So I'm nervous about my #firstmarathon and instead of thinking about myself puking at mile 20... I'm trying to pick an outfit and I'm failing miserably. Any thoughts on a @sparkleathletic skirt or obnoxious @newbalance shorts... Or just plain black? The @raceslo #SLOmarathon is in 11 days... Eek! #raceslo #runchat #marathon #teamsparkle #newbalance #shorts #running
teamsparkle - firstmarathon - raceslo - shorts - newbalance - slomarathon - runchat - running - marathon -
lisa_runs : I LOVE those shorts!!
scrinina : I wore a green #teamsparkle skirt for my first and didn't puke at ANY mile. You're gonna do great! We only get one first marathon so please just ENJOY IT!!!
embeeezie : Obnoxious shorts!
teamarcia : Any would be great but I love the shorts!
ishootlove : I think @sparkleathletic skirts make ya faster and less pukey
jennerin31 : @happygeekgirl I love the shorts (if they don't ride up anyway).
livefromlq - sebdxt - ashleydakota - teamarcia -
Ainsley's Angels of Central Alabama are #teamsparkle strong! #ainsleysangels #georgiamarathon
teamsparkle - ainsleysangels - georgiamarathon -
karen446680 : Awesome shot!
rheidal : Fantastic
corrine_robinson - hurricanekatreva - paxton_westbrook - lauren2584 -
One time was just not enough! It's official I am registered and going DOPEY again!! Can't wait to run these 48.6 Magical miles again!! #rundisney #dopeychallenge #running #disneyside #runforbling #teamsparkle #sparkleathletic
teamsparkle - dopeychallenge - running - rundisney - disneyside - sparkleathletic - runforbling -
hollllayy - wdw13point1 - eatprayrundisney - wrapitwithtiffany -
The best feeling is leaving the gym covered in sweat and feeling the burn the next day!! #gym #sweat #loveit #24hour #fitness #health #80lbsdown #happy #motivated #followingmyheart #InstaSize #teamsparkle #exercise πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜…
teamsparkle - motivated - followingmyheart - loveit - gym - instasize - health - sweat - fitness - 80lbsdown - 24hour - exercise - happy -
dimpleddove : "Far from what I once was, but not yet what I'm going to be." 😍😍
arauz_t : Good job cousin πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘cant wait to do it again next week
dimpleddove : @arauz_t I blame u for my gym addiction!! Thank you :-) Yay for Tuesday double time!! 😁
arauz_t : Hahaha its the best addiction ever!!! Remember when u wouldn't like taking classes now u stalk teachers lol πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ PS I want junk food lol
dimpleddove : @arauz_t I just stalk the best lol I just want pizza πŸ•πŸ•
mari_face_art - misseeve_xo - helloelizabeththev - luvs2rock -
#frontpagedc #frontpage #teamsparkle #trivia #tuesday #isitfridayyet #cliquedtv
frontpagedc - teamsparkle - isitfridayyet - tuesday - trivia - cliquedtv - frontpage -
kristen_rules : Ha my coworkers go every Tues. I should meet you there.
according2kelly - logicaldiginick -
#frontpagedc #teamsparkle crushing trivia at the front page with our favorite bartender!
frontpagedc - teamsparkle -
v1ntage1 - cgordo - hallister1188 - mruttkay -
The Boston Marathon bombings had been on my heart all day so I set out for a couple of miles in memory of the victims and in honor of the survivors. My friend @davidmoraphoto found me on the track after his miles. Thoughts and prayers from Raymond, Mississippi. #BostonStrong #WeRunTogether #marathon #marathoner #run #runner #running #instarunner #instarunners #teamsparkle
teamsparkle - run - runner - marathoner - instarunner - running - instarunners - weruntogether - bostonstrong - marathon -
jerlynthomas : <3!
according2kelly : Xo
according2kelly - runlovepeace - marquis_mark - laurenbush10 -
A big thank you to @Katiemurphy33 forget generous donation to @StJude, this girl is almost as sparkly as she is awesome! #dogoodstuff #stjudehero #teamsparkle
teamsparkle - dogoodstuff - stjudehero -
joebraymond : For her*
katiemurphy33 : Awwww, my pleasure! I'll be calling on you as an Angel one of these days! Was hoping you could help us run the Blues this year... See you are headed to WDW Marathon weekend. Fun! Guess we will be pushing those hills without ya!
joebraymond : @katiemurphy33 just tell me when & I'll be there... Except blues weekend πŸ˜‰
blingwhore - kayeelle - __110913__ - christopholofigus -
This is Katherine. She emailed me months ago about running the Zooma half and incorporating yoga into her life. We finally met each other at Zooma Austin and she rocked that half!! So proud of her! And she helped me with my race as well. My full race recap is on the blog today. Link is in my profile. #thisishowizooma @zoomarun #teamsparkle #yogaforrunners
thisishowizooma - teamsparkle - yogaforrunners -
meshimori : @fairyhealthylife βœ¨βœ¨πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨
abeandsarah : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Way to inspire each other and all of your followers too!!! Abe @fairyhealthylife
kcrouse1 - ritalovespups - adriana2velarde - irundaily -
#TransformationTuesday. You can tell I've gone from " just finishing" to finishing with a smile. Can't wait to cheese it up for my #tower10mile pictures in 5 months! #rundisney #rundisneyfamily #rundisneytraining #tot #tot10 #tower10training #teamrundisney #teamsparkle #thisprincesswillrun
teamsparkle - transformationtuesday - tower10training - rundisneyfamily - thisprincesswillrun - tot - teamrundisney - rundisneytraining - tot10 - tower10mile - rundisney -
lilllybud : Yay!!! I love these! Congrats!
daffrine - rescue33 - bigbuttrunner88 - timgehman -
Today I am filled with emotion. Like many, I can remember exactly what I was doing, the moment I heard the news. I can remember feeling the tears stream down my face as I watched in disbelief, thinking & worrying about everyone I knew in Boston at that exact moment. One year later I am still deeply saddened by the events, but incredibly proud at the strength that the running community has demonstrated. I can't even begin to express how privileged I feel to be taking part in this years @BostonMarathon. Unfortunately my #BostonMarathon journey has been filled with delays, sidetracks & several bumps in the road... But each & every time I've felt like quitting, I remind myself to "Never give up. Never give in. Never stop trying." I am #BostonStrong.
bostonstrong - bostonmarathon -
mtoro326 : You are a true inspiration! You are the sparkle the course needs and are a reminder of why running brings people together!!! I love seeing you and the other sparkle gals at every rundisney expo and the positive energy you give reassures myself and my fellow friends why we sign up for races! Not only are you Boston Strong, you are Sparkle Strong! Can't wait to see pics of your journey!!
disneybigsis : Well said. I'm soooo excited for you to go and run your dreams. You've worked hard and deserve a great experience. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. GO KELLY!!
harpergrace : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #gobeawesome
shygirl714 : Y'all just made me teary-eyed! So excited for you Kelly, you are truly an inspiration!!
kramerzoo : Go get it girl!! You are truly an inspiration for a girl who just began her running joirney! Good luck!
samc09 : Kick some sparkle butt!! Good luck!
tokimom : See you at the starting line in Hopkinton!
beccag53 : Big Hug!!! Keep up the sparkle!!!!
mamaloves2eatprayrun - runpinky - jessicamcfadd - adrianafrancogomez -
I feel pretty ok with this. One minute each mile was spent waiting for the crosswalk signal. This trail isn't ideal. Too many street crossings. #runner #running #rundisney #rundayfunday #runnersassemble #beattheblerch #garmin #galloway #fitness #forerunner10 #teamsparkle #poweredbysparkle
teamsparkle - beattheblerch - runner - forerunner10 - rundayfunday - galloway - running - fitness - rundisney - garmin - runnersassemble - poweredbysparkle -
superiorrunner - habibi_fitness - jessica375 - jane_t77 -
Sparkle skirts are instant motivation for days you just don't want to do your run. #teamsparkle #sparkleathletics #runner #running #rundisney #rundayfunday
teamsparkle - rundayfunday - running - sparkleathletics - runner - rundisney -
according2kelly : Love this!
mmmelissaoh - hbuchanan1 - midgeknits - jane_t77 -
teamsparkle - imfitpossible - newbalance - thatassaintgointoliftitself - 18daystillvacation - rundisney - 18daystill - skinsusa -
mmmelissaoh : Wearing my @skins_usa recovery tights today because I squatted my ass off this morning. #thatassaintgointoliftitself #18daystillvacation #18daystillπŸ‘™ #teamsparkle #rundisney #newbalance #skinsusa #imfitpossible
laurenekelba : Yes I have those exact same pants! They make a WORLD of difference!!
mmmelissaoh : @laurenekelba they really do! Definitely worth the investment!
laurenekelba : @mmmelissaoh They're 47% off if you buy them on Amazon too!
mmmelissaoh : Thanks @laurenekelba that is really good to know!
letsrckthis - bluebirchphoto - mommymightgocrazy - chelle11286 -
Just over one year ago, I made the decision to change my life. I was sick and tired of feeling ashamed, of feeling depressed, of feeling embarrassed, ugly, lazy, crappy.... You get the point. Never did I imagine that I could be as happy, confident & proud as I am now. It's never too late to make a change, or start something new. If you want it bad enough, anything is achievable!!!!!!! #transformationtuesday #advocare
advocare - furtherfasterforever - runhappy - run - fitfam - houston - runnerd - wearetherunners - igfitmoms - runchat - fitmom - divashalfmarathon - goals - motivated - weightloss - teamsparkle - transformationtuesday - confidence - commited - fitmomsinspire - htown - justdoit - sahm - motherrunner - runlikeamother - runhouston - texas - houstonrunner - doinit - iloverunning -
lbarksdale : Can I share this?
case_frey : Of course @lbarksdale!!!
htxlovah : Well done!
case_frey : Thanks @htxlovah :)
thegreen62 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
mel_roko_runner : You look amazing - fit and healthy and ten years younger. When's the next half marathon? Come run one in Dallas:)
according2kelly : Way to go
case_frey : @according2kelly thank you!!!!
lk_russell - jgperdue81 - castlesandchaos - dwobs_1213 -
Oh this girl! Needed a little extra sparkle for her class field trip today. #SparkleAthletic #TeamSparkle
teamsparkle - sparkleathletic -
according2kelly : So cute!
suzanneran : Thanks @according2kelly :)
kcrouse1 - ksmith71704 - darwinianfail - girlsgotsole -
Love lazy Monday nights after race day. Nothing beats the day after sore. Reading #borntorun and making plans for my next adventure. Still rocking the #kttape #run #instarunner #teamsparkle #furtherfasterforever #livelifemakeways
teamsparkle - borntorun - furtherfasterforever - kttape - run - instarunner - livelifemakeways -
kttape - paul_r_miller - patriguevara - calisurfer31 -
You know they're for keeps when they sneak your gin out under their fur. #friends #drunk #nightout #glasgow #teamsparkle #glitter #sparkle #sneaky #gin #vodka #rum #fur #fashion #fashionstudents #occupationalhealthstudent #toddsbar #gcu #strathyuni
occupationalhealthstudent - vodka - fashion - toddsbar - drunk - fashionstudents - strathyuni - glitter - teamsparkle - fur - nightout - sneaky - friends - rum - sparkle - gcu - gin - glasgow -
xohendo - berkaykocabas - joeltolon - wtfscience -
This Monday was MORE than OK. #happymailday The kids got free #basketball gear from @sportsauthority for #goodofsport and I got my free #teamsparkle from @sparkleathletic Thank you guys!!!! #happymom #happykids #thankful #furtherfasterforever #fitness #activefamily #activekids #startthemyoung
teamsparkle - furtherfasterforever - basketball - activefamily - activekids - happymailday - startthemyoung - goodofsport - fitness - thankful - happymom - happykids -
darwinianfail : Awesome!!
nadineann29 : Your girls have the best smiles😊😊
vk_davies : @nadineann29 @darwinianfail a Thanks ladies!
according2kelly : Yay!!
runwithjen - userc3 - sgiancas - lupitanace -
Mad Hatter headband for my Disneyland 10k costume! Now I just need a sparkle skirt. :-) #rundisney #disneyland #costume #teamsparkle #disney
teamsparkle - rundisney - disneyland - disney - costume -
mhecht79 : Love that!!
aaparker14 : @disneyknitter omg so cute!!! Are you wearing the #rawthreads Mad Hatter shirt? I'm doing the Raw Threads Cheshire Cat shirt and pink sparkle skirt for the 10k. I'm thinking Mermaid for the 5k or half and undecided on my third outfit 😁
disneyknitter : @aaparker14 yup! Just need a sparkle skirt to go with. I'm thinking orange! I'm jealous you're doing all three races! That's my goal for 2015. :-)
padtye - craycraykaitlyn - minniemeows - rescue33 -
#trdphotoaday Day 13-something funny, my finish line photo from yesterday's #phillydonordash I was the ONLY one representing #teamsparkle in my @sparkleathletic skirt, and damn proud! #teamrundisney #rundisney #thisprincesswillrun
teamsparkle - trdphotoaday - rundisney - thisprincesswillrun - phillydonordash - teamrundisney -
mariorosam : Werk!
princessofperkasie : Lol yasss @mariorosam!
morgan__scott - tj_mcc0925 - bigbuttrunner88 - xoxojeni -
Can you tell I was having SO much fun!?!? #iloverunning #divashalfmarathon #teamsparkle
galveston - houston - run - fitfam - advocare - runmomrun - halfmarathon - fitness - runchat - hardwork - divashalfmarathon - 13pointfreakin1 - goals - runnershigh - weightloss - teamsparkle - fitmom - htown - igfitness - motherrunner - runlikeamother - texas - runnerd - onlyhalfcrazy - iloverunning -
case_frey : #run #runlikeamother #motherrunner #runnershigh #runmomrun #advocare #fitness #fitfam #fitmom #igfitness #weightloss #goals #onlyhalfcrazy #13pointfreakin1 #halfmarathon #hardwork #runchat #runnerd #houston #Texas #htown #galveston
sheilabottoms : Whoooo! You have to buy this! @case_frey was this at the end?
case_frey : No, this was at like mile 6 or 7 the one at the end... Uhhhhhh LOL is all I'll say. I'll text it to you. :) i think I may buy it. It's a good one. @sheilabottoms
melbee3721 : Amazing!
case_frey : Thanks @melbee3721
beckymirando - lauriekor - iwannarunfast - bekkahnik10 -
13.1 done! Zooma Austin #thisishowiZOOMA #runaustin #whatthehill #zoomawomensraceseries
thisishowizooma - runaustin - zoomawomensraceseries - teamsparkle - whatthehill -
lauramireles : You are awesome! !
almarosarodarte : Way to go!
sue_ward50 : @sparkleathletic loved my skirt! Thank you!!! #teamsparkle
luv2run13 - tri_mikey_ape - andreia_enfe - jlmaza19 -
Rocking my @nuunhydration @procompression socks, @txbeef and @sparkleathletic skirt for 2nd place at @zoomarun #texas #halfmarathon #inspiringfitness @beeflovingtexans #ThisIsHowIZooma #ffcheckin
thisishowizooma - ffcheckin - teamsparkle - inspiringfitness - halfmarathon - texas -
ameecooks : Great job!!
thefitfork : thanks @ameecooks @cateyball @katrinaellep @kimkallas @beeflovingtexans @meganmfay
annelaue : Great job! #inspiring
sue_ward50 : We were wearing our Sparkle skirts too! You're my hero!!! #myhero
thefitfork : @sue_ward50 love my @sparkleathletic #teamsparkle skirts! hope you had fun out there, I did .... uh, after I finished!
sue_ward50 : We absolutely did! Views were amazing, hills were tough and Finish was the best part! Coming from Desert town it was a challenge! Good times!
joeyfeets : congrats! thats awesome! πŸ‘
according2kelly : Wahooooj! Congrats!
sue_ward50 - kcrouse1 - the_graymatters - julienebubeck -
Monday morning, passenger on board πŸ’—πŸ’€πŸ’œ #tarinatarantino #victorianpunk #sparkle #hairclip #purpleandpink #swarovskicrystals #ttsparkle #mondaymorning #commute #inthecity #lexus #losangeles #dtla #cityofangels #sugarskull #instapink #accessory #pretty
victorianpunk - losangeles - tarinatarantino - inthecity - instapink - dtla - madeinusa - accessory - cityofangels - jewelry - commute - collection - hairclip - pinkcrystals - purpleandpink - lexus - tulle - swarovskicrystals - teamsparkle - eyecandy - mondaymorning - ttsparkle - sweetness - sparkle - pretty - lagirl - sugarskull - fashion -
thesparklefactory : One of my favorite collections!
bellavonschnauzer : @thesparklefactory This collection is simply gorgeousπŸ’œπŸ’€πŸ’—, but then all of T's collections are✨
sparkklechicaa : OMG @bellavonschnauzer NEED!!
bellavonschnauzer : @sparkklechicaa Don't blame you, it's gooooorgeous!!!!!βœ¨πŸ’–πŸ’€
bellavonschnauzer : #eyecandy #lagirl #madeinusa #sweetness #teamsparkle #pinkcrystals #tulle #collection #fashion #jewelry
amor_als : My kinda of passenger πŸ‘
bellavonschnauzer : @amor_als It matches your outfit today!! πŸ’œπŸ’€πŸ’—
mk_47 - fuzynoodles - tattedmaggs - lipgloss83 -
Love this! @alenajobeana & friends rocked #teamsparkle at the Tempe Town Lake Regatta #SUP race. So awesome!
teamsparkle - sup -
krissycakes13 : So cool
ryanmorgan9 : This summer @leilannieee @dyellaa @carolynshea89 at the cottage!
parsionie : Love!! I cannot wait for it to get warm enough here to take our SUPs out on the lake. Being on my SUP is one of my happy places.
runsinmud : Never thought of wearing my skirts on the river. Oh it will be a sparkly summer
beccag53 : Aww!! I'm sooo jealous!!! I've wanted a paddle board for a couple years!!!! You all are lucky girls!!!! Have fun ladies!!!!! Looking great in your sparkle skirts!!!
alenajobeana : Thanks @sparkleathletic! @sarahpaddleboardlady @sharigoodman
sarahpaddleboardlady : Nice!
sumlee123 : Good luck ladies! You look fantastic!
604amp - garretridge - zbartolone - stenogoddess -
"Work so hard that one day, your signature will be called an autograph." 250 more necklaces to go! πŸ™Œ #workhard #houseofsparkle #needsleepy ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
houseofsparkle - alwayssparkle - needsleepy - workhard -
xotaylorwintle : So much sparkle!!! Love it!!!
rachelleleebulbulian : 😍😍😍
sara_lola_hope : I hope that two of these belong to me :) :)
lolaanddarladesigns : #alwayssparkle
rubyblueinc : Holy crap woman!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lucky3sacharm : Just ordered a gold sparkleπŸ’›πŸ’›
lizafn23 : I just received our order and we love it! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ you are a great person and you deserve nothing but the best. Hope you have a great relaxing vacation mama. 😊
msnormar_v : Can't wait to receive my order!! πŸ’›
babyyfarm - lupetorres1973 - jjjsboutique - dobbshld -
Sparkle and Boomer snuggling during movie time. My heart is already starting to ache from Sparkle going to her forever home and she is still here for a week. I love her little goofy self but so happy she has an amazing life ahead of her. Then Ill have room for my next rescue/rehabilitation. #teamsparkle #teamboomer #ilovesparkle #cats
teamsparkle - teamboomer - cats - ilovesparkle -
keeleykatjackson : I am so happy for her too!! Her fur ever parents seem wonderful! She will be happy with them and her new brother. I know you will have an empty heart for a while. You have raised her from a tiny kitten and you two love each other so much. πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ’•
cristi_cotton : πŸ’”πŸ’”
pedroandsparkles : Awww we will be sure to keep you updated with all of the fun she's having on the island!
beescats : @keeleykatjackson I think my heart gets more full each time they go to a new home. It's a different feeling and hard to explain until you have fostered. I am very happy to get updates and continue to support Sparkle in her new home :) @pedroandsparkles
beescats : @cristi_cotton No broken hearts. This is what she needed was a new home. I can't keep them all or I could not foster. Like today, I brought home an injured boy who needs physio in a foster home. With each adoption I get to open my heart even more for the next one.
beescats : @drazil619 They do seem pretty content as cats.
beescats : @fbrand1 Thanks for the tags :)
cristi_cotton : She is going to be very happy with @pedroandsparkles 😘
cristi_cotton - aprilpekoe - lizkt - heygudy -
I love running this race. Great views and not a bad course. #seahawks12k #run #runner #runhappy #runnergirl #sparkleathletic #sparkleskirts #nofilter #beactive
seahawks12k - beactive - runhappy - run - teamsparkle - runner - sparkleskirts - sparkleathletic - runnergirl - nofilter -
luckycharms8170 : #teamsparkle @sparkleathletic
runwithrosa - bboo47 - runnergirl_tiff - pinkcupcakegirl -
Happy to be done :) #runhappy #runnergirls #seahawks12k #nofilter #sparkleathletic @sparkleathletic #teamsparkle
seahawks12k - teamsparkle - runhappy - runnergirls - nofilter - sparkleathletic -
luckycharms8170 : @heatherbearhair @runnergirl_tiff
runwithrosa - cassssadilla - pinkcupcakegirl - sarabear768 -
Fun run. Everyone liked my #teamsparkle skirt and visor. #family #5k #rawthreads #morganhill #hometown #wildflowerrun #liveoak
teamsparkle - family - hometown - morganhill - 5k - wildflowerrun - rawthreads - liveoak -
sparkleathletic - veronica353 - big_cay05 - eatprayrundisney -
SDA intermediate teen jazz team 1st place Platinum 4th overall #teamsparkle #teamwork #girlsjustwanttohavefun
teamsparkle - girlsjustwanttohavefun - teamwork -
case_frey - mom2alli01 - monlynn6 -
Don't know if we're elated or gassy. But we're somewhere in that zone. 'Cause for the first time in forever @angryjulie & I don't have to run alone. #rundisney #disneysmmoms #disneyland #teamsparkle
teamsparkle - rundisney - disneysmmoms - disneyland -
scrapping4twins : I have to get me one of those skirts!
lilllybud : Yay!!! Love this!!!
kriebelbeth : Super cute!! πŸ’–πŸ’–
nic0le : You girls are adorable!!
hipfriday : So fun!
laurawilley_ackermann : Where did u get these @according2kelly ????
amybarseghian : Woohoo! I needed a skirt so bad...now I know a sparkle hook up is local @according2kelly. πŸ˜‰
jessicamcfadd : You guys were so awesome! Loved how you cheered everyone at the finish line and the costumes were perfection!
madelynreneeburgess - omgitsmatty - writersdream - taryn_l -
Statigram feedback