2 gallons of freshly squeezed milk, still warm from her body. I poured in Mesophilic starter right there, on the spot. The first time I ever did this to make cheddar cheese so soon after getting the milk. #fresh #cheddar #cheese #raw #rawmilk #rawmilkcheese
rawmilk - cheese - rawmilkcheese - raw - fresh - cheddar -
sweetpskitchen : Awesome!
happythyme : @cecmeister @staar381 @tittysprinkles10 we still need to make cheese
moony_1 - sunsetgrille - pennyflood - happythyme -
Collected 5 litres of raw milk yesterday to keep the family happy while they are visiting from Sydney and this beautiful girl was ever so thanked for the pure untampered goodness. #rawmilk #jerseycows ❀️
rawmilk - jerseycows -
bjheydt : She's looking drained!!
jensmithyowza : Hoe now brown cow
valenthewhale : See you soon to milk the cow
ashleybeer : Grass fed @Torhand would be happy
shaynonsworld - jensmithyowza - orneluxa - darcyshay -
Breakfast time! #nofilter #breakfast #healthy #health #rawmilk #quark #99percent #chocolate #banana #nuts
rawmilk - healthy - nuts - chocolate - health - breakfast - nofilter - 99percent - banana - quark -
mrskrabbits - veronicadohny - ingridalvarez92 - afrodita_p_ -
10:31 after a tall glass of ice cold raw milk (so rich and creamy it was like drinking melted ice cream!) We soak up a few more cuddles before I swaddle her and we call it a night. She gives the best cuddles. #ladylyddiebug #adayinthelife #rawmilk
rawmilk - ladylyddiebug - adayinthelife -
servingfromhome : Hey happy birthday!! Just under the wire ;)
susiemm413 : Oh! @trinaholden πŸŽ‰Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸ¨πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ˜ƒ
wendisanders - jennimullinix - _noeljustine_ - carlamgregg -
[23/100] Felt like a real farmer and a real local, riding around in the farm truck en route to the iconic #rawmilk farm nearby. Saw the local Waldorf school and scoped out the back roads of my summer farming home via the passenger's seat. #100happydays #farmlife #farmtruck #greycounty
rawmilk - 100happydays - farmlife - farmtruck - greycounty -
jasonvpurcell - _themaggster - allisonbels - yikesa____ -
Easter is this weekend and I know we will all be making deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and all kinds of eggs. My post today gives you tricks for cooking them to perfection and making them so easy to peel, the shell comes off in one whole piece! #amazing! #theperfecthardboiledegg PRTLIVING.COM 🐣
nutrition - foodie - theperfecthardboiledegg - justbewell - community - eating4health - eatingclean - omggmo - healthyeating - nutrionist - rawmilk - wellness - nourishyourbody - healthyliving - instafood - amazing - organicfoodporn - cookingtips - realfood - bewell - feelgood - easter - newblogger - grassfed -
prtliving : #easter
prtliving : #newblogger #nourishyourbody #feelgood #justbewell #foodie #grassfed #healthyliving #omggmo #healthyeating #nutrition #realfood #eatingclean #eating4health #wellness #bewell #instafood #nutrionist #rawmilk #community #organicfoodporn #realfood
prtliving : #cookingtips
danielleandben : #organic #certifiedorganic #alternativemedicine #alternative #natural #naturalliving #gmofree #farmersmarket #local #eatlocal #naturalmedicine #herbs #foodnetwork #naturalbeauty #foodismedicine #wholefoods #whollisticallyliving #healthfoodporn #primal #paleo #wholisticfood #georgiaorganics #livewell #peace #behappy #beautifullife #wholelife
ashleycarriere : That might just be the most hash tags I have ever seen!
danielleandben : @ashleycarriere I know!! I feel so ridiculous putting all of them!! 😁
bahiah31 - teamnewyou - cookingwithkaceytess - hippiehealer -
#cheesemaking #freshmozzarella #rawmilk #farmfresh
rawmilk - freshmozzarella - cheesemaking - farmfresh -
mrs_kropilak - pgjettaftw - morgant787 - tommcintosh -
Out in where am i Arizona buying some fresher than fresh malk. #straightfromtheteet #nonpasteurized #rawmilk
rawmilk - nonpasteurized - straightfromtheteet -
nicholaskentwillett : #raw @astillslife
astillslife : Quite literally @nicholaskentwillett
heatherzusman - peterjosephbrennan - emmyspicer - lloyd_mongo -
Absolutely giddy #rawmilk #happybirthdaytome thanks, @carltonfarm !
rawmilk - happybirthdaytome -
ataylorwrites : So happy you found some! ;)
carlamgregg : I feel I need to know about this. Also, I sent you a bday text, but I figure your phone is not getting reception. Just making it known here! ;)
trinaholden : @carlamgregg I got your text! I didn't have my phone with me at church, so I didn't get it till we were home. Re: the milk. Is. Awesome.
erikadawson - catecunliffe - emilycgardner - emergingstar -
For my birthday adventure I chose to go on a #rawmilk quest. Since moving to Alabama we haven't had raw milk, and we miss it so. On our way to a farm in Georgia that sells it! #whatwedoforrawmilk
rawmilk - whatwedoforrawmilk -
lemonjellycake : #dedication ! Happy birthday, Trina!
trinaholden : @lemonjellycake thanks, Claire!
katieorr22 : Where in Alabama are you? I think there is a farm outside of Birmingham!
katebattistelli : Happy birthday mama! Great birthday present:))
ohdeardanielle : Happy birthday, cuteface!
gretlouise : I β™‘ U. Happiest of birthdays!
ohdeardanielle - elishakemp - r8abbey - emergingstar -
#rawmilk #icecream #vanilla #homemade
rawmilk - icecream - vanilla - homemade -
trinaholden - dianaayusupova - thechefofinstagram - thekitchenofahmet -
An udder point of view
rawmilk - raw - rawmilkrevolution - igmilker - rawmilkcheese - kissmahcowsass - gotmilk - ufusda - gotrawmilk - kissmah -
carolineadobo : @fivebrowncats I was working :( Most likely taken by one of our sons 😊
carolineadobo : @fivebrowncats or the other cow #glendathecow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
fivebrowncats : @carolineadobo ohhh the charmed life πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
dadthebaker : Freshly squeezed @nocturniatx ;)
dadthebaker : Never assume @fivebrowncats because when you ass u me.... ;)
nocturniatx : Literally. Ha!
curlsandmusic : So I was going to the breakroom to have lunch at work today and I passed by a man who looked so much like you, I had to do a double take. The only thing that convinced me that he wasn't you was his ponytail.
dadthebaker : Bahahahaha! @curlsandmusic yes, my pony tail days are over...
ccbabkok - ccboopsalon - jeanc57 - lancito87 -
Love living five minutes from this place. Will miss being so close when we move. #vscocam #gramenfarm
rawmilk - eatfresh - holistic - cleaneating - gramenfarm - eatlocal - eatraw - vscocam -
wildfeathersvintage : #eatraw #eatfresh #eatlocal #cleaneating #rawmilk #holistic
airgreenwood : @wildfeathersvintage // where in Texas are you?
wildfeathersvintage : @airgreenwood in cypress right outside if Houston:)
airgreenwood : @wildfeathersvintage // we are in midland, new from utah last fall. My parents are in the woodlands/magnolia area.
wildfeathersvintage : Oh neat!!! @airgreenwood
brittfrankel - mamaofhope - amyn2009 - pearlprado -
Hello, #spring #greens! #lunch is #organic chicken Caesar with homemade dressing and #rawmilk Parmesan and an English pea soup!
rawmilk - spring - organic - greens - lunch -
livesimplymom - recipes4results - lylabluee - heart_mind_soul_mommy -
Beautiful day for a drive! Did you know you can get all of our #RFF products delivered right to your front door every week? Imagine. All of our delicious #grassfedmeats, #rawmilk, #goatmilkcheese, #goatmilkicecream, #mushrooms, and other #farmfresh goodness delivered to your home. #farmtohomedelivery #417land #SpringfieldMO #GetReal
rawmilk - farmtohomedelivery - goatmilkcheese - farmfresh - goatmilkicecream - mushrooms - 417land - rff - springfieldmo - grassfedmeats - getreal -
realfarmfoods : @peaceacres
peaceacres : One of my favorite views. And I certainly recommend the delivery!
wildfeathersvintage : Where are y'all located?
realfarmfoods : @wildfeathersvintage , we're an hour east of Springfield, MO, at Norwood.
marcrott - peaceacres - my_ran_da_jane - joplintowboy -
Look at all this yummy #rawmilk that's in our frig! #healthyeating #healthyfood
rawmilk - healthyfood - healthyeating -
butterfly_tootz - livingdoterrahealthy - kiramatheson - lorettex -
At my grandparents enjoying a glass of raw milk. Nothing beats the taste! #country #rawmilk
rawmilk - country -
kastriotlealboz - 1kjb - dizzydelong - emillin9 -
Sweet nugget. #normande #calf #sustainablefarming #rawmilk #wapf #kcmo #kansascity #grassfeddairy
rawmilk - kansascity - sustainablefarming - grassfeddairy - kcmo - wapf - normande - calf -
mamakautz - giuliocaaaancook - sproutcreekfarm - babytkc -
First batch of cheese for the year! #fresh #rawmilk #goatmilk
rawmilk - fresh - goatmilk -
youarethechapel - cwoodyrun - george_julian - sunpower_everything -
The cream line on this raw jersey milk is ridiculous! Mmm :) #rawmilkadvocate #rawmilk #grassfed
rawmilk - rawmilkadvocate - grassfed -
weeeaboo : I'm always jealous of your food posts...
butterfly_tootz : Dude. We live in foodie heaven out here! Use those resources! Oh, Transylvania farmer's market is Saturday. All sorts of cool happenings goin' on there :) @weeeaboo
grlgonedomestic : Just picked up my raw goat's milk for the next few days!
grlgonedomestic : That cream....
weeeaboo : I heard! I'm super excited! I have to wait until next week to go though because I work all weekend! Oh, woe is me... :p @butterfly_tootz
butterfly_tootz : Boo :( @weeeaboo
butterfly_tootz : @grlgonedomestic that's awesome! Loooove goat milk! Enjoy! That cream is heaven, btw :)
weeeaboo - paisleychickfarm - amywa123 - sstelma83 -
How to make banana milk! First time! If you have a vitamix use 2 bananas and 2-3 cups water. Here i used a bullet and one frozen banana and one reg. it came out kinda creamy so just add water! Enjoy! #vegan #whatveganseat #rawmilk #vegansofig #crueltyfreefood
rawmilk - crueltyfreefood - whatveganseat - vegan - vegansofig -
mutherlucifer : Ugh that looks spectacular.
vegansydnie : @mutherlucifer it is! Just a bit creamy so next time ima use one banana
vomitvixen : Doing this now.
chelseasux - xbrandneweyesx - vomitvixen - freshfacefwdbeth -
I am just LOVING this book! Explains how cancer, diabetes, and other disease are found in diets with no raw or fermented foods, and how raw milk comes into play!! #rawmilk #researchpaper
rawmilk - researchpaper -
twarrior7 - s_romeo15 - erichgrimes - the_moldovan_rose -
Morning coffee with #rawmilk and #coconutoil while watching YT videos! :) #youtube #yt #coffee #morningcoffee #coconutoil #rawmilk #love #caffeine #happygirl
rawmilk - coffee - love - happygirl - youtube - caffeine - yt - morningcoffee - coconutoil -
nicopwiz - siwzen - lindsay_lywy_ - genadores -
I have two laboratories #Kitchen #Gym #Healthy #FoodNerd #FitnessGeek #RawMilk #Kombucha #Ginger #Honey #Lemonade #FatAlbertNinja #Foodie
rawmilk - fatalbertninja - foodie - foodnerd - healthy - gym - lemonade - ginger - fitnessgeek - honey - kombucha - kitchen -
ivantolmasov - shayapril - guyfromthegym - mz_kristine -
#raw #milk and #cream! Thinking about making yogurt or something with this. Ice cream??? :D #rawfoods #rawmilk #realmilk #getmesomepotentialdiseases #offinthedeepend #atleastitstasty
rawmilk - offinthedeepend - rawfoods - raw - getmesomepotentialdiseases - realmilk - atleastitstasty - milk - cream -
charlesnlam : I didn't know you could legally buy these in California!
rosietheobscure : @charlesnlam I didn't know either! CA is one of the few states you can legally purchase raw milk. Check out, it has a list of vendors and stores throughout the state. I found stores near me and bought some. There's lots in OC, like sprouts or mother's market. It's not at whole foods though....?
loyalistlord - mamamagick - eminotamy - vanviola -
#realfood #wapf #rawmilk
realfood - rawmilk - wapf -
thatspaleo -
Dont underestimate the simplicity of smoothie packs in the freezer. These are all local freezer bounty from last summer including prune plums, strawberries, peaches, Swiss chard and blackberries. And hemp hearts. Just chuck a bag in the blender with a couple raw eggs and some raw milk/yogurt. Yum! #rawmilk #rawegg #frozenfruit #hempheart #smoothie
rawmilk - smoothie - hempheart - rawegg - frozenfruit -
venisonfordinner : I made 10 while making a smoothie. Took maybe 10 minutes for about 2 weeks worth of easy snacks or meals if the boys really don't like our dinner.
joie_12 : In love with this idea. Can't wait for summer to stock the freezer!
urbanquenchsmoothies - epicureofficial - healthynaturally - joie_12 -
#grownupgrilledcheese #organic #rawmilk cheddar & avocado with roasted red pepper & tomato bisque #omnomnomazing #easyhealthy #vegetarian @thebougiebee
rawmilk - organic - easyhealthy - omnomnomazing - vegetarian - grownupgrilledcheese -
steiglnd - cyneats - garden_nh - sharalorea -
Milking time tunes. Thinking of you @howe_sarah #rawmilk #jerseycow
rawmilk - jerseycow -
heartarrow - stacymakescents - howe_sarah -
Fresh, grass fed raw jersey milk :) #rawmilkadvocate #rawmilk #grassfed #jerseycow #nourishingtraditions #primal #eatfatlosefat
rawmilk - grassfed - eatfatlosefat - primal - rawmilkadvocate - jerseycow - nourishingtraditions -
gamapachamama : Where do you get this? I've been wanting to get my hands on some from a good source. I'm also looking for some raw goat milk.
butterfly_tootz : Well here in NC ya gotta search for pet milk cuz it's illegal otherwise. Up in Ohio u could join a herd share n be cool. Don't u guys have milk animals? If not, check craigslist for raw pet milk, k? @gamapachamama
butterfly_tootz : Also, check out and the eat wild site :) @gamapachamama
gamapachamama : Yeah I've looked around on craigslist for "pet milk" but I haven't found a good quality source yet. We only have sheep now and two wether goats. One ewe is milking but she has triplets so i wouldn't dare taking any of her milk ;) thanks for the pointers though!
butterfly_tootz : I also know that Asheville has a co-op for milk, but they get it from PA or something. Plus it's really expensive. Not really for us. What area are u in? I will keep an eye out for ya :) @gamapachamama
bethanydavies81 - sstelma83 - amalaljawini84 - gamapachamama -
See that? Yep, that on the right. That is real milk with a fat layer of cream on top. That, there, is pure gold. On the left is milk kefir ❀ #milkkefir #realmilk #rawmilk #creamy #realfood
rawmilk - creamy - realfood - realmilk - milkkefir -
acoleman7911 : I make water kefir and kombucha and really want to try milk kefir!!
growyourspace : @acoleman7911 Awesome Amy :) it's very easy to make, easier than the others, even, as you just use milk, no heating or dissolving of sugar etc. Good luck!
offgridgrrl - fearless__prophet - beccabombshell - goodlife_permaculture -
The #cows are home-nothing like fresh #rawmilk
cows - rawmilk -
sturjlite : πŸ‘
horsesaremylife6969 : @nirmalanarine ☺️
sturjlite - haleyrearden - horsesaremylife6969 -
Stawberry Walnut Oatmeal w/RAW milkβ€οΈπŸ“πŸ“ #healthy #oatmeal #strawberry #clean #rawmilk #nuts #fruit #vegan #dontbefoolediatemcdonaldsyesterday 😳
rawmilk - dontbefoolediatemcdonaldsyesterday - healthy - nuts - oatmeal - strawberry - fruit - vegan - clean -
rainbowmonkies : #notfooled ;) that looks yummy
biancaluvzu : Yum!!!
davefili : @allieabusafii I want
selfmade_sincedayone : Gross >_<
caseyleannn - ctinaaxo - ahealthyus - fyahaira16 -
Statigram feedback