I know this is stupid but I have to rant about these stupid euphemistic songs lately. If you can't say something because it provocative then don't say it at all, let alone make a song!! #rants #late #songs #lately #hashtag #blank #dont #say #it #at #all #wow #stupid #follow
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πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’” Done with your shit πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Like, I am done. I'm just done with you πŸ’©πŸ”«πŸ˜₯ You're a pathetic, worthless, stupid, fugly, slutty, ridiculous piece of shit who doesn't even think of me even though you're on my mind the whole time. βœŒβœŒπŸ‘‹#Done #Icanteven #mean #done #stupid #rants
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karenthecamel : Blow the fuglies away 😊😊
heartlloyd47 : I love Rebecca 😍 #TheVampireDiaries #TheOriginals #FavoriteOriginal
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Antti Raanta #31 #Rookie #Goalie #Chicago #Blackhawks #Outstanding #Rants #Raanta
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My life is like a name written on the sand. I kept on making statements to be remembered but still, it's easily erased by just one splash of the ocean. Maybe I should find a place wherein I can write my name again that will stay a lifetime and I think the perfect place is... in your heart. πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸ˜œ #Rants
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Pay no attention to my #random #rants
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Happy #Easter fellow #nerds!!! How did you spend your day?? #Gaming with #cadburyeggs ???? Tag us in your Easter pics!!! #game #riddickulous #rants #podcast
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chris colfer has such a beautiful face with a really lickable jawline and i could go on and on about his collarbone and his neck is so large and strong and his hair keeps growing closer to god because we all know chris is god’s most precious treasure and his abs are the reason angels cry which explains rain and his hips surely dont lie and his ass is a perfect cooked chocolate cake id have as meal every single day and this all adds to the fact that he is freaking talented and smart and a very genuine and humble person chris colfer is my religion. Sorry for this Chris Colfer rant but omg it's truee. β€’ Anyway I'm really scared bc I downloaded some horrible virus on my computer and now i need to take it to the Genius Bar 😭 and I don't want them scrolling through my tumblr feed or anything just ugh, β€’ {#rants #personal #chriscolfer #glee #gleecast}
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so I've been literally obsessing over BI for the last weeks, months actually, it's not even normal. I wish Team B would debut already. I wish YG would do meet ups in San Jose or the Bay Area. I'd cry. Pls. #hanbin #teamb #ygfamily #rants #meetups #internationalfan #ugh
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ygfam_poll : Hello! Mind doing f4f?
ygfam_poll : Thank you!
typicaljennynguyen : @ygthebest no problem 😊
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Off to school. #goodmorning #family #rants
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#RANT 😀😑 #1- Titanfall ~ I finally get Titanfall right(About 2 weeks ago but I'm complaining about it now), I'm pumped, ready to play after a long week. I put the this mess in the game tray, get the update real quick, and everything is good to go. This crap says "Needs Hardrive To Continue" cause I have a 4GB Xbox 360 with a couple flash drives so I'm like WTF. The Next weekend comes around and I head over to Best Buy to ask someone if they have an attachable hard drive, which I saw they had on the website. The dude I asked, asked his friends who work there and one of them was like "We don't sell those here". Then he tried to sell me some flash drives I already have and he was saying that using those should work. So I go home all excited again. I try it... This half-ass, poorly reviewed, piece of poop game still doesn't work and I already threw away my receipt by accident. These stupid #nextgen games are garbage man. I should make a video about this. Check out my channel in the link in the description. More #rants to come. ~ #gwp_dotcom #game #games #gaming #titanfall #xbox #xboxone #xbox360 #videogames
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godmadegames : Sorry to hear that, man. :/
amygee_ : Reasons not to buy a 4GB Xbox...
deinochu27 : Hehe... Can I have it jaylen? 😏
games_we_play : @deinochu27 nope I'm checking gamestop next
games_we_play : @amygee_ I know, if I could go 3 years in the past and prevent it, I would.
zanem11 : Microsoft are just money hungry assholes when it's comes to xbox
games_we_play : @zanem11 yep
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This thoughβ˜οΈπŸ‘Œ #tumblrposts #rants #womansrights #descrimination #lovethis #repost
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EasterπŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’— #rants #nanny #easter #ihateyou
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IM SAYING THIS ONE TIME AND ONE TIME ONLY we all get that it's 4/20 okay it's pretty obvious but we don't need 73 of you stupid people saying it we all understand it's 4/20 so you don't need to make a stupid post saying "it's 4/20 ;)" or something like that it's like "no really t-thanks for saying that because you know I totally thought it was 5/17 so thankyou for letting me know" #4/20 #rants #readthecaption #weeklyblogs
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For the symbolism of the umbrella on my shoulder that I get asked about: β˜”πŸ˜Means a few different things to me.... and this picture I stumbled across today: it's probably the closest description I've seen to what it represents to me lol - LOVE IT πŸ™πŸ™β˜”β˜€πŸ˜ƒ Be true to you. You will attract whatever it is that you truly need. (Hear me out.) All that happens - all you experience - good or bad - it can be asked, "what is this to me?" "How is this a gift to me?" There's 2 kinds of gifts here - I call 'em the gift of the "good" and the gift of the "bad." (Granted the "bad gift" is actually a good gift and often greater than any other.) The "good gift" as I term it: this is the present-moment and the things that simply feel good to us when it happens right then and there. You can't post-pone it. A laugh with a friend isn't planned it's just simply there to be enjoyed right then. Boom. Gift. Cherish it. The "bad gift" (poor terminology): this is the gift of opportunity. CONTINUE πŸ‘‡
3 - 2 - honesty - rants - incaseanyoneaasks - betrue -
amyzingamy : CONTINUED #2: Its pleasing effects are yet to come - In fact it may be so undesirable in the moment that it may seem impossibly unclear as to how it could ever be something good- why? 'Cause it feels like shit! Cherish this too. Because it can be one of the best gifts of all. THIS is where HONESTY with yourself becomes the magic wand of your life. A willingness for honest reflection can dictate whether or not you will receive that gift that "life" will "give" to you. (Granted I wouldn't call it a spontaneous "giving" because it is more-so YOU that chooses to accept what you weren't in the position to do so before.) Because that's just it: it's an opportunity. It's your choice. Perhaps an unpleasant experience is presenting you the opportunity for growth - this is an opportunity to learn, to listen, or to love without question. It's up to you - Do you wanna take it? Are you willing to uproot; make the needed changes? Or will you decide that it is easier to stay comfy where you know - with the same baggage, with the same attitude, with the same belief system - perhaps always talking about what you want and about how you can't ever seem to get it. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
amyzingamy : CONTINUED #3 - The "faith" may be there but what it can't be is this flighty no-action type-of-"faith" where you float-on-by without conscious effort put into your actions or thoughts or the future. When you fall don't look to something to blame - don't allow yourself to become jaded & distrusting of what's around you; holding grudges and a "why do these things happen to me" mindset. No, trust. Instead look within - while some experiences may seem out of our control like they "just happened to us" -still, look. What can you do differently? How is this a gift? Where lies opportunity? And most importantly: because the ability to see its gifted purpose is often yet to be seen, HAVE FAITH. (Imagine building a puzzle. You can't see the picture yet, but here's another piece.) Maybe this piece was the opportunity to grow more aware - offering you this fall so that you may stand taller, straighten up, and look ahead more clearly than ever before..... Take responsibility for your life. Have faith on faith on faith on faith. Because: WHAT WHAT YOU SEEK, SEEKS YOU!!! And the only way to meet hand-in-hand with what you truly seek is to become the "you" that can. You are yet able to understand it, you are yet able to see it....without first acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience and strength that is required to be the you that stands there accepting that gift of what your heart truly seeks for you. So appreciate all experiences for where they lead - what they give to you. Things happen for a reason. It's up to you. Trust in the unseen that is ahead. Miracles happen. See the good in the bad......or just see good. Begin with honesty. And from there, trust........ #incaseanyoneaasks #honesty #betrue #rants
tasha0408 : Girl i think i would have an amazing conversation about this topic with you. But unfort. I am living in grrmany.but i cherish these moments when i discover that more people have the same belief system like me.. i hope i will meet someone special with this grade of awarness.. who lives closer to me :) ... well said girl. I love your point of view.
amyzingamy : @tasha0408 aw Tasha that is something really special❀ thank you for taking the time to read and comment... Much love xoxoxo
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Wow its sure an experience to be stuck with a bunch of third world for 8 hours .. -..- but won't let that ruin my weekend #thoughts #me #selfie #angsty #boo #sarcasm #noir #irritated #she #blackerrthang #dim #badlightings #rants
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Double tap this. :))) #goodnight #siblings #family #rants
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Listening to long #rants about #gmo, #squats and how he's a #vegetarian tomorrow. We'll see.. #Cuddles #Pajamas #Talks #Goodnight
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stinuhh_145 : Daaaweee. 😁
jennykhvan : #YouGotALumpyButt @stinuhh_145
sillyliam : 😱
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Hot tub yesterdayπŸ™ˆπŸ˜ #me #niamh #molly #hottub #jacuzzi #bubbles #rants #bikinis #summer #sun #drinks #night #movie #day #woo #love #them @fxckniamhg
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siimplyblazed : follow 4 follow?
tye_chaseee : Done @siimplyblazed
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I can't even handle this day. πŸ˜‚ @inbitterblood #wife #bestfriend #420 #funny #rants #420isntaholiday
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#rants #hahaha #oneliner
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All these stupid rumors about Chandler getting Hana pregnant are stupid. -.- im supposed to be asleep dreaming but now im too pissed off to sleep;-; All of the immature fans are wrecking this fandom. Were not what we used to be. Weve changed and not in a good way. Why cant we just lwt chandler be happy? Hes happy and we should be happy for him. Anyone would be ecstatic to just be noticed by one of them,it doesnt matter if theyre dating. Theyre happy. #preach #chana #chandlercartlonriggs #hanahayes #chandlerriggs @chandler_riggs1 #hana #hayes #rants #whyamistillawake ._.
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chan_chan_riggs : @hanahayes_
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#Nabukulan #brother #rants
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Preach!! #angry #rants #personal
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Okay so like two minutes ago I uploaded a lil' baby camel pic and said it was my 'goodnight post' but whats the point of a goodnight post if its not SOMEWWHAT original riight? So after seeing how many OTHER people had the same adorable baby camel pic uploaded (who can blame them right?) I decided to just leaaave the bby camel, and upload a tumbler rant about a 'cute/dissapointing-in-the-end' sandwich. *sighh..* #sandwich #pbandj #peanutbutter #jelly #peanutbutterandjelly #itseastertomorrow #tumblr #tumblrpost #rants #hashtagmuch #toomany? #nahh #goodnightpost <3
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leighl3 : @laylamayarthur I'm sorry but this is too good:')
laylamayarthur : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the amount I laughed at this πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
laylamayarthur : @leighl3
kateyljohnson : I'm dying
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Love rants with my gorgeous Becky boo 😘 #throwback #rants #ugh
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beccakonchan : You're my favorite😘😘
claudiaemilie16 : Aw you're mine too❀️ @beccakonchan
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Without you by my side , I feel really empty. Your smile , is what keeps me going on from this world. But then I know I need to get use to it because we could never have an happy ending. #rants #emosunday Took this picture with @peilingwoolala in μΉ΄νŽ˜λ‹€λ‹ˆ #cafedani Level 2 entrance, I miss his parents amd the time I spent with his parents. I wanna go back to meet them, at least I wouldn't be thinking bout you that much. #throwback #Imisskorea 보고싢닀 γ… γ… 
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mxrsyahidah : who
heeeelloysh : @mxrsyahidah kpo ! Faster come back sg larh !
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{ last night's din din } Huge huge huge buffet dinner. This was just like 1/15 of it 😣 kept going back for the same indian style curry fish. It was all UH-MA-ZING πŸ‘Œ I think I might've went overboard again w/ the abnormal volume of fish again.. Idk how to recognize a binge so... Yeah. I still had a great time 😊 #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #edarmy #edwarrior #weightgain #strongnotskinny #foodisfuel #rants #recoveryisgoingtobeworthit
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cloudthyme : So yummy!
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#evades #topsecretarea #aprdays #apr #easterweekend #yeah #so #hashtag #rants #trees
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briefdescription : That treehouse cut huh
jpee32 : @briefdescription ya
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✨Procrastination✨ This has to be, by far, the greatest thing EVER. What is procrastination? Well, I'll tell you later! I'll finish this rant later, also. ---- #rant #rants #hashtag #followforfollow #follow4follow #procrastination #procrastinator #later #hashtag
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and - bffs - aidan - that - rants - yeah - go - with - by - about - productive - youre - lets - hot - hacked - were - dalia -
annelizabeth910 : #were #hot #and #productive #yeah #lets #go #with #that @annelizabeth910 #rants #about @shawnnmendes #hacked #by #youre #bffs #dalia #and #aidan
aidan_whittemore : Took us 2 hours to film 2 minutes of footage that we don't even know for a fact is useable πŸ‘πŸ’ that's productivity
maybemaxyang : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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:))) #goodmorning #siblings #rants
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Today was kinda crappy. My (now ex) boss is a twatwaffle so I pictured her face on the punching bag. I feel MUCH better. Love my pink punching gloves :0) #pain#relaxing#mybody#training #justoneofthemdays#ifeellikedoodoo#lazyday #ladies#youknow#somepeople#rants#haha #fuckoff#rant#sorrynotsorry #disrespectful#toofunny #thelookonyourfacewhen#Yousuck #shegetsdisrespectful#everlast#youareadouchebag
ladies - somepeople - pain - relaxing - rants - haha - fuckoff - yousuck - rant - toofunny - ifeellikedoodoo - justoneofthemdays - youknow - everlast - training - thelookonyourfacewhen - disrespectful - shegetsdisrespectful - mybody - sorrynotsorry - lazyday - youareadouchebag -
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#rants #gentlemen #listenup #dating #beyourself #letters #creativewriting
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katerinaorlova89 : lol
aimieeeeeeeeeeeee : #nohopefortheniceguys 😏😏
aimieeeeeeeeeeeee : #Justkidding.
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