Decided to post this photo from our #anniversary night. Anyone who knows me I only dress up for my #hubs. Also to prove I know where my #makeup and #hairspray are hidden. #strivingforoneness #marriage
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lauraly2usa : Pretty!!
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Yep married 2 years to this guy! He sent me this πŸ˜›#love #loveis #marriage #husbands #strivingforoneness #goofy
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lauraly2usa : Happy Anniversary you two!!! Love you!
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Last one #marriage #love #strivingforoneness #couple #happytimes #hubs #husbands
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It's my most favorite thing to do with him. #husbands #hubs #marriage #love #strivingforoneness #couple #happytimes
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Dancing with my hubs. #anniversary #marriage #love #strivingforoneness #couple #marritalproblems
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O' how I love this man! He's finishing up reading through the entire Bible (for like the third time since we've been married) and wants to start again with me right alongside him as soon as he finishes. I love that he never feels like he's "read the Bible enough", but instead KNOWS there is always more to learn as we walk this thing called life out with Christ as our guide. #teamFLORES #marriedlife #strivingforoneness
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momdiggity : Love that!!!
_imalwaysashley : Oh...and those are the @compassion and World Vision kids we sponsor on the wall :-)
_imalwaysashley : @momdiggity Yea, for some reason I never saw the need to read through the whole Bible before I met him. And he was like "if someone hands you a book and says all of the answers to life's are in it, why wouldn't you read it?" ...greeeeeat point! Lol. We read it together Fall of 2012 and am so ready to start again because I've been in a Bible-reading funk.
dalightb : Beautiful πŸ™
melissaj323 : This warms my heart so much!
mrsanitam : Love it!!
ojong5 : Beautiful
fredagates : Amen!
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Thank you for your prayers and standing in agreement with me as my family and we overcame a test of our faith. We love you guys! (SN: ALL IS WELL! God is faithful!!! #healed) ~~~I've realized that confessing and showing/proving your faith are two different things. When you confess your faith in Jesus, be prepared for your confession to be proven! Not at all is it a bad thing, it shows God AND you where you really are in Him! I am VERY grateful for the test...because my faith HAD to coincide with what I had been confessing! And if it didn't, I needed God to help me get there. I remember Him waking me up in the middle of the night after receiving MORE bad news...He told me "Trust Me AND remain faithful THROUGH this, not just sometimes or before and after...but ALL THE WAY THROUGH UNTIL THE END!" ~~~So I pray that wherever your marriage is TODAY that you will remain faithful THROUGH the fire- THROUGH the storm...not before or after. #strivingforoneness
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strivingforoneness : "So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies goldβ€”though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. (1 Peter 1:6, 7 NLT"
quanquin : God is able...constantly praying for you and your family!! Praising God for what He's already done what He is doing and what He's about to do in your lives!!
justshante : πŸ™Œamen may God continue to bless you and your family
wezy41 : @strivingforoneness So True God Is Your All And All
waytruthlife_girl : An outward profession of Jesus means nothing without an inward profession to back it up! @strivingforoneness! He challenges us to see where we are spiritually and if we are ready to learn from it because our storms are necessary for spiritual growing. We will get to the other side but the coolest thing is that Jesus isnt getting out of our boat and He aint afraid of our own storms. God been teaching me about this for a while and He is giving me people to ministry with #MyTruth..... praying for you :)
sperry722 : Amen!!!! This has truly blessed and I admire your faithfulness! God IS!!!
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My one and ONLY crush To know him really is to love him. Paul has seen me at my absolute worst and even in those moments he loved me through it, He's prayed for me end over me when I couldn't do it for myself, he saw what at the time I didn't and pushed me! His love makes myΒ life FULL,he honors the word of God in the way he talks to me,prays, protects, provides and LOVES me... My Super Hero, I'm proud to carry his last name and hold his heartΒ πŸ’œ ‬
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naturallymenolye : Love it! Love to see REAL love! =) @naturallyfreetobeme
naturallyfreetobeme : @sunshinetildawn πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
naturallyfreetobeme : @cdgitsme YES!!!!!! Nothing like it in the world πŸ’ž
naturallyfreetobeme : @naturallymenolye Thank You πŸ’œπŸ’œ
futurenappymrs : Beautiful!!!
naturallyfreetobeme : @nappyscientist Thank You πŸ’œ
tbailey513 : Awwwwwwww!!!! You two, I can't wait to see you guys! @naturallyfreetobeme
naturallyfreetobeme : We can't wait to see you either @tbailey513 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ your Mom is supposed to bring me some Barks red creme soda for Paul lol....
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Oh another great on from my lik bros wedding! #love #marriage #strivingforoneness #weddings #couple
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The beautiful wedding venue we attended. #weddings #marriage #memories #love #strivingforoneness
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Our first weekend away in a few years. #marriage #love #strivingforoneness #couple
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My hubby and I enjoying couples cafe at our church tonight. #theartofmarriage #lovethisguy #strivingforoneness
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My honey and I at our church EBBC for Couples Cafe!! #theartofmarriage #teamking #establishedin2008 #6yrsstrong #strivingforoneness
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@ aliyah_lovely This Girl right here is like no other.. NEVER could she be replaced.. and thts why I stay close by cause I have to keep her by myside #MyLove #TeamNoSlavename #SheIsSoBeautiful #StrivingForOneness #MyOtherHalf
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conductivemind : @aliyah_lovely
mutaliyah : Lol.... Awwww... Apdta!
goddess_byy_naturee : Awwwwwwwww omg I love you guys lol
conductivemind : Apdta Thank Yu
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❀️ his & hers ❀️ @___pipo happy valentines day 😘 #love#LOVE#us#hisandhers#imhis#heshers#forever#valentinesday#ours#marriage#husbandandwife#cutestcouple#cheers#funday#kisses#drinks#clink#strivingforoneness#9thvalentinestogether#goodnight
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Love is always patient, always kind. Love never gets jealous, it never sings its own praises, and it never shows off. Love is not rude, it’s not selfish, and it doesn’t get angry at the drop of a hat. Love does not keep score of the wrongs other do. Love finds pleasure, not inΒ the vices, but in the virtues of others. It puts up with anything and forgives everything. Love looks for the best in everyone and it never brings up past failures. Love never stops trusting, it never loses faith, and it never gives up. Love never fails! ~1 Corinthians 13:4-7 #Godfirst
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waytruthlife_girl : Celebrating JesΓΊs today and everyday for His love for me and how His love is changing my life!! Embracing!! Standing tall!! :) #textgram #Mytruth #MyTestimony #MyValentine #rose #memories #strivingforoneness #ValentinesDay
surfpunk777 : πŸ™πŸ‘
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Happy Valentine's Day β™₯ This man literally makes every day my life feel like a special occasion, his LOVE for me is a gift I will never take for granted I love being his wife β™₯ #valentinesday #marriagerocks #marriageishonorable #love #strivingforoneness #loveandmarriage
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cdgitsme : Amen!! Happy V❀️day Sis! 😘 @naturallyfreetobeme
naturallyfreetobeme : Happy Valentines Day sis @cdgitsme
naturallyfreetobeme : #Essencevalentines
dee_naturelle : Beautiful couple!! @naturallyfreetobeme
naturallyfreetobeme : @dee_naturelle Thank You
illwah : That's truly beautiful!!
naturallyfreetobeme : Thank You @illwah
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The Mr. and I spent the weekend turning our pantry door into a giant chalkboard! As much as I love the chalkboard, I love that we did it together even more :-) #strivingforoneness
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mrsdisababi : Awesome idea!
thewordofanerd : Neat idea. Now you can leave love notes on it for each other.
jelane_ : Love it!
darkandlovely8 : Nice ! So love it
_imalwaysashley : @disabadillo @thewordofanerd @jelane_ @darkandlovely8 Thanks! I actually learn something on #Pinterest every now and then
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Another reason I love reading and keeping up with @unveiledwife! I didn't write this prayer, but I'm loving it nonetheless. Wives, what are we allowing to cause a wedge between us and our husbands? What can be done about it? Do it! Not sure what to do? Cry out with every fiber of your being to God! We should never allow our fears, pain, hurt, emotions, etc. stop us from having a truly repentant heart. It doesn't matter who did what to who. If you see a way to remove the thorn, remove it. Allow God to show His glory through your marriage. Protect your home from evil attacks from the enemy; don't allow them to fester and grow. Start this day renewed, refreshed and ready for battle. Fight for the sanctification of your home! #strivingforoneness
strivingforoneness -
megromeo : I absolutely love this! Ironicly, my word for the new year is unveiled! My new site unveiledforhisglory is launching soon. So glad to have come across! God is good as he iterates even more how much we need to be open before@him!
megromeo : @unveiledwife @_imalwaysashley
megromeo : You girls are a blessing!
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Best gift this year was getting to spend Christmas with my man!!! @gilberto_in_bk #ilovemyhubby #strivingforoneness #myheart
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jfab_fl : Merry Christmas, miss you!
mrsdee_v12 : @jfab_fl merry Christmas.... I miss you too girl!
jfab_fl : Xoxox
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#strivingforoneness #marriedlife
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Lookie what my big sis found on her cell! This is probably the only clear pic we have from when we actually got married, lol. Yep, we went to the courthouse after making it through four weeks or so of unimaginable drama and chaos leading up to our planned wedding day (which led us to call out whole engagement off...yea, it was that deep). But I'm so blessed that God never took His hand off us and on Monday we will celebrate our two year anniversary :-) #teamFLORES #strivingforoneness #teamJESUS #love #Faith
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_imalwaysashley : ...and yes, I'm one of those weird people who actually lost weight when I got married. I look a lil chunky here, Lol.
audraharper : WOW!!! Our anniversary is Tuesday 😊 8 years!!! God is faithful!!! #teammarried
relentless_1 : How Awesome Ashley!
evydiane : What a testimony! Looking forward to hearing some more one day Lord willing! Happy anni 😍
naturallovejones : Isn't God good!!! Love you guys!!! Happy pre-versary!
venia_live : Yes Yes!!!! Marriage is a workout!!! That's probably why you lost your weight, wasn't used to working out everyday! That's what we call loveshapingπŸ˜‰! #Godhonorsmarriages
ashrenc2w : Thats such a beautiful testimony.
ashpt : We celebrate ours on tues!
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This week was full of absolute craziness, everything that could go wrong went wrong leading up to our anniversary, we even had to change our original plans. BUT today was wonderful! I don't take marriage for granted, after 11 years my prayer is still the same, I ask God to continue making me the wife he knows I should be for Paul, anyone who knows him,knows he's truly special, it's truly a pleasure being his wife.There isn't another person I would rather share my dreams, life and love with. I'm so grateful to the lord for his seal of approval by giving us this kind of love and his favor β™₯ #marriage #theloveexperience #strivingforoneness #marriageishonorable #marriedlife
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naturallyfreetobeme : @mygirlsmylife78 Oh wow Happy Anniversary!!!! Yes it's amazing β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
lovejonez1920 : Wow. So beautiful!! I would love to experience this one day. Happy Anniversary!!! β™₯
honeychilehairlove : Happy Anniversary! !!! I love y'all so much!!!
naturallyfreetobeme : @lovejonez1920 Thank You β™₯
naturallyfreetobeme : @honeychilehairlove Thanks sis Love you β™₯
cdgitsme : AMEN!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
illwah : Amen!!! Bless you guys
naturallyfreetobeme : @illwah Thank You God Bless
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Hey, Loves! Head over to www.sweetnessitself.com to read my thoughts on sex after you say "I Do". Thanks @erin_sweetnessitselfblog for the feature :-) {{click on her profile to access a clickable link}}
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brittanyshontel : i loved it. thank you so much for this. i was so worried about the lack of sex of my now dating relationship effecting my soon marriage.
_shayshaw : I absolutely loved it and thanks for sharing that. You are truly an inspiration.
mama_by_grace : Thanks for being open. No crazy sauce; I gotcha! I too struggled with the idea of "it's okay now" after we married. It's a total change of your mindset.
_imalwaysashley : #teamMARRIED #teamJESUS #purity #pinkypromise #influencenet #marriageworks #marriedlife #strivingforoneness
ms_bnc : Great read. :)
_imalwaysashley : @ohthatsbrittany @_shayshaw @osulawson @ms_bnc Thanks for the love y'all :-)
mrstabb : Just met you via this post. New follower. :) xo
_imalwaysashley : @mrstabb :-)
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strivingforoneness - marriedlife - teammarried - love - marriageworks -
_imalwaysashley : #marriedlife #marriageworks #strivingforoneness #teamMARRIED #love
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Home from date night! Dinner at Montego's! Yum!!! Yep, we know it's only 9:30 but we're old and have stuff to do tomorrow...lol. Night y'all! #strivingforoneness
strivingforoneness -
gracefullyrose : Yes, it is true...you all are amazing!!!!
nomakeup3 : Girl we are on our first baby free date since September and I am struggling waiting to go to this 10:20 movie. Lol! #thisis29 lol
princesstori27 : Sleep sounds fun to me
_imalwaysashley : @nomakeup3 lol
ezzyeeee : Awww
itsmorganmusic : @_imalwaysashley that's me and Patrick too! We were out to midnight last night and I was thrown off. Early bedtimes for the win! haha
_imalwaysashley : @itsmorganmusic lol
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#True #Love begins #within ..What does that have to do with #God ? Where do you think he lives? #LoveLesson #MarriageWorks #Strivingforoneness #God1st
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arei3 : Right
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#NEWBLOGPOST! - So...what are you doing to work towards your goals? {{ http://imalwaysashley.com }} ...clickable link in profile.
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_imalwaysashley : #alwaysashleyblog #ontheblog #blogger #teamJESUS #teamMARRIED #strivingforoneness #preggo #quiettime #patience #GratefulNovember #love #powersheets
aurian__ : I love your blogs!
_imalwaysashley : @aurian9 aww, thanks honey :-)
kristinschmucker : Love
strivingforoneness : I really like this collage sis!
_imalwaysashley : @strivingforoneness Thanks hun. Its taped in my 2013 goal planning binder as my vision board :-)
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#beebo #11302013 #strivingforoneness #weddingcountdown #weddinganning #tietheknot
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iamdoneisha : Why I didn't know u were getting married
vitaminb33 : @iamdoneisha yes maam...i thought u knew
strivingforoneness : Yay!!!! #exciting
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Yep.. He's super tall and I'm super short β™₯β™₯ God really created a masterpiece when he created my husband. #marriagerocks #marriedlife #ilovemyhusband #strivingforoneness
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naturallyfreetobeme : @cdgitsme Thanks sis #loveisaleaysagoodlook school was great
cdgitsme : Yaaaaaay!!! So glad to hear it! You Rock @naturallyfreetobeme !! πŸ˜ƒ
honeychilehairlove : Loves my fam! !
naturallyfreetobeme : @cdgitsme did you see my other response to you?
naturallyfreetobeme : Love you too @honeychilehairlove
cdgitsme : @naturallyfreetobeme ! Yes, I responded a few minutes ago. πŸ˜„
strivingforoneness : Aww this is beautiful!!
naturallyfreetobeme : Thank You @strivingforoneness
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Reflecting on one of my daily reminders I keep around my bathroom mirror as I get this week started. No one can damage my marriage like me and my husband can. It's up to us to keep it together! Now...let me go attack him with kisses before I head out! Lol #strivingforoneness
strivingforoneness -
itsciarabre : @_imalwaysashley I love you. You are just so awesome. You are glowing
retired_ninja : You look beautiful
ojong5 : Awesome!!
_imalwaysashley : @itsciarabre @retired_ninja :-)
venia_live : Great inspiration Ashley!!!! I love it!!!😊
_imalwaysashley : @venia_live inspired by @momdiggity
momdiggity : LOVE THIS!!!!!!
strivingforoneness : YES!! I LOVE IT!!
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In case you haven't read my latest blog post... imalwaysashley.com #alwaysashleyblog #strivingforoneness #marriedlife
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NEW BLOG POST! - imalwaysashley.com {{clickable link in profile}} #marriedlife #teamFLORES #strivingforoneness @kalynrandolph @lifewithamberly
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lov_elie : *Gasps! And goes to read now!* Lol :)
lashun_h : Gorgeous!
ojong5 : This is one of my favorite picture. Flawless!!!
_imalwaysashley : @lov_elie @lashun_h @ojong5 :-)
strivingforoneness : Gorgeous!!
the_mrs12 - ibeautifuldays - bmanthebeautiful - ojong5 -
Statigram feedback