How many more toys can we get at #crossfitTustin. Things are about to get a little more interesting #Repost from @crossfittustin with @repostapp --- New play toys for King Kong! Getting ready for regionals!! 👍💪 @nfkingkong #regionals2014 #teamkong #lightweight #compteam
teamkong - regionals2014 - lightweight - compteam - crossfittustin - repost -
theover85 : Per @the_liu squat clean wall balls? @nfkingkong
whit_elizz : 150# slam ball??? That sounds awful.
brooks_lh - brooks_tm - i_go_by_v - doooker -
New play toys for King Kong! Getting ready for regionals!! 👍💪 @nfkingkong #regionals2014 #teamkong #lightweight #compteam
teamkong - compteam - regionals2014 - lightweight -
1rvinemom : Let's Go Andrew!! 💪
claytonrecord : Is that a misprint on the ball?
ryanfisch : I want that ball
brooks_tm : @claytonrecord not a misprint. And I did spray paint a yellow happy face on it too
fieldy143 - fvckyafashion - rachiecesa - des_ledesma -
We're ready to rock you tonight !!!! @songkarn_pyr #thevoiceth #teamkong #teamstamp #nextbar #เชี่ยงใหม่
teamkong - teamstamp - thevoiceth - เช - nextbar -
puichotnaphat - kendosom - lukemaiii - bossavona -
เคล็ดลับในการจะได้เป็นเดอะว๊อยซ์ทีมพี่เอื้อนะเคอะ! 👯 @jahwiorn #jajaaaomam #teamkong #thevoiceth
teamkong - jajaaaomam - thevoiceth -
dd_didee : ทีมพี่เอื้ออออออ 😳😳😳
aommmammm : @dd_didee อยากอยู่มั้ย ไปซ้อมเต้นมา!! 55555555
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การซ้อมร้องและเต้นของจ๊ะจ๋าอ๋อมแอ๋มเดอะว๊อย 👯 #TheVoiceTH #TeamKong #JustDanceWithAttitude @aommmammm
teamkong - justdancewithattitude - thevoiceth -
ninininies - nankaewkarn - qingkansirisin - jigksaruda -
I do love you..Still.
teamkong - kengnuttita - thevoiceth - thevoicethailand - kengthevoice2 -
kengthevoice2 : #thevoiceth#kengthevoice2#teamkong#thevoicethailand#kengnuttita
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#Repost from @nfkingkong. Congrats to our very own Coach Kong on accepting his official invitation to the 2014 SoCal CrossFit Regionals!!!! Your hard work and dedication is obvious to all at CFT, and now to the WORLD!!! You make us all proud Andrew :) #teamkong --- Top photo is 2012 regionals, first/last time i went to regionals as a team with my brother and matt banwart (only all asian male crew, all korean too 🇰🇷 hah) @nipsnhips Now officially registered for my 2nd trip to regionals but now as a individual. Excited to have some fun with friends and enjoy the experience! Lets do thissss #crossfitTustin #crossfit #teamPRGNX #Kong#brothers #AsianInvasion
teamkong - brothers - asianinvasion - crossfittustin - kong - repost - crossfit - teamprgnx -
glamurgurl : Big props to Coach Kong! You are such an awesome athlete and coach. Hope you have a great time competing with your friends. We'll be there to have your back in support and cheering you on!!
nickwalters13 - atimboe - m83burris - jkorn2 -
k1tk0ng I am proud to announce that Andrea "KGB" Lee @andrealeeaaron has partnered up with #teamKONG #HerbaChamps #Herbalife in our #mission to bring #health and worldclass #nutrition to every single household in the world! For months, I've sent Andrea products to sample so she could try it for herself. And what does the future professional #XFC flyweight world #champion and current #V3 flyweight #MMA champ has to say? "GIVE ME MORE!" For an #athlete, especially one competing at the caliber she is, nutrition is key. It's the fuel that powers the engine, so everything is pinpoint, precise, and scientific. Little would I know, since hanging out at #NAGA, we've become close friends, buddies, and each others' teammates for life. Beyond her astounding work ethic and skill, she is humble, kind, and an incredibly good-hearted individual. On top of fighting, she is a #mother, a #teacher, a #wife, and an #inspiration for her community. Our vision is that while supporting her in her #journey towards becoming a professional fighter, we can also positively impact the #life, health, and well-being of her community and amazingly supportive fans. She believes in our products and our mission so much that she wants to share it with everybody. Below is a link to her page, leading off to her #shop, part of which is used to fund her journey. Please take a look, pass it along, and support #KGB. I am #proud to be #teamKGB for life.
shop - nutrition - life - love - champion - xfc - mission - herbachamps - beautiful - kgb - naga - bjj - girl - mma - teacher - inspiration - teamkong - wife - athlete - proud - herbalife - amazing - v3 - health - teamkgb - mother - wmma - journey - photooftheday -
k1tk0ng : #wmma #photooftheday #mma #bjj #love #beautiful #amazing #girl
k1tk0ng : @flexfuellol
flexfuellol : #honorarybearded24
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I wasn't originally going to post this because it was just too many emotions... but then I realized this wasn't about ME, it was about the MESSAGE! I've made some amazing lifelong friends in this incredible business who over time became family. I shared my vision with @herbalight Chad today. He asked me what kind of a relationship I wanted with my team. I thought for a sec and realized... I didn't just want a team. I wanted family. I wanted a group of people UNITED in a mission who will stretch and fight for one another just because that's what a family will do. I wanted a family that no matter what loves each other no matter what. Then it hit me. I would DIE for my team. When Josh @joshuasladder posted that convo we had, it really hit me and I felt the tears. In Herbalife, I can build a family. A family I will grow with. Long ago, I prayed, not for life to be easier or for my problems to go away, but for God to mold me into a better leader for my team, to make me a more worthy messenger and agent of change and a better follower to MY leaders. In essence, I asked for more skills, not less hardship. I am so blessed to meet you all, especially all the people who stuck with me, believed in me, and decided to take a look and give this thing a fighting chance. You guys make life amazing and I am excited to build a family and empire with you all. Say HELLO to the dawn of #teamKONG. Logo and mascot coming to a social network and attire near you. ;)
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The Open is over! Congratulations to Coach Kong @nfkingkong for his top 47 finish and qualifying for regionals 💪 and the CFT Team finishing 30th making us the 5th fittest gym in Orange County!! We are SO very proud of each and everyone one of you who participated this year and pushed harder, lifted more and surpassed your own limitations by never giving up!!! #crossfittustin #strengthincommunity #commUNITY #tustincrossfit #thereisnoquit #teamkong
teamkong - community - tustincrossfit - thereisnoquit - crossfittustin - strengthincommunity -
jedikickboxer : #Kongstrong
danobrandon : Atta boy Kong!
sayeda25 - ms_cindeee - chadwesleysmith - glamurgurl -
teamkong -
poet_africa -
ขอบใจมากที่มาเยี่ยมคนแก่นะจ๊ะ #thevoiceth #teamkim #teamkong #jazzhappens
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plaiiaor : โดนบังคับไปใช่มั้ย!! @tangmo_wanlika @donkyhp
tangmo_wanlika : @plaiiaor หน้าเต็มใจฟุดๆ
donkyhp : 5555
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NEW COACH NEW COACH NEW COACH! Mai started her program initially to lose weight and tighten up her stomach. Now she's down 14lbs, 5 inches, and 5% body fat!!! She's been helping tons of friends get fit by inspiring them and showing them THERE IS A WAY! Now she has decided to join #TEAMKONG and help change lives. Welcome to the team, Mai!
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#TeamKONG or nah?
teamkong -
aye_bj23 : Haha
_tassiii - jelesaaa_mechelle - lucii_lulu - mrs_brucewayne7 -
แอ๊บสแตร๊ก !!!! 5555 #เพี้ยนๆก่อนนอน #thevoiceth #teamkong
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#teamkong St . Patrick's day
teamkong -
missrae1117 : You guys are TOO CUTE! @ii_am_kong
j_borja_ - marie_mar - boosi_2nd - gabisaraceno -
St. Patrick day parade. #teamkong
teamkong -
lava_love : Beer tool belt? My hero.
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คู่เดือด!! เมื่อคืนนี้สนุกมาก แล้วมาขอนแก่นกันอีกเด้อออ #คิดถึงชาวเสียงทุกคนนะ #thevoiceth #teamkong #teamjoeyboy #teamstamp
teamkong - teamstamp - thevoiceth - - teamjoeyboy -
kamerutcha : พี่ปูพงสิท
pui_jitsuda : คิดถุงเบนด้วย
benbabycry : @pui_jitsuda คิดถึงนะคะพี่ปุ้ยยย😊
aleximony : คนขวานิ่มัน Axl Rose ชัดๆ
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I didn't want to start this at first because that would mean I have 10001 people to post for, but for the sake of helping you I shall be nice HAHAH. Thank you so much for the past few years of friendship, it's been a great joy being your friend and your 穿错衣 buddy in b'div 2013. In spite of how annoying and lame you are I must admit that you're a really reliable, nice, responsible friend to have, and even your quick criticisms to all the camp/chalet plans were funny and constructive HAHAHAHAHA. I can't sum up our friendship in one post but just know that you're a #frienditreasure a lot and you're really the best (and most annoying) kong ever. Jiayou for your campaign ok, I'm gonna be there supporting you all the way!!!
teamkong - teamtokkong - housekongcandidate - voted02 - drakong - teamkrypton - frienditreasure -
charisssy_ : Omg I forgot all these hashtags #teamkong #teamtokkong #teamkrypton #drakong #housekongcandidate #voteD02
verysoon : Matching... I mean the dressing... :D
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เมื่อคืนนางมาร้องเพลงเจ้าคาาาา ทุกวันพุธที่ร้านเสวนานะครัชผม ฝากติดตามผลงานนางด้วย @tangmo_wanlika #ถ่ายกับนางครั้งก่อนรูปเบลอ #รูปชัดละ #คนถ่ายไม่เมารอบนี้ 5555 #ปลื้มมม #thevoiceth #thevoicethailand #tvt2 #teamkong #bkk #bangkok #thailand
teamkong - - tvt2 - คนถ - bkk - bangkok - thevoiceth - thevoicethailand - ปล - - thailand -
tangmo_wanlika - banana_pv - blajeans - thipgawee_koy -
To whom it may concern... @djjawz #teamhush #teamkong #ojutileri
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น้องสาวคนเล็กของบ้านสหรัถแกงค์และครอบครัวThe Voice ตอนนี้ไปอยู่บ้านเดอะดาวแล้วนะครัช รักน้อง เชียร์น้อง โหวตน้องด้วย หมายเลข 6 "นัท The Star 10" ❤️ #TheStar10 #TheVoiceth #สหรัถแกงค์
teamkong - thevoiceth - thestar10 - สหร -
aommmammm : #teamkong
pichy_tangmo : TT คิดถึงนาง เชียร์เต็มที่จ้าา
aommmammm : @pichy_tangmo โหวตกันๆๆๆ 😍
pichy_tangmo : เต็มที่เจ้:))
pimvinc : 10 หรือ 6
aommmammm : @pimvinc 5555 เดอะสตาร์สิบ หมายเลย6 ครัช
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เมื่อครั้งที่จัดงานให้พี่น้องครับ มีฟามสุขมาก ไม่เหนื่อยเลย ขอบคุณพี่น้องทีม "หมีเรนเจอร์" ทุกคนครับผม รักทุกคนมากๆครับ @neng_the_voice @pingpongthevoice @kumkumkayuyon @tulatuli @kannaphong66 @pui_jitsuda #thevoiceth #thevoicethailand #teamjoeyboy #teamstamp #teamkong #teamkim #family #forever
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หนูเลือกพี่ก้องค่ะ #teamkong #kongsaharat @tangmo_wanlika 😍😍
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clubying - paplengei - nasz_nazs -
นัท The Star 10 @ The Voice Thailand 1 #teamkong
teamkong -
theblackger_scher - jjane_ch - pai_thnabodee - sarochinmc -
พร้อมกันหรือยังสำหรับคืนนี้ ตี 2.30 !? #เพลินวาน88 #รักเค้าparty #thevoiceth #teamkong
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"เพียงข้างหลัง" Teaser. by #jajaaaomam #ไม่ได้ร้องกันนาน #จูนแป๊บ #thevoiceth #teamkong #เสื้อพี่ก้องใส่แล้วผอมมมมมมม @jahwiorn
teamkong - thevoiceth - เส - - jajaaaomam - ไม -
aommmammm : #จ๊ะห์ผมทรงเดียวกับหมา 555555555
nazz33 : คิดถึงทั้งคู่ T__T @jahwiorn @aommmammm
aommmammm : @nazz33 หนูก็คิดถึงงง แง๊ 😢
jahwiorn : @nazz33 😘😘😘😘
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Get your bench up. Last set 425LBS #IAMKONG #teamkong #fitness #toostrong @spear_kunta @dom71bk #HARDWORK #STRONG #STRENGTH #POWER #NOGAMES
teamkong - strength - power - toostrong - hardwork - nogames - fitness - strong - iamkong -
atonal09 : Damn son
la_florez : Sick.
bea_time : Jesus Christ, that's more than 4 of me.
toromata91 - j_borja_ - mimerz_xo - gillermito -
คิดถึงโค้ชก้อง #kongsaharat #kongnuvo #teamkong
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iqedx - pndspoy - pangnichapat - tong_kiattikhun -
Kick ass tonight Kong! #teamkong #ufc169
teamkong - ufc169 -
riverson4240 - stevemichaelsen - officialdurkin - c_lioneye -
Wishing @TomKongWatson good luck tonight!! We'll see you post-fight at @pachanyc! #TeamKong #UFC169
teamkong - ufc169 -
trevcrak : @mikeymfb would make a dope bathing suit
jairnocare : He got fucked up :p! Haha #Catone
thaisanegrao : @carolinamarcon
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คู่เกรียนบุกงานปาร์ตี้ #kapook #thevoiceth #teamkong @l2opol2
teamkong - kapook - thevoiceth -
tappakdee1234 - ninejoe - fangkhaw_spy - caminx -
Compartiendo #teamkong
teamkong -
dankacp - cariimalik - patricio1251 - judith_yuyo -
Statigram feedback