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c3rtifi3d_lady : & be on the same dead as shit
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Pappa komme med smørbrød ønsker te bursdagsfeiringen MIN 😂 #typeass
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elnaley : Hahahahaha, glede meg 🙅
charliku : Lol typisk J detta!!
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#babemagnet #finestekjæresten min #rocknroll #typeass
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malinbergst : #satan
erivag : #keegtype
vesvind : Flott kjæreste du har fikset deg!!! Håper du har en fin kveld på oz ❤
malinbergst : Takk skal du ha #kossheadset
malinbergst : Gs n hustlas
andhaf91 : Fet genser
janeirikbjordal : Hehehehe super-andy @andhaf91
andhaf91 : Hehehe Jææla super-andy
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Who ass is that??? This ass could save a nation. This ass is real!! Who many hoes bought a ass like this? How much chuck could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood #typeass. This ass would give sight to the blind! This ass could part the Red Sea! This ass is the face of all Lightskin niggas hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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mrs_j_walton : Lmmfao!!!!!
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Rachel and my sexy cars:) #ladydriven #girldriven #Acura #rsx #types #typeass #IlovemyAcura #ilovemyrsx #girlsandcars #black #blue #pnw #pacificnorthwest
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autumngabrielle_dc5 : @rachelmanninggg
crhernandez7 : Go check out @northwesttuners on Facebook! They have meets and cruises!
rachelmanninggg : my baby's dirty;) @autumngabrielle92 but we go on the cruises:) @babyclos
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Et te da #buddah #kis #typeass #værsting #måtepå
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lenemjosund : Ilu
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Flash on, no filter. Metallic pearl white Acura rims! #acura #rsx #typeASS #plastidip #diy #diyboss #metallicpearlwhite #metalizer #pearlizer #moneyinthebank #easymoney #theladiestheylikethat
acura - pearlizer - theladiestheylikethat - typeass - diyboss - rsx - plastidip - metallicpearlwhite - metalizer - moneyinthebank - easymoney - diy -
blacklavenderhatch : @autumngabrielle92
autumngabrielle_dc5 : @blacklavenderhatch they look hella good on, send you a pic when I get to oly:)
blacklavenderhatch : You wash your car? Send me pictures with them on before and after please! @autumngabrielle92
autumngabrielle_dc5 : @blacklavenderhatch naw, not yet I'm going to Tuesday. I was waiting cuz you said to wait a few days I think. I'll send you before and after pics and a pic Tuesday after I wash Cosmo lol.
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Here's another picture of my friend's metallic pearl white plasti-dipped rim! Looks off white in low light! #plastidip #pearlizer #metalizer #pearlwhite #dipyourrims #dipyoshit #diy #diyboss #acura #typeASS #helloladies #theladiestheylikethat
acura - pearlizer - theladiestheylikethat - pearlwhite - typeass - diyboss - dipyoshit - plastidip - helloladies - metalizer - dipyourrims - diy -
_big_cat_00 : Those look really good so do you have to do anything special to clean them
_big_cat_00 : @blacklavenderhatch
autumngabrielle_dc5 : @civicr12 before you do them wash them with soap and water and dry them or it will fuck your shit up. Then after they dry just wait a few days before you actually wash them. You don't really have to do anything special
gibby74 : @blacklavenderhatch how many coats of what did you use, do you remember? I'm gonna do this to my suby this week and I really like this finish!
blacklavenderhatch : @gibby74 3 coats of white plasti-dip and two coats of pearl with a coat of silver metallic flake over that
gibby74 : Awesome thanks!
blacklavenderhatch : @gibby74 plasti-dip pearlizer and silver metalizer. You can find them online on eBay and
gibby74 : Alright I'll go check it out!
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Not the easiest to tell but I plasti-dipped some Acura rims pearl metallic white for a friend! In person the metallic pops so well! Can't wait to see them in the day! #acura #rsx #plastidip #diy #diyboss #metallicpearlwhite #metalizer #pearlizer #moneyinthebank #easymoney #diditforfree99 #theladiestheylikethat
acura - pearlizer - theladiestheylikethat - typeass - diyboss - diditforfree99 - rsx - plastidip - metallicpearlwhite - metalizer - moneyinthebank - easymoney - diy -
autumngabrielle_dc5 : ...You Forgot #TypeS
blacklavenderhatch : @autumngabrielle92 sorry #typeASS you happy? Lol
autumngabrielle_dc5 : My ;) face disappeared after the type s part lol... And yes I'm Ihappy lol
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#filthyanimal #typeass #lettering 'a'
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