So, I spend a lot of time on this page talking about my RSD/CRPS issues as that's the big one I'm going through at the moment, but it's hard to forget that almost 3 years ago now I had 3 surgeries for scoliosis and have a wonderful scar and 18 titanium screws and rods from T1 to T12. I am not completely straight still, but it's much better! My curve went from about 72Β° to around 18Β°. This is an edit of my back, with a peek into what my spine actually looks like. And you can see my back curve along with the small twists that are still in the there. I still experience back pain. I still get the occasionally muscle spasm. My shoulder blades ache constantly. And I'm in a good deal of pain from the scoliosis as well as the RSD. It's an amazing thing, really! #rsdwarrior #scoliosis #spinalfushion #pain #crps #chronicpain #disorders #edit #spine #xrays #sickofbeingsick #dealingwithit #mybackisweird #backpain #ifeel80yearsold #fused #curves #somuchhurt #scoliosiswarrior
chronicpain - pain - ifeel80yearsold - curves - crps - spinalfushion - fused - disorders - edit - xrays - scoliosiswarrior - scoliosis - spine - mybackisweird - dealingwithit - rsdwarrior - somuchhurt - backpain - sickofbeingsick -
holly_anna94 : @sickness_and_in_health have you found me yet on a Facebook that I can actually access #crps
sickness_and_in_health : @holly_anna94 I DMed you :)
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ask me about anything (scoliosis, life, music, hobbies, favorites, whatever) below and I'll answer! Don't be shy! I'll answer everyoneπŸ˜‹ #scoliosis#scolio#bentnotbroken#scoliosisbrace#brace#backbrace#scoliosisprobs
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scoligirls : What were people's reactions to you wearing your brace in public today?
emily_pack34 : what's your favorite sport?
emily_pack34 : I think you know mine
scoliosupport : @emily_pack34 lol is it lacrosse?
emily_pack34 : Yess!
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Today marks exactly 2 years since my first operation... I remember being so afraid.. I didn't want surgery.. It was so painful. I was In the hospital for 6 days! Recovery was difficult.. I never imagined that I would be living with chronic pain 2 years later. I was an angry kid why me? Why did I have to have surgery? I've lived with scoliosis since I was 6 months old.. I didn't even let my mom take pictures I was so embarrassed and afraid! But I have grown and changed so much since then! I have learned to embrace my scoliosis, I have learned how to handle pain.. I have learned how to be happy! I am a better person because of my scoliosis... I have had 3 more surgeries in these short 2 years.. My journey isn't even close to over! But I am thankful! I was given scoliosis for a reason and I wouldn't change my life for anything! Today is a special day for me.. It marks 2 years since my 1st of 4 surgeries!❀️ _________________________________ (This picture was taken 5 months post op.. )❀️ #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #spinesurgery #backsurgery #bad #back #curvy #curved #crooked #hospital #pain #rough #tough #hard #painful #surgery #scar #beautiful #battlescar #backbrace #brace #scoliosisstory #fusion #spinalfusion #recovery
beautiful - battlescar - tough - hard - back - fusion - spinalfusion - curved - rough - scar - pain - surgery - scoliosissurgery - recovery - crooked - hospital - backsurgery - scoliosis - curvy - bad - scoliosisstory - spinesurgery - backbrace - brace - painful -
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If you don't like my spine, Bob Ross has somethin' to say to you.
scoliosis -
cass_iopeia : #scoliosis
_leahmariiee : Hahah this cracked me up 😊
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I love this! #staystrong #scoliosis #spine #ribs #fusion #spinalfusion #drawing #amazing #love #f4f credit @_rosie_petal_
love - staystrong - ribs - amazing - scoliosis - spine - fusion - spinalfusion - f4f - drawing -
alexa_tiger17 : I got my surgery Wednesday
thescoliosislife : How is your recovery? @alexa_tiger17
alexa_tiger17 : Umm hurts alot when i sit .. But its getting beter:)
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everyone said there would be good days and bad days through this. defiantly one of those bad days. #spinalfusion #scoliosis #painful #instafeel
spinalfusion - instafeel - painful - scoliosis -
miss_noah_it_all : Do you want to talk? I have a kik. If you don't have a kik, I can DM you :)
abbismiile : i dont have a kik! &im not sure what a DM is either, but i'd like to talk! @miss_noah_it_all
miss_noah_it_all : Do you wanna talk on here?
abbismiile : you can text me if you want! 8018747094 @miss_noah_it_all
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17 likes so heres 17 confessions 1.Im short 2.I have an overobsession with Justin Bieber 3.I have anxiety and depression 4.Music is my escape 5.I have scoliosis and cerabal palsy 6.I hate one direction 7.I hate hospitals 8.I hate cancer 9.I want to open a salon for little girls with cancer and special needs 10.I am a country girl at heart 11.Riding four wheelers ease my stress in love with an amazing person 13.I want my children to have horses 14.Frozen is the cutest movie ever 15.I love kids 16. I love cuddling 17.I say sorry way too much β™‘ #confessions#anxiety#depression#westvirginia#countrygirl#cancerawareness#dreams#horses#frozen#inlove#cuddling#scoliosis#cerabalpalsy#fourwheelers#mud#musicismyescape#familyfirst#short#insecure#justin bieber#obsession#belieber#staystrong#stopbullying
horses - scoliosis - staystrong - insecure - countrygirl - cerabalpalsy - westvirginia - fourwheelers - obsession - musicismyescape - depression - cuddling - anxiety - justin - familyfirst - frozen - belieber - short - mud - dreams - cancerawareness - confessions - stopbullying - inlove -
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#scoliosis #braced #ootd #fashion #photo #sunsetting #outside #combatboots #braids #hair #outfit #oversizedshirt #Recklesslovetshirt #madrag #refuge #shorts #highwaist
combatboots - fashion - shorts - braced - outfit - hair - ootd - scoliosis - refuge - oversizedshirt - recklesslovetshirt - sunsetting - highwaist - madrag - braids - outside - photo -
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The day is getting closer for my surgery and I am defiantly feeling nervous and a little bit scared with excitement. #AngGulo #DiKoMaintindihan #ewan 😢😢😢 nervous kasi masakit. Little bit scared kasi my risk. Excited kasi ....?
ewan - anggulo - dikomaintindihan - scoliosis -
chescake02 : Mawawala na scoliosis ko. No need to wear body brace. :)
andreacalaguian : @chescake02 waaaaah 😭 gooodluck 😚 kaha mo yan
chescake02 : My sexy back will be more sexy in May 1.
chescake02 : With a titanium.
chescake02 : @andreacalaguian Thank you! 😍😍😘😊😊
chescake02 : #scoliosis
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@Darcykat asked me to teach her to iron! Shes quite the entrepreneur our Darcy - always looking for ways to earn some pocket money! She's ironed some tea towels, t shirts and a real shirt! She's a natural! #newchore #mumslittlehelper #puttingmyfeetup
newchore - puttingmyfeetup - bentnotbroken - mumslittlehelper - backbrace - scoliosisfashion - scoliosis -
miffysworld : #scoliosis #scoliosisfashion #bentnotbroken #backbrace
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Have you set goals only to feel defeated? Many times we give up one step before achieving that goal. When I first attempted #P90X, I bought a pull up bar and had some weights and was ready to go. I was still fairly sick with Lupus SLE and my back ached because I have #scoliosis. But I was determined to get in shape and healthy, because I was sick of being sick. I did one workout from the program called Plyometrics. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, because I thought I was going to die after that. After that I quit. Fast forward to when @rjohnbernales and I started dating. He had finished a round or two of P90X and had good results. This inspired me to give it another try. I did a few of the workouts.... Then quit because "it was just too hard". Excuse after excuse I kept giving. One day R'john tells me him and his friends were going to do some workout called Insanity. I had no idea what that was, but I thought okay I'll "try" it out. That "try" became an addiction. I think what really kept me motivated to keep going, was the fact that we were all in the same boat, keeping each other accountable. If it wasn't for that attempt, that try... Well I would have never come this far. Lupus is in remission and medication doses keep going down and I've never been stronger than today. So the next time you say to yourself that you can't do something, just try. You might just surprise yourself. #motivated #accounability #teamchnarjohn #lupus #fitnessjourney #fitcouple #fitjunkie #fitspiration #inspire #insanity #beachbody
lupus - motivated - inspire - fitspiration - fitnessjourney - scoliosis - teamchnarjohn - fitcouple - beachbody - fitjunkie - accounability - insanity - p90x -
nicole_mae : ❀️️ you! You are inspiring me! 😘
chnar : @nicole_mae ❀️❀️❀️
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My shakeology order can not get here fast enough! It's a must have for my pain management.
motivation - workout - fitspo - shakeology - gym - getfit - instahealth - cleaneating - active - healthychoices - determination - diet - shake - bodybuilding - strong - cardio - instagood - training - lifestyle - fit - healthy - fitnessaddict - scoliosis - train - health - eatclean - fitness - backpain - exercise -
imalegendkiller : The like is for Shakeology, not the pain
timothyboyle : Thanks @imalegendkiller! Happy Easter!
timothyboyle : #health #fitness #fit #shakeology #shake #scoliosis #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #backpain #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise
imalegendkiller : @timothyboyle Happy Easter to you!
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3 and a half months after surgery, back in the saddle running on faith! #cowgirl #scoliosis #help #followme #support
cowgirl - support - help - followme - scoliosis -
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Before and after! 60 up top 42 at bottom! #follow #shoutout #help #scoliosis #kik #kikme #heretohelp
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hi_imaniiam : @scoliosis_life123 Im going to have surgry but I heard that most people are sick after is there any tips or medicane I could take so I dont get sick?
scoliosis_life123 : Honestly I only threw up once and that was because I took the morphine I think that's how you spell it haha but I took it on a empty stomach so it made me sick, but I just ate a few hours after surgery like jello and I was fine! 😊 I wouldn't be worried about getting sick if you eat you should be fine, it is just some medicines can bother your stomach if you haven't ate anything for awhile, at least that was how it was with me. 😊 @hi_imaniiam
hi_imaniiam : Ok thanks for the tipπŸ˜‰ one thing less to stress about now😊
scoliosis4life : Hey! New account? Love it!! I'm @scoliosis4life, my name is Maddy and I have an S curve, top at 74 bottom at 67! You can check out my account if you want and I'm always here to talk!! Stay strong! Xox
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I can now do a back bend and it has now been 10 months since my surgery!!! #tougherthentitanium #spinalfusion #scoliosis #backbend
backbend - spinalfusion - scoliosis - tougherthentitanium -
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Born Crooked. Too much. Not enough. #scoliosis
vscocam - scoliosis -
kyliegoldberg : #vscocam
karrlie_keeney : SO COOL!!!
erikaserbie : Love. Love. Love.
kkdick : 😍
diary_anorexic : This is gorgeous
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Story of life 😊😊😊😊 #scoliosis #somepeoplemakememad #bentnotbroken #ihatescoliosis #scoliosissucks you did this the other day and I got mad but didn't wanna say anything @ashriddle4
ihatescoliosis - bentnotbroken - scoliosissucks - somepeoplemakememad - scoliosis -
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Hand stand prep for day 19. Pretty scary when you get on your tippy toes!! #yogatothecore @kinoyoga @stoked_yogi @beachyogagirl @glidesup #yoga #yogini #yogaig #yogagirl #yogalife #yogadaily #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #igyoga #iyogadaily #instayogini #itsanaddiction #practice #progress #asana #scoliosis #fit #fitspo #fitness #flexible #fitspiration #yogapants #namaste #om
yogadaily - fitspo - iyogadaily - fitspiration - practice - namaste - yogatothecore - yogaeverydamnday - yogapants - progress - igyoga - om - yogaaddict - yoga - fit - yogini - yogalife - scoliosis - instayogini - asana - yogagirl - fitness - flexible - yogaig - itsanaddiction -
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What's up errybody ❀️#scoliosis #ScoliosisSurgery #surgery #spine #curve #BentNotBroken #love #scoliosiscurves #followme #ScoliosisKills #pain #help #ScoliosisMakesMeStrong #StayStrong #strong #ScoliosisProbs #recovery #scars #braces #scolifam #StayPositive
scars - love - help - bentnotbroken - staystrong - scoliosiscurves - scoliosisprobs - scolifam - pain - surgery - strong - braces - scoliosissurgery - recovery - spine - scoliosiskills - curve - staypositive - scoliosis - scoliosismakesmestrong - followme -
harrietmackinney : Aloha, I'm just lying in bed snapchatting people ugly selfies πŸ˜‚
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For those that dont know, I have #spinalscoliosis & am fused from t1-l2 since I was 12. I didnt think I would b able to even try this pose n bam I did it. Still have a long ways 2 go but proud of myself. Dont ever let ur mind tell u that u csnt do anything. #yoga #yogapose #yogi #fitfam #scoliosis #fusion #spinalfusion #backpain #yogalife #namaste #mindovermatter
namaste - yoga - fitfam - yogapose - spinalscoliosis - yogi - yogalife - scoliosis - fusion - spinalfusion - mindovermatter - backpain -
jessamendola : beauty  ξŒͺ
mrspookamoore : Thank u @jessamendola u r so kind. Its a start right? Practice makes perfect
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I made a video edit 😎😎😎 #classic #mkto lol I like jammin #bentnotbroken #scoliosis #imstrongereveryday #videoedit
bentnotbroken - classic - mkto - videoedit - imstrongereveryday - scoliosis -
_josie_jos_ : That song is my favorite!
alonxdra : How what app
_emilee_payne_ : Yeah me too @_josie_jos_
_emilee_payne_ : Instavid @alonxdra
alonxdra : So cool thx
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Sometimes I think I should stop being so vain but then I think nah #vain #ohwell #scoliosis #purplehair
vain - ohwell - purplehair - scoliosis -
ilysm_squidward : 😍
harrietmackinney : @ilysm_squidward πŸ™ˆ
sofia_baeta : Spicy gallll
harrietmackinney : @sofia_baeta πŸ’πŸ’ƒ why thank you 😝
elaizasantos : @harrietmackinney oh oh we have an incoming of sex bombs up in hereπŸ™‹πŸ™…πŸ™‹πŸ˜
harrietmackinney : @elaizasantos πŸ’ I try b
scoliosis_life123 : Shout out please?
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My new thing is whenever I want my brother to do something for me I say "come on Zach I have scoliosis." πŸ˜‚The funny thing is he actually helps me when I say that ! I can be like "Zach give me some of your candy because I have scoliosis" and he will be like "okay but only because you have scoliosis" πŸ˜‚ #Scoliosis
scoliosis -
scoliosissssss : I do that all the time!! I use the excuse I've had back surgery for everything! When I'm late to class I'm like 'sorry I had back surgery' and the teachers don't say anything πŸ˜‚
scoliosis_strong_ : that's funnyπŸ˜‚ My p.e teacher excuses me on a lot of stuff because I "can't" do itπŸ˜‚ I'll just say "yeah um I can't because I have scoliosis"
scoliosis_strong_ : ^^^ @scoliosissssss
kseniaov12 - scoliosis4life - be_one_be_happy - scoliosis_is_for_stars -
Doodling ✏️ #doodle #bored #pencil #scoliosis #spine #back #problems #myback #brace #pain #hurt #surgery #radiology #doctors #xrays #bentnotbroken
pencil - pain - bentnotbroken - problems - back - hurt - doctors - surgery - radiology - myback - spine - doodle - xrays - scoliosis - bored - brace -
scoliosis_life123 : Can u have a shout out please
thescoliosislife : Can I share this I'll give credit
_rosie_petal_ : Sure xD just make sure of credit @thescoliosislife
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My thoughts are eating me alive β˜† . I nearly posted a pic of my dinner instead of this oops #sorrynotsorry . #edit #edits #hands #4arms #girl #selfie #scoliosis #ctfxcfamily #shoutoutforshoutout #tagsforlikes #likeforlike #recentforrecent #l4l #s4s #f4f #r4r #thoughts #dead #death #tumblr #tumblrish #hipster
tumblrish - selfie - f4f - dead - tumblr - hands - girl - ctfxcfamily - thoughts - sorrynotsorry - 4arms - r4r - death - shoutoutforshoutout - edit - scoliosis - tagsforlikes - edits - likeforlike - s4s - recentforrecent - hipster - l4l -
libbypalfrey99 : Recent for recent?
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Came home from hospital on Thursday, been admitted back into hospital today:'( #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #spinalfusion urgh:(
scoliosissurgery - spinalfusion - scoliosis -
sallyblade11 : Oh poor you :-( your really suffering that's horrible the sickness isn't nice is it my daughters medication made it worse too. She had hers done at stanmore Middlesex. She had to have 3 operations. And honestly it will be a year in July and now you would never know (apart from@the scars ) that she had anything done. She is able to do most things again now. So hold on in there it will get better soon it really will , really hope the hosp can make you feel better xx
_lucyxox : Thank you xx @sallyblade11
katharinemcquade_x : @_lucyxox thinking about you Luce, sending all my hugs and kisses😘 you'll get better soon beautiful xxx
_lucyxox : Thank you gorgeous hehe, dm me?<3 xoxoxo @katharinemcquade_x
katharinemcquade_x : @_lucyxox just have beautiful!!!xoxoxo
_lucyxox : I know I know;);) xxxxxx @katharinemcquade_x
sparklejumpropequeen95 : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
_lucyxox : :* @sparklejumpropequeen95
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Stop judging me please πŸ’” #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #spinalfusion
scoliosissurgery - spinalfusion - scoliosis -
serrakus_ - fxcksanne - kusssjet - 0511nils -
Spinal fusion ~ 20 days ahh so excited ! Any questions comment ~ #scoliosis #pain #fusion #proud #going #to #miss #being #wonky #scar #rods #bolts
pain - bolts - being - proud - wonky - scoliosis - to - fusion - going - rods - scar - miss -
_lucyxox : I had the surgery last week xxx @congenital_scoliosis
rhrosenberg93 : Good luck! I'll be a year post op next month for congenital!!
graceland1623 : Good luck im going on 2yrs this June! You'll do just fine no worries!
taylorrr_96 - scolidude19 - selena_gayle - clynaa -
YesπŸ‘Œ #quote #scoliosis #wear #your #scars #with #pride
pride - wear - quote - scars - with - your - scoliosis -
scars_left_behind13 : Follow me?:)
stephaudus09 : Sure
scoliosis_life123 : Can I have a shout out please
thescoliosislife - wys_izzy - guner_ak - ishelbyx -
In love with this little poemβ™₯ its so frustrating when no one around you can understand how you feel. Even my mom, the person who knows me the best, doesn't see how im really feeling. Just because I do things with a smile on my face doesn't mean im not in constant pain. I always have pain its just some days im better at hiding it... I never did an update from my PT appointment so: **basically my physical therapist says I have stopped making progress these past few weeks. He said I have improved since my first visit as far as my neck and hips go but for my back basically we have hit a wall. Nothing is working for the pain and no one can figure out what is causing it. I am getting my final evaluation on Monday and he will decide if I should stop or continue PT...feeling a bit defeated but I know things will work out. One day. β™₯ #scoliosis #kyphosis #spinalfuison #rodremoval #chronicpain #nofearjustfaith #justkeepsmiling #hope
chronicpain - kyphosis - spinalfuison - justkeepsmiling - rodremoval - nofearjustfaith - scoliosis - hope -
lrocio_07 : I'll be praying for you ❀️
kaitlynnmarieee : I know how you feel about people not understanding how you feel. It's the same for me. Stay strong! Love ya! ❀️
annestagram202 : Praying for you stay strong ur such an amazing girl I'm not going though what u r but ur posts are so inspiring and always make my day πŸ™
no_fear_just_faith : Thank you @lrocio_07 β™₯ @kaitlynnmarieee love ya too!!γ€Šγ€‹@annestagram202 thank you so much!β™₯ I really appreciate your supportβ™₯
michellepress : Try private Pilate's sessions. They make all the difference.
michellepress : Try private Pilates sessions. They make all the difference.
reba2882 : Praying for you everyday! You will get through this!
scoliosislove - agirlwithasmile - fighting_against_it - dancelife_15 -
Hey look! I'm famous! Scoliosis Quarterly is a scoliosis magazine that's distributed all over the world! This is the first issue and there I am! #scoliosis #scoliosisquarterly #famous
scoliosisquarterly - famous - scoliosis -
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Before and afters from 2012. Im not ashamed of these scars for they define me and everything about me:) #scoliosis#spine#curves#2012#scars#beautymarks:))
2012 - spine - beautymarks - scars - curves - scoliosis -
shaniaa_annmariee - makenzee_rose_17 - whitneyklatt - clynaa -
Day nineteen of #spoonieaprilphotoaday : helps take the pain awayπŸ’†πŸšΏπŸ˜΄ β€’ My massager MatπŸ’• #chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillness #gastroparesis #giproblems #migraines #healthproblems #scoliosis #sick #spoonie #staystrong #negu
healthproblems - chronicpain - spoonie - invisibleillness - staystrong - chronicillness - giproblems - scoliosis - sick - spoonieaprilphotoaday - migraines - negu - gastroparesis -
bevironphoenix - clynaa - lyme_fighter - mollygraceex -
Statigram feedback