I hide from him that i cut cause I know it'll hurt him... #emo #emoboy #emohair #emoteen #goth #gaytransvestite #tranny #transvetite #sceneboy #scenekid #blithe #blitheboy #cutting #depression #suicidal
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_karmakilla_ : Follow4Follow?😚
icantstaystrongeforever : I told my friend it was from a dog once 😔😕
im_living_quielty_bleeding : Aw:/ @if_i_could_go_backintime I told my friend it was from a cat /.|
icantstaystrongeforever : I was going to say that but I don't have a cat anymore
im_living_quielty_bleeding : hah cx @if_i_could_go_backintime
julia_0201 : Once i cut myself too and i said that i i was jogging and watching on my mobile and run into a tree. It sounds impossible but my friends believe me
emoliz17 : I say It's my cat, he scars me up, but, the cut on my ankle was 'from a locker '.
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Going to DQ with my friend and some other people I kinda know. I don't really consider them friends cause I don't talk to them a lot but at least I get to get out of the house for a bit #emo #emoboy #emohair #emoteen #tranny #transvetite #goth #gaytransvestite #scenekid #sceneboy #suicidal #depression #blithe #blitheboy #cutting
goth - suicidal - emohair - gaytransvestite - emo - blithe - depression - blitheboy - cutting - sceneboy - emoboy - transvetite - tranny - scenekid - emoteen -
fightingwithmymind : I'm jealous, I'm stuck at home all day and my family keeps bugging me... I want dq or anything like that
julia_0201 : Hope you have much fun and that your parents say sorry to you
julia_0201 : And i hope that you have more friends like the one.
im_living_quielty_bleeding : I hardly get out like this. @fightingwithmymind And awh thankyou @julia_0201 I hope you have a good day too
julia_0201 : Thank you. Yes i have a good day. Now im back from school and im happy about this :)
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I've been having heart problems all day.. 😕 #emo #emoboy #emohair #emoteen #goth #gaytransvestite #tranny #transvetite #sceneboy #scenekid #suicidal #depression #blithe #blitheboy #heartpain
goth - suicidal - tranny - gaytransvestite - emo - blithe - depression - blitheboy - sceneboy - emoboy - transvetite - emohair - scenekid - emoteen - heartpain -
im_living_quielty_bleeding : I can't stop thinking of it._. What my mom said is really getting to me.. @julia_0201
julia_0201 : I know parents opinion is very hard but you can stop it. Im happy that your friend is at you so he/ she can stop you. But please say it to you that you dont cut. Shoud it in your head "i dont cut". Say it often and when you want to cut say it again. Please stop cutting
im_living_quielty_bleeding : I'm trying! Do have any idea how hard it is?! I'm hardly even alive over here, I look ok but I'm not! I can't take any of it, the pressure, the stress, the abandonment, always being alone just putting on this stupid ugly fake faced smiled cause when I do open up to family I'm just the biggest freak and embarrassment to them cause I could be a better person but nooooo I came out the fucking loser >_< and what makes me feel worse is everyone wants me to stop and I'm trying so fucking hard and I'm just about to fucking Lose my mind I can't bare it!! Plus then I'd feel like a failure cause if I do give in then everyone would be upset with me and idk what to do, I feel so confused and mixed up and just want to scream... @julia_0201 I'm insane..
im_living_quielty_bleeding : My heart hurts. It keeps speeding up a few beats for no reason..
im_living_quielty_bleeding : I don't know how much longer until I do it again. I don't know how much deeper or sooner. I can't promise anything cause I don't trust myself with these things..I just don't want to hurt people.. @julia_0201 I'm such a freak.
julia_0201 : Then scream. Do whatever you want but please dont hurt yourself. Youre not a freak dont hear to your family. You are a person who everybody else and that youre a transvestit is no problem. I would never be upset with you bcs you have your own life and i cant tell you what to do. But please dont hurt yourself. I believe in you and i hope you believe in yourself too.
julia_0201 : Youre not a freak. When you are a freak everybody else is a freak too. I know im cant tell you what to do. Its your decision. But i can tell you that its not good. Have to go to school. Hope you survive the day abd dont thin about cutting yourself.
im_living_quielty_bleeding : Ill try. @julia_0201
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I'm tired of trying. I'm tired of feeling this way. I'm not ok. I keep trying to believe that I'm strong and put my faith in everything but I can't...I can't stand this anymore...I can't take it...I just want this to end #emo #emoboy #emohair #emoteen #goth #gaytransvestite #tranny #transvetite #sceneboy #scenekid #suicidal #depression #blithe #blitheboy #imnotok
goth - suicidal - tranny - gaytransvestite - imnotok - emo - blithe - depression - blitheboy - sceneboy - emoboy - transvetite - emohair - scenekid - emoteen -
robotnano300 : Me neither my grandpa just died
herdaemons : SUGAR NIPPLES DONT LEAVE MEH! Come speak!
julia_0201 : I dont know anymore what to say to make you happy. I just hope that you dont give up. That you find your way to be happy.
im_living_quielty_bleeding : I'm sorry. Thankyou for helping, It means a lot to me @julia_0201
julia_0201 : I hope i can help you. It means a lot to me that you say that i help. And you dont have to say sorry. Just think positiv because one day it all becomes good
im_living_quielty_bleeding : Thankyou💕 @julia_0201
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My hair is crazy #emo #emoboy #emohair #emoteen #goth #gaytransvestite #tranny #transvetite #sceneboy #scenekid #suicidal #depression #blithe #blitheboy #redjacket #warmbodies #family #party
goth - suicidal - tranny - gaytransvestite - depression - blitheboy - emoboy - emohair - warmbodies - emoteen - family - emo - blithe - sceneboy - transvetite - party - scenekid - redjacket -
seiran_chan : U look pretty c:
julia_0201 : Looks beautiful ♡
im_living_quielty_bleeding : My dad just said I look ugly. Whatever @julia_0201 @seiran_chan thanks guys c:
julia_0201 : Then your dad has a bad taste
hi_stagram : your hair is hella gr8
seiran_chan : Whaat? He seems to be a moron xD
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Finished a drawing, and added some @teenhearts lyrics "Maybe Someday" in it. This took me forever since I'm colorblind🎨 #emo #emoboy #emoteen #emohair #goth #gaytransvestite #transvetite #sceneboy #scenekid #suicidal #depression #blithe #artist #colorblindartist #anime #maybesomeday #teenhearts #fanart
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julia_0201 : Im happy that you feel better ♡
katryna_grace : you are so talented holy shit.
im_living_quielty_bleeding : Thanks cx @katryna_grace
xdeadxmelodiesx : Its beautiful
s1r3ns : You like teenhearts ?
im_living_quielty_bleeding : @pxeticinjustice yes :3
s1r3ns : 😁 I like you even more now
legends_live_on : Holy shit 0.0
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Found an old pic :) @ivan_thenotsoterrible #transvetite #eyeswideopen #brunette #ivo
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@jamesyb__ the transvestite #wtf
transvetite - wtf -
jamesyb__ : #freshtrim
sam_jefferies : #transvetite mother :'D
sam_jefferies : @jamesyb__
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There's a reason why they get a standing ovation! #lacageaucfolles #musical #göteborg #göteborgsoperan #transvetite #dragqueen #ladyboy #scen #picoftheday #instagood #photooftheday #swag #pink #purple
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emilschillen : 😘
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#rocky #horror #picture #show #transvetite #musical #stage
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So I guess in some strange way I may miss her just a little bit when she leaves..have fun in Thailand my Asian pal! see you in six months when you come back a new man #transvetite #jokes #dontputyourjasonwherehesnotwanted #gavemecookiegotyoucookie #thumbman #moshsohard #intoodeep #ishallassumethenumberonedaughterpositionnow @caityexell
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caityexell : Hahahahahaha gave me cookie got you cookie 🍪 congratulations on your new mother, gonna miss your huge Jason and itchy pitts, not gonna miss the shit pillow!
rachel_capuano : Go fall in the lake at night time again! And your the one with itchy Pitts! What time me come? @caityexell
caityexell : That photo is the best hahaha as if we thought the donut would stay still if we jumped on at the same time, fkn morons. In about an hour I reckon! I will message you when to come round I just gonna finish a few thangs
rachel_capuano : Okey doke! Just waiting for mum to cook dinner.. That's right she's cooking;) @caityexell
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Truly magnificent! #sexy #transvetite #scifi #horror #lips
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Just some hobo I found in St. Vinnies today #pregnant #transvetite #iwishicouldbethiscool @katieoloughlin @stella_maynard
iwishicouldbethiscool - transvetite - pregnant -
katieoloughlin : why am I tagged gimp
samshorrocks : @katieoloughlin 'cause she's your mate. Plus your whipped
katieoloughlin : you tagged me, evidence enough
stella_maynard : im sorry but what is this filter you whipped gay mut
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listakingpics : #tgirl #tgirls #filipina#trans #pinay#tg #asian#transvetite
listakingpics : #lgbt lgbtq #mtf #maletofemale #transwoman #noh8 #asiantgirl
listakingpics : #glamourqueen #lgbtq #genderidentity
listakingpics : #diwata
listakingpics : #transvestite
listakingpics : Thanks for the likes @bathey1957
itssabrinaavila : You're such a strong woman:) I give you all my love:)
listakingpics : @itssabrinaavila Thank you 
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Jonnykellyifjonnykellyhadamullet... #jonnykellyifjonnykellyhadinstagram #friend #bestfriends #honouroverglory #extentions #transvetite #funny #lol #panuu
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#makeup #fantasy #vampire #transvetite @victorhanda
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guicarvalhoo_ : @jonatastepasse lindsssss ^^
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Just a random question on my blog!!!! WTF? #wtf #lol #transvetite #dragqueen #seriously #justin #timberlake #spongeshoe #ikillmyself #yes
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kkdlablelkdkdkal : I'm starting to think you have a personality disorder, Justin.
spongeshoe : @helolene hahaha... Oh and btw... Your blog is gay.
kkdlablelkdkdkal : That's because I am gay. We both are.
spongeshoe : @helolene did you notice name of my blog - SKINNY LOVE. gay.
kkdlablelkdkdkal : DON'T MENTION SKINNY LOVE!!!! It reminds me of Bon Iver and the fact that I don't get to see them today.
spongeshoe : @helolene btw, I have such a warm feelings about you... Like I could breast feed you or something!
kkdlablelkdkdkal : Hahaha what......
spongeshoe : @helolene it's my way of saying : I love you
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#tgirl #filipinatransvestite #pinay #transvetite #asiantgirl #transwoman #trans #asiantrans #asiangirl #earlybird #earlybirdfilter #iphone4 #iphone #
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listakingpics : Thanks @erikkie1979 :-)
listakingpics : Thanks hun @35tallboy
djdexyerrro16 : @listakingpics I'm digging al ur pics and u are flawless so pretty
bananablueskies : So glamorous
stevie92468 : 😘😘😘😘😘😘
listakingpics : @djdexyerrro16 Thank you
listakingpics : @bananablueskies Thank u
listakingpics : @stevie92468 
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I'd do me, hahah!
2008 - halloween - transvetite - drunk -
alexileroix : #transvetite #halloween #drunk #2008
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Statigram feedback