www.waistsnatchers.com and Let The Snatch Begin👏🙌👏👏 #motivation #Fitness #SnatchTakeover #Weightloss #gym #GoodMorning #shredded #Waistsnatchers #movements #believe
snatchers - waistsnatchers - snatchtakeover - shredded - gym - motivation - weightloss - fitness - believe - goodmorning - movements -
tynisha2784 : I was wondering have u received my payment yet @waistsnatchers
msleelee_brownsuga : @thelma_nonigga_needed
waistsnatchers : @ldp_79 @brianna_1_ @peachis622 our shipping process takes 5-7 business days excluding weekends
jhoriquira__ : Can you check your DMs please!
cherry_fuka_berry : Just got my vest yesterday and wore it at work today foe 8hrs and it is serious...I love it
drigotemwonderin : I would really appreciate if I got a response to one of my 10 messages that I sent. You guys post daily so I know someone seen something smh @waistsnatchers
herheart_ismine : I sent a message via website just wondering when u will respond? @waistsnatchers
teeskii : Can you please check your messages from your website. I ordederd two items last Wednesday and I haven't received them yet and another thing is I didn't have a apt numberfor the address.
spoiledone82 - shontae_25 - luckyycatch - loving_libra83 -
Get 10% off if you order within one week of your Birthday!! We want you to be ready!! Our Hyde Park Chicago location is open!! Come and get fitted today!! #chicago #corset #corsettraining #getwaisted #weightloss #wellness #hourglass #healthandwellness #hydepark #detroit #shapewear #bodyshapers #body #milwaukee #girdle #waisttraining #fitness #nonprofit #wellness #
body - corsettraining - waistsnatchers - waisttraining - hydepark - bodyshapers - shapewear - milwaukee - hourglass - corset - chicago - wellness - detroit - weightloss - fitness - healthandwellness - nonprofit - girdle - getwaisted -
thefigurefactory : Call us at 773-633-2405 or email figurefactory1@gmail.com
thefigurefactory : Call 773-633-2405 or email us at figurefactory1@gmail.com
thefigurefactory : Call 773-633-2405 or email figurefactory1@gmail.com
thefigurefactory : #waistsnatchers
jalynbooker94 - rachelsuterr - nicklaslidberg - baby_and_a_body -
⏳S/O to @mzsalina for sharing her results. May you continue with your journey and #Snatch #on ☝👏👏💪🙌🙌 #Waistsnatchers #hourglassfigure #Fitness #wesnatching
on - wesnatching - waistsnatchers - hourglassfigure - fitness - snatch -
waistsnatchers : @msgynesis No, were online only. Our website is WaistSnatchers.com
waistsnatchers : @purple_sagittarius_7 when ordering Waistsnatchers we reccomend that you order according to your actual shirt size. If you are between sizes it's best to get the largest size of
waistsnatchers : @purple_sagittarius_7 when ordering Waistsnatchers we reccomend that you order according to your actual shirt size. If you are between sizes it's best to get the largest size
mzsalina : Thanx4the share&s/o @waistsnatchers hard work really_pays off_ (&srry bout the dm) #satisfiedCustomer ;) #waisttrainin #snatched
ladyhollins_ : Hey @waistsnatchers i placed an order last monday....how long does it take to receive your product
kimtruediva : @waistsnatchers I ordered back on the 31st of march, and I've never received my tracking number. I've also emailed and no response
bey0nd_it : so excited! just ordered mine. so ready to get my booty in gear to lose this weight. i think i'll try body wraps as well along with the waist training to maximize my weight loss. i'll keep you posted:) @waistsnatchers
meme_lashae : @msmunimoon
mizznakita - dsexcee1 - _deep_dimples - colaa_red -
⏳S/O to @iamdominiquenicole She's #Snatched 👏👏👏 Thanks You for cooperating and sending in your results⌛ #Fitness #TeamSnatch #Snatchthatwaist #SnatchTakeover #Waisted #hourglassfigure #Waistsnatchers #Weightloss #Movements #shredded
teamsnatch - waistsnatchers - snatchtakeover - shredded - waisted - weightloss - hourglassfigure - snatched - fitness - snatchthatwaist - movements -
waistsnatchers : @mzalishalee our Shipping process takes 5-7 business days excluding weekends. Once your order ships your tracking number will be emailed to you
_sitara94 : @waistsnatchers how do I order one do you guys have a website of you could give me the link please. Thanks
satindoll87 : Are these latex?
iamrodriquez : @xparisss_monroe
jazzidanielle : @satindoll87 nope. I ordered thinkin it would have latex in them like advertised and it had no latex in it
waistsnatchers : @jazzidanielle @_sat
misschrissy222 : How do I order one @waistsnatchers
the_mrsjames : @jereaantinette
_sitara94 - xparisss_monroe - rasheedalemons20 - loving_libra83 -
#Good Morning #RiseNSnatch #Waistsnatchers #Snatchthatwaist #GoodMorning #Focused #Positivity
risensnatch - good - focused - waistsnatchers - positivity - snatchthatwaist - goodmorning -
mzdean85 : @waistsnatchers please reply to my DM or my message on the website ASAP thanks
oh_mgee : how much are they?
xi__xxi : Did you guys recieve my email @waistsnatchers
honeybunnymoney : Good morning may you please reply to my DM @waistsnatchers
shortyred0406 : Hi, I am interested in purchasing a cincher but I'm not sure which one will work the best for me. I'm petite with a short torso so will the long cincher be the right length me? I was thinking I should go with the regular cincher b/c of my small size. Wht would you recommend?
color_me_ray98 - operaluv - alexandria_dane - colyclassynsmart -
SPORT WAIST SHAPER ($50) Medium compressions, flexible for the gym. Thermal activity HEATS up the core for the fat burning process. LADIES, SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER SO NO TIME TO WAIST, LETS GET WAISTED. @Mschee4 started in February in a large sport waist shaper and is now in a small. This is what consistency, discipline, and dedication with get you. CurvyGirlWaisted@mail.com #waistcinchers #cinchers #Waisttraining #waisttrainer #keepyourcurves #hourglassshape #cokebottlecurves #curvygirls #waistsnatchers #shapers #blueshaper #Trainyourwaist #trainlikeagirl #teamnowaist #fitchicks #summertimefine #summerbodies #wintermade #trainhard #traindirty #eatclean #healthy #gym #herbalife #fitness #cardio #discipline #determination #dedication #consistency
discipline - waisttrainer - curvygirls - waistsnatchers - wintermade - waisttraining - trainlikeagirl - cinchers - gym - fitness - fitchicks - shapers - determination - trainyourwaist - dedication - traindirty - cardio - cokebottlecurves - trainhard - keepyourcurves - consistency - healthy - hourglassshape - waistcinchers - teamnowaist - summerbodies - herbalife - summertimefine - eatclean - blueshaper -
curvygirlwaisted : @truly_blezzed This one is $50. Do u so workout a lot?
truly_blezzed : Yes I do work out a lot and I sleep in a corset but this one looks like it would give quicker results @curvygirlwaisted I was just hoping I could get it sooner than 3 to 4 weeks
curvygirlwaisted : @truly_blezzed What size are you looking for?
truly_blezzed : Sorry I was out work but I need a medium
m_hillz : Hi, this is the one I wanna order, but I'm not sure if I need a small or xs
curvygirlwaisted : @m_hillz Need your height and weight. Tag your email below...
m_hillz : S169tweety@aol.com I'm 5'2 130lbs
curvygirlwaisted : @m_hillz email has been sent
fitness_lifer - ecaine79 - sweetness8631 - martylove_1342 -
Simply black! I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️this dress! Thank you to everyone that helped me pull this look together!
ggshoetique - bodaciousbodywear - waistsnatchers -
nika_boo_ : You bad!!! 😍😍😍
pfbyshoranda : Work it, work it
grace9841 : Yess ma!
nwebbesimmons : #bodaciousbodywear
nwebbesimmons : #waistsnatchers I'm wearing it under this dress!!
nwebbesimmons : #ggshoetique for my perfect shoes and accessories!!!
wrapsbykendra : Pretty!
funsized_beauty - grace9841 - pfbyshoranda - jbuttaccio -
Almost #SummerReady jus a few more months of #workouts and #WaistSnatchers lbs..#TummyToning
workouts - waistsnatchers - tummytoning - summerready -
badassskittles : 💯
cheekynikko_ : @tayvee_baby wanna make 2k-10k today?
ellz1911 : Chilllllll cuzzo
tayvee_baby : Lol. @ellz1911 its a swimsuit cousin..lbs
ellz1911 : Mmmmhmmm
shawntaya27 - captain_booman - foxxyroxxxyy - imjack_k -
Last one . I'm just sooooo super duper excited about my #CORSET #waisttrain #waistTraining #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #corsettraining #fit #fitness #waistsnatchers #nowaist #fitmoms #workouttime
corsettraining - corset - fit - waisttraining - nowaist - fitnessjourney - weightlossjourney - fitmoms - fitness - workouttime - waisttrain - waistsnatchers -
cassgetsfit_101 - graceheart - arminxk -
pretty hurts ;-) #waistTraining #weightlossjourney #waisttrain #hourglass #waistsnatchers #workouttime #fitspo #fitness #fitmoms #fit #exercise #fitnessjourney #corset #corsettraining #fitforlife
corset - corsettraining - waistsnatchers - fit - waisttraining - fitnessjourney - weightlossjourney - fitmoms - fitness - workouttime - fitspo - waisttrain - fitforlife - exercise - hourglass -
thealleyrichsoul1 : Yessssss lil sis bitch wirkkkkk
shantelfit : Lol..I'm so tickled @thealleyrichsoul1
thealleyrichsoul1 : Lol that's a good thing
lillyabdulll - rhydwatkins - femme22fatale - loloseligetsfit -
Hey all ! So guess what? I am #waistTraining !! And so excited. Underneath this thing though is a whole nother story lol.. #weightlossjourney #weightlosschallenge #fit #fitnessjourney #fitness #corsettraining #nowaisttraining #squatsnoshots #waisttrain #nowaist #waistsnatchers #corset #exercise
corsettraining - fit - squatsnoshots - waisttraining - nowaist - fitnessjourney - nowaisttraining - weightlossjourney - weightlosschallenge - focused - weighin - fitmoms - fitness - corset - fitspo - hourglass - waisttrain - workout - exercise - waistsnatchers -
shantelfit : #hourglass #fitmoms #fitspo #weighin #focused #workout
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Do you believe in magic? Try the wrap for 45 minutes and give us your answer! #kurvkartel #hourglassgang #hourglassbang #bangnation #waistsnatchers #getsnatched #itworks #bodywraps #itworksbodywraps #fitnesslifestyle #fitspo #instagood #instahub #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fatspo #instamood
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This pouch gotta go.... #WaistSnatchers #motivated #determined #Focused
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sweet_caramalkiss_virgo : Let me know what to do cuz after I have my baby I'm on it
simply_koko : Ok I got u @sweet_caramalkiss_virgo
bklynsuncle : Wtf is you goin off your rockers where yo panties kmao
simply_koko : I have on panties thanx much @bklynsuncle
bklynsuncle : I know spandex to lol
simply_koko : Lol
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S/O to @youlanda_shontae #SheIsSnatched 👏👏👍 Thanks for your cooperation and sending in your pictures.#nowaist #motivation #TeamSnatch #hourglassfigure #Weightloss #exercise #fitfam #gym #Waistsnatchers #Snatchthatwaist #Snatchtakeover
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thicklilshawty : Is there a,lotion to use with it @waistsnatchers
cece498 : @waistsnatchers I'm still waiting on my order that I placed on March 23, I'm waiting very patiently and you said it takes 7-10 business days , what's going on?
boss_ladi02 : I still have not received my order that I placed on March 16th...I got a tracking number over a week ago but nothing has been updated to the postal service! What is going on???
mzalishalee : @waistsnatchers I'm also waiting on my order please update me on my order
sippin_on_ciroc : I am also waiting on my order that I placed in February and it's now April I need 2 know where mine is at.... If not then I would like my money back because that is well over 5-7 days
kysonsmommyvon : This is out of hand
songbyrd76 : Wow..I know not to order from here smdh
latoyanatasha : I sure hope the one I just ordered last week doesn't take that long to arrive!!!
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queenwokeup : Very cool!
samanthawilliamsinc : It is cool not hard either @queenwokeup
free2start : :)
bobbydreamwun : @samanthawithdsd lets stay connected!and get some business done contact my number asap
nycwun : :)
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