Just did This amazing Ed Templeton drawing! Thank you Jef! And "get well soon!!" #edtempleton #sketch #toymachine #tattoo #finelining
tattoo - sketch - toymachinetattoo - edtempleton - toymachine - finelining -
tempster_returns : Wow! Tag it #toymachinetattoo
joachimcols : Defenitly !! This Kid showed up with your drawing, totally amazing! Hope your'e well! #toymachinetattoo
joachimcols : Tagged it @tempster_returns
tempster_returns - kenbernaerts - simcodde - youngforlifeman -
BRAINWASH4LIFE #skateboarding #toymachinetattoo @toymachine @tempster_returns
toymachinetattoo - skateboarding -
jfknr : Thats whats up!
bdchuy : Yeee! yeee! @jfknr
lupekaepernick_ : Where did you get that beanie?😍
daniela659 : Nigga txt me !!
bdchuy : LAπŸ˜πŸŒ†πŸŒŸπŸŽ₯😊 @lupekaepernick_
bdchuy : I never got it! πŸ‘# @daniela659
bdchuy : What up , no Venice! Did you find him haha? @criss_buddz
queen__paola - therobotwith_humanhair - hannahrachell - enlightenedgar -
@toy_machine @tempster_returns #loyalpawn #shibby all thanks to @valovanity
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo - shibby -
southernhobo : #toymachinetattoo
natedoesntskate - valovanity - rayy_ed_shonna - kkatielaine -
Newest addition to my #loyalpawn #toymachinetattoo just remember #shouldhaveboughtatoymachine
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo - shouldhaveboughtatoymachine -
leefnchef - pacoctopus - travisoh87 - t0mmyb0y666 -
@dictures is a #loyalpawn - #toymachinetattoo
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo -
beasyb82 : Nardcore brah
tempster_returns : @jayporta @paulmsg it was a toy graphic originally.
paulmsg : @tempster_returns genius. Nesting dolls dropping in 2015.
0o0hl0o0k : @Engine11
tomridgway99 : @ryanmcleish7 dude you need to get this on the other side
onearmkid23 : I have those socks! Jason Jesse mother Mary's
joedanzhere : Toy machine is the best skateboard company ever.. thanks ed
alicesaintia : @ellaclxre lul
skaterstinkky - brooks_e8 - 40ozfetish - ooxdanixoo -
Tats looking gnarballs. Nice one @angelnutter !
toymachinetattoo - toymachine -
thug_sauce : #toymachine
angelnutter : Yay I'm glad! πŸ‘
thug_sauce : #toymachinetattoo
tempster_returns - annabeldyer - emmiejade - xxelliexx1991 -
#homietatsornotats #loyalpawn @toymachine
loyalpawn - homietatsornotats - toymachinetattoo -
thedevilsfavoriteson : I'll try bud
thedevilsfavoriteson : What are you gonna get
traposser : Whatever's clever probably something stupid on my foot, whatever your down for you can do @thedevilsfavoriteson
thedevilsfavoriteson : I got you
thedevilsfavoriteson : I'm in town brother what's up with those garage tarts
thedevilsfavoriteson : Tatts
tempster_returns : Tag this #toymachinetattoo !!!
traposser : #toymachinetattoo @tempster_returns yew
jade_pena - shredalac - sarahhkins - chrissbby -
@tempster_returns got a @toymachine tattoo for my first tattoo and I'm so stoked on it. πŸ‘ #loyalpawn #tattoo #firsttattoo
loyalpawn - tattoo - firsttattoo - toymachinetattoo -
terikaababyy : Didn't hurt so bad now did it lol 😁
helloimnathan : Nah wasn't bad at all. It's just after it it feels like a rash -.- I can't wear my right pants for a while D,: @terikaababyy
terikaababyy : Lol yea mines did that too especially on my leg! @helloimnathan
helloimnathan : Yeah it's a bummer :/. But I'll prolly have to go back there soon and get it filled in :p @terikaababyy
tempster_returns : Tag it #toymachinetattoo !!!
helloimnathan : #toymachinetattoo
heytheremaddi - bryantooraw - runaway_kenzie016 - dylanmcgrady -
Just finished this hurt like a bitch #toymachine #loyalpawn #rightthigh #homemadetattoo #skaterforlifesofuckoffskinnyjeansbeaniebandtshirthottopicwheelsboardskatespornbracelets #skate #edtempleton
loyalpawn - skate - rightthigh - toymachinetattoo - homemadetattoo - edtempleton - skaterforlifesofuckoffskinnyjeansbeaniebandtshirthottopicwheelsboardskatespornbracelets - toymachine -
be_a_caveman : Daaaaaawwwwwwgggggg giving you so much props rn
that_kid_kris : @be_a_caveman thanks man ✌😎
authorjurado : Cant wait for u to tattoo me brotha
that_kid_kris : @authorjurado when I get better bro πŸ‘
authorjurado : Of course
innafets : Alright awesome dude xD no, don't thank me: ) but yeah dude whenever you can haha:)
tempster_returns : Tag it #toymachinetattoo !!!
that_kid_kris : #toymachinetattoo
infinity_love_game - sdlr714 - josuesibaja - drawcontest1 -
Fun shit buddy @forresthuber
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo - toymachine - dailysockupdate -
forresthuber : Hell yeah thanks Harley !!!
poquitosmoquitos : 🐒
elizamkruger : @klaustrophobiasakiller what's you number? I've got a few questions and want to come in soon!
harleyknowsitsalive : @elizamkruger 18016339314
tempster_returns : Sweet! Tag it #toymachinetattoo
ghostfacekeelah : ^ fuck yeah Ed! Holy fuck!!
tempster_returns : @harleyknowsitsalive tag it #toymachinetattoo
harleyknowsitsalive : @tempster_returns #toymachinetattoo #loyalpawn
nategavin - cooldadz - inzpliffrensys - czeffert -
Down for fucking life! @tempster_returns #toymachinetattoo #love
love - toymachinetattoo -
strawberrysam73 : Ed Templeton is the man, a boss skater and artist for sure.. Very nice!
rumpustime : Hel yeah the guys a legend @strawberrysam73
_jacksoncarr - alicecleary_ - amyylynnx - gmc_6_5 -
@Arctic_beamz lurking at #PHXam2014 and permanently brainwashed 3 fold! #toymachinetattoo
toymachinetattoo - phxam2014 -
graveyardstew : @seamusb333
spacekace69 : OG @arctic_beamz
brewcifer_ : Joe Camel nailed it 😍😍😍
wild_spizdoi : #alexeylarionov
ericschier : Nice
igyustira : Please follow back @toymachine
gideonbarry : @nikkioegemax jaadies
stoney_crook : Ah thats the nigga c bass what up g?
balancefbs - 187swa666 - sawyer_bourdeaux - skater_eddie666 -
@errlbean_710 #toymachinesocks #toymachinesockteam #toymachinetattoo #mega
toymachinesocks - toymachinetattoo - mega - toymachinesockteam -
arielthomas : #hotdogsorlegs
999heisenberg710 : Toy machine makes hottdogss
skatepow - mschilddd - 808kai - striderwebb -
Valente is down for life! @toymachine @tempster_returns #toymachine #downforlife #lokoskatesupply #belfast #toymachinetattoo
downforlife - toymachinetattoo - belfast - toymachine - lokoskatesupply -
insta_gramed - riverisking - pcobain - beagles_b -
Officially a #loyalpawn Finally have @toymachine branded on me in some matter. Seriously love everything that Ed Templeton @tempster_returns does, all of his skating, all of his photographs and works of art. Such a Rad dude that I hope to meet one day. #100happydays #day15 #fresh #newtattoo #pizza #pizzalife #blueeyes tattoo done by @haz3design
loyalpawn - newtattoo - pizzalife - 100happydays - day15 - blueeyes - toymachinetattoo - fresh - pizza -
tempster_returns : Gnarly! Tag it #toymachinetattoo !!!
tylerarei : @tempster_returns Thanks! You're the man.
tylerarei : #toymachinetattoo
rekabalyakam : Omg!!!
ramen_suicide : I see via @onyxstoned's photo that it's your birffffday!? Happy birthday man:D
tylerarei : @ramen_suicide Thanks! :)
attiken : @toymachine
toymachine - pigwheels - dankdalia - haz3design -
Newest ink job. #toymachine #loyalpawn #loyalpawnforlife #skateboarding #leg
loyalpawn - loyalpawnforlife - leg - toymachinetattoo - skateboarding - toymachine -
jagermystir : @tempster_returns
jagermystir : #toymachinetattoo
jagermystir : @toymachine
peritarrow - d_k16 - jasonhonginator - karinashley_ -
#toymachinetattoo #dailyhbpierphoto
dailyhbpierphoto - toymachinetattoo -
santaanabeliike : Minor trend!
santaanabeliike : Lol
mr_mayyyhem : After spending the last 457 days aimlessly riding his bike around the pier, in addition to turning every pair of pants he owns into cutoffs... its finally this guys time to shine ha
tempster_returns : @davymceachern I remember!
desertblood : I feel like Nate got that tattoo because Toy Machine had a good discount if you had a Toy Machine tattoo. Am I wrong?
hatedbymost : @jarrodpimental hahah
huneilz : This is funny seeing you guys on here @desertblood @mattbriner
mad_season_ : @mr_mayyyhem I laughed out loud. That's good stuff. Hahaha. So true
majeffstic - 80forty - frecklesrattigan - xkyleabungax -
toy machine. Thanks @maxradness
toymachinetattoo - toymachine -
aaron_sup_wessup : @tempster_returns
doctaryan : #toymachine
doctaryan : @toymachine
factory517 : Sooooo rad.
owlpartyy : Fucking amazing!!!!! @doctaryan templeton would be proud
alexkirk55 : Rad!
doctaryan : #toymachinetattoo
ricktard : Super rad!!!
tempster_returns - djggg - kingashi_ekeleme - ricktard -
#loyalpawn @edwardwilbur at the new HB Skatepark. #toymachinetattoo
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo -
bendlocal : @tuckertwotimes
tuckertwotimes : @bendlocal that's a nice side boob. And tattoo.
buradley_james : Lol loyal pawn
deaerreio : @charlyripagram
anti_nico84 : @mat_alcorn
charlyripagram : @deaerreio JAJAJA QUE JARTOO EN COLOR MAS GUAPO
damian562 : @tempster_returns is that a luigi on his chest and pacman ?haha
miamihighco : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
cheesecakethebunny - peter21ap - jordan_double_u - asalgadoskvt -
@errlbean_710 has a sweet #toymachinetattoo - #loyalpawn
loyalpawn - toymachinetattoo -
pubwisdom : Omniscient
richardprince4 : Very nice!
1baked_babe : @t_lay92
solo_nacho : @sheilaalejandra uno asΓ­
tempster_returns : @seandaryan trying to get blocked?
artzy_asshole : Damn. I'm gonna get a toy machine tat. Looks pretty dank on skin.
miamihighco : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
ale_jandra90 : @princesasinreino
yoshimakila - asalgadoskvt - thesnowisdancing - geraymena -
#rework #reworktattoo #redotattoo #remaketattoo #bringtolife #edtempleton #edtempletontattoo #toymachine #toymachinetattoo #skateboard #skateboardtattoo #skateboardingtattoo #skateart #skateboardart #monster #eternalink #swashdrive #swashdrivegen8
eternalink - monster - skateboardingtattoo - edtempleton - redotattoo - reworktattoo - skateboardart - swashdrivegen8 - toymachine - swashdrive - remaketattoo - edtempletontattoo - skateboard - skateart - skateboardtattoo - toymachinetattoo - rework - bringtolife -
duff722 : @tempster_returns
ronnieclark : This is so sick!!
tumbleweedgina - sirquincey - _kalamari_ - grippaint -
Today was a good day :) I got my new babyπŸš— #toymachine #goodday
goodday - toymachinetattoo - toymachine -
tempster_returns : Nice! #toymachinetattoo!
errlbean_710 : #toymachinetattoo
sherijane_ : I like u dress/skirt
curbconversations : That tattoo tho-perfecttt
brossi103 : Shitchea doe
jg_molnar_jr : This is going up on the Toy Machine Sock Team Facebook page. Well done miss. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»
jasonhonginator : That's fucking sick!
keifferlikesutherland : I think your ink doesn't stink πŸ‘Œ
cenewcomer6 - four_children - cparker129 - v_dabbin -
First tattoo I've drawn for someone and I'd say it turned it out pretty sick. #sketch #tattoo #toymachine #skateboarding
tattoo - sketch - toymachinetattoo - toymachine - skateboarding -
alexmoist : @tempster_returns
chipper_018 : Sick bro. When you gonna actually start tattooing
ayo__eli : @chipper_018 I wish I could but the equipment is so expensive haha hopefully I'll be able to in the future
tomthetushtickler : #toymachinetattoo
ayo__eli : #toymachinetattoo
errlbean_710 - tempster_returns - jakesfotos - stone_age_skillz -
New addition to mah bod, welcome.❀️😁 @toymachine #toymachine #toymachinetattoo #skate #skateboarding #tattoo #lakai #baker
tattoo - skate - toymachinetattoo - skateboarding - baker - lakai - toymachine -
lesliesien : @wahtthepho yes it's real
wahtthepho : Oh damn. That's sexy. Nice nice.
feliventure : Dope!
esskateboarding : βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨
sassyfloweeer_ : @lesliesien who you're tatt person
lesliesien : @sassyfloweeer_ my friends tattoo guy from Vegas did this, he'll be back sometime in May tho
sambalams : This is so wonderful!!! πŸ˜πŸ’• @toymachine @tempster_returns
lesliesien : @sambalams thank you!!! 😁
joseph_moun - __jussparkle - centerforkidswhocantreadgood - hippynamedlaz -
tightening this up !
toymachinetattoo -
kaylawxox : Sickk!!!! @samyul3 good seeing u yesterday buddy!!!
samyul3 : #toymachinetattoo
errlbean_710 : Duuuude..
errlbean_710 : So sick
samyul3 - errlbean_710 - kkhite - carmen__gonzalezcx -
Toy Machine, DFL. Now everyday is turtleboy tuesday. @toymachine @tempster_returns #turtleboytuesday #toymachinetattoo #starvingcatsinafrica
turtleboytuesday - toymachinetattoo - starvingcatsinafrica -
kaylizcon : Hahahaha
jakesfotos : @pointofstew_ haha you like it? Thanks Mariah! @kaylizcon I thought it was funny too πŸ˜…
pointofstew_ : I love it! πŸ‘Œ you are welcome jake rascon.
_harrisonblack_ : Tbh: idk u but you skate and you're a photographer so you're my freind cuz we gotta keep the skate community togther so ya peace✌️
jakesfotos : @heyyyitsharrison haha you actually did it! Friendsβœ…
inzpliffrensys : @forresthuber
jenngalrascal : Your retarded!!
jakesfotos : @jenngalrascal I had it removed for you. Naturally
tomthetushtickler - errlbean_710 - samjane3 - blancaceleste_ -
this happened to my knee cap tonight ! @drewski_elish kills it as always. check him out ! #toymachinetattoo
toymachinetattoo -
hippoass666 : Damn super sick
samyul3 : @tempster_returns @toymachine @tumyeto
maddiethecreator : So sick
errlbean_710 : Sick as fuck
jakesfotos - samyul3 - abirch7885 - zanderson5 -
I didnt want to post any pictures of it till i got it finished but what the hell, this was my first tattoo! @toymachine #toymachine #skate #tattoo #legtattoo #edtempleton #skatetattoo
tattoo - skate - toymachinetattoo - skatetattoo - legtattoo - edtempleton - toymachine -
toymachine : Epic!!
tempster_returns : Nice! Tag it #toymachinetattoo
e_amatelli94 : #toymachinetattoo
e_amatelli94 : Thanks @toymachine @tempster_returns !!!
jakesfotos - therollingvagabond - badabingwiddapipe - ryan_losito -
Kinda sketched out a background for my #toymachinetattoo just a rough draft though... #skate #skatelife #skateboarding #toymachine #bayarea #baylife #warriors #goldenstate #dubnation #art #starrynight #bayism #dubs4lyfe @tempster_returns #510
skatelife - dubs4lyfe - art - starrynight - warriors - bayism - baylife - goldenstate - bayarea - skate - toymachinetattoo - dubnation - skateboarding - 510 - toymachine -
toymachine : Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!
jaxonslaw : Yo yo yo. I'm back bitch! Why would you draw a penis with eyes and get it a tattoo of it? Hahahaha you retarded piece of shit
shine_curry510 : @jaxonslaw hahaha good one, only took four days you to think that one up... And I didn't draw it, it's from a skating company, I love skating, sorry I'm not a fat piece of shit like you...
jaxonslaw : If you get the penis tattoo the same size as your penis I'm sure they'll give you a discount... because it's so small. It would probably turn out looking like a bent over stick figure too. You pencil dick bastard
jakerdearden : Wow @jaxonslaw way mature of you. How do you know what it looks like? This does look like a penis though Hahaha
shine_curry510 : @jaxonslaw cool my tattoo looks like a dick, get a fucking life and quit talking shit to people on the internet, jackass...
jaxonslaw : Dude that is my life. I am, therefore I mock stupid people online. Why didn't you mention that you had fish? Hahahaha wow you are an interesting son of a bitch. Remember I ate your mom so I know she's a Bitch. (See other comments)
shine_curry510 : @jaxonslaw hahaha
tempster_returns - cooldadz - gswarriors4life - jasoncantskate -
toymachinetattoo -
brandonm512 : #Purpsmoke
kinghenry11 : #toymachinetattoo
lookatgoob - alligatorelevator - max_barraza - pablosalgado96 -
@drewdajuiceman is a #loyalpawn for life. #toymachinetattoo #dailyhbpierphoto
loyalpawn - dailyhbpierphoto - toymachinetattoo -
fleurios : Sexy
austalino : @snthonyamith
jordantyler__ : Ayyeee @drewdajuiceman
sleepndestroy : #proper
tookietime : @justinboots
indecksskateboards : My buddy has the same tatt
jnes1283 : Great art | horrible skin art
deepern0ah : Hope to catch you one day. I feel I always just miss you. Was in the water and on the pier today. @tempster_returns
trigger_hippy - yuta_hanai - _tiedyehobo_ -
These little things make tattooing worth it #toymachinetattoo #tattoo #tattoos #edtempletonlikesmyshit
tattoo - edtempletonlikesmyshit - toymachinetattoo - tattoos -
charchee : Name droppin'!
tempster_returns - ejj13 - liz_depers - pbvinn -
This weather is driving me to take a selfie. I'm turning into a sheep... #loyalpawn #toymachinetattoo @toymachine
loyalpawn - fagio - toymachinetattoo - favio -
rattnrollx : Snow makes you want to take your top off?
skatepittsburgh85 : Way to be #scene fag. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Dope tattoo though.
worlds2ndbestdad : @rattnrollx no. Being hungover makes me show some skin @skatepittsburgh85 I know. I'm #fagio not #favio
skatepittsburgh85 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚8=✊=DπŸ’¦πŸ™†
kellyoverturf - _tiedyehobo_ -
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