Can only wish #piecesofshit
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#PiecesOfShit #UsersNAbusers
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#BreakfastOfChampions #ShootMcGavin #PiecesOfShit #Breakfast #HappyGilmore #ItsAllInTheHips #LaughertyDaniel
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brandan0488 : @randyhooks89 @swafford89
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#siriusxmu plays the weirdest shit sometimes #seriousboredom #patrickcarney #music #latergram #riverine #offwork
touchscreen - music - patrickcarney - latergram - offwork - riverine - piecesofshit - seriousboredom - siriusxmu - driving -
eclecticdarkness : Riverine is supposed to be #driving but #touchscreen are #piecesofshit
zebrapainted : Lol ew wut
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#waterlogs #beachbums #piecesofshit #thatsallthereistoit
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wgreyii : The 3rd hashtag says it all. #whitetrash #welikeemrough
rileymhauser : Awhhhh
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When guys talk to girls like they are just a piece of meat... With no respect.. That lowers their self esteem honestly. Only about sex.. Pieces of shit guys. Talk to her with respect and like a human being, not a sex monkey! And no, I'm not talking about all of the guys. #fuckyou #middlefinger #funnypicture #butserioustopic #rude #piecesofshit #norespect #asshole
piecesofshit - rude - fuckyou - funnypicture - middlefinger - asshole - norespect - butserioustopic -
jess_h98 : People who act like they have respect just turn out being worse too! It's so disappointing! @bonniekatelynn
bonniekatelynn : Are you okay?
jess_h98 : Yeah I am.. I mean I get that sometimes, but this time it was my friend that it happened to, and yeah lol thanks though! @bonniekatelynn
bonniekatelynn : The worst part is that I gave in and didn't know until after. I hope that you're smarter than I was.
jess_h98 : I understand that. You have to learn from your mistakes.. And I hope you did. You are very smart.. Everyone needs help sometimes and everyone's got to learn. I'm still learning about this because it's just now starting to become a normal thing.. Just the beginning.. Yay. lol and I hope nothing stupid ever happens but you never know. .-. @bonniekatelynn
bonniekatelynn : Yeah. Boys are stupid. And I hope that you end up happy.:)
jess_h98 : Thanks(: same to you! ☺️ @bonniekatelynn
dillybar_224 : For you guys reading this....listen...because jess and bonnie know what there talking about
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Glad we are on the same page @1dope2door haha πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ #fords #suck #fuckfords #piecesofshit #funnyconvo #samepage #foundontheroaddead
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Mother F%$#@'s!!!!!! #somad #dirtbags #piecesofshit #onlystolemymakeupbagyoudumbass
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taylorrr_clish : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
jennileah191 : Don't read my dirty language Taylor!!
jennileah191 : Or repeat it!
puckzilla23 : What the eff!!! I'm willing to bet there was some pretty expensive stuff in your make up bag though. #jerks
aimwiebe : That sucks!!!! A~holes! Which home outfitters @jennileah191
jennileah191 : South Common @aimwiebe
jennileah191 : @puckzilla23 thank goodness I'm such a drug store girl...all cheap stuff. @katgill_ and all her "MAC" sisters are prob cringing!! ;)
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#twinning #cavalier #piecesofshit
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What our trucks will look like most of the summer #lifted #liftedtrucks #1986 #chevy #chevrolet #k30 #sb350 #1997 #ford #powerstroke #piecesofshit #shouldaboughtadodge #fuckitrunit @zac_whittle252
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Unbelievable that I have all this heat watching me and I can't afford to eat... Look at this beautiful brass rosary! #PiecesOfShit
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#realtalk #fuckyouall #piecesofshit #begonethen #quote #peoplealwaysleave #fuckfakefriends ✌️
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mspelin : Damn im not alone
kbabeyy : No ma'am πŸ‘Œ @mspelin
nalston13 : Preach
kbabeyy : πŸ™Œ @nalston13
germanengineered___ : I'm stealing this
warfastagram : I want this, I need ur permission
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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #piecesofshit
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hannahgersbachh : Ahaha day made :L
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#sunsetshitters #majesticasfuck #america #usmc #ch53e @ador1al3 @juhcobe
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ador1al3 : Definitely "majestic" these #shitters are @rjellis29 lol
rjellis29 : @ador1al3 majestic #piecesofshit
ador1al3 : At least it's not a #V22 . The good lords giant #Turd of an #Aircraft lol
rjellis29 : Lmfao #truestory
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Blister bestowed #dressshoes #piecesofshit #foamsole #sockgamestrong #vscocam #vsco
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turn_style : #cozy #teamcozy
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#Kidsthesedays #PiecesOfshit #Rejects
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puplovinrn : 😦
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#assholes #piecesofshit #crustycrusts #boogers #theythinktheysumthin
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sly_dawg_76 : #stfu #ibangyourmom
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Just ordered these sweet new skis! #boss#twintips#5thelement
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liam_0brien : Badass
cownow_adrian : Oh ya @liam_0brien
cownow_adrian : When are you coming home @liam_0brien
mason_thiem11 : Did you get bindings and boots?
cownow_adrian : @mason_thiem11 no im just gonna wear tennis shoes and duck tape them to the skis
cownow_adrian : #piecesofshit
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You eat pieces of shit for breakfast! #happygilmore #piecesofshit #breakfast
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Fk boys #piecesofshit
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ebbbbsss : One tree hill πŸ™Œ
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That's a fact. Fuck your pussy Prius's. #FuckPrius #PussyCars #PiecesOfShit @prius4lyfe
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kuntry_boy4x4 : @hybridsunited
dont_tread_on_me_51 : πŸ‘† Fag
whadduppkenners : But... My mom drives a Prius guysπŸ˜” @dont_tread_on_me_51 @kuntry_boy4x4
dont_tread_on_me_51 : What does your dad drive? It's okay for a women. @whadduppkenners
kuntry_boy4x4 : No its not. @dont_tread_on_me_51 fuck priuses
whadduppkenners : Fuck you guys haha but seriously it's a tampon on wheelsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'd never drive it @kuntry_boy4x4 @dont_tread_on_me_51
aye_its_fitzy : Rate 9.8
dont_tread_on_me_51 : Thanks cutie😜 @aye_its_fitzy
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I'm feeling pissed off. So #rant. I thought about a lot, first off, gay people. You don't want girls to marry each other yet you fucking jack off to it. And gay guys, who gives a shit they're not trynna to hit on an ignorant piece of shit like you anyways. Also fake people. You use people for money weed sex but why? How does the other person feel? You use sex and weed and shit to make you appear superior and that you have it all. You can get any girl you want but you still fuck her up mentally. Why do you keep your grades up? Because you care? Or to officially prove you're better than everyone. Acting like you're friends with everyone and acting like everything's funny and your life is perfect when it's not. You make people feel degraded and shitty because you can't stand the sight of yourself in the mirror. You're a fucking piece of shit to make others feel less than what they truly are. And all you stupid Jesus freaks. No, the ones who use Jesus as an excuse to prevent people from love or to hurts others because of their decisions. If you are a truly good hearted religious person you do not use your fucking prophet as an excuse. And ignorant atheists who can't respect others religious intentions are included. Why the fuck do boys treat girls like objects and like their feelings don't matter? Sometimes you need to grow up and either realize what you have right in front of you is more than what you thought. Girls you too. Don't fuck with their feelings because you're unsure of your own. People who think they know you based on what others have said are pieces of shit too. The only thing you know about someone is their god damn name. Ignorant people, why do you judge people based on appearance and their grades and their mothers and their fathers? Or ethnicity. What the fuck is wrong with people. #rant #piecesofshit
rant - piecesofshit -
mouna_08 : #truth πŸ™Œ
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When the fucking A&W in the mall gives you a fucking fake bill. #fiver #fuckers #fakebitches #nosilverstrip #fakemoney #canadian #piecesofshit #follow4follow #followme #like4like
piecesofshit - fiver - blondebrainprobs - canadian - fuckers - nosilverstrip - fakemoney - follow4follow - like4like - followme - fakebitches -
shanncavs : That doesn't mean its fake! It could just be old or the silver could have worn off
makaylamonroe96 : No its fake, it doesn't have one of the bag faces on it& it's missing other random shit lol @shanncavs
makaylamonroe96 : One of tthe big* faces***** #blondebrainprobs
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Finally done with these #piecesofshit #bbmdeath
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Brewfest!! #cheers#piecesofshit#breckenridge
cheers - breckenridge - piecesofshit -
racer50five : Dude @twisthoff is up there too fool!! Give him a shout @Lu bby1986
lubby1986 : Haha. Already did, @racer50five! I'm not fucking around!! Lol
racer50five : Ahaha glad to hear your taking it seriously #keeponkeepinon
leviquandt12 : Missing out dam it
alaydon21 - leviquandt12 - emay08 - cmaaama -
In Ralph's at the La Dera Center last night for not even 10 min and when my son and I get to the truck this is what we come to! They got my in dash, my MacBook Pro,my bug out bag,my sons backpack my personal backpack containing some movies my favorite hoodie and my medication. I hope these motherfuckers get info a fatal car crash and die slowly! #merica #igmilitia #igguncommunity #igsneakercommunity #igtattoocommunity #hardlucktattoo #hairybeast #fuckthieves #ghettofatherless #piecesofshit
hardlucktattoo - piecesofshit - igmilitia - igguncommunity - hairybeast - fuckthieves - igsneakercommunity - merica - ghettofatherless - igtattoocommunity -
g_dawg1 : They be watching dogg πŸ‘€
chew_y91 : Damn, that's fucken dirt craig
mikecarpiostattoos : πŸ’©
lifes_a_blitz23 : My car got the same treatment right in front of my crib, fucking thieves man
sgtnda : That blows bro!!!! I might have my old factory GM radio from my Avalanche. It's yours free if you want it.
joeytattoo556 : @sgtnda thanks brotha! But u should know me by now, that shit has a brand new radio and alarm lol
sgtnda : @joeytattoo556 OK cool. Just offering bro. FYI, I have my train horn hooked up to my alarm. Just a little a extra noise to hear it!
joeytattoo556 : @sgtnda nah I appreciate it! But I was to use to having it the way it was. The alarm I put it is crazy so I'm a lil more content now
crackallac - kasperio - rosiehernandez - g_dawg1 -
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hioseone : Those look like some quality people right there
jenhasissues : Oh my god who are all of those sexy bitches
arfthedawg : One fine group of folks right there
goddammiteveryone - hioseone - jenhasissues - zzzzxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -
Something that irritates the piss out of me! Trashcan right fuqing there, but they couldn't be bothered with throwing the trash away. #trash #citrusparkmall #piecesofshit #careless #lazy #fuqwads
lazy - piecesofshit - fuqwads - careless - citrusparkmall - trash -
nicktalife : Faggots
laidtorest13 : Aw dude, I work with a bunch of idiots that do the same shit... Its ridiculous. Grown ass adults who can't do shit right.
jasonvoorhees1987 : I HATE those people...
ad874 : I was working yesterday :/
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Junkyard cars. #slammed #subaru #wrx #piecesofshit #wasteofmoney
piecesofshit - subaru - slammed - wrx - wasteofmoney -
cgt_ : @romanodood
alabasterftw : Car slammed. Car lifted. How cute
cgt_ : @alabasterftw how's the honda doing? Have you had to change the spark plug or pull start yet?
alabasterftw : Lmao. Not yet @cgt_
rydnkd : @spaethz we are moving here haha.
spaethz : Hell yeah! @rydnkd
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One last run #arcticcat #f1000 #550 #
arcticcat - piecesofshit - f1000 - 550 - cougar -
justin_trev : #cougar #piecesofshit
garrebearrr - arcticcat_fanatic -
#studiomoltointenso #parvera #thisstupidgirl #eyes #mouth #funny #happy #school #homework #study #piecesofshit #fuuuuck
funny - eyes - piecesofshit - studiomoltointenso - study - thisstupidgirl - parvera - mouth - school - fuuuuck - homework - happy -
renatorevelo : Follow back *-*
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My parents have the worst collection of phones... #Samsung #Alcatel #LG #SonyEricsson #PiecesOfShit
lg - alcatel - piecesofshit - sonyericsson - samsung -
sammorritt95 : Is that pink square one an Alcatel? ;)
theclumsyfox : It is indeed Alcatel maestro ;)
morgan12love : I also have an alcatel but is Not pink and has a different shape
zayn_from1d - desi_isaa - liathile - morgan12love -
hondacivic - piecesofshit - ilovejdm - hondayang - prelude - hondassuck - fuckjdm -
ej1_gonsalez : #hondassuck #piecesofshit #fuckjdm #ilovejdm
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