Get Out There &' Support Cesar's Family ! ❤️ All Donations Are Accepted . Yhu Maybe Be Gone But Never Forgotten . Always On our Hearts ! #RestInParadise #CesarFlores #WeMissYhu #spreadtheword
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R.I.P Skipper. You will truly be missed. I know I was a youngin when I was around hanging out with @mommie_02 but you will be missed. #restinparadise Renee you guys will always be family. It was good hanging out with ur family tonight. I miss those days. Love you guys.
restinparadise -
RIP Jaja 😞❤️ it was way to sudden. What a terrible accident. You will truly be missed. I love you. #rip #restinparadise
restinparadise - rip -
jamieejones12 -
Friends and family all for Jr! Happy birthday, cousin! Miss you always, love you forever! #restinparadise #inheavenbreakin #bboyenvy
restinparadise - inheavenbreakin - bboyenvy -
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#restinparadise #my #guardian #angel #iloveyou #dylan #gone #but #never #forgotten #good #die #young #hoomies #ill #see #u #in #heaven #myhomie #iloveyou <3 😘🙏
gone - good - angel - guardian - never - but - young - see - heaven - in - dylan - die - ill - iloveyou - hoomies - restinparadise - myhomie - u - forgotten - my -
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"They say that times a healer but as the time goes on, I seem to find it just as hard to face the fact that you're gone. You'll never be forgotten and everyday I shed a tear, but it's only because I love you and wish you were still here." RIP Papa . 7.26.10 👼😇 ❤️ your mija #restinparadise #rip
restinparadise - rip -
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I wish it was true when they said it would get easier, that everything will be ok well it hasn't & it's not ! This time of year is hard mothers day & your birthday coming up ! #inmyfuckingfeelings #imissyousomuch #whyyou #mymother #roberta #restinparadise
restinparadise - whyyou - roberta - imissyousomuch - inmyfuckingfeelings - mymother -
maryjanenicole : @ayayronsiliguy miss you cuz
ayayronsiliguy : imy2😣😣😱
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I cant stop crying…reat in paradise nana cruz💔😥 #rip #restinparadise #nana #inmemory #notreal
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Unless you've lost a parent, you really can't imagine the pain you'll go through. You don't imagine it being as bad as it really is; I think about her every second of every day. And miss her just as equally. I'm so thankful we had such a strong relationship when she was here, but it makes it that much harder when I realize I don't have her to turn to. I miss you, Mom. I wish I could hug you just one more time. #RestInParadise #12February2014 #ILoveYou #NeverImagined #TellSomeoneYouLoveThatYouLoveThem #LifeIsTooShort #60YearsYoung
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xdan_iix : 💔 this breaks my heart, I'm so sorry for your loss brooke. You've gained an angel who's looking down to protect you everyday♥
brooklynnmaciel : Thanks Danielle ♡ @xdan_iix
linndsss : My heart literally breaks for you hun... I'm keeping you in my prayers sweet girl❤️
brooklynnmaciel : Thank you♡ @linndsss
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#tbt when life was a little simpler ✨💖 #myhero #myworld #missingyoualways #ripdad #restinparadise #dad
dad - restinparadise - myworld - myhero - ripdad - tbt - missingyoualways -
beautyhi87 : My heart. I love you. :)
mandeeezyy : Love you more 😊😘💨💖 @beautyhi87
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The fact that you're 100th day and birthday are on the same day is even more heart breaking. Anthony still talks about you so thank you for visiting him in his dreams and in mine. I guess dreams will do for now until we meet again. I love you and happy birthday daddy te💙 #TheBestGrandpaOutThere #RestInParadise #GoneTooSoon #TBT
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Releasing #wishlanterns with the #family for Kyle. #arizona #lovethem #beautifulskys #restinparadise
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RIP Dad, #bigman #restinparadise #ripstaxxx #ripmarvin #ripmaliq #supportthestruggle #thegooddieyoung
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#Aprilphotochallenge #Day7 #someoneimiss #Mymomma #RestInParadise #iLoveYoumom i would give up everything to be able to see you & hug you one more time:/
aprilphotochallenge - restinparadise - iloveyoumom - someoneimiss - day7 - mymomma -
deisy_sorely -
RIP Juliano😢 still can't believe you are gone, I know you are in a better place now though ❤️ #missyou #restinparadise
restinparadise - missyou -
kayleemeagan : Love ya daesha 😘
daesha_ : @kayleemeagan love you too girly 😘😘
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I miss you every single day an it sucks 😔 #7yearsgonebye #bestfriendinthewholeworld#mia #missherlikehell #restinparadise
mia - restinparadise - missherlikehell - bestfriendinthewholeworld - 7yearsgonebye -
lara_delucaa : Sarah stay strong baby keep your head held high she will always look down on you. Your a beautiful girl and I will always be here for you love you gorgeous! R.I.P beautiful angel 💕💕💕
sarahcatherinexo : Thank youu so much baby 💕 @lara_delucaa
lara_delucaa : All good princess I understand how you feel ❤️😔 @sarahcatherinexo
ashleyferola : Mia, was in my year 1 class😭 head up & stay strong gorgeous, I know how it feels❤️
sarahcatherinexo : Thank you beautiful 😔😘 @ashleyferola
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#restinparadise to my bestfriend !! ;( my heart hurts
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spottingbeauty -
Clay and his momma! #RIP #restinparadise #momandson
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You Cute !! Wit Yo Ugly Butt !! Ctfuu IMU Den Wish You Were Here Wit Me !! #RestInParadise #LittleAngel
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_tastycakes_ : Yes I miss her soooooo much man
_tastycakes_ - johnny_twin - aip_dee1 - king_me151 -
Happy birthday cuzzie! Sending birthday wishes up to heaven for you today! I miss and love you always and forever Antoine❤ #GoneTooSoon #RestInParadise #angel
restinparadise - angel - gonetoosoon -
cole_meets_world - mrduke1978 - gpwsftravel - groovydomo -
Happy 18th birthday to our beautiful Bas ☺ we love and miss you so much. Love life, don't waste it ❤🎈1⃣8⃣🎉 #ourbas #lldwi #restinparadise
restinparadise - ourbas - lldwi -
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I loved visiting Brandon today after such a long time. We will forever love and remember you! 👼💜 #Restinparadise #wemissyou #rochambosticker
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What best friends are for.. To cover your ass & hold you up for pictures. (Cattie's clumsy ass did not do well with heels lol) This time of year is still hard. Getting ready for my best friend's birthday without her here again. #RestInParadise sweet girl💙 #bff #DayOnes #tbt #throwbackthursday #prom08 @dred_bone
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dred_bone : @tasheena_nicole love it . I'll never forget that day :)
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#restinparadise #imissyou #mypoppy #greatgrandpa #passedaway #inheaven #lotsoftears 😭😭 #stillcannotbelieveitistrue #iloveyoupoppy #worstdayofmylife #brokenhearted #numb #broken
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Miss our kitty kitty. 💜😔 #rip #mouser #kitty #misshim #blackcat #meow #rockitlikearedhead #howtobearedhead #restinparadise
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helloadjsna : I really like this pic! If you love cats you should take a look at @TheDailyKitten!
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I can't wait to go visit you again.. I told you guys I would keep my promise so I will. Love you Pops and Unk! 💙 #restinparadise
restinparadise - tbt -
carrera_23 : #tbt
mscordero : U know they love u and are very proud of u!
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The Good Die Young that's the Truth. My Nigga P-Nut Everybody fucked wit em & Loved em. Remember Last time I was wit u you Dropped Me off in da South & Told Me "Keep Doin ya thang & Be Safe" Told u likewise Kus I know these Niggas be Hatin to see ANY nigga shine! #RestInParadise🙏 #WatchOvaMe💯 The Streets Miss u William T Bibbs 👼
restinparadise - watchovame -
_kushaveli : Rip pnut
grapedagunman103 : Rip my g
young_kee_ - peeweejeff - 901_samg - shay_withthe_dimples -
It's enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment. #GabrielGarcí­aMárquez #restinparadise
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"Now all I got in the end is a few my best friends and we all going out to the death for these ends..." #RestInParadise #MarvinLong #MLONE #MissingMyG #NoNewFriends @cadenas007 #Tbt #CoupleMoreAndImDone #High247 #NeverSober
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Throwback thursday to my shining star⭐️ love and miss you kitty. 😙💕🐱 #alwaysandforever #love #missyou #tbt #bestkitty #misty #beautiful #kitty #restinparadise
beautiful - misty - bestkitty - love - missyou - kitty - tbt - restinparadise - alwaysandforever -
niromme : Your so pretty !!!
meaghanrhea : @niromme awww thanks! Just a good picture though haha
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2 years ago today I got a heart breaking phone call while at work. I quickly drove home and tried to keep it together, but as soon as I saw my mom and she asked me what was wrong I fell to the ground and fell apart. Here I am 2 years later doing better but still thinking of you and missing you every single day. Rest in peace best friend. I will forever miss you. Gabriel Bejarano 9/12/93 - 4/17/12 #restinparadise #myguardianangel #missingyou #bestfriend #gabrieloscar 💛💜❤️🌻☀️❤️
restinparadise - missingyou - bestfriend - myguardianangel - gabrieloscar -
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First off I want to say Happy Birthday to the cousin I never got to meet Rip ❤ And second I just had a weird experience finding the prom picture of him.. So I was looking for picture of him and I could only find the one of him as a kid.. So I'm all bummed out because I can't find any and then I just look down and then all of a sudden a picture of him is just there on the ground. I literally started crying so hard.. again happy birthday cousin will meet someday.... ✊❤
restinpeace - restinparadise - lostsoul - i - hawaiianblood - ericwatson -
2poppunkandkawaii4u : #EricWatson #restinpeace #hawaiianblood #restinparadise #lostsoul #i
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#tbt .. Missing my pops 😚💝👼 #restinparadise
restinparadise - tbt -
selena_janice01 : Its ok boo boo (:
elidalaura23 - lifewithlay - jcrew_22 - princess___jessica -
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