Games I have lots of them if u wanna play.. #mastermind #push&pull #passiveaggressive
push - passiveaggressive - mastermind -
jmariea82 : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
mari_loves83 - avery_myworld - jordancroninger - rayray2xs -
Passive-Aggressive note left on my car yesterday. Maybe if you didn't take the time to write the note and place it on my car, you could have got out of your space faster! #passiveaggressive #pettythursday
pettythursday - passiveaggressive -
chchilly03 : Haha wow
mollychambers94 - chchilly03 -
Stirling council make me laugh! Who is responsible for this?! #Britain #scotland #passiveaggressive
britain - scotland - passiveaggressive -
katelyn_constance -
MY MINIONS and ME #passiveaggressive #100happydays #day31 #latergram
100happydays - passiveaggressive - latergram - day31 -
annemaaykeammerlaan : Even when passive aggressive, I love you loads and could@not have wished for a better roommate for these past two years. ❀️
emmarebeccatsoi : Nawwww you know how much I love you back :) so much that I even care about your whereabouts at 2:30 am muahh :* @annemaaykeammerlaan
kwok_liz : Queen bee
emmarebeccatsoi : You can call me queen bee @kwok_liz
shuchi811 : Don't leeeave us :'(
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Was tired of laying and bed and getting a contact high from all the weed being smoked by our neighbours.. So took matters into my own hands! #passiveaggressive #problemsolver #rasta
passiveaggressive - problemsolver - rasta - bobmarley - notsosubtle - inspired -
deannaalyseb : *in bed
tiannakostiuk : Bahahah the colors. You're too much
deannaalyseb : @tiannakostiuk πŸ˜‚ was hoping someone would catch that subtle addition! #notsosubtle #bobmarley #inspired
tiannakostiuk : #yourbffnotices πŸ™ˆ
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My role model. If you think this is directed at you then let it be. Let your guilty conscious weigh you down. #aintnobodygottimefodat #asshole #passiveaggressive #classic #fuckit
fuckit - asshole - aintnobodygottimefodat - passiveaggressive - classic -
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😘 #art #doodle #sketch #ornate #notyourbabe #noturbabe #passiveaggressive #cute #girlpower #feminism #feminist #gallery #drawing #originalart #creative #lazy #misandry #taken
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Ok ok I will... #passiveaggressive
passiveaggressive -
djbraxxx -
I'm sorry you double parked to protect your precious BMW four spaces from the store entrance, and didn't make sure there wasn't still room for another car. #passiveaggressive
passiveaggressive -
mrex0112 - clongstreth - jeremystu - nnnancyst -
You make me wish I had more middle fingers.πŸ’€#shutupalready #passiveaggressive #selfie #selca
passiveaggressive - selfie - shutupalready - selca -
808ricky : Beautiful and innocent πŸ‘
bboyvanity : Can we buy calendars of your smile already
meat_joon : Amen!
8o8histate : @astronats Meeh like this pic!
justin_moke : Gorgeous😍😍😘
ialeka21 : Looking good. How are you? @astronats
santosaaan : πŸ˜πŸ‘
all_hustle_no_lukkk : Natsumi you are super cute! You make hawaii a prettier place; )
beastbrinton808 - ttodd808 - kaylee_lin - shanehooooo -
One man's genius reply to the original message that said: "Please be considerate of the RESIDENTS who need to park here." #parking #response #passiveaggressive #funny
funny - passiveaggressive - response - parking -
ankushsaikia -
Uhh... #passiveaggressive
passiveaggressive -
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:) ! @jiggsmcallistar: #twinsies #tattoo #snark #passiveaggressive #smiley @whenidance #regramapp
tattoo - regramapp - snark - twinsies - smiley - passiveaggressive -
svntist : :)
bakoo29 : Oh my god no you didn't!!!
whenidance : πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜€ ! ! !
whenidance : I laugh every time I look at it. I'm covering it with a ring today since I'm with my mom and I have to ease her into these things.
jiggsmcallistar : Aren't you glad you didn't get it elsewhere? I've been internally giggling every time I look at it too.
holdherlikemurder - cha_cha_04 - queenthvggin - masha_nelol -
If you have a problem with my pictures you can do one of two things. 1) See that "unfollow" button? Yeah that on, go ahead and press it. 2) If you have enough balls you can confront me about it, and I will gladly listen to your opinion. Its my picture, talk to me. #passiveaggressive#sorrynotsorry#weightlifting#unclesammeme#weightlifting#progresspictures are #progresspictures NOT porn or shit. #growup
passiveaggressive - weightlifting - progresspictures - sorrynotsorry - growup - unclesammeme -
rhaack : Don't listen to anyone that says bad things! People who understand what you do get it! keep pushing & don't be afraid to leave some people in the dust.
lady_____j : Right? Like pretty sure im not posing in provocative poses and in my lingerie. Its skin we all have it !
rhaack : Exactly! ! Charting your progress is nothing new! People should be motivated by what they see! Nothing worse than what some chick's wear to the beach :)
afitnessnoob - jordynraelove23 - livingwellbykel - gfit4life -
Being passive aggressive is sometimes the best way to go.
drawingskills - passiveaggressive - gooduse -
ttoille13 : ;) @kellyweezy
kmchurch768 : I need one!!!!
ttoille13 : A check or the finger @kmchurch768 lol
jackie_blood : Did you really do this? Lol this is awesome
ttoille13 : Yes I certainly did @jackie_blood !
kmchurch768 : If you want to write me a check go for it. 500 towards wedding catering would be shiztastic. But I meant the finger
ttoille13 : That check might get lost in the mail....I love you, but....
kmchurch768 : Oh ya you reminded me I have to practice my "oh your save the date must have gotten lost in the mail" face. Holiday weekend means everyone will be around, thanks for the reminder!
mrwin86 - romerowifeyandmommy2levi - karaheingartner - navilliat -
#bitchdontkillmyvibe #imjustboog #angermanagement #theevilwolfinside #snappingturtle #boom #bitchstfuimtrynagethigh #passiveaggressive πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ’£πŸ˜€πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #youdonttreatmelikeyouuseto βœŒοΈπŸ‘‰πŸ’ƒ #exitstageleft
youdonttreatmelikeyouuseto - exitstageleft - imjustboog - angermanagement - bitchstfuimtrynagethigh - passiveaggressive - snappingturtle - boom - bitchdontkillmyvibe - theevilwolfinside -
Dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #eddiemurphy #passiveaggressive #text #friends #truestory #potd #funny
funny - passiveaggressive - truestory - text - potd - friends - eddiemurphy -
alpot : This facial expression is actually Eddie doing an impression of an angry gf watching her bf making sure he boasts her name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
__jessticles__ : Can understand the face then! @alpot
_bridger - zacharyhgibsonp - kingjosh93 - haannnnnn -
Pinterest drama!!! Hahaha #pinterest #drama #wtf #passiveaggressive
drama - passiveaggressive - wtf - pinterest -
__jessticles__ : @laurenozzie why does this explain my past relationship πŸ˜©πŸ™ˆ
laurenozzie : @__jessticles__ but I love you
__jessticles__ : @laurenozzie and that's all that matters cherry pie!
laurenozzie : @__jessticles__ yes it does because I love you more than life itself!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
brylea_love - bnpalmer7 -
'Tak for lort bitch' (Thanks for all your shit bitch) by Julie Katrine Anderson I came across this when I typed 'bitch' into Google Images. I am in awe of the talent, detail and time that went into this piece of art. Julie's work is amazing and inspiring. Hot. Made from neon pink strips of paper and strips of magazines. (Also, I've been mumbling this under my breath most of today). #juliekatrineanderson #art #talent #awesome #inspiration #hot #pink #paperweave #moodoftheday #passiveaggressive #thanksbitch
pink - talent - thanksbitch - juliekatrineanderson - awesome - moodoftheday - passiveaggressive - hot - art - paperweave - inspiration -
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πŸ™†πŸ™…πŸ’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the conversations we have are priceless. This one is for you doll. @koceese #passiveaggressive
girlbye - passiveaggressive -
skiecko : I mean, they have a card for everything! @koceese
koceese : MY LIFE πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ #girlbye πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
skiecko : Hahahahahaha!!! #girlbye πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
theromanian1 - erinschmerinbaby - k473lyn - emtqueen -
My latest kitchen blackboard drawing #100happydays #day98 #happy #work #cleaning #passiveaggressive #justforfun #funny
funny - justforfun - work - 100happydays - passiveaggressive - day98 - cleaning - happy -
campkrusty : Your talents are wasted Walshy!
sylc : This is by far my favorite of them all ha ha ha
mauracashe - aoifefmurray - patrick__stephanie - fifi_murph -
lana ray!!!!!!!! do not steal pls!!!!! i took this at the concert!!!!!!
hotylamoty - coffee - limo - mcm - xd - passiveaggressive - cookie - mikepaige - cafe - me - lana - lanaray - disneychannel - robot - musix - instafamous - heybebe - coolandcollected -
mikepaigephotographyy : #lana!!#cafe#coffee#cookie#limo#instafamous#passiveaggressive#coolandcollected#mcm#me#mikepaige#hotylamoty#heybebe#lanaray#musix#xd#disneychannel#robot
xlanadelreyx : lol
jake_martinez : LIAR I fucking took it stupid ass
jake_martinez : @xlanadelreyx
jake_martinez : Check my twitter everybody this guy is a liar
jake_martinez : It is totally screenshotted too you can see he didn't even crop it right
mikepaigephotographyy - dannielcandido -
#serverlife #serverproblems #restaurantlife #restaurantproblems #waitress #server #serving #waitingtables #passiveaggressive #closed #getyourshitandgetout !!!
serving - serverlife - getyourshitandgetout - server - restaurantlife - passiveaggressive - closed - serverproblems - waitingtables - waitress - restaurantproblems -
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Got my Red bull and Gatorade cocktail ready. Yay all nighters πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. #nonotreally #passiveaggressive #ihatefinals #anxiety #sensoryoverload #instadaily
ihatefinals - nonotreally - anxiety - sensoryoverload - instadaily - passiveaggressive -
totallymundane : @btwcarmel do you have electricity?
btwcarmel : @totallymundane yea. Why?
totallymundane : @btwcarmel hydro blackout in Toronto lol
btwcarmel : @totallymundane really?πŸ™…nooo! I dont want that anymore
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Wow haha fuck you too bitch #passiveaggressive #fuckyou
fuckyou - passiveaggressive -
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#passiveaggressive#comeatmebro #ecard #funny
funny - passiveaggressive - comeatmebro - ecard -
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#PassiveAggressive @mr_tce said y'all gone like dis #BGBB #TCE
passiveaggressive - tce - bgbb - passiveaggression -
r3dtables : #passiveaggression
retunya_shernell - mr_tce - mr_bentley -
This goes out to all those #people who think others are #magical #mindreaders with #psychic #powers
passiveaggressive - mindreaders - people - psychic - dontbethatguy - powers - magical -
atom80mb : Lol this is great
beach_ape : @atom80mb do you know people who think they can just send out a vibe and put in no extra effort and get somewhere? lol
atom80mb : Vibe is fun when u actually vibe not when your a stranger.
atom80mb : Yea man
beach_ape : "Let's get to know each other," she thought, but so desperately wanted to say. @atom80mb
beach_ape : #passiveaggressive #dontbethatguy
fabreeze23 - beetnic - mzdiordiva - justinsanity_meh -
Mentos, the most passive aggressive of the gums. Getting real tired of your shit, Mentos. #mentos #passiveaggressive #idowhatiwant #donttellmewhattodo #up2u
up2u - passiveaggressive - mentos - donttellmewhattodo - idowhatiwant -
christian__anthony : @nfs_iceman @loganbyronical @nninnjaa @dylan_b2324 @kyleelias
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#passiveaggressive mornings in the office break room.
passiveaggressive -
7arakaatzamn -
Thank goodness! Although I hadn't realezed spitting was such a problem! Dover, Tasmania
passiveaggressive - fishing - cleanwater - instatassie - tasmania - dover -
harmonyjamesmusic : So you're not in Kathmandu then? It's mandatory there
alewyfe : This was a bit passive-aggressive, I thought because there can't be more than 50 people in the whole town @serendipityblessing
alewyfe : #instatassie
alewyfe : #dover #passiveaggressive #fishing #cleanwater #tasmania
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now drinking #palominobarselections #brassneckbrewery #passiveaggressive #2014yearofthegrowler
palominobarselections - 2014yearofthegrowler - passiveaggressive - brassneckbrewery -
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I am also tired of people saying "your an indigo child!" I don't like it, it does not make me feel special, it's just victimizing and de-humanizing. What they think they are saying: "you are different and special!" Vs what I hear: "you are don't fit the all-American popular girl cookie cutter so you must be the victim in every situation, because you fit the stenotype of a depressed loser according to the mainstream media, so here is some reassurance because obviously you need it!" Ahem, let's have a reality check shall we, about 99% of kids and teens worldwide don't fit the preppy, popular, perky kid cookie cutter that mainstream media and society idealizes, so there is no way we are all indigo children, as you like to put it. Yes, many people pretend to be that idealized image of a teen but some of us don't want to waste our time pretending to attain this superficial universal goal. Secondly, just because i may be stereotyped as a depressed loser on TV that does not make me one in real life, I am not inferior to the idealized image of a teen, so stop shoving that unneeded reassurance down my throat. #indigochildren #passiveaggressive #annoyingpeople
annoyingpeople - passiveaggressive - indigochildren -
kelstetz_12 : Yah
carachslipknot666 : True. They said I was satanic and that I'd go to hell.
hello_its_me_martha - 666_little_evil_kitty - devils_divine_infection - fallen_angel13_ -
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