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emilyseligson : #sistersaturday ** #fail #goodtrythough
curtmugurt : #toomanyhashtags #cantkeeptrack #gimmeabreak
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Love you guys 😘 @_m_a_l_i_n_a_ @cassie_marie32_ @k_marie177 @sincerelyjosie95 #sistersunday
sistersunday -
cassie_marie32_ : Love you too 😘❀️
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Easter egg hunt for our little sisters 🐰🍫 #sistersunday #egghunt @ashiebeth5
egghunt - sistersunday - sistersaturday -
ashiebeth5 : I wanted the prize!! πŸ˜” @abbey_419
abbey_419 : Me too!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜­ @ashiebeth5
abbey_419 : #sistersaturday
braysonn_ - parrett5 - mickbuckets_30 - danielle_berthold -
#sistersunday <3
sistersunday - sistersaturday -
hannah_over_everything_ : @haaaiiiii_its_noe00 @drumheller99
drumheller99 : 😍
hannah_over_everything_ : I meant #sistersaturday
drumheller99 - heyys_im_fawn - _tiffaannyy__ - haaaiiiii_its_noe00 -
Ugh, there's something about this girl. She's perfect. She's amazing. See beautiful. She's talented in her own ways. She's my infinity to my bound. She's my foot to my leg. She's my hand to my arm. She's not only a good friend. She's my other half. My special half. Without her, my life would e incomplete. It would be a disaster. She's my super glue that holds everything together. She's my smart, my pretty, and my funny side. She's my everything. We haw been through rough times Ash. But to me. You are going anywhere. You are forever mine. No matter how many fights we get into. All sisters do it. Our awesome moments. We laugh until we can't breath no more. I know you may spend more time with other people but you're still mine. You don't let what people say about me affect our friendship. You just believe in me. You have friends that don't like me... At all. But you don't leave me for them. I love you Ashlynn Grace. Stay fierce. Stay you. Love on!❀️ #ss #sistersunday
ss - sistersunday -
jaidyn_peterson_21 : I meant Saturday. @livie_anne00
livie_anne00 : It's Friday..
jaidyn_peterson_21 : Shut up.πŸ˜‘ @livie_anne00
livie_anne00 : Hahaha im just sayin d:
kaupster : KD's
kkearn2 : 1:hug
madi_jo57 : Tbh you hilarious gorgeous and you need to get your ass moved into Stockton! Like now because your a cool cat! 😺😸😻😽
jaidyn_peterson_21 : 😹😹😽 thanks girl! I'm working on it! @madi_jo57
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What?! Yes!!! Jimmy john gods were looking over us lol #weneverclose #sistersunday
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From ~jay~ no words can describe us we are thunder and lightning β˜”οΈβš‘οΈ we fit together like a puzzle and we always are thinking alike I'm happy to be your brother because u make my day every day β˜€οΈβ›…οΈwhen your sad I try my best to helpin al ways I can but there is always that one cloud☁️in front of the sunβ˜€οΈ why because the sun is to shy to tell the person it likes to him ⛅️so it hides and when it gets the courage it tells him Avery I can tell u have the courage because I see that look in your eye when u do also because I'm your brother and I can tell that kinda thing
sistersunday - spartansrock1357 -
avesbro : #sistersunday
avesbro : #spartansrock1357
spartansrock1357 : Aww thx bro you tooβ˜€οΈβ˜οΈβ›…οΈβœ¨πŸ’«
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#cactus #downtown #Vancouver #sistersunday #fabulousday
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Super bowl Sunday
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that_chick_kaytlynn12 : B+
gianna_aleycex31 : tbh β€’ uhm me and Briana be making fun of you πŸ˜‚ but uhm I guess your cool and your annoying
gianna_aleycex31 : tbh . ^^^^
noah_swag01 : #iwokeuplikethis #itsallgood #iphoneswag #iphoneswag #instagood #offgaurdfriday #orderandchaos #originalxbox #olaf #likeforshoutout #lebron11easters #likeforlikes #ask #straightupthuggin #sistersunday #vine #butterflyknife #baldgirlemoji #borderlands2 #bush25 #babycousin
maddiemaehart : Can you like my latest picture??
that_chick_kaytlynn12 : Tbh. I dont know you but u seem cool rate 9
ondeben : tbh: wtf.
_jadenater_ : Rate-5 date -no hate-no
supergman8845 - purple_wireless - free_unique523 - gemstones101 -
@_madyjewell_ your my #ss #sistersunday because your one of my bestfriends, we are practically the same person and I couldn't live without you. ily bby πŸŒšπŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
ss - sistersunday -
_madyjewell_ : Ily2 🌝😘
pink_omqq : She's pretty!
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We be burning it up! Looking fine as ever! #likeitup #likeforrates #likefortbh #grouprates #grouptbh #tbh #rates #arkansas #partying #razorbacks #followme #sistersunday
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Spent a sisterly day with my beautiful @miss_adri87. She totally spoiled me with Happy Feet 2 and Ice cream 😘 that's what's sisters are for, lol. #KDX #itsasisterthang #toohottoocute #sistersoftball #sistersunday
sistersunday - itsasisterthang - kdx - sistersoftball - toohottoocute -
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This weekend had so much going on, but it was so much fun! I got close to someone who I never thought I'd be this close to especially after one day, I conquered a fear of slip and sliding! And got to see some of my family! This weekend had been very....eventful... But there is no battle God gives us that we won't be able to handle. ❀😌 #SundayFunday#SisterSunday#FunInTheSun#Family#Love
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#sistersunday (is that a thing?) - either way, I love mine πŸ’•πŸ˜Š both of them. I just like this pic 😘
sistersunday -
mackenziemercer : Beautiful 😍😍
nikkpics : Love you sissy bear 😘
nikkpics - ninof355 - jessikajenks - samhindesss -
sistersunday -
its_sarah_neff : wow why not me *cries*
country_cutiie16 - judithschueth - scarv2259 - jaaccckkiiiee -
#sistersunday @graciegirlr
sistersunday -
graciegirlr : Hahah love ya caka 😘😘😘😍😍
parker_dani - graciegirlr - pablothegreatmexican - lkcoolgirl42 -
Before we went out on our weekly adventure! Love my shrimp best friend in the world β˜ΊπŸ‘―πŸ’• #sistersunday
sistersunday -
imalay_nav : You're fucking adopted
smellaniee : You guys do not look alike!
karla___________ : My beautiful nieces πŸ˜πŸ‘­ did you dye your huurrrrrrr again?
luuvy_ : Adriana is looking more and more like your mom!
maritzalovee : Your hair > your face> your dress > that opening in your dress > those stripes > those arms > lolz
itzelarevalo_ : @maritzalovee haha maritza!! Thank you πŸ˜„ love & miss you! πŸ’–πŸ˜½
maritzalovee : You're welc πŸŽ€ Love you miss you more sis!
theonetwowatch : Sneaking
ferchs_lpz - virgen_baybeee - luuvy_ - sweetieyessi -
#sistersunday #not #selfiesunday #sorry #idont #instayoumore
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_coreymac : Yeeaaaa holla
grandmawertner : cute granddaughter in the shower
jasminequinton : Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I am dying
jesswertner : Oh. My. Gosh.
jesswertner : You had to be there......
cerenziedarling : Hahahaha hahaha Hahahaha
cmacqueen3 : That's a strange way to clean the tub
torijarman : Bahahahahahah!!!!!πŸ˜‚
colbs91 - barbara_jeffries - rach_41103 - _emmasimpson_ -
A real best friend is hard to find, because the best one is already mineπŸ’πŸ’– #ShesMySister #ILoveYouBri #SisterSunday
iloveyoubri - shesmysister - sistersunday -
briannanicole1414 : I loves my Victoria!!! ❀️
harlee_bd_21 - jocelyn_burton09 - keri_brooke20 - rainey_mika24 -
We love taking pictures in the wind #sistersunday
sistersunday -
el_mexicano_21 : The random black spot in the tree doe @jocelyynn_01
uhhman_duhhh : O. 😍😍
ctkappel : You look like you're about to crack up at any second. I can't take this picture seriously anymore.πŸ˜‚
jocelyynn_01 : Thanks bb πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @uhhman_duhhh Well crap, we were totally going for serious 😏 @ctkappel
jocelyynn_01 : Thanks Rylee! πŸ’œπŸ˜Š @ryleekeesee
sarry_23 : Happy birthday Jocelyn.. Hope you had the best day ever with many many more to come
alexis_breshay - ldalexa_10 - pkwakham - jacie_raelyn -
Bc we wouldn't know what to do without each other. #sistersunday ❀️
sistersunday -
tori_is_a_princess - hannahsuzanne98 - sophieebabexo - wheeler_raven17 -
#sistersunday .bestfriends for ten years and counting. πŸ’• #loveyou #missyou @tyrie_lee
sistersunday - missyou - loveyou -
tyrie_lee : I love you Madi! πŸ‘­ ❀️
andevanwaslike - reibsykaye - beckes75 - pakd_sweeneys -
GoodnightπŸ’• #sistersunday #schooltomorrowπŸ˜΅πŸ”«
sistersunday - schooltomorrow -
ren_ren1007 : Love ya
theerinsmith : Rate: 9
__asvp_chris__ : Tbh idk u
gabbyyyyyyy____ : Daniel is NOT your bae it's Carsen!!!! πŸ‘Ώ.
kaitlyn5678_ : Ummm calm down he was the one who put that.... so... @gabbyyyyyyy____
lizettexalayna : Tbh_i see u around school and u laugh at my jokes so yaπŸ’
ashlynnedixon0513 - nikefreak1205 - madison77346 - chlobear12502 -
Spent alll day with this girl!! #sistersunday #tired #loveher @jennifer_inman_yolo
loveher - sistersunday - tired -
jennifer_inman_yolo : Thx @summer_faithhh
love_the_game_99 : Tbh- I don't know you but, I wish I didπŸ˜‰
love_the_game_99 : @summer_faithhh
breanna_pierce_ - india_bestie_03 - james_fergy - jennifer_inman_yolo -
#sistersunday #sweetheartemily #mygirl
mygirl - sistersunday - sweetheartemily -
westerngirl13 : Awwwwww! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— I love you baby girl! πŸ’‹
princesskaroline_ : I love you sooo much! I miss you! @westerngirl13
westerngirl13 : Miss you too! πŸ’‹
adriennepoole00 - jberden23 - oliviabarry_ - lydiamstroubletillet -
Sistah sistaaah. Oh how I love your life @chantelleyy !!! Here's to the start of our crazy adventures! πŸ˜‰ #SisterSunday #LoveHerToDeath #SisterSister #WereAGoodTime #Formal #DeltaChi #AlphaChi
deltachi - lovehertodeath - alphachi - wereagoodtime - sistersister - sistersunday - formal -
chantelleyy : You are too perfect!! Love you! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
xxbigpapi69xx - sharpboy200 - dezy_rae5 - sela_love715 -
Because I can't get enough of our Bid Day pictures and there aren't enough words to describe the happiness of this picture or this day. #sistersunday
sistersunday -
everyones_pal_las : Oh okayyy
whitneytudor : Precious 😍
jschray17 - heyitsmeg4994 - jilllionaire - dilemma403 -
#sistersunday #ss #ΑΓΔ β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š @xioh_linaa @julesmramirez
ss - sistersunday - Ξ±Ξ³Ξ΄ -
xioh_linaa : I love you beautiful! @myrandaalonzo
myrandaalonzo : Love you more! @xioh_linaa
xioh_linaa : No me... @myrandaalonzo
julesmramirez : Love ya 😘😘
brandialonzo - cmagana07 - alymcanear - taylermyoung -
Shoutout to my badass sister. Get outa that hospital girl. Any who, get better. Lol :) Love you. #sister #sisters #sick #hospital #missdisgurl #realtalk #funny #getwell #shoutout #followher #family #sis #sistersunday #sisterselfies #hopeful #pray #getbetter #tagandfollow #tagforfollow #tagforlikes #tagfortags #followus #followforlikes #followforfollow #likeforfollow
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estrchessy : @vicky_eileen follow for follow?
shyannbabyy_ - taylorannmorgansmith - president_donovan - zech_simerman -
🌊#sistersunday 🌊
sistersunday -
carolinefrock : πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
maisy_gardner : I had to look closely to tell you guys apart 😳
_shaely_ - alysonbittinger_ - elainecastrolv - _emmasimpson_ -
Sisters before misters always. 😘 But unfortunately @lexibrynn isn't here but we're just going to pretend she's in the picture! πŸ˜‚ #sistersunday #sistersbeforemisters
sistersbeforemisters - sistersunday -
lexibrynn : Mehhh. 😩
that_catcher_hannah - gabba_boo97 - kaitie_miller - beastmode1411 -
Spent the day with the sister #SisterSunday #Silly #blacknwhite #JustChillinIt (:
silly - blacknwhite - sistersunday - justchillinit -
kaylastrozzo : Both pretty girls!
fortheloveofkelsey : @kaylastrozzo well thanks darlin:D
kaylastrozzo : welcome!(:
fortheloveofkelsey : β™‘ @kaylastrozzo
naturallymarissa : Aw what a sweetie @kaylastrozzo
naturallymarissa : Sorry Kels, you can try, but I'll always have chubbier cheeks than you :)
madskilz182 : @fortheloveofkelsey did you make up the sistersunday hashtag?
fortheloveofkelsey : @naturallymarissa Psh whatever. @madskilz182 I'm sure someone else has done it lol
bwhite0130 - patrickncarver - hnisom96 - godsgirl120 -
#SisterSunday πŸŽ€
sistersunday -
avereehiggins : Babes 😍
austinhigh33 : #beautiful :) love you both
jessicairene11 - aly89ssa - andrea_3_oster - zachmiller1997 -
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