Who doesn't love holding babies all day? #missitalready #byehaiti #hellodelays #stuckonaplane
missitalready - stuckonaplane - hellodelays - byehaiti -
kenleighweba : Sweetness ❀️
julia_marie513 : Aww!! Missing you and the team:( @laceyjo8
alisonmariearcher : I am so lucky to literally have an angel for a best friend. @laceyjo8
heatonem : youre so awesome lace!!!πŸ’˜ i definitely wanna do stuff like this when i graduate😊
laceyjo8 : We miss you! Let us know when you come to oregon :) @julia_marie513 and awwe ali!!! I miss you so much @alisonmariearcher you totally should, I highly recommend it. :) if you ever need help, I'm here! @heatonem
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This guy smells #stuckonaplane
stuckonaplane -
rockin_rosayy : Hahahahahaha
aalessi_1 : The worsttt, I got stuck on the plane to Florida with some Middle East fam that def ain't heard of right guard
clvr_grl - michelleguth - sognidoroinfinite - aalessi_1 -
#stuckonaplane #lizklug
lizklug - stuckonaplane -
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timemagazine - shackles - kramer - costanzagram - seinfeld - georgecostanza - attackedbyprisoner - instaseinfeld - stuckonaplane - costanza - nonrefundabletickets - thenewcostanzagram -
danielparmley : Kraaaaaammmmmeeeerrrrrr!
wbsheff : But ya are, Blanch..Ya are in the shackles...πŸ˜‚
georgief_ : "Oh I can't wait to read my TIME Magazine. Maybe I'll read it tomorrow in the park, it's supposed to be a BEAU-TIFUL day! Have a nice life - sentence that is!".
thenewcostanzagram : #seinfeld #costanza #georgecostanza #instaseinfeld #thenewcostanzagram #costanzagram #nonrefundabletickets #stuckonaplane #kramer #timemagazine #shackles #attackedbyprisoner
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In a plane with the girls. Heading to Arizona to bring home another first place trophy!! Stretching before hours of sitting on a plane. It's all worth it though!! #gottalovethesegirls #dancecompetition #stuckonaplane
dancecompetition - gottalovethesegirls - stuckonaplane -
official_motivationdanceteam - kaliandrewsdance - hannah_t_153 - _mckenziebrooks_dance -
This dude just farted #salty #stuckonaplane #cantrunaway #canthide #smh 😷😷
cantrunaway - smh - salty - canthide - stuckonaplane -
ejn0916 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’©πŸ™ŠβœˆοΈ @aaronjones62
amandajgriffin : Lmao!!!! Sorry but that's hysterical!!!!
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#tbt from a little less than a year ago. I can def see the #gainz I've made in my arms and legs from them til now 😁 #stuckonaplane #goingthrumyphone #winddelays?
winddelays - goingthrumyphone - gainz - tbt - stuckonaplane -
mslilbit313 : I been working out for leg weight and strength. How fast did you start noticing anything?
1ivvy : I can't handle you. Too gorgeous!
elisalouk : @mslilbit313 DM me and we can chat about it if you want.
tiger_duplessis : Your smile !!!!
kennypowers69 : @elisalouk sucks not being able to hear from u any more
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#weee #happymonday #stuckonaplane #snakesonaplane #mondayfunday #stpaddys #humor #instfunny #spring #stealinghoodieseasonisover #wmc #marchmadness #lockerroom #gym #bitchesbelike #doubletap #paigehathaway #bitchesbetripping #instafun πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
spring - gym - weee - instafun - snakesonaplane - doubletap - stuckonaplane - instfunny - bitchesbelike - happymonday - humor - wcw - lockerroom - paigehathaway - marchmadness - bitchesbetripping - mondayfunday - stealinghoodieseasonisover - wmc - stpaddys -
karisa43 : Lmfao
thaajames : How's my real future #wcw doing today ? @karisa43
karisa43 : Lol oh just doing great in this 20 degree weather.. Not missing Vegas or anything haha
thaajames : πŸ˜ͺ. I'm on a ✈️ now. In Charlotte going to Florida. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Don't worry I'll come back with πŸŽπŸŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thaajames : @karisa43
karisa43 : LA fit will miss ya πŸ˜›
veeee29 : πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love this
thaajames : Yea buddy. @veeee29
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So close, yet so far! #brokengate #stuckonaplane #someonesfeetstink
someonesfeetstink - brokengate - stuckonaplane -
bryankulba - velvetbeaver - ddross - tidaldave -
Pleaaaaasssse Branson let us go!!! #stuckonaplane #goingon2hours #dancemakersinc
dancemakersinc - goingon2hours - stuckonaplane -
kim_cain : That straight sucks! I MISS YOU!!!!!
gina_badone : Omg! Good luck !
kellysgrace - kim_cain - alicarter0203 - _princess__madison -
When is it so long waiting for the stairs at the gate that we get to use the emergency slide? #stuckonaplane #BA #heathrow
ba - heathrow - stuckonaplane -
crummy_username : So fuckin annoying. Best to sit back down and let it wash over you #coolwetgrass
crummy_username - erin_schettler -
No this is not Cleveland I'm stuck in #buffalo #highwinds #cantland #thissucks #stuckonaplane #helpme πŸ˜ͺ😫😑#darnwinter
cantland - darnwinter - stuckonaplane - highwinds - helpme - thissucks - buffalo -
breyonce04 : Omg I just textd u if ur home but clearly your not awwwww
thirtylovin : Safe travels. High winds here and lots of snow to greet you!
grladrian : @thirtylovin I'm stuck in buffalo I can't get in tonight idk what I'm going to do my babies...
grladrian : @breyonce04 come get me
thirtylovin : Oh boy and we all know they NEED you!!!!!!!!!!!!! If conditions stay the way it is, schools may be canceled
breyonce04 : Im on my way
ndperry800 : Too bad ur stuck but since ur there can u bring me some Cinnabons ? :-) lol
miss_trish216 - mand_ie - rogcf - breyonce04 -
I'd love to be stuck on a plane next to him! @kaepernick7 #kaepernick #stuckonaplane #hottie #myfavoriteqb #milehighclub #ohyea
ohyea - hottie - stuckonaplane - kaepernick - myfavoriteqb - milehighclub -
sportsposters : @drea_garcia Nice!
floyooooo - _dre_dayy_ - yoo_anthony1 - stephh0204 -
Stuck on the runway.... One of those planes needs to move.... Please? #flyingsucks #stuckonaplane #iwannagetoffnow
iwannagetoffnow - flyingsucks - stuckonaplane -
beinggraceyoon : Where you going home slice?
miloberryblog : @beinggraceyoon this home slice came home to Santa Clara. :)
jenniexlee - beinggraceyoon - omgirl88 - mrcoolsauce -
#rockylanding #stuckonaplane #backtoengland #notimpressed
backtoengland - notimpressed - rockylanding - stuckonaplane -
nathanboug -
berlin bitches #berlin2014 #stuckonaplane
berlin2014 - stuckonaplane -
felixbeard - nikitasmith_ - sivi_xx - freydo_ -
tempted #ironicexitpicture #stuckonaplane #selfie #toowindy
ironicexitpicture - toowindy - selfie - stuckonaplane -
tall_tem - j_szyszlyk - jjsebby - louis_ashton -
Bulldozers moving #snow at #Dulles #dc #travel #stuckonaplane
travel - stuckonaplane - snow - dc - dulles -
liltribbs - efoye - neevenr - wanderingtrader -
I just want to go home #stuckonaplane for 3 and a half hours :(
stuckonaplane -
beaut_y_fullb : Hope you have a safe trip home love
beaut_y_fullb : @mishkamartin
roybal_b - diamondroselr - cup_cakes_82 - gvelasco17 -
Moments like these call for a photo... βœˆοΈπŸ˜’ #shouldhavebroughtacarryon #stuckonaplane #delayed #miami #thunderstorms #bored #airplane #view #vacation #montreal #quebec #boo
miami - shouldhavebroughtacarryon - boo - delayed - vacation - quebec - stuckonaplane - airplane - bored - thunderstorms - montreal - view -
stacer1177 : Easy to get stuck on a plane if you're always traveling #jetsetter
elanajacqueline : Funny Stace! Welcome to the Arctic.
stacer1177 - sharonagesm - salleyjvt - t_lebedieva -
Wish I was on that plane. It's taking off. #stuckonaplane #theyarentevenservingdrinks #icepocolypseATX #ihatewindowseats #itscrampedinhere #helpme #jetsetterproblems
ihatewindowseats - jetsetterproblems - stuckonaplane - helpme - icepocolypseatx - theyarentevenservingdrinks - itscrampedinhere -
laurammatz : What a bummer! ☎️✈️
rifernandez : Are you here yet?
darlinalter : Yes!!! @rifernandez
rifernandez : Yay! Glad you made it!!
darlinalter : Yes!!! Me too. Hope I don't get stuck on Thursday 😳
darlinalter : @rifernandez
only1sophia : Oh no!
_brookeschneid_ - _shanleymatzorkis_ - emmebean_06 - staceyah -
On my way home from my first plane involved work trip. Was nice seeing you for 8 hours Sydney!
marketresearch - sydneyairport - gofaster - airporttraffic - work - getaway - quicktrip - oversofast - sydney - stuckonaplane - worktrip -
alishamusil : #sydney #sydneyairport #worktrip #work #marketresearch #quicktrip #oversofast #getaway #airporttraffic #stuckonaplane #gofaster
chriscomau : Stay longer next time :)
strong_nat - jennymusil - missmadalinex -
Don't you ever do this. Also check out the king of the hill guy sitting down in the green. #stuckonaplane #pilotvoice #airtran #kingofthehill
pilotvoice - kingofthehill - airtran - stuckonaplane -
will_findley14 - tyshanb - randallthurman - dj_twitch00 -
nevergoinghome - stuckonaplane -
shaylielrod - michellle_young - mango240 - erikalombardo -
Now only if they can stream the Super Bowl live #stuckonaplane #canthaveitall
777 - boeing777 - boeing - canthaveitall - stuckonaplane -
caskade : #boeing777 #777 #boeing
__heatherrae - mmanzoor - chycoflorez - _plane_pics_ -
Flight delayed.. Sitting on a plane going nowhere.. Solution- instagram pictures of more food! This time, dinner at @cathaypacific 's The Wing. The soup was delicious πŸ˜‹ See you soon (I hope) Singapore! #stuckonaplane
stuckonaplane -
duckbie : I was delayed too! Three hours ugh
cko01 - lirenloh - vivivivier - jnqco -
Maybe the second deicing will do the trick. #DTW #stuckonaplane #winterweather
winterweather - dtw - stuckonaplane -
Clearing the snow for us hopefully #willieverflyouttoday?! #stuckonaplane
stuckonaplane - willieverflyouttoday -
joellegarguilo -
#caymanbrac #firsttimein11yearsandcantseenuttin #stuckonaplane
caymanbrac - firsttimein11yearsandcantseenuttin - stuckonaplane -
rhiancamp : What the hell you doing there lol
ravioli345 : @rhiancamp Apparently Cayman airways flys here first from Miami
rhiancamp : Lol oh, thought the pilot got lost
tarakins101 : Lol @rhiancamp
brittanychanellemacvicar - rob_j345 - sophs_345 -
It's all disintegrated into this.
vegansofig - stuckinyakima - yakima - stuckonaplane - homelandsecurity - drunkstagram -
vegankitten : #homelandsecurity #stuckonaplane #yakima #drunkstagram #vegansofig
vegankitten : #stuckinyakima
jeskaboston : Yes!!
vegankitten : @jeskaboston LOL!
veg_meg : You would
shym1 - laurynalyssa - ktgerrr - rufusthephatty -
Working and drinking on the plane. Might as well make the most of this. #stuckonaplane #yakima #halobrandedsolutions #ppaishow #vegansofig
vegansofig - stuckinyakima - ppaishow - yakima - stuckonaplane - halobrandedsolutions -
vegankitten : #stuckinyakima
the_keeks : I love that there's a couple other random #stuckinyakima tags
krinstin - _anatomica_ - obrienkl - srizvi2012 -
The approach system that allows the plane to land in fog malfunctioned and we were diverted to the nearest airport with no fog: Yakima, WA. There are no employees in the airport (it's that small) so we are required to stay on the plane while they get someone to drive 1.5 hours to come fix it. According to the most recent update, it will be no less than 2.5 hours before we can get back up in the air and head home. So, if anyone if awake, please chat with me! #stuckonaplane #yakima #vegansofig
stuckinyakima - yakima - vegansofig - stuckonaplane -
the_keeks : @adamantiumrage good one! πŸ‘ don't worry Natalie, John McClane will save you.
plantstrongvegan : Oh man, that's awful. I'm assuming you're already home now. Sorry your flight was all jacked up :/
vegankitten : @plantstrongvegan I wish I could say I was home. Still stranded in Yakima, WA.
plantstrongvegan : You serious?! Damn. That's a bunch of crap. I'm sorry Hun :/ what's the eta?
vegankitten : @plantstrongvegan it's insane. I have a hard time believing them, but they say the new plane will be here in 45 mins and take off in 1.5 hrs. We'll see.
vvinteralopex : :(((( I'd be so annoyed. $500 voucher and free transportation from airport to home would be my demands πŸ˜πŸ‘Š
janessapk : Omg that sucks so hard.
chefkajsa : hopefully some sort of voucher and at least some free cocktails! safe travels
frenchyfry3 - childintime_ - veganpoop - lizzy84 -
This lovely storm has my life on hold. #stuckonaplane
stuckonaplane -
kmeier80 : :(. We are excited to see you hope they don't delay you too long.
shiannewilliams - remroberts - nicoleviebrock - daniel_naranjo0214 -
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