They crazy!! #family #theyallcrazy #adoptedprettysure #theyenjoyit #sorryworld #theyaintsorry @jen_ayyyeee @sda1971 @auttyj @dneal001
theyaintsorry - theyenjoyit - family - adoptedprettysure - sorryworld - theyallcrazy -
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Proof of imminent societal collapse. #sorryworld #wecouldnthelpourselves #politiciansaremadeofbacon
sorryworld - wecouldnthelpourselves - politiciansaremadeofbacon -
cursedxrealms : Egg talk is over.
donut33r : Donut try to control me, mortal
toriejohn - qwietst0rm - bitermonkey - coolinn_b -
hahaha me to an absolute T πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚ #worsttexter #oopsies #sorryworld
worsttexter - sorryworld - oopsies -
joshyneal : Yep
michaelatimms6 - tessreed - _courtneysandars - chloewilko1 -
My #mcm and his enormous pillow penis. #what #boyfriend #sorryworld #heisweird #hotstuff #muscles #gunshow
mcm - sorryworld - heisweird - what - muscles - hotstuff - gunshow - boyfriend -
rheannareverie : So, this is what a Travis selfie looks like..
michael_curtis_houck : He's everything I've ever wanted.
astanczak26 : @veal_cutlets
kvoneerie13 - akguynn_13 - helloimawesome - kristapaigegiles -
8 weeks elimination diet complete=selfie? I am that excited!! #itsover #selfiestartswithme #sorryworld
sorryworld - selfiestartswithme - itsover -
lauz_elizabeth : Get it! Wow - So much discipline!
carorosedrake : Looking hot. I miss that apartment!
sonia_visconti : @jannahnadine Did you do special makeup for the selfie?? Looks so good!
jannahnadine : @sonia_visconti ok I mayyy have watched some YouTube tutorials today.. You got me.
sonia_visconti : @jannahnadine LOL! Well it looks gorgeous, great job!!
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Il disagio allo #shaka .... #disagio #420 #family #crew #sorryworld
shaka - sorryworld - family - 420 - disagio - crew -
war_420 -
Easter shenanigans makin' me think it's a real loss that I wasn't born a twin. #EasterSelfies #sorryworld
sorryworld - easterselfies -
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This pretty much happened. #soclose #almosttrue #wow #ugly #me #embarrassing #whoops #sorryworld #10yroldme #sofunny #omg
me - sorryworld - embarrassing - 10yroldme - almosttrue - wow - sofunny - ugly - whoops - omg - soclose -
rachwoodfine : I would be so like β€œuhhhh I didn't say that!!”
chiokhoth - alex_zbitniff - kianagerlitz - sierrastep -
HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!! No one gave me an Easter egg this year so I bought one myself #foreveralone style. Although lent is over there's one thing we should never give up and that's working hard! Goodluck to everyone with exams and study hard πŸ’ͺ #lame #over #bye #selfevaluation #needmoredisciplne #sorryworld #easteregg #chocolate #peppapig #iwannagohome #diereport #okay #bye #jacobthedwarfhamster
iwannagohome - foreveralone - sorryworld - okay - lame - jacobthedwarfhamster - over - diereport - bye - chocolate - peppapig - selfevaluation - needmoredisciplne - easteregg -
louisahoys : Work hard on yr report lolπŸ˜‚
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Straight hair, don't care πŸ’–πŸ’#me #follow #straighthair #straighthairdontcare #woohoo #yas #paleasheck #blah #selfie #whynot #hashtag #sorry #notsorry #toomanyhashtags
sorryworld - selfie - straighthairdontcare - letmetakeaselfie - blah - paleasheck - hashtag - follow - toomanyhashtags - weird - youknow - me - swag - lol - straighthair - notsorry - whynot - yas - woohoo - sorrynotsorry - sorry - bored - followme -
catswillbecatsx3 : #bored #followme #lol #letmetakeaselfie #swag #sorryworld #sorrynotsorry #weird #youknow
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Im done everyone saying im fake it really hurts you know and not every picture is me those are friends but im just about to blow my brains out goodbye world #Emo #follow #followme #goodbye #beingcalledafake #notafake #real #that'sme #sorryworld
real - sorryworld - that - emo - notafake - goodbye - follow - beingcalledafake - followme -
datcutienicole : No offense but yeah you are fake. I actually had to start all over someone stole my photos and pretended to be me. Its not ok and its not right. Who cares what you look like people should like you for you. Don't go around lying to people. Its not the right thing to do. I flipped out on my fake. I even went to the police to press charges for identity theft. She took down the account after I showed her the paper. But look just be yourself. You don't want people to like you for who your not. If people really cared about you they wouldn't care about what you looked like. Haters going to hate. And like I said after I was being fake I deleted all my photos and started over now I only have 7 followers because I have trust issues now, I only really have 7 people I trust following me. That way if my photos get stolen again I know who is doing it. But just be yourself. Hiding behind someone else photos isn't changing who you really are. Be careful who you pretend to be because you might forget who you really are.
maddie_monster_ : Everybody really needs to shut the hell up. It's people that constantly go at others with their BS and hate comments that make people want to end their life. Just because you say no offense doesn't mean it isn't offensive! Words hurt!!!!
datcutienicole : Its not bs. @maddie_monster_ would you like to see the proof that the girl faked me? And our convo? Follow @ohokhaha that is my old account. And I wasn't hating at all if anything I was encouraging him to just be himself.
maddie_monster_ : Sorry I wasn't trying to direct my comment at you @datcutienicole I'm sorry if it felt like that
necromancermango : Stop faking dude.
suicidal_flowergarden : Faking really??? Somebody holding a gun to there head and there faking??? No one is that dessparate for attention! And dude I don't know you but you Should know that...people are gonna hate and I know that I'm a hypocrite because I tell people don't kill yourself but I'm like on the verge. But your amazing and your handsome and don't let anyone bring you down
xx_cutepanda_xx : I believe it's really you @emomichael
ilovedaizy : Its funny how u all say not 2 care what others say yet u all r getting offended over these comments
_southern_constellations_ - xx_cutepanda_xx - carapherneliasixx - sammy_the_ghost_girl -
So many #ootd 's now thanks to @joanna_ha #sorryworld #selfies #expensivejacket #expensivechair #airforce1s
selfies - expensivechair - sorryworld - ootd - expensivejacket - airforce1s -
jenbyjenkenny : @cadenceweapon πŸ’―
hello_henny : Yah .. Nice jacket😏
laplapjoel : Damn wil fry
kingsway_fun_dot_com : Where dem pants from!!! 😍😍😍
hello_henny : Btw. Mike loves to take credit for the sale of this jacket to you! He says it's sooo Jenn Kenny. #ssa
jenbyjenkenny : @hello_henny Full credit. He sold it to me at REUP at 2:35AM
joanna_ha : πŸ™Œ
jenbyjenkenny : @kingsway_fun_dot_com Aritzia !
allyssarose13 - _skrrrr - hunterreveur - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxz -
I violate peoples human rights on the daily but this was just too amusing not to snap #dog #trainstation #creeper #stalker #sorryworld #cute
cute - sorryworld - trainstation - stalker - creeper - dog -
cearabillings - coreycallaghan - laurxntaylor - _samuelsong -
#illuminati #exposingillumanti #sorryworld #notsorry
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des_tiney777 - x_kushangel_x - _xoxosiris - missdollzfacce -
What better way to procrastinate than to straighten your hair for work and take selfies #sorryworld
sorryworld -
blakeramsay_ : Booty
emmadukes4 : *nice booty πŸ‘Œ
kristinbrownridge : But first let me take a selfie....
dbazee : Hot
lexytoschkoff - scottyhabel - jcookie23 - jessielubert -
Serbian magic! No matter where I go or live, our meat remains the best, sorry world! πŸ˜‚ #pljeskavica#oops #sin #sorryworld #serbia #food #foodporn
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I wish I had a twin. But one of me is enough. #sorryworld #twin #girl #amber #flowers #hair #brunettes
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hu_sane0028 : Lol..well said
hu_sane0028 : One fallen Angel is enough πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
victorhagnas : @hippieferlife Nice one! :)
silvanaaa22 : you are seriously so beautiful!
hippieferlife : Thanks guys β™‘ @silvanaaa22 @victorhagnas @hu_sane0028
silvanaaa22 - shellibelli21 - tonysantosworld - ariannabelize_ -
πŸ€πŸŽ’ QUACK #ireallywantthis #tookthiswithoutthepersonknowing #oops #sorryworld #butiwantit #amazing
amazing - sorryworld - butiwantit - tookthiswithoutthepersonknowing - ireallywantthis - oops -
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Blurry... but this is the saddest face in the world. #sorryworld #cueawwws
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diles77 - kaylahay08 -
Sorry world, but my gnocchi is the bomb!
lotsoflove - namaste - sorryworld - yummy - lunchtime - foodporn - thebest - nofilter - loveistheanswer - thebomb - love - lovely - gnocchi - eatpraylove -
ranighazzaoui : #foodporn #lunchtime #gnocchi #sorryworld #thebomb #thebest #yummy #lotsoflove #loveistheanswer #lovely #love #eatpraylove #namaste #nofilter
kho_kho : Looks so good!!! 😍😍😍
ashaimusic : nicee :)
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Homemade BBQ chicken pizza. #firstfoodpost #sorryworld
sorryworld - firstfoodpost -
aliskajulian : Homemade as in papa Murphy's made it you baked it?
jkeiterjr : @aliskajulian thanks Aliska. That's a really great compliment.
wolvesfan : Looks amazing!!
brekmorg : Mmmm I'll be right over.
kimberly_barney : Looks delish! It also looks like there is a strawberry on it!
jesikavera : #sorryworld... Haha!
mendars : πŸ‘
jaimepitts : This is a staple at our house! BBQ chick pizza is yum.
mjoanmarsh - jesikavera - dirtydi123 - farrellbetsy -
The last step #finishedrecord #theyellowdress #sorryworld
theyellowdress - sorryworld - finishedrecord -
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Some (most) people may call us crazy, loud, obnoxious, inseparable or even an old married couple (my personal favorite) but I consider ourselves lucky. You have been my best friend since we were 10 years old (when you asked me for sticky tack for your justin timberlake poster) and we have been attached at the hip ever since. No picstitch, Facebook post, present or last nights handwritten note can allow me to explain how much you mean to me. You are my absolute best friend, sister, husband and financial advisor and I love you for that (jojo does too). I can't wait to get silly with you tonight and add tonight to the longggg list of "Dana and Austen chronicles". Happppy 21st birthday to my beautiful, smart, funny, silly, normal best friend. Me and you day, we can run and ruin the world together. @danampalmieri to 21 more years of marriage!! ❀️❀️❀️ #everyoneknows #sorryworld #bestfriends
everyoneknows - bestfriends - sorryworld -
js_stein : Happpppppy 21! A very special friendship that will last forever! ❀️❀️❀️ the financial advisor! 😜 βŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈπŸŽ‚
caseyox : around the flag people she must go she must go ... are dear dana
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I will always suffer the consequences for soft pretzels #glutenfreeproblems #sorryworld
sorryworld - glutenfreeproblems -
piiing_3 - caseyy21 - saysomthingnew - jessxxlaurennn -
Omg!!! Had a rough night last night... not moving off this couch. #tired #headache #lazy #sorryworld....
headache - lazy - sorryworld - tired -
fabulousfabbzz : Lmao @lylalewis i see u feeling it today huh??
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#haggard #fell #myface #ouch #hangover #drink #drank #drunk #fuckedup #woo #goodjob #blackout #sorryworld #merpitup #likeforlike #followforfollow
sorryworld - drunk - drink - ouch - goodjob - myface - merpitup - haggard - followforfollow - hangover - woo - drank - likeforlike - fuckedup - fell - blackout -
jade_frostxx : Follow for follow x
alainareis : 3Like for 3like? :)
asvpxshaz - elliecheeseman - minerdanna - b_lo_lwrepa209 -
April Photo Challenge Day 13: Silly Face Just a collage of my worst faces. Along with @ashlynkay14 and @alexisfaithgrigg #april #aprilphotochallenge #photochallenge #sillyface #itaintcute #sorryworld #beenturnedtostone
aprilphotochallenge - april - sorryworld - itaintcute - sillyface - photochallenge - beenturnedtostone -
jon_torres7 : This made me tear up laughing hahaha
natelynd31 - love_laurran - ashlynkay14 - nataliegb19 -
My fave football girl ⚽️ @ariana_whittington #twoinstasoneday #sorryworld #ari #geo #westcoast #shortyyy
twoinstasoneday - westcoast - sorryworld - shortyyy - ari - geo -
ariana_whittington : Aww bethan ya cutie
bethan_manners : @ariana_whittington πŸ’•
michelleame_curry - mayadelarratea - jue37 - tessatimms -
Brb soothing myself ☝️ #chocolate #mylove #sorryworld #reeses #fml #girlprobs
mylove - fml - sorryworld - reeses - girlprobs - chocolate -
cora_lovesyouu - lex_shine_ - shesamermaidcat - kaayhayy -
I majored in smirking. #selfie #sorryworld #sorryeveryone #newyorklife
selfie - sorryworld - sorryeveryone - newyorklife -
cat_lady420 - onlydeave - displazee - _av25 -
I come home from my show last night and saw this sitting on the table waiting for me... it was a gift from my brother for Sibling Day. 😭🎁 #ihavethebestbrother #sorryworld #youmissedout #siblingday #love #brother #chocolate #arizona #icedtea #gift #thankyou
sorryworld - love - gift - youmissedout - brother - chocolate - icedtea - thankyou - arizona - siblingday - ihavethebestbrother -
frannccc : Sweetest brother!
skylarjunesullivan : @frannccc I know! He's honestly the best ever.
sandysurfview : Gotta say that's pretty thoughtful, Skylar.
skylarjunesullivan : @sandysurfview little things like that mean a lot. :)
chelseaegannnn - ameliachant - ariamic23 - gabrielexx -
I made this account to tell people what's been held in. I have kept in so much and what makes me confused is: why the heck do my friends like me?! I'm not pretty, I'm not that nice (not on purpose), I also lie! I don't want them to know... The real me. You know? No one knows what it's like to be me. They know depressions and the feeling of hurt but I'm... I'm... Different. #depressed #help #sorryworld
depressed - sorryworld - help -
youngwildandstrong - depression_76 -
Statigram feedback