Happy 420! #southernscum
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justinchadanthony : Happy holidaze brother! @kaizer_parkerson
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Porn, Unity, Soul! #CrispyClips #doyouevenblade #newloucrew #valobrand #blade4life #bladeordie #southernscum
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topsoulhippie : #wearess #ss
bradanthony : Love it
topsoulhippie : @bradanthony thanks man :)
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Yesterday was a great day out on the waters! Caught 7 fish 5 bass, 2 snakes & hooked but lost a bigass bass & another snakehead. #catchoftheday #lmb #bass #basspro #proangler #gonefishing #rippinlips #lonewolf #flogrown #snakehead #picoftheday #photooftheday #postoftheday #bestoftheday #realnigga #thewaterismystadium #broward #soflafishing #bullseye #whatido #bassbrigade #lunker #ninja #southernscum #954
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shaxis : 😷 at the snake. yuck!
ludaarce : It's a snakehead fish not a actual snake lol @shaxis
mndgm3 : Lmao these Jamaicans -_- @shaxis
ludaarce : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mndgm3
shaxis : @mndgm3 @ludaarce it has the word snake in it!! still gross!!
sillyliam : 😊
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Soul to Porn! #doyouevenblade #newloucrew #valobrand #amallcashclip #aggressivemall #southernscum
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southernscum : This is awesome. Love the enthusiasm. But your last line was so sick, you should just take down these box grinds. Just saying @topsoulhippie save the southernscum hashtag for the bangers, not the warm ups 😬
topsoulhippie : @southernscum im just starting so these box vids are bangers for me lol im just reppin man! But ill forsure be gettin some more lines getting better every thursday night
southernscum : Yeeeeeee. Rip dood!
topsoulhippie : @southernscum thanks man!! Fuckin stoked you liked my shit though
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Alex broofskow and I went to the local skatepark for a night of binge drinking and shashashashredding while we ran into the neighborhood didgeridoo player our night was filled with manuals and crab rolls while simultaneously turning down for what. #southernscum #alexbroofskow #jimlabbeau #shredders #tru #dickdragginskateteam @broofdizblades
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broofdizblades : TO CLARIFY: I do not drink, nor have I ever.
broofdizblades : BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #GoRollerblade #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #WDH #SWAG #STEEZ #SK859 #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD @razorsblades @thecultrevolution @southernscum
southernscum : This is awesome. SS does not support 2 of the above hashtags, just to clarify. Sick bank to miz at the end ... πŸ‘πŸ‘ @kingfontaine
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Porn 180 out
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topsoulhippie : #doyouevenblade #southernscum #valobrand #newloucrew #xtremeinlinesk8ingclub
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Acid Grind #doyouevenblade #southernscum #newloucrew #xtremeinlinesk8ingclub #valobrand
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themgkteam123 : Smooth
topsoulhippie : @themgkteam123 always
themgkteam123 : Cn u give me a shout out
topsoulhippie : Yeah shout out for shout out?
topsoulhippie : @themgkteam123
themgkteam123 : Deal bro
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Top Soul #doyouevenblade #newloucrew #southernscum #xtremeinlinesk8ingclub #valobrand
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southernscum : Smooth
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Backside Savannah #newloucrew #doyouevenblade #southernscum #valobrand
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trippy__sosaa_ : Damn we need to skate soon man
topsoulhippie : At louisville
yaboii_jbrought : Back unity
topsoulhippie : Is a savannah right over left? @yaboii_jbrought
yaboii_jbrought : Yea
topsoulhippie : Damn looks like i got some work todo tomorrow !! Lol thanks for telling me though @yaboii_jbrought
yaboii_jbrought : That is dope though one of my fav tricks.
topsoulhippie : I love the way it looks down a hand rail @yaboii_jbrought
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Some people would call this a sport or a hobbie or just a way to chill with friends. I see this as a passion and a family. Regram @bradanthony #newloucrew #bladergang #BladeLife #shred #SoDope #bladeordie #thefam #louisvilleblade #southernscum #BoutThatLife
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headonskate : Dat place is HEAVEN❀
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Though most would agree that blading has seen better days, though our industry is not flooded with millions of dollars, corporate sponsorship, televised contest and commercial advertisement. We are rooted with in each other. The backbone of aggressive rollerblading is currently standing strong, held up by skater owned and operated companies. The gentlemen in the photo goes by the name of The Grip. He is a powerhouse from North Carolina. As most already know, he is a long time supporter of SS and currently part owns/operates a sk8 brand. To learn more about this dood and everything him and his Carolina crew are doing, please click on the photo above. Want to support true efforts, by a pair of blades off of them. You even have the option now to request those southernscum collab deals. Rumor has it, if you were OSO boots, torque grinds are as easy as ABC. Photography by : @coreyoringderff #southernscum #OSObootsMFG #TheGripPullsHard #SupportSkaterOwnedCo. #theWolfpack #WeAreSS
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popachek : My best homie @phillgrip
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One of the best parts of his blading was the uniqueness, weirdness if you will. From shopping carts, to clever bonks. To this day, there is still no one who thought quite like Charles. So, here's a question to go along with today's throwback. It will be multiple parts. What would this trick be called? Where in the world did it happen? What skates was he wearing? Here is one clue, to maybe help determine the answers to those questions. The photograph was captured by none other than @wesdriver #southernscum #tbt #RollTide #UncleDunkle #WeAreSS
uncledunkle - southernscum - rolltide - wearess - tbt -
popachek : Tree bonk hydrant spin thing tree bonk out maybe? In Alabama on razors SL's... Think saw this in rejects could be wrong lol
notrosspuryear : the skates are Razors Stockwells
brentdouglas6 : Spinning ontop of things was called pegging. Made popular by Mike Leaf
teeravaller : @popachek tree bonk, to peg, 360 out. Razor gen Stockwell's.
caddywumpus : You can tell they're stockwells by those damn soul plates. I loved those things.
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Welcome back to "Waste a clip Wednesday". Where we take a few clips and waste them on the internet, just because it's Wednesday. This is week number 8, and for those of you who care, we are going to keep it going as long as possible. This weeks deal, once again features @steventatitup and @justinchadanthony skating a sweet steep pea gravel bank to a fat PVC pipe. With an excellent crack filled landing and just the right amount of gravel and cracks. To make it even more rad, upon skating the spot a good ole boy redneck man approached the session with a loaded pistol to clear the spot of skaters. As you can see, we still got a couple of pieces in. Side note for all you viewers who find this series obnoxious or feel indifferent about the cameras used ... Suck it. Please continue to check back for daily updates with SS. See ya next week for #wcw (don't be scared to share) β™₯️ #southernscum #WCW #SoScummy #WeAreSS
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alwayzontimeglass : @puffglass
alwayzontimeglass : #weouthere
puffglass : Sick! @alwayzontimeglass
alwayzontimeglass : We skating Oregon ? @puffglass
tutboiswagg : Let's eat brother my treat. @southernscum
puffglass : U know this ked!! There is some pretty ass parks out that way @alwayzontimeglass
southernscum : @puffglass come visit!
puffglass : Hells yea, where exactly are u guys out of?
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realbigcontest - southernscum -
therealbigcontest : SOUTHERN SCUM will now be a proud sponsor of The Real Big Contest! @southernscum @we_are_ss #southernscum #realbigcontest
southernscum : And happy to be one!
taylorkobryn : Damn we be down there may 21st
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The doods have been staying extra busy here lately. The Krone released two edits of himself and some buds ripping a box demo in Nashville and also an indoor park in Atlanta. Chris released a classy quickie called a day in the A. They are all viewable on their personal vimeo pages. This past weekend Ray made his way back down to The A and according to the picture above, they are continuing to stay busy on them blades. Hopefully we will soon be blessed by another quickie by Mr. Smith. Until then, just enjoy this mute grab, from parking lot to parking lot. Thank you for the extra proper capture donations @trace888888 #southernscum #AnotherDayInTheA #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
southernscum - pullhardorpullout - anotherdayinthea - wearess -
emills85 : Fuck yeah!
sean_grossman : Dat dudes good
deepsouthhousetechnician : bruh! insane!
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Got this in the mail today! Shout outs to @razorsblades for giving me a chance! You all really have no I des how much this means to me. @thecultrevolution is happening. #BladeLife #FromWhereIBlade #InstaBlading #GoRollerblade #BladerGang #BlvderGvng #BG #WeOutHere #WOH #WeDownHere #wearerising #wearess #TSWRA #WDH #SWAG #STEEZ #SK859 #RazorsBlades #TheCultRevolution #southernscum #CLIPSQUAD
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max_alberto : Well deserved young g keep putting in work! πŸ‘Š @broofdizblades
phresh2deaph : My dudeπŸ˜„congratsπŸ‘πŸ‘
lamesneilson : I've always thought razors wheels were good. not sure who pours them but I like em. their frames are on point as well.
tay_digz : #prosesh
nicholasborders : Good shit man!
broofdizblades : Thanks homies! @max_alberto @phresh2deaph @tay_digz @nicholasborders
broofdizblades : @lamesneilson I actually think they go through someone else now. The new ones are super dope!
noahlzipser : Got one too. No bag though. My "name" bag from like 2010 is dead. Need a new one!
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@kingfontaine @colescold26 @zig_zag_zack35 #rollerblade #going #hard #allday #library #southernscum #jimbohawkins
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southernscum : Yeeeeeeee
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Got plans for 4/20? Debating on a way to properly celebrate the holidays? How about plan a trip to Lexington, Kentucky for a skate contest. Though The 14th Annual Ky Battle is still months away, the planning committee is arranging a grip of side events, leading up to the battle. Things are kicking off on 420 for first side event, The Lextown Burndown, brought to you by JEESUP ( @jeesup450 ) There is a scheduled meet up time, 5 o'clock at Woodland Skatepark. It only cost $5 to enter the jam and the contest will be held at one radical spot, announced that day. Winner takes all! All proceeds and donations through out the day will go directly towards the winners pot for the official battle! To learn more about the burndown, other side events, and some heritage about the battle, please follow @kyb_mmxiv , where you can get constant updates on the deal. What better ways to celebrate Easter weekend, then getting buck on them blades. Don't sleep... #southernscum #LextownBurndown #TheKentuckyBattle #SupportTheSupportersWhoSupportTheSupporters #WeAreSS
thekentuckybattle - wearess - southernscum - supportthesupporterswhosupportthesupporters - lextownburndown -
stefanbrandow : @therealkylewood @hawketrackler we going?
versace_swimming_lessons : :)
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Julian Mire | Fishbrain #southernscum πŸ”± #iusedtogetintroublebyavaforwatchingbetinfrontofyouwhenyouweresix #lookhowfarwevecome
southernscum - iusedtogetintroublebyavaforwatchingbetinfrontofyouwhenyouweresix - lookhowfarwevecome -
jmire : Best tags!
roshjobertson : Clean
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Sometimes a photo requires a good description. A real detailed write up or story about where it came from. Whose in it, where it was taken or what's happening in it. But sometimes it's a picture, that's just worth looking at. It's a capture that just happen to turn out perfect, with great lighting, obvious efforts. A photo that just speaks for itself. There's no need in telling you Jmire does picture perfect fishbrains or that Cameron really knows how to take a DSLR flip it up and get in there extra deep. So while others are busy mocking and trying to get everyone going. We will continue to use what we got and do so with umph. There's a solid reason why SS and all of it's associates are on top. There's an obvious amount of determination and persistence with everything we put out. This photo goes out to the haters. To all the people who don't fully believe in the rise. To the people who'd rather waste time trying to figure out how or why. You all just need to continue to sit back and watch. We will embrace your feelings and continue to climb past you. Because we are still new, we are full of efforts and we have only just begun. We Are SS. πŸ“· : @stephen__harris #southernscum #Teamwork #TheFishbrain #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
thefishbrain - wearess - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - teamwork -
provokerolling : πŸ‘Œ
jonnycorrea1 : That rail !!!!
jahashtag : πŸ™βš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ’€βœŒοΈ
nicholasborders - patrussell99 - basil_i_ - rerisqillah -
Last week something finally sparked with a few OG's in the area. Josh Whitfield received a pair of Cult's to join the so called "revolution". He immediately got out and got busy with a couple other Nashville natives. Here is a photo of the dood just blasting a 540 to flat at the Three Rivers Skatepark. This capture was stolen bright and early today from the new crew page @we_are_ss It's a blessing to see bladers from a different era deciding it's time to give it another go. Rumor has it Josh and his original rat pack have big plans on more sessions very soon. It's cool to hear that they are all taking time out of their shoe flipping, guitar strumming lives to get in there. Especially when they have intentions to get in there deep. Let's just hope somehow, the decision to take it to the streets is an option. Not that this 5 isn't lofty and mystical, but just wait until you see it over a stair set. Push em' hard @stephen__harris <--- πŸ“· #southernscum #NashvilleBladeScene #SouthernLegendsLiveOn #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
nashvillebladescene - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - southernlegendsliveon - wearess -
sometruthplease : get up to win that #windycityriot again whit!
josippunk : Man, that Rejects section with Fear playing... Ah, to be young and dumb again, instead of just dumb...
kevindowling : πŸ™Œ
justinchadanthony : @stephen__harris that sun in between the branches ... β™₯οΈπŸ‘Œ
analjerm : If this fucking guy is serious about coming back then I am too. My dude since I was 15. I'm 32 now.
analjerm : I keep smiling while I stare at this jewel of a picture.
stephen__harris : πŸ‘Š
southernscum : @analjerm you won't.
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Gap 180 Safety Grab over Rail. @haomabrasil. Foto:@kaique_str .
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mad_fontoura : πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ‘Š
danderenzo : Pow pow pow! Satisfação ter mais um na familia @haomabrasil !
rodrigowerneck1 : Pra ciiiima Pietro!! Satisfaçao total mano!!
thiagowlimaa : Sinistroooo !!! πŸ‘Œ
gangsta_mario : @razorsblades. @latinoundergrind.
homeinline : styleee
latinoundergrind : πŸ™Œβœ¨
felipezamba : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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I love fishing! I Could never put into words how having blades on my feet make me feel. #sodope #fishing #bladelife #bladergang #southernscum #bladeiseverything #CLIPSQUAD #newloucrew #bladeordie #sometypeofway #indiana
newloucrew - bladelife - southernscum - sometypeofway - bladergang - fishing - sodope - indiana - clipsquad - bladeiseverything - bladeordie -
southernscum : βœ‹βœ‹πŸ‘Š
broofdizblades : #GoneFishin Dope photo cousin!
yaboii_jbrought : Thanks fam.
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Throwing it back to a different time. A time when Elliot and Shima were running the game together. To a time when Denial was a force to be reckoned with. To a time when ONE magazine had a photo of this guy in every other page. Your commitments to your sponsors and to the industry, in a big way, kept the south in the game. When almost all efforts were lost and so many great fell off, you kept pushing. For that, we all thank you brother. Thank you for going hard when almost no one else was being seen. Thank you for getting yourself out there and keeping the world hyped on southern talent. No matter who is paying you or giving you free shit. There is no amount of anything to give you, that's worth what you've done Tre. It's so sick to see you still on top and please know that SS has got your back. Keep up the good work, and please, never stop shredding. #southernscum #TurkeyBacon #RideAndDestroy #tbt #WeAreSS πŸ“· : @wesdriver As seent in @oneblademag
wearess - turkeybacon - putaplaneonit - southernscum - tbt - rideanddestroy -
cooooooze : Tall-t Montre is my favorite
southernscum : #putaplaneonit
tylercrandall8 - thekylegodden - shasha2times - downlowzer -
#wcw #wasteaclipwednesday #southernscum @southernscum miss you @dillonpotts
wasteaclipwednesday - southernscum - wcw -
alonsoalanis_09 : Beard's coming back in
brookeisazombie : Damn you ate some shit on that last one
rollingrichard : @brookeisazombie fuck yeah. That shit sucked.
djkarpyo - xosailor_em - jasonreyna - colezombie -
Welcome back to waste a clip Wednesday. Where we take a couple of sweet rollerblading video clips and toss them on the internet, just because. Today's deal is from a time when Philip Moore and Shane Thompson made a short vacation to Nashville, Tn to rip it up a bit. We took them to the infamous DIY banks behind the Home Depot. Here's a couple of tricks from Shane skating an extra awkward wooden bench. Be sure to check back often for more weekly updates with plenty of wasted clips, every Wednesday. #southernscum #WCW #RollTide #WeAreSS
southernscum - rolltide - wcw - wearess -
sometruthplease : oh shit. I need to skate there.
southernscum - steventatitup - skatermoe - mertcanacar -
@zachleavell #southernscum
southernscum -
justinchadanthony - jmire - bradanthony - zachleavell -
Yo, they're here. Let's change the game up. @bradanthony #bringitbacktherightway #southernscum #rememberthatrisethingwespokeabout @we_are_ss
bringitbacktherightway - southernscum - rememberthatrisethingwespokeabout -
provokerolling : What did you make?
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Anthony Armstrong | barrier bonk mute into the bank #southernscum ⚑⚑ #madman πŸ’€
madman - southernscum -
justinchadanthony - ericsboner - grgrz - zgravy02 -
Little Josh | 540 #southernscum ⚑⚑ #itsbeenalongtimecoming #thesouthwillriseagain
thesouthwillriseagain - itsbeenalongtimecoming - southernscum -
summercooper - kanggedom - taylorlicklider - ptfinucane -
See that dood right there, the one in the air. Most people know of him as "ant dawg" or "peanut". Upon stealing this photo from @we_are_ss it occurred what nick name seems to really fit him. "Go harder or go home, Armstrong" If you've had the chance to skate with or watch this guy skate, you know there isn't much warm up time. He seems to zone in and focus on dropping some bombs. Rumor has it, he's working with a few other SS heads and trying to get together a full part. If so, get ready for some jaw droppers. #southernscum #TheOneTheyCallPeanut #ReGramm #PullHardOrPullOut #WeAreSS
regramm - theonetheycallpeanut - southernscum - pullhardorpullout - wearess -
brutal_savagery : Yeeeeee
rumwizard : The dude rips, undeniable.
cooleync : He is literally the best!!!
jellotardis - crowndominant - kids_meal29 - luucashrq -
Team. #asphaltbeach #southernscum
asphaltbeach - southernscum -
jmire : Sick!
srt8drop615 : I miss all my cargo shorts I had from them
rumwizard - hannahlovestheearth - zgravy02 - blakegordonb -
1st cast 2 fish. #realniggas #lmb #flogrown #bass #basspro #bassbrigade #thewaterismystadium #mondayfunday #gonefishing #latinos #midget #rippinlips #soflafishing #fishing #lunkers #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #postoftheday #allsmiles
gonefishing - latinos - bass - postoftheday - soflafishing - bassbrigade - midget - fishing - lunkers - flogrown - allsmiles - lmb - thewaterismystadium - realniggas - basspro - southernscum - mondayfunday - bestoftheday - picoftheday - rippinlips - photooftheday -
jahashtag : #southernscum
ludaarce : #southernscum @jahashtag forgot that 1 ✊
jahashtag : πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβš‘οΈπŸ™βš‘οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
southernscum : Dood could you email this photo to southernscum@icloud.com. Please and ty
ludaarce : @southernscum gotchu
southernscum - moracobama - cruzfishingco - flatstobass86 -
Statigram feedback