Left: right pulmonary artery stenosis post double lung transplant, patient had high levels of CO2 and wouldn't perfuse, pulmonary embolism was suspected. Right: post angioplasty and stent deployment shows patency of artery. arterial pressure readings back to normal, CO2 levels dropped and pt doing well. This is why I love this job, I will publish a paper on this very unusual case in collaboration with the transplant team and interventional radiologist :) #interventionalradiology#surgery#savinglives#hospitallife#ir#or-#medical#radiology#angioplasty#venogram#stent
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mandyrcolwell : Nice!!!! I miss vascular cases!!!
stefanobarbagelata : @aldomvelasquez my abstract was submitted to a student conference and I'm presenting my abstract to them in april!! Would love to read this study it sounds like it would be extremely interesting
aldomvelasquez : @stefanobarbagelata absolutely brother, I will publish this paper to the journal of transplantation due to the rarity of this case, as soon as I'm done with and get it proof read by our publisher at work I will email you the link man, I love writing papers about stuff that I do at work
stefanobarbagelata : @aldomvelasquez it sounds super interesting. I may have to come and job shadow you its amazing
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Pretty gorgeous cathlab pipol! #venogram
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thehappyaspie : You are hogging all of the fun today, aren't you? :-p. hope it all went ok. Hugs and smoochies from us!
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Prep time for venogram/ after iam eating grahm crackers n apple juice. Chillin with the cool nurses. #AKDHC #VENOGRAM #THROMBECTOMY #DIALYSIS #dialysisLife #ESRD nothing major 10yrs still givin thanx #fresenius #davita #kidneyfunction #kidneyfailure #donateLife
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Pic from dvd of my my new #stent going in my previous 2#stents already in my #lefttransversesinus #vein to treat #stenosis #skull #xray #angio #venogram #radiology #signedmylifeaway but #surgery went well #blessed #raredisease #pioneeringsurgery #oneofakind
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Long hair, don't give a fuck #taylord #vans #venogram
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evanlewandowski : I hope you're doing your webwork...
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