The Scion AV Installation supports independent artists and their creative visions by hosting monthly exhibitions and offering custom-made products for sale. Check out 12 unique items to spice up your house by clicking the link in our profile.
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scionav : #Scionav #Art #LA #Hollywood
tombarnes83 : @teacakery
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@scion releasing a hip hop album through an in-house record label? #ScionAV #IntegratedMarketingCommunication #CST301
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Tree ~ The @Mctreeg E.P. #vinyl #vinyladdict #recordcollector #promo #hiphop #nowspinning #theangrykorean #Soultrap #ScionAV @scionav
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mctreeg : Niiiice
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Got my wristband #scionrockfest #scionav
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Don’t forget, you can win tickets to see @RedFangBand on their tour, “Situation: AWESOME!” To find out how you can win two FREE tickets, check
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Scion Rock Fest 2014 is inching closer. Take a look back at some of the baddest guitars from Scion Rock Fest 2013 from members of bands such as testament, @whitechapelband, @arsisofficial, vektor and more. Click the link in our profile to view.
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ericthebull : Vektor! Fuck yes!
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@punknews debuts the new track from Pins of Light titled “Lie Detector,” off the Scion AV split 7-inch with @weedeaterofficial. You can check out and download the song over at
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#meshuggah I Am Colossus #limitededition #7inch #vinyl #lp #record by @scionav #scionav #vinylporn #vinyligclub #vinylcollection
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enigmagnp : Got a great Meshuggah lp for myself today and now I'm jealous again :(
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp ☺️Aww come on...What did you get??
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp Ah!!! Saw it!!👍
longgoneloser : The drummer. Geez. How does he do it?!?! He's insane!
enigmagnp : Its hard to get a complete collection :0
blackv3lv3t33n : @longgoneloser Agreed!!
blackv3lv3t33n : @enigmagnp Haha! But the hunt will never end!😊
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@poketo, @willbryantplz and @etrine collaborated on this special edition #alleyoopla Scion IQ that is on display @thelinehotel until May 5th.
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scionav : #Scion #Scionav #ScionIQ
mrkiji : @willbryantplz 👏👌👏
redslurpeee : 👍
infraredpharaoh : @ahll33
thelinehotel : Psyched to have it @willbryantplz @etrine @poketo!
0kcorral : @byflore your art belongs on a @scionav
jasongatsby : @life_styles_
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Don't forget you can still win tickets to see the @Kadavarofficial North American Tour with @Mothershipusa, @SonsofHuns and @TheShrine. Scion AV will be giving away two pairs of tickets for each tour stop through Twitter. For more info please visit
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scionav : #scionav #kadavar #mothership #sonsofhuns #theshrine
holymountain : All three of those are playing at Psycho De Mayo fest, but that's a festival I'm producing. Are you giving tickets to our fest as well?
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#redfang #kingbuzzo #scionav #scionrockfest #bringittoNYC
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makingusernamessuck : Better win!
crashbox868 : @makingusernamessuck thanks bebe but it ain't happening. wrong coast anyway :(
the_faceless_knucklehead - makingusernamessuck - highdecibels_ru -
#scionav #scionrockfest #redfang @scionav
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I work with Scion and we are giving away this custom guitar as part of our Scion Rock Fest promotions. Repost on IG and follow the rules in the pic to win this and other prizes.
scionrockfest - scionav -
ryanglisan : #scionav #scionrockfest
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Tonight in Brooklyn at the world famous @saint_vitus_bar RidingEasy Records recording artists @sonsofhuns join @kadavarofficial on the @scionav sponsored tour. Be there and rock out! #kadavar #sonsofhuns #EasyRiderRecords #ridingeasyrecords #rock #psych #scionav
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witches_mass_band : We had a gnarly time hosting suns of Huns Saturday night on their way to NYC! Awesome dudes!
witches_mass_band : Sons 💀🔫
tweested : Yes Minneapolis
sacagawea_and_the_hunters : Philly (:
lolatassels : These guys are amazing!
monstrtlk : Going going gone!
reichundroll : Seeing these dudes wednesday in DC!
mercyfulskate : Go check this show it should be the tits @exhumed2consume
6stonedimmaculate9 - beardmonkey - urbanguerillawizard57 - failed86 -
Scion Rock Fest RSVP is currently closed, but we’re giving away tickets for our Sweepstakes, plus some more prizes including a new @schecterguitarsofficial Guitar. Visit for rules and how to enter.
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farenizzi : Let's do this
slave_on3 : @railroadgypsy @thisf00_
thisf00_ : Told you foo should have signed up for your ticket a long time ago @slave_on3
narutomeme : Hope I win this
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I love kadavar so much. Thanks @scionav for the free tickets. #scionav #kadavar #asheville #heavy
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Last year we had the chance to sit down and chat with a couple of NYC’s finest, @asvpxrocky and @asapferg! You can see both interviews by clicking the link in the description.
asaprocky - asapferg - scionav - asapmob -
scionav : #scionav #asaprocky #asapferg #asapmob
lashawns_ark : This show was freaking bonkers!!
a_man_well_duh : Seeing Ferg in one hour!!!!!
y3s1m - fxckmeiron - eiaura - desdinova78 -
scionav -
We picked up our wristbands!!! #drstrangerecords #scionrockfest #pomona #scionav @scionav @drstrangerecords
scionrockfest - igotmyfix - scionav - drstrangerecords - pomona -
changonaut : #igotmyfix
cantseemystee : Dang excited
changonaut : Hell yeah this shits gonna be dope...
jiggersq - ernestmccracken - impresariozero - alotofpeoplehaveinstagram -
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT at #TheCasualties #ScionAV afternoon matinee show at #GlassHousePomona #PunkRock #FatFuckInThePit #OldBastard #Geritol #Metamucil #Polident #DependsAdultDiapers
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Swedish metal legends Meshuggah released a video off their most recent album “Koloss,” via Scion AV. If you haven’t seen the video for “Demiurge,” click the link in the description to check it out!
scionav - meshuggah - koloss - demiurge - metal - swedishdeathmetal -
scionav : #scionav #meshuggah #koloss #demiurge #metal #swedishdeathmetal
lashawns_ark : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
oviksjimbo : Best band in the world! Homeboys!
spellbound76 : I got to see them last year at the HOB in Chicago for free thanks to @scionav
spellbound76 : Oops I mean 2yrs ago lol
coleyrose79 - gary_the_grey - ngginfong - el_macho_cabrio -
@bodegabamz goin in at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for the Scion Av open Mic Night @scionav He put on a dope performance & it was chill that the Zombies came out #tanbous#bodegabamz#scionav#openmicnight #brooklyn #nyc#sponsoredbyyouthphotos
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From Beyond and @ASGNation spoke with @SlBarbier before playing the Scion Rock Show at @theSatelliteLA. You can hear both interviews and download the songs they recorded as part of the Scion AV Rock Show 7-inch series at
scionav - asg - frombeyond - thesatellite - scionrockshow - salbarbier -
scionav : #scionav #ASG #frombeyond #salbarbier #thesatellite #scionrockshow
gingeralebinger : Ha! @davehat 👍
mleemarie : @sdfinley71
anarchyluis : What is your honest opinion on the new law under Obamacare called #ICD9E978? @mleemarie @gingeralebinger @scionav
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Scion Rock Fest wristbands are in! If you didn’t have a chance to RSVP and would like to have your name added to the ticket wait list, head over to to sign up.
scionrockfest - scionav - rockfest -
ssurnewyork : !!
_dead_by_dawn : I hope my gf can still get a ticket since this would be her first concert and my second concert.
votepuke : @scionav if we already rsvp'd where do we scoop em?
the_faceless_knucklehead : @votepuke whatever you put as your retailer, check your email and see what it says
votepuke : @the_faceless_knucklehead thanks dude haha I shoulda just read my dumb email :)
the_faceless_knucklehead : @votepuke no problem!
grindvirus : @endo_parasitic @insectwelfare @agentmai @kittyonmars
insectwelfare : @grindvirus we know hoe
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Last year we put out a special two-song release from Metal Legend @PhiliphAnselmo and the Illegals, featuring the tracks, “Pigs Kissing Pigs” and “Ugly Mug!” You can still download the tracks for FREE over at
down - music - scionav - pantera - philanselmo -
scionav : #scionav #philanselmo #pantera #down #music
entertainerd : Can I still get a copy of the vinyl?
sirvampire : Where are the vinyl copies?
scionav : @entertainerd and @sirvampire Scion AV Vinyl copies are given out at Scion AV events like the "Rock shows" or "Rock Fest" and sometimes available through online promotions. Stay tuned for when we do contests, as many times Vinyl copies are given away.
forbiddenmonster : @scionav I was wondering about that same deal with the vinyl! Thanks for the info!
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Check out our new interview w/ @scionav on Chopped it up with DJ Prince Paul, legendary producer for De La Soul, RZA, and others. Filmed in Brooklyn before our Scion Open Mic. #illclinton #scionav #illanta
scionav - illanta - illclinton -
brennanuptown : Follow @illclintonusa
future_rn_2016 - johnkimmmm - thtsso_raven - this_milfxo -
New interview w/ @ScionAV on Before our performance in Brooklyn for the #ScionOpenMic, we chopped it up with the OG @djprincepaul for a few. Check it out! #illclinton #illanta #scionav
scionav - illanta - illclinton - scionopenmic -
jayprimetime_ : @illclintonusa wussup brenden, I just wanted to know if you have a contact email? Im a videographer from the SF Bay area & I wanted to know if your interested in getting on this track with 2 talented bay area artists I know. If your interested, ill send you the rough copy of the track, my contact email is "" I will be doing a music video this summer as well - Jay
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@Steve Aoki with his custom Steve Aoki x Scion FR-S. Head on over to @scion to learn more about how you can win some EPIC prizes!
aokijump - frs - scionav - scion - steveaoki - epicfrs -
scionav : #scionav #scion #steveaoki #aokijump #FRS #epicfrs
sexeman1234 : Yup yup @chavador_310 @thalia310
jonsubmarine : You customized a car apparently. @dailybeardsfromthekid
johnnyanhlai : @vannyvan405
king_apollo_official : I'm creative give me a FRS!!!!
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@ILLClintonUSA, The Atlanta Hip Hop Duo, talked with @djprincepaul about how their recent EP, on Scion AV, forced them to make music without samples and explore new possibilities within their sound. Watch the interview and download the EP at
hiphop - music - scionav - illclinton - rap -
scionav : #scionav #illclinton #hiphop #rap #music
illclintonusa - votepuke - djprincepaul - ecalevol -
@steveaoki His hair might be longer than mine! :o Wanted to ask for a #aokinap pic but got too nervous... weh
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peckpeckkilla : Cake me! @steveaoki
sharohnay : LOL can I cake you @peckpeckkilla
peckpeckkilla : I have to cake you first then @sharohnay
sharohnay : If you can catch me! @peckpeckkilla #ninja
peckpeckkilla : #kylekickssharonsass #allday #errday @sharohnay
sharohnay : #sharondodgeskylesslowmoves #powpow #ripkyle @peckpeckkilla :)
sharohnay : #momentos #scionav #aoki #steveaoki #igdaily #pastelhair #lilac #pinkhair #lookspinkbutitsnot #artexhibit
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@XDannyXBrownX made a great video for his song called “Grown Up!” If you haven’t had a chance to see it, head on over to the Scion AV Official YouTube Channel and check it out.
dannybrown - grownup - scionav - hiphop -
shark_weak : @scionav 👍👍
obeynchase : ODB _///*
behzeymoney : Fresh @XdannyXBrownX
kzoojay : Still one of my fav videos of all time!
imperialalexandra : @dioganhdih
igotshittosayy : I think you are late on this
anko_2 : 😄
sk_austinskinnerva - brvndonn421 - malachigomis - blackhippyofficial -
Gearing up for this years #ScionRockFest! Take a look back at the live @Revocation performance from Rock Fest 2012 in Tampa, FL on the Scion AV Official YouTube Channel.
scionav - music - revocation - scionrockfest - metal -
scionav : #scionrockfest #scionav #revocation #metal #music
scionav - threecorgis - yarzarkyawoo - zebrasindatrees -
Adam Meyer of the tech start up @Monospacehq is in the passenger seat for this edition of My iQ with @LeviMaestro. Meyer explains how his new project Monospace simplifies the online interaction process. See the interview at
adammeyer - monospace - scionav - myiq - levimaestro -
scionav : #scionav #levimaestro #adammeyer #monospace #MyIQ
nawosuke - bod3yalmarri - ampmtm - sexeman1234 -
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