#Mymingingfoot #isitbroke #looksbig #painful #hardtowalk #swollen #massive #balloon #needitrisen #flip #prayersneeded #speedyrecovery
hardtowalk - mymingingfoot - balloon - flip - looksbig - isitbroke - massive - swollen - needitrisen - prayersneeded - painful - speedyrecovery -
Today couldn't have ended worse.. get home from a fun day with some of my family to my poor baby who managed to eat an entire bag of greenies dental treats.. tonight is going to be a very very long night.. #diamond #lab #labproblems #alwaystryingtoeat #prayersneeded #mypoorbaby
mypoorbaby - diamond - labproblems - alwaystryingtoeat - prayersneeded - lab -
morgan_mackenzie : Awwww!!! Diamond baby. In my prayers
madde_hanna : Thanks love. I just hope she's ok.. @morgan_mackenzie it's hard going through this again
morgan_mackenzie - its_lo_doe -
prayersneeded -
Seeing this manila folder is a blessing and a curse. Im finally done with this damn paper, but I'm turning it in to a tough teacher. Hoping my hours of work get me at least a B. #prayersneeded #stressed
prayersneeded - stressed -
amberoselariviere - kortni_blayke - kaitlin_hendrick - mbrooke11 -
#Onehappygirl #finalllllllyyyyy #prayersneeded
onehappygirl - prayersneeded - finalllllllyyyyy -
abigail_25 : Yay
tee_truly_blessed - choppers78 - cleveland_gage - dyna_rayee -
First Easter with this little miracle. There's more strength in this ten pound, month old baby then almost anyone I know. Praying for you endlessly, that you have many more healthy Easters ahead. #love #godson #godmother #prayersneeded #beauty #handsome #cutie #taptap #doubletap #nenen #bw #easter #happyeaster #firsteaster #onemonth #family #myboy
love - family - beauty - myboy - godmother - nenen - bw - firsteaster - handsome - happyeaster - taptap - onemonth - doubletap - godson - prayersneeded - cutie - easter -
prince_taha - otk_x_man - ambermx3 - morganwebbx -
The picture of health ladies and gentlemen. Behold, my cousin's Easter feast: coke, chips, and lollipop. He gives nutritional advice to those seeking, just contact him at 1-800-TYPE-TWO @cocoishak that one was in your honor πŸ‘†#diabetes #noteeth #weneedadentist #andjesus #helpus #ohwow #holysugar #prayersneeded 🍭
weneedadentist - holysugar - ohwow - andjesus - typetwotutustatus - noteeth - helpus - prayersneeded - diabetes -
cocoishak : Ooh boo, #typetoo while wearing tootooπŸ‘― brooo
monicahenary : Hahah he probably was we just can't see it... #typetwotutustatus
myrnishak : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kmikhail224 : O nickπŸ˜‚
davidsalib : *crying laughing emojis*
myrnishak : ^ha nonIPHONEr @davidsalib
sydneyaklein - jessmikh - davidsalib - ballamina -
Going to the doctor tomorrow to see about both my ankles hoping the other one is ok can't really walk with out pain please pray for me and good news. #prayersneeded #ankles #cutie #ummm #lol #blond #blueeyes #broken #boot #brace #help
ankles - help - boot - lol - broken - blueeyes - blond - ummm - prayersneeded - cutie - brace -
bertneyy44 - djtyty - gaboup10 - kalebpatterson123 -
If everyone could please pray for my mom, I would greatly appreciate it. She has been sick for awhile now and has been having allerigc reaction after another. The doctors have still not yet come to find out whats wrong with her. Im hoping and praying they find out soon because I hate seeing my mom suffer. She is such a strong person and doesn't deserve this. I know God does things for a reason, but please take care of my momma. β™‘ Please pray for her, and my family. Get better soon mom. You can get through this. !!
prayersneeded -
high_on_life_112 : Prayers are sent,!❀
lexieplasters_001 : Thank you. ! @high_on_life_112
high_on_life_112 : Your welcome.! @lexieplasters_001
alexisfunkhouser : I will pray for your mom every nigh and day trust me I hope u all are doing ok
lexieplasters_001 : Thank you. That means a lot to me. β™‘ @alexisfunkhouser
alexisfunkhouser : Your welcome trust me my grandpa died
alexisfunkhouser : πŸ’–
angelxcakes_ - emilyjonesx3 - __destiny21__ - browning_girl765 -
Although we r supposed to stay humble, this made me proud. The greatest feeling ever when your work gets appreciation. This was a Nasirat Trip to the Neasden Temple btw. #blessedtobeabletoservethejamaat #Ahmadiyya #Nasirat #Lajna #Muslim #Jamaat #Trip #neasdentemple #gurduwarah #London #ahmadiyyatimes #Alhamdulillah #prayersneeded
neasdentemple - jamaat - ahmadiyya - lajna - muslim - alhamdulillah - prayersneeded - ahmadiyyatimes - london - nasirat - gurduwarah - blessedtobeabletoservethejamaat - trip -
jahmed15 : Woooop πŸ‘ I mean MashAllah β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ
shmyla_b : (: can u find your sis in the pic? :D @jahmed15
jahmed15 : Yeah! I have my head down next to Sabuh :D @shmyla_b
shmyla_b : Aaawww now I c u hahaha @jahmed15
jahmed15 : Hahaha :) was this on Facebook ? xx @shmyla_b
shmyla_b : Nope twitter (: Mussarat aunty sent me this btw @jahmed15
jahmed15 : Oh okay I was wondering xxx thank you :) @shmyla_b
shmyla_b : U welcome (: @jahmed15
hinnaleiin - rationality92 - meh_har - amsi786 -
Happy Easter everyone. Need Prayers on this Easter Sunday that my lab work comes back soon from yesterday negative for some tests and positive for the easiest solution. πŸ™ #HappyEaster #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - happyeaster -
ashleyy_elizabeth13 - sarah_chesler - jacicosme - whitneylaneharris -
Still can't believe I woke up this morning to this. No family should ever have to go through this, especially on Easter. Y'all please pray for my neighbors! #fire #prayersneeded #blackstock
fire - prayersneeded - blackstock -
vannah_alexis : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
donaldtrump44 - butterflies_bring_tears - smclean_13 - khylacha -
This is why you don't drive drunk #dontdrivedrunk #thisidiot #prayersneeded
thisidiot - prayersneeded - dontdrivedrunk -
autummn__ : Oh my God. How terrible. He's lucky he didn't kill someone.
jesseg201 : Yes this man broke a gas pipe and a water pipe, and the gas pipe wasn't able to be cut off for about an hour. Luckily no one got sick
autummn__ - big_pezzy - jenna_kayle - 87roger -
Dear idiots of this world, please kindly steer away from my neighborhood when driving drunk, escaping cop chases or just doing other acts of stupidity. Also can we pray for my neighbor who had a drunk person crash into their house last night? #prayersneeded #dontdrivedrunk #4inthemorning
prayersneeded - dontdrivedrunk - 4inthemorning -
nessahhh_24 - autummn__ - 87roger - nativediva31 -
Please pray for my grandmother. She's going to have to have surgery to remove her right leg. #prayersneeded β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™
prayersneeded -
sydney_reeves23 : Praying!
jessicaraewall14 : Praying!
ravenbyrams : Moms going down there. Are you there?
caitlinrosegermana - bradleyboak - kcalvert1245 - roxiegraceb -
My heart goes out to all the families of the Sewol Passengers. On a day where we celebrate life many mourn deaths. #sewol #capsized #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - sewol - capsized -
julsjamieson - jaredsewchurran - centaynes - vladislava_didyk -
#ihavetorememberthat #prayersneeded #amen #tough
prayersneeded - tough - ihavetorememberthat - amen -
sethsmom_esq - mzauthentic_ky - teamhephna - kellinha27 -
Please keep my dear sister Sasha in your prayers. She's having surgery to have her gallbladder and appendix removed. Pray for the doctors to have no complications and a smooth recovery. ❀️ #prayersneeded #thankyou
thankyou - prayersneeded -
disciplefan1 - ms_cutiedanielle - kelseyloren21 - dtiskaxo -
Hiding in bathroom #lockdown #prayersneeded
lockdown - prayersneeded -
infinitemesses : Hahahaha so cuteee!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
infinitemesses - dr_evidence92 - jasonperky - talsofiaa -
Y'all go pray for my cousin Lina. She is awaiting a new heart for a heart transplant. #prayersneeded
prayersneeded -
rhondastanfill - e_t_wazhere95 - andreeceg -
"Smile. Even when you have to fake it." #prayersneeded #roughweek #justkeepsmiling #itllallbeoversomeday
itllallbeoversomeday - prayersneeded - justkeepsmiling - roughweek -
ayleighbay12 - chelliealline_12 - sam_24_ - kaitlynajoy -
#NoSleep #Jennifer&Kevin #Prayersneeded #ILoveyouMommy
nosleep - prayersneeded - iloveyoumommy - jennifer -
haley_long93 - klatham92 - kaylasuarez - brileywaldroop -
Calling all kitty friends!! @salemlachatte did not have a good trip to the vet today 😿 Send lots of kitty prayers to Salem and Salem's mom!
catstagram - prayersneeded - catsofinstagram - instacats -
6littlestinkers : πŸ™πŸ™
totoio_thealphatcat : My prayers are with you tootinnewton get well soon ......
tootinnewton : @totoio_thealphatcat Send those prayers to @salemlachatte ! Thank you for your well wishes though. I was just letting our little kitty community know that one of our own is very ill.
salemlachatte : Awww, this just made my day!! Thank you so much ❀️❀️❀️
tootinnewton : @salemlachatte We all hope you are OK and the prayers will continue to roll in. God bless you kitty cat!! 😻😻
salemlachatte : Thank you!! We will know more when the vet calls us on Monday. Sorry I didn't see this til late I was doing kitty things! 😽
tootinnewton : @salemlachatte Please keep us updated!
salemlachatte : Will do! πŸ’Ÿ
sphynxgaga - ness_079 - pink_limes - precious_tink -
How many likes can i get for my gramma to get better πŸ™#jesusheals #pleasehelpmepray #prayersneeded #Pleasesendprayers
jesusheals - prayersneeded - pleasesendprayers - pleasehelpmepray -
shay_bounds - nicole_8140 - torilovesyouu328 - stac_5689 -
My pretty girl took care of me running in the mud last night in Westminster. Woke up this morning to her limping. We won't be running at the rodeo tonight :/ prayers needed that it is nothing bad. #ihaterain #hurtbaby #prayersneeded
ihaterain - prayersneeded - hurtbaby -
breanna_mcalister - _hannahmackay - hannah_crazy15 - hannahlmcadams -
No matter where the road goes, our how this ends up, who leaves or who stays, if its over, or if God heals it..One thing is #forsure #ElianaJoleneMcDougall you will #forever be my #babygirl #iloveyou #daughter #daddysgirl #Godsworknotmine #beautiful #cutie
beautiful - forever - godsworknotmine - daughter - needjesus - helpneeded - daddysgirl - babygirl - forsure - iloveyou - elianajolenemcdougall - prayersneeded - cutie -
leviathan253 : #helpneeded #prayersneeded #needJesus
jamiekellert - denise_knoe - rufflebutts - goofykitchell -
This is called "my papa is in the hospital and I need to eat ceasear salad" #weightwatchers #hospitalfood #prayersneeded
prayersneeded - weightwatchers - hospitalfood -
phanietay_ww - rachiieswwjourney - ww_journey2fit_2014 - wwmatti -
Everyone, please keep our cat Tinksy in your thoughts today. We had to take her to the emergency vet this morning at about 7:00. We just now got back to the house and they're keeping her over the weekend. She had a bunch of tests and X-rays. She has pneumonia like symptoms but it's not pneumonia. The vet told us she couldn't tell us how probable her living was. They started her on antibiotics and breathing treatments before we left. I have cried myself sick all morning and I thought they were going to have to pull me away from her. She has never spent the night somewhere other than home before and she normally is my little shadow. I just don't know what to think or anything. I just feel so exhausted and lost. Please remember her today in thought and/or prayer. #cats #catsofinstagram #prayers #prayersneeded #sendgoodvibes #myfurbaby #pets #sickpet
pets - prayers - catsofinstagram - myfurbaby - cats - sickpet - prayersneeded - sendgoodvibes -
justins_hotness - molly_british_shorthair_cat - shanzogalus - fightforlightjules -
#prayersneeded #imstruggling #tryingtokeepittogether
prayersneeded - imstruggling - tryingtokeepittogether -
jodijo76 : Praying for you!!! Don't know what's going on. But you got this. Stay strong!
arialjo - h3r_smil3 - bxbrwnigurl -
Hearing the Word through la sista' #prayersneeded #preaching #friend #iasd #sda #adventist #youth #happysabbath
happysabbath - youth - sda - preaching - iasd - prayersneeded - friend - adventist -
i2imovement - boaformaadventista - lemuel_rs - ecutegirl -
Please pray for Heston! I know we don't talk much but I didn't realize how crazy and scary it is to see someone I got to school with everyday get that close to death. I know your gonna make it out of this but let's just hope you get to walk on that stage graduation night buddy. My prayers are to you my friend... #prayforheston #pfh #prayersneeded
pfh - prayersneeded - prayforheston -
josequervo31 : What happened?
froggyfreshh : He was in a bad car accident @josequervo31
josequervo31 : Oh wow. I hope he's okay! I'll pray for him! πŸ’™
that_girl_hulcee : Do you know how hes doing??? @froggyfreshh
froggyfreshh : As far as I know they had to drill a hole in is head to relieve the pressure off his brain and they put him in a medical induced coma and they are gonna start facial reconstruction next Friday. @that_girl_hulcee
red1597 : My dad just told me about it!! Heston is in our prayers 110 percent! He's an awesome guy. He'll push through it strong with all the support he has beside him! God won't put him through anything he can't handle!
that_girl_hulcee : Alright hes in my prayers. Hes gotta get through it. Hes strong!! @froggyfreshh
cowgirl_up_23 - masonbackus_ - xnastyy - lexi_hay143 -
#PrayersNeeded #extremlysleepy #justMeAndMyMusic
prayersneeded - justmeandmymusic - extremlysleepy -
Prayers please for my great grandma, and my son's great great grandma!! She has changed so many lives and I can't imagine not talking to my feisty 94 year old role model anymore!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œlove you grandma! #rolemodel #feisty #94yrsold #strongestpersoniknow #prayersneeded
strongestpersoniknow - 94yrsold - prayersneeded - feisty - rolemodel -
k9chick : @belle_1192 prayers for your grandma sweetie
peehayyem - haywray5 - rukiastar - m_cabe412 -
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