•• Student gov't since 4th grade •• ASB since freshman year •• 🌀💙🌀💙 [freshmen sophomores and juniors ALL vote for the ASB president] #voteforELISE! #ihaveadream
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elisedimick : Next Tuesday! @kaitlyn_kelly16
bijan_khalili : unfollowed #heartbroken
elisedimick : 3 straight faced selfies in a row were makin my newsfeed depressed :/ but I followed u again #redemption? @bijan_khalili
kimmmmybe : Omg yessss!!!!!!!!! Yayy Elise! Good luck! You'd be such an amazing prez 😘😘💙💙
emilycoxss : 😭😭😭 stop growing up why aren't you still a freshman I'm so confused.
emmajessicalin : 😍😍👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉
elisedimick : ☺Aw thanks @kimmmmybe !! Emily I still am shh @emilycoxss
bijan_khalili : thank you for the the refollow
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Come see the best of the best! #voteforelise :) @elisemacias
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elisemacias : Lol @sarahann794
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tylertranter : #tylerssongoftheday
tylertranter : @kallie_lee She hates you too.
tylertranter : @kallie_lee You suck.
bradycollings : @kallie_lee Please keep your opinion to yourself If you don't know how to postitivley transmit your negative feelings into words
bradycollings : @kallie_lee Omg I'm so sorry please forgive me!!! you don't know how embarresed i am and how bad I feel 😨
tylertranter : @fear_and_loathing @kallie_lee hahaha glad you guys could work through it! 😊
bradycollings : @kallie_lee I felt so so bad lol
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