To do real work, you have to get your hands dirty. #srilanka #PSHardWork #HardWork #cars #srilanka #everydaysrilanka
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I simply wanted to feature Custodial Mark for @npr's #pshardwork community project, but then my editor picked up the story: http://bigbendnow.com/2013/10/custodial-mark-guerilla-gardener/
pshardwork -
earthjunkie : Right on!!!
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This guy is a performance artist who walks around #losangeles in costumes and takes donations for taking pictures with him. He works with the costumed performers on #hollywood boulevard. He has one other costume: a fortune cookie. He said tonight was a light night so far. #pshardwork
hollywood - losangeles - pshardwork -
fotomerica : I just saw him right now.
mayasugarman : @fotomerica haha, nice! Where are you at? I was at 35er earlier
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#drawing away the #heat #creativity #flowing #wish_I_was_a_cat #sketching #beat_the_heat #PS_hardwork #blitheandbliss #fatcat
beat_the_heat - wish_i_was_a_cat - creativity - sketching - pshardwork - heat - fatcat - flowing - ps_hardwork - blitheandbliss - drawing -
blithe_bliss : #pshardwork
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After a big Kickstarter campaign, NPR's Planet Money is traveling around the world in teams with one big question: Who makes our T-shirts? Team Bangladesh is in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where they met Kulsum, 18, who agreed to wear a GoPro around the factory. Stay tuned for more of #seedtoshirt! #PSHardWork (Photo by Kainaz Amaria/@kainazamaria/NPR)
pshardwork - seedtoshirt -
ilia____ : @3lllbeats
david_jlee : @ilia_rd Haha ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
thesmithclan : I love this. Showing it to my 5th graders today!!!
mnumano : @apositive @teenbeatmm
tali_lala : @pilarstar @gopro #gopro
o_ti_o : @masaudie @ryndltf buat apaah coba ?
futureboy3lll : @ilia_rd @whoisdavidjlee hah!
anne_parker : @halleyroberts
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And thanks/grazie/gracias to the "pasta mamas" at Filomena Ristorante, Maria Martinez and Maria Valdez, who showed us how tortellonis get done for #NPRDumplingWeek! (Although the first round of #PublicSquare is technically closed for submissions, we think this counts as #PSHardWork! #cheating)
nprdumplingweek - publicsquare - cheating - pshardwork -
rachnol : Loved this morning's show!
fabianicci : @delatorredetails
edajjade : @zarraluqui
meraquin : @big_edd
jolodrake : And worth the cheating.
bshibaby : I love this restaurant!!
krmrichards : @samkerwin01 @kelseyjrichards our Italian restaurant in DC!! Miss y'all!
samkerwin01 : @krmrichards DELICIOUS.
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Bath, Maine -- Ben the Barber has been a fixture on Front Street in Bath for 30 years. He flew planes in service to the U.S. and now gives the citizens of Bath a reasonable haircut with a side of great story telling. A friend of his carved this likeness of Ben and gave it to him as a gift. He keeps it under glass. Photo by @heathfish for our #PSHardWork community project with @KPCC.
pshardwork -
alex_ford : @njmason yes, this is excellent.
johnthebarber : @ecturner seems legit
zachhurd : Congrats Ben! Definitely got my hair cut there on few occasions when I was growing up!
barbragram26 : Ben the Barber in Bath - Bravo!
bakkenwood : This is great! #whatitsallabout
rebeccacullinan : @mattlaroche
laurnfowlr : So cute
caitiebeals : @mzdezy yay! I love Bath, ME!!
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#regram. official @usnavy on insta now. pret-ty sick. #notapacifist #notawarmonger #hobbes #leviathan
regram - notapacifist - hobbes - notawarmonger - pshardwork - leviathan -
nicheornonsense : #PSHardWork
crunkistani : #imperialnavy
margotm7 : What! New obsession.
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Chittagong, Bangladesh - This is Mohammed Dulal Hossain, 28, he is a master tailor and mends between 40 - 50 shirts a day. He left his education after the third grade, moved into the city from his village and learned this trade from his older brother. He has had this Singer sewing machine for eight years and says it's like a brother to him. "I can work this machine with my eyes closed." (@kainazamaria/NPR)
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kainazamaria : #PShardwork (is it too late?!!)
nicheornonsense : @kainazamaria never too late!
beeagram : @kainazamaria incredible. Thanks for sharing this story
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Laying it down
streetphotography - newyorkcity - pshardwork -
timdaley : #streetphotography #newyorkcity #pshardwork
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#coffee roasters have to be cleaned to prevent fires and ensure quality. David and Seth earned a cold beer this morning. #pshardwork #rva #beebuzzed @npr @kpcc photo by @srbrtsn.
coffee - pshardwork - rva - beebuzzed -
bausermanboy : Thanks for the beer @stefanmkling! Best I've ever tasted.
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Jolo, W. Va. -- Sean earned $12/hour at a small, independent mine in West Virginia. He rode in on his back, through tunnels so narrow that lying down was the only option. He spent most of his workday on his knees, shoveling coal back onto a conveyer belt, which was especially grueling with no room to stand. Sean's wife was alone with the kids most of the time. When he wasn't working, he liked to sit in their bedroom alone with his beer and painkillers and the lights off. Photographer Marisha Camp went back to Jolo years later and found their trailer. A neighbor told her that Sean had died and his wife had moved back to Tennessee. Photo by @marisharocks for our #PSHardWork community project with @kpcc.
pshardwork -
_victrola_ : So glad to become aware
nicheornonsense : ๐Ÿ’™
shannon26041 : My husband is a coal miner at a union mine, also here in WV. He makes a bit more than this poor man did, but not much. We have five young children, pay our bills, own our home, and live as contentedly as we can knowing that he may not come home in one piece, if at all, each time he heads out the door to work. It's not what he wanted to do, not where he wanted to be, but it gave us the opportunity to live in our hometown near family, I can stay home and raise our kids until they're all in school, and he can gain experience in an industry that, although dying and dirty, can provide him the opportunity to move on when the coal is gone.
fenster : ๐Ÿ™
snow_lily : Heartbreaking
beccahale : @mikekasel NPR
no_brochure : Hey @NPR when is the next community project going to start?
itty_bitty_fefi : @boppin_bake
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Last night I went out with my buddy Chris @mil5tead to do what he does each Wedsenday nigh. For the past 8 years he has been delivering newspapers to businesses across #GardenGrove #Stanton and #Westminster . The End of an Era 1 of 4 2013 @petracallingphotography #vsco #vscocam #BestFriend
westminster - vscocam - stanton - gardengrove - bestfriend - vsco - pshardwork -
petracallingphotography : #pshardwork @kpcc
figsplace - _sergio_c_ - barcelonaboy_ - fatmerk -
Last night I went out with my buddy Chris @mil5tead to do what he does each Wedsenday nigh. For the past 8 years he has been delivering newspapers to businesses across #GardenGrove #Stanton and #Westminster . The End of an Era 2 of 4 2013 @petracallingphotography #vsco #vscocam #BestFriend
westminster - vscocam - stanton - gardengrove - bestfriend - vsco - pshardwork -
petracallingphotography : #pshardwork @kpcc
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Last night I went out with my buddy Chris @mil5tead to do what he does each Wedsenday nigh. For the past 8 years he has been delivering newspapers to businesses across #GardenGrove #Stanton and #Westminster . The End of an Era 3 of 4 2013 @petracallingphotography #vsco #vscocam #BestFriend
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petracallingphotography : #pshardwork @kpcc
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Last night I went out with my buddy Chris @mil5tead to do what he does each Wedsenday nigh. For the past 8 years he has been delivering newspapers to businesses across #GardenGrove #Stanton and #Westminster . The End of an Era 4 of 4 2013 @petracallingphotography #vsco #vscocam #BestFriend
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petracallingphotography : #pshardwork @kpcc
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Houston, Texas -- Ruth moved here from Mexico in 1998, and in 2003 established her own cleaning business. For ten years, Ruth has risen early and worked tirelessly--dusting the shelves, mopping the floors, and shining the glass of other people's homes. "I made business cards when I first started, but only used one and never had to make them since." Her work spoke for itself, leading clients to recommended her to others, and today she is in charge of a busy little enterprise. Photo by @missboessel. #PSHardWork
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venice_sunsets : ๐Ÿ‘
billcelis : @kpcc this is an excellent social media series, a tribute to the overlooked people whose jobs make life easier and more comfortable for the rest of us.
perlanomi : Awesome!! Reminds me of some of the womyn in my family.
mramirez : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
zamorawithaz : Love it!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
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They call me "Tumble Weed." Albert Ellis, 60, homeless, uses the free Internet at the #MarinCounty #publiclibrary to register found and discarded lottery tickets for their second chance drawings. Ellis makes the 5-mile trek from his tent to the library almost everyday, he said, bringing in about $125 a week (last year) from the thrown away tickets. #iphoneonly #photojournalism #youmobile #instagood #youphoto #justgoshoot #ig_worldwide #ink361 #ink361_mobile
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boogiej : #pshardwork
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Missoula, Mont. -- Beth Eileen Gates worked as a lunch lady in Montana for over 20 years. Her children call her home "the museum" because of all the collectibles and trinkets she has amassed. She told photographer Megan Jae Pearl that she worked hard all her life to afford the luxury of the home she has. Her husband died one year ago and now she listens to the police scanner to pass the time. #PSHardWork Photo by @meganjaepearl.
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pattemouche : @lovinglifeandbeingabitch
lovinglifeandbeingabitch : Omg so cute @pattemouche
melbamoose : @semioticweapon
cindieww : Bless her heart.
_shadow_self_ : Very beautiful!
cassadeehirsch : What a beauty! Cool gal too
cocotherobot : This is beautiful & fascinating.
taylorvpaige : @summerjane18 this will be your home. So pretty!
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Day in the Life of a SmartStop #mug..."California living, cubicle chillin" #raybans #dontcare #sunnyoffice #cubicle #pshardwork
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NYC Iron Workers
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dustin_w : #nyc #ironworkers #newyork #newyorkcity #urban #construction #thebigapple #ignewyork #ignyc #instanewyork #instanyc
dustin_w : #allshots
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dustin_w : #worldwide_shot
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begladphotos : #PSHardWork
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Sometimes..you just gotta get in the trunk...
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rutgerderuiter : Any junk in there?
newyorkjojobean : Nice side bun!
jeszero : Trunk people
_steinnn : #PSHARDWORK
_steinnn : #autobody
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pshardwork - autobody -
air_fuels_fire : Walnut shells?
night_tiger : Blast off.
slimpolski : Wish you could get mine done too
_steinnn : @air_fuels_fire black beauty.. @slimpolski oi!
_steinnn : #PSHARDWORK
_steinnn : #autobody
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Hard work. #shenyang
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thesimpleadventure : #PSHardWork
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A big thanks to everyone who submitted a photo to our first ever Public Square project with @KPCC! You shared stories of hard work from all around the world. The photos above come from (clockwise from top left) @resehop, @roni_az, @guynamedram and @glad_2b_red. You can see some of our favorite submissions right now on The Picture Show. Just click on the link in our profile. We'll be posting more of your #PSHardWork stories so stay tuned!
pshardwork -
ifurie : Too late to submit??
nora_c_ : I love #PSHardWork
shaunasjam : Jammin
roni_az : Wow .... Super
kpcc : @ifurie feel free to submit photos on any of our projects at any time. We'll be moving on to the next project soon, though.
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This is a little late - but this is my mom, aunt, and uncle. My mom is a waitress and my aunt and uncle are cooks. Their days range from 8-12hrs in the kitchen and serving customers 6 days a week for minimum wage. Sometimes they come home with burns because of their proximity to food. My mom came home once with burns all over her stomach because she was carrying a pot of boiling soup. My uncle's fingers are red from working the wok and my aunt has been complaining of her wrist hurting because she cooks noodle soup with a big ladle.Because there are limited cooks, vacation time is hard to come by and they dont have time to recuperate from their pain. They are still my family and I love and appreciate them for their unacknowledged hard work. @kpcc @npr #pshardwork
pshardwork -
quyenbeee : You're so sweet!
maggieeliangg - sammihiutam - jkan__ - fii_nonna -
A photo of Haskell I submitted is being featured at @kpcc 's AudioVision collaboration with @npr ! This month's Public Square theme is about hard work. #pshardwork Check out the other amazing submissions! If you wanna watch the short doc about Haskell, just click the link in my profile.
pshardwork -
rynhys : Great work man! I watched it with @arthurz last week. 4 out of 4 Chh Chh's.
jaysandthrees : This is awesome.
arthurz : Again Eric, you killed this.
donaldsshade : What @arthurz said
nadiaslens : This film touched my heart this morning. Fantastic work!
jaysublett : Your video was wonderful. So warm and human. Thank you for doing this.
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Whachoo doo at whork today? #hustletrees #yougongetdiswork #urbanarborist
urbanarborist - yougongetdiswork - pshardwork - hustletrees -
ianrossart : Dang that's badass
leopardtricks : ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
leileidek : Arborist when?
remskillit : ArboristNow! @leileidek
thecitizenten : Hectic blood
remskillit : #pshardwork
stolensunday - thecitizenten - joannarentz - goldannejoy -
big work. #breathe #urbanarborist
breathe - urbanarborist - pshardwork -
jesus_crust : YESH!!
mai_pancake : Wow!!
ch_ch_char : ๐Ÿ˜ง
ch_ch_char : Holy-a-chit.
tim_the_optimist : thatshits tight. dope flick where was this
shootindabreez : #skyhigh
remskillit : @tim_the_optimist Edgehill Mountain I believe it's called in sf. That's west portal down below
remskillit : #pshardwork
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After almost 7 years Cruz returns to his families pueblo in Guatemala tonight. When we first started working together he couldn't pronounce my name so he called me 'cREMa' aka Crema con Guacamole aka Sooper Baby aka Chocolatรฉ aka Mono Peligroso. I know him as a strong, fearless arborist and a caring, genuine friend. You will truly be missed.
urbanarborist - pshardwork -
remskillit : #urbanarborist
thecitizenten : Great pic
remskillit : #pshardwork
sarahpdx - thecitizenten - jaldabaoth - internetpatti -
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woingfat : @kirapollack
woingfat : #iphoneonly #iphotography #photojournalism #documentary #documental #reportaje
woingfat : Sugar cane workers. The boy is 14 years old, he and his brother(12) maintain their family working for more or less 30 dollars a week cutting sugar in tepic, mexico #pshardwork #instagood #mobilephotography #dailyphoto #portrait #retrato #instamood #igers
chivexp - tombiondi -
@thephotosociety #tpsmarch13 #photofest2013
mobilephotography - photojournalism - documental - pshardwork - portrait - instagood - instagramhub - photodocumentary - fotodeldia - photofest2013 - mobilephoto - dailyphoto - burnmagazine - tpsmarch13 - vscocam - instamood - burndiary -
woingfat : #vscocam #burnmagazine #burndiary #instagramhub #mobilephotography #mobilephoto #photodocumentary #photojournalism #fotodeldia #documental #portrait #instagramhub #dailyphoto #instagood #instamood
woingfat : Sugar cane workers. They earn on a good week 30 dollars.. #pshardwork
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