I will stress the ship out of this. #dosomething #proactive #takepart #quitcomplaing #startsaving #anyandallanimals #animallover #iwillmakeanythingmybestfriend
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gehilitashernandez : @jessiebellel oh hell no
jessiebellel : Haha I can't help but picture you saying this @gehilitashernandez!
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Spread the word, check your twitter DMs to find out about our big suprise that you can be part of! Follow me at @lovechelseeh on twitter or insta-direct me to find out more! ❤️ #big #twitter #surprise #for #chelsee #tomorrow #morning #takepart #chelseehealey #love #idol #welovechelseehealey
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#RecordStoreDay #TakePart
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Record Store Day!! #turntablelab #recordstoreday #yayrecords #records #vinyl #nyc #takepart
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_falconcara_ : I completely forgot! Are you going to dave's tonight?
therealbnady : @_falconcara_ ah I wish!!! I'm so incredibly bummed i'm missing it but I have to work 😭
_falconcara_ : @therealbnady noooo! 😩😩😩 we'll have to make up for it with our dinner :)
therealbnady : @_falconcara_ yes yes yes!! Soon!!
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😘Marathon😘 #throwback#first#time#takepart#
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celinej_w : my face is @cerinekhoo 's face 👌
vernis_lew : @celinej_w sry..tag wrongly ><
celinej_w : hahahahaha
cerinekhoo : @vernis_lew 👏👏👏👏👏另一个双胞胎吗?
vernis_lew : @cerinekhoo maybe...hahaha
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alfatihaglobal : PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL THOSE THAT WOULD LOVE A CHALLENGE AND PRACTICALLY HELP THE SITUATION IN SYRIA.. ☆ SKYDIVE FOR SYRIA ☆ Ever wanted to do a Skydive? Al Fatiha Global have organised an event you do not want to miss!! It will be with experienced, qualified diving instructors..exiting a perfect aircraft and at the same time raising funds for Al Fatiha Global to maintain and support the projects set up in Syria.. Sunday 1st June 2014 Sign up TODAY, limited places available, book your place and deposit must be paid by April 25th  Sisters places available, with an experienced female diving instructor.. Raising funds to support and maintain vital projects in Syria, Food Packages, Water Well's, Hospital care, & much more.. For further information Please contact: Farzana 07889 707156 Asmara 07825 268856 Kamran 07903 934190 Or email
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(Excerpt from a article by Meghan Bedard, "5 Astonishing Facts About the Food We Throw Away")..... Lost Food Is Costing Us. When food is wasted, we’re missing out on far more than a meal. Lost food amounts to monetary fallout as well. From wasted resources to missed sales, our decisions as consumers are contributing to the loss of billions of dollars across the food-supply chain. In the U.S., wasted food costs $165 billion per year (more than $40 billion from household waste), reports the Natural Resources Defense Council. Of that, $750 million per year is spent just to dispose of the food we carelessly toss in the trash. #TakePart #FoodWaste #ThrowToGrow #TheBokashiBucket #KnowLedgeIsPower #ThinkAboutIt
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thebokashibucket : Follow: @takepart for more awesomeness.
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Snazzy Wings for Life World Run headwear! 4th of May @wflWorldRun @redbullza #takepart for those who can't
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Mastering :') @takepartinthis @harriso_n #studio #mastering #lessons #mix #takepart #band
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#profilbildwettbewerb #profilbildwetti #profilbild #bittemitmachen #machtmit #norisknofun ##lohntsich #lohnt #sich #takepart #tagsforlikes #take #part #macht #mit #bitte #pls #everybody #has #a #chance #to #win #shoutout
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geschichten_love_friends : Done
mrs_lilinda : Done
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wettis_4everyone_5000 : Can you follow @wettis_4everyone_5000 ???
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Greatest feeling in the world!!! Knowing YOU got there by being willing to take part... #takepart #youAreAwesome #love #runningthecape
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xoca_roxo : Cookiecreamice
allyouneedisthis_ : Cookie Creamlce
minilaa : Cooliecreamice
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Buy our postcards > send to someone > spread love!
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I believe that there is magic all around us. The wonders of nature, when you think about a person and suddently run into him/her or receive a call from him/her, love and so much more. Don't let your everyday routines/habits make you numb when it comes to everyday magic. Open your eyes, open your heart and enjoy the magic of life. It's there, waiting for you. #everydayisanadventure #dontgothroughlifeblind Regram from @natkringoudis . #Magic #believe #powerofhealing #positivethinking #becreative #everydaymagic #livelovelaugh #love #openyoureyes #openyourheart #takepart #live #gratitudeismyattitude #adventure
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"6" The Movie @oceanicpreservationsociety
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Fair play to these girls, I can't do the hula with one hoop, let alone this many #hula #hoop #girls #circus #circusfest #Camden #London #Roundhouse #takepart
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themajorettes : Cheers Alex! Any one can hoop even two to three people can squeeze in a large one! Hope you had fun such a wonder *nearly* sinners day #circusfest #hoopla #takepart #talent
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Behold... It's my first editorial piece :) #editorial #art #quarterpage #watercolors #micron #pen #ink #markers #Prismacolor #asiancarp #carp #fish #takepart #kamikaze #plane
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stylegenda : Who made your clothes? Be curious and do something. On the 24th of April take a photo of a piece of cloth you are wearing/ outfit photo and 1. Ask "Who made my clothes?" 2. Use #insideout hashtag 3. Tag the brands you are wearing . #fashion #fashionrevolution @fash_rev #movement #takepart
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therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin : @poli_aguirre ♡
poli_aguirre : @therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin 💋💋❤
therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin : @poli_aguirre me siguen. Collab?
poli_aguirre : @therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin dale!
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#KutsForACure today 1-6 pm #RelayForLife #CancerSucks #HelpOther #Haircuts #Donations #Tacoma #BoysAndGirlsClub #ChurchOnSunday #Barber #BarberLife #HairStylist #Cosmo #TakePart #HelpOthers
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#animal #vegan#mindful eating #love animals#none flesh meals Everyday as we go about our wonderful lives, these poor animals go through hell. Please go to and read about it they basically put these birds in coma so they can continue to grow so humans have more meat to eat... Shame on us..
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susankarrari : Oh my god.
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I WANT to win this chair!!! @yinka_ilori #takepart #competitions #pinkchair #girlschair #love #friends who share chairs lol stay together longer!!!
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torihudson09 : @mwilkson87 I don't get it ? 👀👀
mwilkson87 : Lol there's a competition to win this chair. You have to spot the typo on the poster!! End Easter Sunday. Check his page @yinka_ilori
mwilkson87 : @ @torihudson09
torihudson09 : @mwilkson87 well you did get it right so did you win? X
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#orcabill #seaworld #orcabill #killerwhales #emptythetanks #shamu #blackfishbill #blackfisheffect #blackfish #takepart
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ocean_hearts_ : PROUD NYER
britth4 : Yay Hawaii, save the 🐋🐋🐳🐬
fungandus : Do I see some further momentum building :D
coolstorybruhhhhh : CMON FLORIDA!
orcas_my_life : Let's go Florida coming
bubbalichi : Florida !!!!!!
mrsmaryjay : #florida
biologicallynerdy : So proud to live in NY. I was thinking of going to the official vote and bringing information about Lupa, the only killer whale to live in NY. She survived only 7 months and was aggressive toward her keepers. Poor girl did not want that life...
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I got to meet and shoot with #pussyriot today! They are amazing women. I REALLY love my job today #TakePart #vscocam
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ladysuz : Omgg!!!!!
danielcrook : Ah, right...jealousy. I nearly forgot the taste.
berkasaurus : I swear they are aging backward -- or maybe it's your photo skillz
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Please take part in my survey! It is about the impact of non-financial rewards on volunteer motivation! #volunteer #happy #survey #dissertation #takepart # opinion The link is:
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More than 2,100 dolphins and whales are being held in captivity at 343 facilities in 63 countries around the world, with the highest numbers of dolphinariums located in Japan (57), China (44), the United States (34), Russia (24), and Mexico (24), according to the Born Free Foundation. This week, a vote on a California bill that would ban orca captivity was delayed by 18 months, pending an interim study. But, if it passes, California will join a growing list of U.S. states and localities and at least 14 countries that have outlawed the captive display of orcas, dolphins, and in some cases, all wild animals. Herewith, all the locales around the world that forbid the keeping of orcas in tanks for the amusement of paying customers.
shamu - takepart - cetaceans - orcas - whales - emptythetanks - anticap - marinepark - captivitykills - aquarium - seaworld - dolphins - killerwhales -
olivialovesorcas : United States: California- On Feb. 24, 2014, a proclamation declaring that all dolphins should have the right to freedom was passed by the Malibu City Council and subsequently signed by Mayor Joan House. “Whales and dolphins are known to be highly intelligent and emotional creatures,” it declared, “and therefore deserve the right to their own freedom and lives.” On March 6, California state Assemblymember Richard Bloom made international headlines by introducing the Orca Welfare and Safety Act, which would make it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” The bill would also ban captive breeding and artificial insemination of captive killer whales in California. New York- State Sen. Greg Ball surprised anti-captivity activists by introducing a bill in February to ban “the possession and harboring of killer whales in aquariums and sea parks” in the state. On March 25, the Senate Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation voted in favor of the bill. New York has no captive orcas, but the symbolic measure is nonetheless being closely watched by animal welfare activists. South Carolina- In 1982, activist Mark Berman, now at the Earth Island Institute, home to Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, helped pass the first and only U.S. state law to ban marine mammals in captivity. In 2001, state officials amended the law, limiting protections to just cetaceans after Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia announced plans for a sea lion exhibit. “We will work very hard to defend the law if there’s any attempt to change it further,” Berman said in November 2013. Hawaii- When a developer proposed in 2002 to construct a dolphinarium at a Maui shopping center, the Pacific Whale Foundation and other groups successfully lobbied the Maui County Council to ban the display of any captive whale or dolphins.
olivialovesorcas : Other Countries: Bolivia- The Bolivian government made history in July 2009 by enacting the world's first ban on all animals in circuses and other public performance venues. The law was passed following an investigation by the U.K.’s Animal Defenders International, which found widespread abuse in Bolivian circuses, according to The Guardian. Chile- Chilean law was amended in January 2005 to prohibit the capture or import of any cetacean species, “for public exhibition or any other objective associated to its utilization by man.” Costa Rica- The government of Costa Rica decreed new cetacean regulations in July 2005 making it “strictly forbidden” to catch and kill marine mammals, keep cetaceans and other marine mammals captive, or touch, feed, or trap any marine mammal. Croatia- In July 2009, Croatia’s State Institute for Nature Protection enacted a regulation banning the keeping of cetaceans in captivity for commercial purposes. The only exemption would be for the rehabilitation and return of sick or injured animals to their natural environment. Cyprus- The nonprofit group Animal Responsibility Cyprus won a campaign to ban the importation of cetaceans in June 2011. The group says it was also successful in shutting down the Ayia Napa dolphinarium, the only one in the island nation, in 1999. “Subsequent applications to open captive dolphin shows were refused by the authorities,” according to the ARC website. “In spite of Cyprus being a popular holiday spot, you will not see any so-called dolphinariums here.”
olivialovesorcas : Greece- A campaign by Animal Defenders International and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund prompted the Greek government to enact a ban in February 2012 on not only dolphin captivity but the use of all animals in circuses. Greek law now forbids using animals in “recreational games, car racing platforms, musical concerts, exhibitions, fairs or other artistic or entertaining festivities.” In January 2014, the law was overwhelmingly upheld by Parliament following a challenge by the Attica Zoological Park in Sparta. Hungary- This country’s last dolphinarium was closed down and a ban on dolphin imports was imposed in 1992 after “one of the five illegally-imported dolphins from Ukraine died during the transfer, and another within a week of its arrival,” according to the Armenian Weekly. India- On May 20, 2013, India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests banned the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment. A statement from B.S. Bonal of the Central Zoo Authority declared that cetaceans do not in general survive well in captivity. “Confinement in captivity can seriously compromise the welfare and survival of all types of cetaceans by altering their behavior and causing extreme distress,” he said. The ministry even declared that dolphins “should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights.”
olivialovesorcas : Nicaragua- On Feb. 2, 2003, Jorge Salazar Cardenal, then Nicaragua’s minister of the environment, confirmed in a letter to the World Society for the Protection of Animals that his country had “banned the use and exploitation of bottlenose dolphins indefinitely.” Salazar added that the law “guarantees that in Nicaragua, these animals will be fully protected.” Slovenia- According to WDC, Slovenian law “explicitly prohibits” the display of captive dolphins. Switzerland- The country’s House of Representatives handed a major victory to captivity opponents when it outlawed the “keeping of dolphins in aquariums or for entertainment purposes” in March 2012. The Swiss Senate also banned the importation of dolphins. Meanwhile, the last two dolphins remaining in the country were sold to a facility in Jamaica in December 2013. Others- A few countries have standards so strict that it is nearly impossible to keep cetaceans in captivity, including Brazil, Luxembourg, Nicaragua, Norway, and the United Kingdom, where the last dolphinarium was closed in 1993. No company has been able to open in the U.K. since then, “because imposed standards exceed the viability of establishing a dolphinarium in the country,” according to the Born Free Foundation.
olivialovesorcas : #orcas #killerwhales #whales #dolphins #cetaceans #captivitykills #emptythetanks #marinepark #aquarium #seaworld #shamu #takepart #anticap
shariana : Awesome post! so true! 👏👊💙
biologicallynerdy : Yet again the US is behind the curve it seems lol here's hoping our legislators open their eyes soon!
2nd2__none : THIS is what we need more people knowing and caring about! Amazing post, Ty for the info luv!!
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GO ON, DESCRIBE YOUR LAST FART WITH A ONLY A MOVIE TITLE!!! Lol. #scentofawomen #thewindthatshakesthebarley #lol #comedy #hahaha #keepitup #jokes #joker #thejoker #comical #comedians #instalike #instacapture #instafun #funny #funtimes #funniest #funniness #funnies #takepart #sign #doubletap #havealaugh #laughing #laughatyou #laughtogether #likeit #followme
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dobzzzzzzzzzzzz : Ice age
sniffylocket151 : Punisher
cassius_nt : Terminator
the_mighty_triforce : Either The Dark Knight Rises or Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
the_mighty_triforce : Gone with the wind
remcogoetheer : 😂😂😂
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State meeting, so good!!!!! #lovefccla #takepart #txslc #fccla @texassouthernbe11e
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I will #takepart in this #silly #holiday!! #nationalsiblingday #mysister & #bestfriend 💞
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Recording Colin recording me recording Colin recording me.. #oops #doublefilming #takepart #band #recording #studio
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About to #takepart in my#first #live #bushtuckertrial #imaceleb #itv #live with#antanddec #selfie #gay #scared #lol #waxwork
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The #ClipperRace in the #Pacific #Ocean. #Race #SanFrancisco #America #California #TakePart #Adventure #Challenge #Sailing
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Election Day #For #Better #Indonesia #takepart #nogolput
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hichrisje : Nicee reckyyy! R u coming to Dede?
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Statigram feedback