I wish I bought one now... #theobamas #souvenir #mugs #losangeles #vacation #presidential
losangeles - mugs - theobamas - vacation - presidential - souvenir -
omamourette : Me too
rubz54 : Me three
omamourette - rubz54 - metallicarr - oliphant360 -
The Passover story has always had special meaning. We come from different places and diverse backgrounds, but we are bound together by a journey. -President Obama #WhiteHouse #POTUS #FLOTUS #TheObamas #Class #Passover #KamauMandela
passover - theobamas - flotus - happypassover - whitehouse - potus - class - kamaumandela -
kamaumandela : #HappyPassover
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Now THAT'S the kind of man that I want! Keep my skirt from flying up, boo. Cop a feel while you're at it ;-) lol #TheObamas #MyKindOfLove #FeelingOnHerBooty β™₯
feelingonherbooty - theobamas - mykindoflove -
mama_bear_bb : That's a cup hold mister president lol πŸ˜‰
iveeleague : LMAO!!!!!! @mama_bear_bb
mama_bear_bb - chel_leee - cr0wnr0yalonice - miss_csbs -
...Gotta love em!!! #HappyTuesday #TheObamas #ThisPhoto #MadeMyDay #ThatsHowYouWork #Lol 😎😎😎😎
thisphoto - theobamas - happytuesday - mademyday - thatshowyouwork - lol -
latanyaclancy : That's right Mr. President protect your woman!!! I love that man...
kidnotorious07 : That's a 2 for one
kehaynes11 : lol. "Here. I'll hold down your skirt, sweet cheeks..." πŸ˜‰
qua_cool - kidsgreenlady - sincerelyyourstrulee - lette_20 -
Barack holding down Michelle's skirt down 😍 #POTUS #FLOTUS #TheFirstFamily #TheObamas #BarackObama #MichelleObama #sweet #cute #precious
cute - sweet - thefirstfamily - theobamas - flotus - michelleobama - precious - potus - barackobama -
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With my Commander in Chief and the First Lady. #theobamas #mrpresident
mrpresident - theobamas -
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The talent whom created these was selling these alongside #TompkinsSquarePark. He is truly #gifted but I could tell by the look in his eyes and his demeanor that he was a man who struggled with addiction. - The Young, Gifted, and black are sprung addicted to crack. - Talib Kweli #StrugglingArtist #BlackArt #TheGiftAndTheCurse #TheObamas #SpikeLee #BillCosby #JelloPudding
strugglingartist - jellopudding - gifted - spikelee - billcosby - blackart - tompkinssquarepark - theobamas - thegiftandthecurse -
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Because I want such a cute family. But good genes are so hard to find lately. #firstfamily #theobamas #adorable #fashionistas #MrsO
fashionistas - mrso - adorable - firstfamily - theobamas -
shafigahsurayah : The remaining genes are wasted oba @iamangelmsvanityiv
tekebilly - nickbahati - dtaftw316 - suzienakawungu -
#reallove #sundayhumor #candaay #theobamas
reallove - candaay - sundayhumor - theobamas -
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This could be us but - well y@'ll know!!! πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’― #TheObamas #Love #Fun #Commitment #Bliss #Sacrifice #Joy #Relationships #RealLove #Regal #Royal
relationships - love - joy - sacrifice - royal - commitment - regal - bliss - theobamas - fun - reallove -
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πŸ‘‘ @beyonce #b #bee #beyhive #bowdown #beyonce #beyoncecarter #mrscarter #diva #yonce #grownwoman #queenb #kingb #tbt #theobamas #michelleobama #bday #party #theobamasbeyonce #carters #flawless #love #rememberthis
love - mrscarter - kingb - beyhive - beyoncecarter - diva - tbt - flawless - rememberthis - queenb - bee - grownwoman - b - bowdown - beyonce - yonce - bday - theobamas - michelleobama - party - carters - theobamasbeyonce -
quetiannabrown - weisberg_sarah - emelynzhxng - i_lovbeyonce -
#Love #Protection #TheObamas
protection - love - theobamas -
djandremack : Now that is how u usher your lady up the stairs... A lil help from the bottom right cheek don't hurt either!
marie_lucia : Couldn't agree with you more @djandremack
caramel509 - patriboo - joule0609 - greenway_harris -
4/11πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#FirstLady #Michelle #Obama and #President #BarackObama arrive at #JFK #Airport to attend the National Action Network's 16th Annual Convention #flotus #michelleobama #potus #barack #firstfamily #obamas #theobamas #mrsobama #flotusnews
flotusnews - obama - firstlady - theobamas - president - barackobama - jfk - michelle - firstfamily - flotus - barack - airport - mrsobama - michelleobama - obamas - potus -
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#FCF OH YEAH MR. PRES! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Œ #TheObamas
theobamas - fcf -
james_blackmore - _tytiannnna - pilarcelorio - drupeyton25 -
Oh hi we are home. We called to have dinner with the first family. We are still waiting for a call back #whitehouse #DC #theobamas #secretservice
secretservice - whitehouse - dc - theobamas -
matthewaskari : Yaaaaay!! And perfect timing for the cherry blossoms! Oh and eat at Rice (Yummy Thai, get the black rice), and CafΓ© Belga for Brunch, or Ted's Bulletin, and go to a Smithsonian, and walk on the mall, and OH, you MUSTTTTTTTTT (must) go to Baked and Wired in Georgetown for a coffee and lil sumptin, and walk on M street in Georgetown, and and and πŸ˜„πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
cowboysdoll9 : @matthewaskari thanks handsome. We did a DC tour at night, we are at an indian place called rasika. Today perhaps holocaust museum and then Georgetown. Thanks for your excitement for me
alyssaaoxx : Or you can come home for your daily hug😏
queenb_712 : Michelle is in the window!
onelove87 - instajoyyce - thenameismcleod - cjennyc -
I'm sorry Mr. President but your wife is fine dude lol if only she was holding her purse in the other hand SMH #TheObamas #Royalty #MichelleFine #SorryPresident
royalty - sorrypresident - theobamas - michellefine -
maleahsky : Hey Mr.Sumlar I have been riding around with your year book all year lol let me know where I can bring it to tomorrow I got tied up that day when u called
sum_lar : @maleahsky just send me a text when u wanna link up
_amuna : @3oosha91
nelly_br - new_money_26 - jaed_cer - tasebudz -
Barack Obama Saves Wife Michelle From Wardrobe Malfunction #theobamas #barakobama #michellewilliams
michellewilliams - theobamas - barakobama -
__justamabthing - ess_moe - fisayo_ola - rowidaadel -
The little things... #theObamas #barack #michelle #flotus #presidential #noscandalhere
barack - michelle - theobamas - flotus - noscandalhere - presidential -
_amuna : @3oosha91
sadeoxoxo - kcolefasho - tamikas_world - rawshell1 -
How ya doin?!!? 😱 #TheObamas #LeaderOftheFreeWorld
theobamas - leaderofthefreeworld -
reedthisbryant : Sweet!!!!
msspazzalyn : I would collapse!
kingopulent : Lmao @msspazzalyn
msspazzalyn : I love them like I love BeyoncΓ©.
theteddialaina : Wow.
j_knox17 : Wow
kingopulent : They asked for their biggest supporter @global2003
myeeka_f : Stalker.
arecibokid - smokinhot_rican - martiferraiuolo - anjanaenae -
I have such thoughtful people in my life. @edge1825 and rob for getting me this adorable little jar and my cute boyfriend for noticing it was empty πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š the little things make me happy 😁
theobamas -
tina_c16 : Yes but Kylie and bean share!
kwalker2275 : @tina_c16 I will accept this fact. You may have some ololololll
instadom20 : It's the little things that matter 😊
sarahjullion : Omg i could devour that in one minute lol
kwalker2275 : @instadom20 little like you πŸ™Š
kwalker2275 : @sarahjullion LOL I know that's what happened when it had m&ms
haze_gs : Ahah u did him a solid he did u one! Haha pun intended ky! Ahhaah adams like michelle obama the rock behind the president u know! #kyliewalkerforpresident #2014 campaign
kwalker2275 : @haze_gs LMFAO this is the best thing I've read all day . #theobamas
instadom20 - dchurchmack - kylemeilleur1 - edge1825 -
The First family in 2009 and 2013. Great talk about smart solutions. "Mobile er nΓΊtΓ­Γ°in" @officialstation @tmsoftware #snjalllausnir #theobamas
snjalllausnir - theobamas -
stetom - tmsoftware - officialstation -
@madebyida just had the best card ever. #baraccobarner #theobamas #cah #cardsagainsthumanity with @thephilonthehill #cafemitte #graz
baraccobarner - cardsagainsthumanity - theobamas - cafemitte - cah - graz - barracobarner -
instantsarah : #barracobarner. still can't quite believe that.
madebyida - curlsnchard - gattsby - die_kleindl -
#whitehouse #theobamas #maverickjames
whitehouse - theobamas - maverickjames -
kres112 - chelleb6212 - brittreagle - missashleyjames -
1600 Pennsylvania Ave...Let me in!!! I heard brunch still on and poppin! #TheObamas
theobamas -
rk954 - _basednegro - timelessartz - isramilfortieralmonte -
#TheObamas by @LavanWright! Get your case today! #Obama #President
president - theobamas - obama -
sally_mezher : Do you have for a phone grand galaxy duos ? @theitailors
b0obo0katiefuuck : @avacherie thought it was you
heffalumpppp : @coralclutts_707
coralclutts_707 : Nasty. @heffalumpppp
_yug_miller - paranoid09 - juuudithhhh - feenschatz -
Happy Birthday certificate from the white house and the Obama's to my great grandma #theobamas #whitehouse #100yearsold #birthday
whitehouse - 100yearsold - theobamas - birthday -
darenas22 - _astro_ - noemi1204 - alishacecily -
Got a nice congrats letter from #TheObamas and a shitty ass postcard from #Mickey and #Minnie. I blame @tcarroll282
mickey - theobamas - minnie -
jktrink : Why didn't we think of this @mbtrink ! @danasaurus_r3x I actually just saw something on FB yesterday about an autograph and a pin if you invite Mickey & Minnie. The big question is, are they coming?!? LOL
tcarroll282 : Hey atleast they sent you something! @danasaurus_r3x
aelentino - ashlyndeck - amandamoney - marissaanne9 -
A congrats from the President and First Lady!!!!! I am not a very political person as I am someone who just has my opinions and advocates for what matters to me, so please don't leave any negative comments as I am just excited to have yet another congrats for our wedding day! πŸ‘°
mandyleimer : @run2befit I sent the White House an invite!!!! I also got a congrats from Micky and Mini Mouse for sending one to disney world 😘😘
beckkotsch : Cool! I've gotten letters from them congratulating me on having my kids. lol Just something cool to save:)
happylucky_free : Ok! I need to know how you obtained this! And what address for Mickey and Minnie bc I def need that one!
krico5 : what that's so cool. how'd you get them to send you a letter
takingbackabbey : @mandyleimer we did the same thing with pres and mickey! Loved it. We tried sending justin timberlake one but I think the address was fake lol!
rainedenise_fitness : That's awesome!!!! πŸ’• and congrats to you by the way!
awee7 : That's so awesome!! Congrats! So happy for you both πŸ’— @mandyleimer
nicolesydney : Ahhhhh that's soooo awesome!!!
ama4423 - emkbor - grgeil - awesome_sauce247 -
Bringing a little bit of DC back to the Dirty D. #tradersjoes #firstfamily #presidentialgroceries #imcoolguys #davisisokiguess #butdcdoe #theobamas
duh - tradersjoes - presidentialgroceries - thankgodforyounatalie - firstfamily - imcoolguys - davisisokiguess - butdcdoe - theobamas -
natqab : Hahaha presidential groceries. LOVE dat
medhaw0rldpeace : #thankgodforyounatalie hahaha thanks!
shaidamirmaz : @medhaw0rldpeace happy hour tomorrow?
medhaw0rldpeace : #duh
jcarranzalopez - stacyywalden - gkpadda - surrraaa24 -
She's black what did you expect? #theobamas #blackchicksbewild #neversaynotoablackchick
lmbo - noracial - blackchicksbewild - theobamas - neversaynotoablackchick -
heems23 : You actually believe that?
pocketscience7 : Not really...I just thought is funny lol. I need more credible resources.
flyboi_gq : Come on my brother don't feed into ignorance
pocketscience7 : Lol cmon a little. @flyboi_gq @heems23
heems23 : That right is hardcore facts lol
scienart : I don't buy it, do not fall for the stereotypes to bring down people of a particular race.
pocketscience7 : You right @scienart its just sattire on my part
badbooster : #aprilfools
heems23 - scienart - lovefaith21 - davidopiat1 -
Got my letter from the White House! #gettinhitched #exciting #thewhitehouse #theobamas
gettinhitched - thewhitehouse - exciting - theobamas -
kirstenpyles : Lol yess I would do the same!!! Frame it! Lol @darlingbombshell
darlingbombshell : If I get a reply from her in time, I'm thinkin about framing all 3 of them to display at the wedding. @kirstenpyles
kirstenpyles : That would be a great idea! Ah and the mason jars LOVEEEE ! Can I come?! Lol I'm so excited to see y'all's photos @darlingbombshell
darlingbombshell : I'm literally obsessed with some mason jars, it's not even funny. I think I may have a real addiction. Lol. Our wedding is actually gonna be at va beach and in 25 days! I'm stressing! 😁 @kirstenpyles
kirstenpyles : Lol that's okay! Love love the idea! Ahh so crazy it's this soon! Can't wait to see your dress and colors! @darlingbombshell deep breaths! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
darlingbombshell : Aw ☺️ thank you @kirstenpyles the colors are mint and light pink πŸ’•
kirstenpyles : No problem!! Beautiful choice 😍😊 @darlingbombshell
kirstenpyles : What theme is the house?! @darlingbombshell
ambyy_bambi - shafdaddy - tayluh_ - jonj804 -
#SoTrue #MyFavorite #TheObamas
myfavorite - sotrue - theobamas -
roo_dog3 - keetaluv - sweetmsw - kaylahead17 -
#thefirstfamily #theobamas #barackobama #Micheleobama #obama
obama - thefirstfamily - micheleobama - barackobama - theobamas -
the_first_lady_08 - martiferraiuolo - boricuatrinity29 -
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