tojam - tryin -
texasmedley - stareck34 - alylove77 - __honeycutt__ -
Congrats to Steven Moxley for winning the Best Trick Contest sponsored by Krusher BMX #tojam #besttrickcontest #krusherbmx
tojam - besttrickcontest - krusherbmx -
lily_bmx - joshuwa_porter - chris9johnson - thetroykelly -
Had a sick weeknd with the homes @mikesproule @corporate_orphan_apparel @dbrooker96 #coa #pbc #bmx #fuckyeah #tojam #bros
tojam - coa - pbc - fuckyeah - bmx - bros -
cierra__taylor - volpee_xoxo - mikesproule - delengibbons -
Pro final is underway, who's ready for the Best Trick Contest sponsored by Krusher BMX ;) !!? #tojam #besttrickcontest #500hundredbucks #krusherbmx
tojam - besttrickcontest - 500hundredbucks - krusherbmx -
longo_22 : Do you guys make jet fuel parts?
bmx_sean : Are you stupid @longoo_22
krusherbmx : @longoo_22 no sorry we don't
rhondamccarthy - zach_stclair - ifazgram28 - jacob4242martin -
Awesome pic of @hugolevelo | Credit Sean Van Dongen | #tojam #krusherbmx #pix #awesome
tojam - pix - awesome - krusherbmx -
joshmacmedia - 3reehunna - sean_molnar7 - brenteatonbe -
Awesome pic of @joelbondu | Credit Sean Van Dongen | #tojam #krusherbmx #pix #awesome
tojam - pix - awesome - krusherbmx -
gingertronj - stephenbmxtakacs - joshperry89 - skyler7507 -
Awesome pic of @zebdennis | Credit Sean Van Dongen | #tojam #krusherbmx #pix #awesome
tojam - pix - awesome - krusherbmx -
corporate_orphan_apparel : Insane
gingertronj - stephenbmxtakacs - joshperry89 - jacob4242martin -
CONGRATS to @joelbondu and @efavbmx our Krusher boys for making the Pro finals tomorrow! Props to @hugolevelo @kevinfabregue @aceupmysleeve413 @joelmarchandbmx @zebdennis for great riding as well! #proud #family #krusherbmx #tojam #fun #go #tomorrow
tojam - go - family - krusherbmx - fun - habsalltheway - proud - tomorrow -
krusherbmx : @efavbmx luckly you made the final today cause your leafs sucks! Ahah #habsalltheway
bmx_sean : @kevinfabregue get to the FINALS!!
dorian_bmx : 👏👏👏yeaaa KRUSHER TEAM!!!!
zach_stclair - efavbmx - barclaytorres - zachbmxfu15 -
Make finals!!! Watch me in live tomorrow morning at 11:00AM!!! #proud #fun #goodtime #torontobmxjam #tojam #bmx #3ridetoronto @tsghelmets @krusherbmx
tojam - 3ridetoronto - goodtime - fun - bmx - proud - torontobmxjam -
livebrutaldiebrutal : @sarahbmxdinel on peut voir ca ou sur quel lien ? Et felicitation
sarahbmxdinel : @livebrutaldiebrutal section youtube live ;)
sarahbmxdinel : @kierabonifacio yeeeeah girl
livebrutaldiebrutal : @sarahbmxdinel merci :)
livebrutaldiebrutal : @sarahbmxdinel good luck girl ;)
sarahbmxdinel : @livebrutaldiebrutal thanks! et chez toi ca devrait etre autour de 17h00
livebrutaldiebrutal : Yes merci :) @sarahbmxdinel
kierabonifacio : Hahhaa Wooooo!!
jaydendaoust - nickdige - ian_gaskin - glennsalyers -
Regram from @lily_bmx ! Had a good time this morning! #practice #tojam #torontobmxjam #finals #ridazz #bmx
tojam - ridazz - dbnothingbutfun - bmx - practice - torontobmxjam - finals -
sarahbmxdinel : #dbnothingbutfun
sarahjaneostiguy - filipek_bmx - evantaneff - stevenmox -
Krusher TEAM reunion ahah its great having almost everyone together!! @kevinfabregue @hugolevelo @nicolasbiker @jeffreywhaley @rhondamccarthy @zayjayspray @leandddra @efavbmx @zach_stclair @lukestclair @jaguiar21 #loveourfamily #krusherteam #dinnertogether #goodtime #tojam #lovebmx
tojam - loveourfamily - krusherteam - dinnertogether - goodtime - lovebmx -
joshuwa_porter - mmellaniie - raskils_app - spark1shadow1schultz -
@jaguiar21 @jeffreywhaley @zach_stclair Thats awesome, everyone's in the finals for the Expert Class, congrats boys!! Team Krusher is on fire! #tojam #expertclass #awesome #congrats #krusherfamily #yeaaaboys
tojam - krusherfamily - expertclass - congrats - awesome - yeaaaboys -
joelbondu - jordanbmx13 - mcderbikes142 - thetroykelly -
TO BMX Jam course look sick! Good job to everyone involved @efavbmx See ya all tomorow #tojam #awesomeevent #bmxfamily #fun #lovebmx
tojam - bmxfamily - awesomeevent - fun - lovebmx -
dbrooker96 : See ya there! Should be a wild weekend!
krusherbmx : @dbrooker96 definatly!
krusherbmx : @kevinfabregue @joelbondu @hugolevelo @jeffreywhaley @jaguiar21 @pbcbmxteam @corporate_orphan_apparel hey guys we are stranded at another trade show today finnaly so we'll not be at the bike show before 4. Dylan will have set up the team pit area so dont hesitate to put bikes and bags under the tent and use the space while we're not there. Meet you all end of afternoon!
krusherbmx : @zebdennis @zach_stclair
krusherbmx : @aceupmysleeve413
dorian_bmx - i_live4bmx - thatbmxkid13 - guillaumeperreault -
@corporate_orphan_apparel and the team 400 stickers deep for the toronto bmx jam come find us and get some #krushermx #pbc #prettyboycrew #orphanlife #oss #coa #stickers #tojam #bmx #bmxxx #bmxlife
tojam - krushermx - bmxxx - stickers - oss - coa - bmxlife - pbc - bmx - prettyboycrew - orphanlife -
tonyyylopez : I wish I could go
kushliftd1 : Hustlin hustlin
bmxhouseindustries : Dude those are nice
goblankyourself : They look sweet
garyahamer - heatfan101 - austinprice25 - thatbmxkid13 -
Our Krusher 3/4 sleeve will be available at the Toronto Jam tomorow and this upcoming week-end. You save the transportation fees plus we pay the taxes plus another discount!! So you save up to 10$ from buying them online! Don't miss this opportunity, all 4 colors available in all sizes! #white #grey #blue #red #fresh #tee #bringyourwallet #krushersoftgoods #supportcanadianbrand #tojam #bethere #bmx #fun #ridazz
blue - tojam - bethere - grey - tee - ridazz - krushersoftgoods - bringyourwallet - fun - fresh - white - supportcanadianbrand - bmx - red -
rhondamccarthy - dan_waggers - chris9johnson - stephenbmxtakacs -
Are you guys ready for this week-end !!?? Krusher BMX will be at the TORONTO JAM showing our 2014 line of products along with a selling booth, as well as a Team pit area! Come and see us! Grab yourself a nice and fresh set of Krusher KTL Stem and Komrad Bars!! #fresh #products #outohthebox #bringyourwallet #krusherpartsandaccessories #supportcanadianbrand #tojam #dontmissit #bmx #fun #ridazz
tojam - dontmissit - supportcanadianbrand - krusherpartsandaccessories - ridazz - outohthebox - products - bringyourwallet - fun - fresh - bmx -
stephenbmxtakacs - harvesterbmx - troyhaynesbmx - charles_howard13 -
2 more days and are boy @barclaytorres is going to kll the toronto jam and let everyone know pbc and coa are here and ready to rock #coa #pbc #bmx #bmxlife #tojam #amazing #krushermx #orphanlife #oss #killer
tojam - krushermx - oss - killer - coa - amazing - bmxlife - pbc - bmx - orphanlife -
barclaytorres : are you guys going to xwheels tomorrow @pbcbmxteam
dustymonkey6 - kushlow_apparel - davidbcv1234 - thedustylauer88 -
IF YOU ARE RIDING THE TORONTO BMX JAM NEXT WEEK-END MAKE SURE TO READ THIS! Krusher BMX, one of the main sponsors of the Toronto BMX Jam this year is pleased to announce it will step up its support for the event by offering an opportunity for the amateurs to get more exposure with its new KRUSHER MVR AWARD (Most Valuable Rider). A group of selected KRUSHER staff will pay close attention to all of the amateur class plus the ladies over the TO Jam weekend and one rider will be selected for a spot on its 2014 flow team program and have a shot at riding in some of the Krusher Stunt Shows. It will then be up to the rider to make it a permanent spot. The title is not necessarily awarded to the winner of one of the amateur classes; rider will not only need to prove their skill, but also demonstrate positive interaction with fellow riders and a commitment to the sport of BMX. Good Luck! #tojam #mvr #luckyrider #prooveyourskills #showyourdesire #motivation #goodhuman #bmxfamily #krusherbmxteam #goodluck
tojam - bmxfamily - mvr - showyourdesire - goodhuman - goodluck - luckyrider - krusherbmxteam - motivation - prooveyourskills -
bumbacabmx : @krusherbmx Keep an eye out for @tristanconnollybmx and @justinwallace92 team riders for @erinforks
krusherbmx : @bumbacabmx tkx bro! We'll make sure to watch them!
hitemwithkaleb : @krusherbmx @gagerohfritsch and I plan on bringing the heat!
krusherbmx : @hitemwithkaleb @gagerohfritsch yea boys
pbcbmxteam : @barclaytorres
pbcbmxteam : Fuck yeah
barclaytorres : Can't wait @pbcbmxteam @krusherbmx
pbcbmxteam - tkachyk - barclaytorres - thetroykelly -
Pbc and coa team rider and great feiend @barclaytorres killing a huge bar spin watch out for this kid toronto #coa #pbc #prettyboycrew #orphanlife #krusherbmx #bmx #bmxxx #bmxlife #tojam #fresh #fresh #frehasfuck @xtreme_wheels_indoorskatepark
tojam - bmxxx - frehasfuck - coa - bmxlife - pbc - krusherbmx - fresh - bmx - prettyboycrew - orphanlife -
barclaytorres : U guys. Coming tomorrow. @pbcbmxteam
davin_c_j_m - bcskate3 - nate_hilliard99 - woah_namechange -
regram from @lily_bmx ! cant wait until Toronto Jam! Can't wait to ride with you girls!! #ladies #category #TOjam #2014 #afterinjury #imready #itwillbefun #fun #girlswillwin #girls @tsghelmets @krusherbmx @kierabonifacio @a_ngiemarie @hannah_roberts_bmx
category - tojam - ladies - imready - girlswillwin - girls - itwillbefun - fun - 2014 - afterinjury -
sarahbmxdinel : cool!😊😊 @dorian_bmx
kierabonifacio : @dorian_bmx excited to see you! See u Friday!
sarahbmxdinel : see you tuesday! @kierabonifacio @dorian_bmx @lily_bmx
dorian_bmx : @kiea
dorian_bmx : @kierabonifacio yeaa me too👍but I won't be wearing spongebob this competition😜 Saturday I'll be there cheering 👍
dorian_bmx : I'll be there Tuesday after 3 see you soon👍
lily_bmx : Ill be at joyride tuesday around 4
sarahbmxdinel : perfect @lily_bmx 👍
krusherbmx - maggyerider - _p_a_r_k_o_u_r_ - antho4141 -
La complexidad y la simples de esas palabras son como una linda flor sonriendo y compartiendo su alegría al mundo. Su aroma suave y fragante bailando por el viento cursando los caminos. El calor del sol le da vida y alegría. Se para alta y bella con la pureza que Dios le a dado. Es frágil, pero el sol la alimenta y le da fortaleza para sostenerse . Las tormentas pasan y intentan ahogarla, pero después de un momento Dios las calma con autoridad. El permite que su brillo regrese con la luz y el calor que abrazan sus pétalos. El sol, el mejor amigo de una simple y compleja flor . #toJAM
tojam - me - flower - beauty - mexico - flor - jam - belleza -
alfonso_mota : Es muy bonito tu escrito, comparable a la belleza de lo que describes...^__^
michpriske : #flower#flor#belleza#beauty#me#mexico#JAM
michpriske : Gracias Ponchito =) @alfonso_mota
xtsr - cristianparedes - ilzeburger - zach_hustles -
Hey guys do not forget that the Toronto Jam is in only 3 weeks!! TORONTO BMX JAM 2014 @ BETTER LIVING CENTER FEB 28-MAR 2 2014 - REGISTER NOW BEFORE ITES FULL!! They are now ready to welcome your registrations for the Toronto BMX Jam, being held at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Friday February 28 (Senior Amateur and Expert) from noon until 9:00pm, and again Saturday March 1 (Junior Amateur, Ladies and Pros) from 10:00 am until 7:00pm. The finals in all 5 categories will take place on Sunday March 2. The registration cost will be $50 in advance, or $60 on site. #bmx #tojam #registernow #canadianbmxscene #awesomeevent #fun #ridaz
tojam - ridaz - registernow - canadianbmxscene - fun - bmx - awesomeevent -
krusherbmx :
zachbmxfu15 : @jaymx140
jeffreywhaley - stephenbmxtakacs - hugolevelo - tkachyk -
tojam - cametosay - ontheway - laluna - bestrong - keepitlit - threewooden - thankyou - iloveyou - crosses - perception - god - lifeiswhatyoumakeit - with -
emeraldgreengirl : #threewooden#crosses
emeraldgreengirl : #perception#lifeiswhatyoumakeit
willydiesel0 - davidkeepsitlit - sylv_92 - smoke_like_a_jamaican -
It's this time of the year again! Yes peoples the TO Jam is one month away! I hope you guys sessions all winter long in order to be ready for this AWESOME event!!! Props to Michael Heaton and all his team for putting together another great show for the Canadian BMX scene! Allright hurry up ang go REGISTER NOW!!!! We, Krusher BMX, are suppporting the event again this year, sponsoring the best trick contest as well as having a boot to show our products and a tent for all our teams riders! FULL Krusher Team will be in attendance this year with Joel, Hugo, Jeffrey, Zach, Eric, Jason and Andre!! This is gonna be awesome!! | Picture Rider : Tosh | #goodtimeahead #tojam #canadianbmxscene #showyoursupport #bmx #bmxfamily #krusherbmx #fun #ridaz
tojam - bmxfamily - showyoursupport - ridaz - goodtimeahead - canadianbmxscene - krusherbmx - fun - bmx -
sarahbmxdinel : Ill be there for this awesome event!! In ladies category😊
krusherbmx : @sarahbmxdinel yea sarah its gonna be awesome!
sarahbmxdinel : for sure!😊 i think i will begin to film my edit in the week after too😊
joelbondu - carloswithac2 - raskils_app - allgotdamnday -
My devil Tojo... Fuck with me and he'll bite u😂 #tbt #tojam #minpin #bangsnotfringe
tojam - bangsnotfringe - tbt - minpin -
lisac_84 : U look good w bangs ✌️
jizzball168 : @lisac_84 thanks😘
slow85 - hybrid_jd - lsorianojr - davisgrant -
Throwback special @cmbbash #teachme #tojam
tojam - teachme -
cmbbash : Lol I love u
chantalkristan : Lol love you boo, can't wait til we all reunite again soon @mmeggallagher
mmeggallagher : HAHAHAHAHA BEST!!!! Love you too baby cakes! @chantalkristan can't wait for April!
mmeggallagher : Do either of you still have a pic of that sign the guy on the street had? @cmbbash @chantalkristan
chantalkristan : I do babe!!!! @mmeggallagher
mmeggallagher : Post it!!!! I was trying to remember what it said!
jjiillson - mmeggallagher - sposato10 -
#SteadySober #Jueves #tacosdejulio #ooooh @patriciaalexandrazavala @xo_all_day @captj18
tojam - youaintdown - tacosdejulio - thursday - tonight - ooooh - theweeknd - jueves - steadysober -
xo_all_day : Lmfaooooo
ismarelio : Let me get a jjuueeevvveessss... "Cuz on thuurrssddaayyy,, every day is Thursday!" Lmao! EPIC
_lagu_ : oooooh #Thursday #TheWeeknd #Youaintdown #toJam #Tonight
_lagu_ : @ismarelio @xo_all_day
ismarelio : Beeeetttt, @xo_all_day - he be sober too often.... @_lagu_ why am I sober right now?
ismarelio : Can I get a juevvveesss? Where you at cuhhh?
xo_chain_gang - mike_6200ways - ismarelio - xo_all_day -
#wcw to my toe!💕 I seriously love you so much!! #tojam😉 @jennnaa_06
tojam - wcw -
countrybabe004 : Oh how I love you 2 toe! Text me bbe(:
aubssss119 : Wow and I anit your wcw
hhaaiillzzz : Oki!:) and nope. Yuh ain't my toe😉 @jennnaa_06 @aubreysarchett119
countrybabe004 : Lmaoo^^^
morganlynne_countrysinger : Jenna!!
appprrriiilll_ - allie_wooldridge - alallymarie -
To and Jo #tojam #btl
tojam - btl -
torimoe93 : @jordums
rebeccandler : Is that J Lo?
jordums : it sure is. the rumors have been confirmed @rebeccandler
kristinleist - sujka4 - kevin_steger - laurenmspringett -
#passion #love #obsession #please #teachme #tojam #whiteandpink #vanillajuniors #cute #lovethem #skatewithme
tojam - cute - love - please - whiteandpink - lovethem - teachme - passion - skatewithme - obsession - vanillajuniors -
kellaay92 - malaka21 - morganmcdonough20 - _jadennicole_ -
Friday, November 1, come play some wonderful games made in Toronto over the past 8 years at the Toronto Independent Game Jam! #videogames #toronto #tojam #arcade #games #gamercamp
toronto - tojam - games - gamercamp - arcade - videogames -
mcbourdua - mikaylacarson - capy_nathan - krispiotrowski -
Same ol shit playa! #differentday#blackbook#bandana#tupacshiet#toestee#tojam#toestee#hairylegs#sbomb #btown #fleischmanns#cheapliqour#homies#ratchet
tojam - tupacshiet - hairylegs - sbomb - toestee - blackbook - ratchet - fleischmanns - cheapliqour - homies - bandana - btown - differentday -
treees8 : dope
cosronez : HARD AF @dasgeekeno
willzwave - feldmoon - 024avenue - theworstdudeever -
พร้อม..งานเย็น... #tojam #tojoy #theseedshow #korat #openup
tojam - openup - theseedshow - แปลงร - อย - korat - กลายร - tojoy -
nuisassy : #แปลงร่างจากกรรมกรและป้าเฝ้าถานีเมื่อบ่าย #กลายร่างอย่างว่องไว #อย่าถามหาสภาพก่อนหน้าลูกหมาตกน้ำชัดๆ
seprockie - veenie - lena_brandname - wsniki -
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