Recovering with #RollRecovery after today's 55 mile ride with 3,400 feet of incline with @samnthagiordano. #tri #trispiration #trilife #tricommunity #triathlete #triathlon #triathlontraining #ironmantri #ironmantraining #swimbikerun #recovery #cycling #furtherfasterforever
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anupmenon7 : Interesting... Ever compared that with a foam roller?
bc_onefortypointsix : @anupmenon7 yep, i use a foam roller too. I prefer this, however: 1. When traveling since its easier to pack, 2. When I'm really tired/sore and dont want to use most of my body to foam roll just one spot, and 3. It gets both sides of my legs at the same time. The instructions say to be careful that you dont use it on bone though, so to play it safe i foam roll my calves or just massage them
triathedicscott : Wow I have not seen this before, look painful.
samnthagiordano : That looks amazinnnnnnnng. (And just as painful as my ice bath was.) woohoo we did it. And it's only the beginning! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
anupmenon7 : Thanks for the feedback @bc_onefortypointsix ! I am gonna check this out..
bc_onefortypointsix : @triathedicscott its worth the pain!
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So my roll recovery is perfect for after runs, buy also super for after shimmy drills #r8 #rollrecovery #run #shimmy #bellydance
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You be lookin' all good w/ the #R8 @fleetfeetboulder. #LegBling #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - legbling - r8 -
endurotwerd - sergiosignacio - gritsinnyc - runwithmygirl -
Yay! R8s filling the shelves and happy hands of @denverrunhouse! #loveColoradoRunning #rollrecovery
lovecoloradorunning - rollrecovery -
denverrunhouse : Awesome night!
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#instrumentsoftorture #rolling #hurtssogood #myofascialrelease #TheStick #foamrollerismyfriend #rollrecovery
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Woohoo #R8 floor stand all setup at @runnersroostcs. And boy does it look good. :) #rollrecovery #coloradosprings
rollrecovery - coloradosprings - r8 -
texgasdoc : I love my R8! Used it this morning after a good brick workout yesterday:)
edwardscissorhands5410 : Hey guys I was wondering if there was a way or feature where you could roll out one of the arms (operate it with one hand) I found this through running insta gram pages but I am also a climber and constantly have sore legs and forearms. Hope to hear from u guys. Thanks!
teambestfitbody : Just got this and going to recommend to all my athletes I coach!
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This is the best invention ever. I have never been a fan of foam rolling cause after a long run who want to feel like they are planking?? Unfortunately, due to my lack of rolling I suffered an injury of the knee. One thing I've realized is how important it is to roll. So I got this thang. The roll recovery R8. Oh jesus! It's bomb. I highly recommend it! #rollrecovery #r8 #exercise #fitness #wwsisterhood #therealwwsisterhood #weightwatchers #wwclovers #doohretsisww #run #runner #running #trailrun #trailrunner #ripfoamroller #takecareofyourself
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chef_ratattooee : @rollrecovery that ks for saving me! :)
out4run : Yup I got one too and use it often. A lot better than foam roller. ๐Ÿ‘
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#newtoys #recovery #rollrecovery #physicaltherapy #mobilitywod #marcpro
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#newtoy #recovery #rollrecovery #physicaltherapy
rollrecovery - newtoy - recovery - physicaltherapy -
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#newtoy #recovery #rollrecovery #physicaltherapy
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@rollrecovery after a 12 mile run with the Marathon Coalition! #bestbuddies #bestbuddiesma #bostonmarathon2014 #rollrecovery
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cjgo : Loving the New Balance
triggerpin : You gotta try my TRiGGER PiN! Everybody loves it. Seriously. Cheers.
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A quick loop around #ROLLRecovery office. "Shaking out the legs". No, actually playing like kids. Working doesn't have to be boring.
rollrecovery -
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Its hurts soooo gewwwd #crossfit #rollrecovery
rollrecovery - crossfit -
thebarehand : @alee_catt my god that gives me the meat sweats just looking at it! Pain town eh?
superchris46 : Where'd you get that??
caseyaburrow : @nikynikster check this out!!!!
nikynikster : @caseyaburrow we NEED this.
bomber_8 : @matt_allen09 @bennih100 got any rollerblades we can take apart?
briididdy : Ahhh the damn roller ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. I swear this thing makes me sweat more than a workout.... #lovehate
pshep1989 : Painnn cave
little2ez : That looks amazing! IT band crush zone
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Rolling out dead legs #RollRecovery #NYCHalfMarathon
nychalfmarathon - rollrecovery -
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En en #energystation nos preocupamos por tu recuperaciรณn despuรฉs de tus entrenos. Tenemos el #rollrecovery para darte masaje y recuperar el mรบsculo.
rollrecovery - energystation -
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I started replacing machine cardio with jump roping sets. Killing me! I also did legs twice this week, I'm ridiculously sore. Been rolling all week! My legs feel awesome. You need to try this to truly believe it! It's a deep tissue massage right on my couch. @rollrecovery #rollrecovery #fitfam #runners #legday #sore #trainhard #traininsane #fitspo #fitness #massage
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jmay_jmay : Video it.. I want to see how it works!
jonr : Will big legs fit in this thing? Lol. If so, bring one back!
justywaslike : Ooohhhh I want one!!
fitbellastrong : @whitneyposs We need this!!!!
whitneyposs : @fitbellastrong I'm googling it to find out where to get one!!
tiffanyoc : @danteluciani
fitneessa : @fitbellastrong follow @rollrecovery and website is on their account page! ๐Ÿ˜„
mesh0mesh : @ktsummerz @bindof @karenprozak @debbiefaildo I think we need this!! Lol
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Love this. #rollrecovery #AdrianaNelson
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36k (22 miles) in the books! Boston Marathon or bust. Next weekend @nychalfmarathon. #jhboston26 @adi_nelson #rollrecovery @ASICSamerica
rollrecovery - jhboston26 -
priscillalopz - californ_uk_ation - smdgray - zinurovae -
Deriving the sprinter at work. #fun #rollrecovery :D
fun - rollrecovery -
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Elite runner and 2nd place finisher @adi_nelson at the #HalfMarathon of @gasparilla distance classic. It was a pleasure meeting you. #rollrecovery #eliterunner #ushalfmarathonchamp #run #running #runner #instarun #tampabayrun #gasparilladistanceclassic #florida #february
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springs559 : Wow!!
springs559 - tonkatu48 - twinspire - escapefrom714 -
Watching @usatf indoor championship, relaxing before the race tomorrow rolling my quads with the R8, and cheering for the USA Indoor Team :) #rollrecovery #gasparillahalf #6amstart?!
6amstart - rollrecovery - gasparillahalf -
beckyrun : Laura was looking so strong. Dang! #rinnersroost
beckyrun : Oops...#runnersroost
grahamsnowden : Introduced @allarms to the R8 today! #goodbyebluefoamroller #rollrecovery
beckyrun : Kill it tmw, lady. Show em what Coloradoans can do!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
getfitwithla : Good luck!!
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The R8 is extra dreamy today. #sore #rollrecovery #crossfit #nano
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pthompsen81 : What's this?? You're wearing nanos now? #ConvertedToTheDarkSide lol
cshipman : I love this contraption!
kn_marquez : Haha @pthompsen81 yeahhh they were so cute I had to get them! And now they are one of my many favorites :) @cshipman it's the best for recovery!!
mrssheenapaul - parkerkelsey - runjesrun - farmerr001 -
Colorado gang in Tampa :D #rollrecovery #gasparillahalf
rollrecovery - gasparillahalf -
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Go and grab you one. Way better than foam roll! #rollrecovery...rollrecovery.com if you dont know what it is just ask me. #bouldertc #tracknation #usatf #massage #fitness #muscle #rejuvenated #sprinters #trackandfield
rejuvenated - bouldertc - tracknation - fitness - usatf - trackandfield - sprinters - muscle - rollrecovery - massage -
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The looks you get when you use this in a busy airport... #rollrecovery #runnerproblems
runnerproblems - rollrecovery -
ashlingbakerlinehan : #rollrecovery is amazing! Safe travels!
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Training volume is picking up, are you taking care of yourself before an injury occurs? #foamroller #rollrecovery #triplextraining #injuryprevention
foamroller - rollrecovery - triplextraining - injuryprevention -
apples_oranges : Those bruises are from the foam roller?
dennys522 : Ouch!
triplextraining : Yep- foam roller induced bruising, maybe a little from massage. Prevent from getting to this point, roll early and often, right @dennys522 @jennsloat ?
jennsloat : Yup, don't want to end up in tears and in PT like that girl ;-)
dennys522 : I won't go a day without rolling!!
jjsellinger : Dang Kyle that leg looks like it has taken a serious beating.
ksd1025 - jesponzo - jennsloat - bethkovatch -
Perfect after leg day or any lower body exercise. I.e. running, stairs, plyo. #Rollrecovery #hurtssogood
hurtssogood - rollrecovery -
naughtibeatz - abstraktion561 - agregory413 - rico211 -
Holy referred hip pain....Thank goodness for #RollRecovery!!!
rollrecovery -
charybutes : I need that.
bockdiesel2 : Its not cheap! But we got it on sale at an expo...it...is....awesome.
staceyferr - lebarros - straightogi - trail_yogi -
A snowy treadmill day at ROLL Recovery global headquarters. @adi_nelson #rollrecovery #birthday !
birthday - rollrecovery -
tnamad : Happy birthday!!
andsoitburns - vsuxctf - treadmillchris - scarr08 -
Every sore muscle's dream come true...Oh #rollrecovery how I love thee! Thanks @theprcave!!
rollrecovery -
tinamadison7 : Look at what a fatty I am, I thought these were macaroons at first ๐Ÿ˜‚
ritzylicious : "Sore muscle" huh ๐Ÿ˜
kaycee10 : Haha @tinamadison7!
kaycee10 : Get your mind outta the gutter @ritzylicious! For once I wasn't talking dirty lol
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#rollrecovery #awesome
awesome - rollrecovery -
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#gohardorgohome #road2cpc #run2day #runhappy #runtoinspire #runitfast #race #tagsforlikes #happyrunner #kickoff #onemomile #gl2r #youthrunner #instarunners #instarunner #instarun #adidas #Odlo #nikerunning #lunaracer3 #gl2r #roadrace #pftrunning #pftrunner #cardio #furtherfasterforever #rollrecovery
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rqcg : On fire!
lakestephen : @rqcg het ging als een๐Ÿš†
runhealthlife : @lakestephen Just looked at all your pics. Amazing runner. Wow! Would love to have u featured whenever u wish if you wish. Feel free to email me your pics and story to rhl@runhealthlife.com website is runhealthlife.com #keeprunning
lakestephen : @runhealthlife thank you! I Will get in touch with you soon.
run_lyfe : #runlyfemovement
lakestephen : @run_lyfe ๐Ÿ‘†
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I won my first 10k race of 2014 after a tough week of 140km. #happyrunner #road2cpc #pftrunner #pftrunning #gl2r #run #youthrunner #runchat #runhappy #roadrace #gohardorgohome #odlo #followme #furtherfasterstronger #rollrecovery #livefit #picoftheday #cardio #adidas
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roosmaris : Congrats
ponasse : Tof! Gefeliciteerd!
anouarboutaiem : Goed bezig Martina!
lakestephen : @anouarboutaiem hehehe ik ben inderdaad ook heel blij! @marlous__ @boysdocry @roosmaris @ponasse Thanks All!
macsworldnl : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘‹ naisz gefeliciteerd man
mrponcin : Zo Nice man gefeliciteerd!!!
hvdijssel : Trots op mijn mannetje:-) โ™ก
lakestephen : @mrponcin @macsrunning @hvdijssel bedankt!
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Statigram feedback