Love this new shelf in the shop. we're open 11am-7pm & Easter items are 50% off today! (shop is closed tomorrow) #ohfshop
ohfshop -
margarbee : @gailgranada I feel like you'd love this shop!!
gailgranada : @margarbee Ooooh I doooo
ugenez__ : @itsstellatbh omg yes pls 😍 this place is beautiful
kadithedragon : Is there a way to shop online some of the items u have in store? :o
heffykim : @stephchaiii !!
esith_suleyma : @sunflowerscloset legooo!
esith_suleyma : @sunflowerang leggooo!
purplelml : I need that perpetual calendar! Do you guys ship?
aalm19 - emrosecee - _jorazo - shawnadovetail -
spent today making lavender bouquets for the shop! my hands smell sooo good #ohfshop #lavender
ohfshop - lavender -
haley__dennis : 😍
myragale : I SO need to visit again soon! Loving your feed so much πŸ˜πŸ’›
maylilies : @adairbird @thatmamagretchen @devonmichelle @neverneutral @heykarm thanks lovely ladies! 😘
maylilies : @miss_jamiemarie definitely blessed to be working at ohhellofriend :)
maylilies : @laitejewelry wish I could send some over to you! πŸ’•
maylilies : @annwhittaker9 same here! they smell soooo good!
maylilies : @haley__dennis πŸ’•
maylilies : @myragale a lot has changed from the last time you've visited ;) you should definitely visit again! & absolutely love your feed as well!! πŸ’•
myragale - chasinglinen - cheriedianuh - soulsensei -
So many cute finds here! We always stop by when we come down to LA. :) #ohhellofriend #ohfshop
ohhellofriend - ohfshop -
e219thpl : @winderloves love OHF! Haven't seen the makeover yet though. Looks amazing! πŸ˜ƒ
calfrenchndn - e219thpl -
my favorite section at the #ohfshop! #driedflowers
driedflowers - ohfshop -
maylilies : @allieloy it's sooo cute!! visit me!!
maylilies : @adairbird I agree ;)
maylilies : @theramengirl wish you could see it in person! ;)
maylilies : @hafiizh_alfarrisi thanks!!
maylilies : @handmadepaperflowers πŸ’•
maylilies : @eec09 you have to check it out in person :) it's so pretty!!
e219thpl : Is this the change she was talking about? So awesome!! Must visit soon!
maylilies : @e219thpl there's much more ;) you definitely to make a visit soon!!
myragale - htealoves - finallyjay93 - jam_xxx_ -
the shop is getting a makeover!! we're closed for the next couple days - come back soon for a new OHF! #ohfshop
ohfshop -
paperjar : @ohhellofriend I'm so sorry that I don't! I'll let you know though if I find a similar piece :)
ohhellofriend : @hopeleigh hi friend! we don't but they're from @wallsbymur! Super awesome and come in lots of fun shapes and colors :)
cait04 : @ohhellofriend where is the gild triangle wall from or how did you do it? I've been obsessed with it on pinterest :)
ohhellofriend : @cait04 it's from @wallsbymur - They're wall decals!
christinejamo : @courtjeanelle lets go soon! 😊
nibandpixel : Danni- it's Dionne Christiansen. I'm finally on Instagram! When do you reopen. I'm going to Cali for a month and would love to stop by!
dearestkari : I love your store so much!β™₯ Nice to see you today! :)
jesiiii : 😍😍😍 beautiful!
thesweetfox - seasnailmail - ashadamsss - cha_low92 -
Skipped sleeping in on Saturday to pick up some cute little goodies at the @ohhellofriend warehouse sale today! I mean, i don't have a garden yet but... Needed it. πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
antique - ohfstudio - love - vintage - ohfshop - fullerton - ohhellofriend - yellow - dtf - flea - instagood - downtownfullerton -
mikimon1118 : Super duper cute! Where was the sale at?β˜€οΈπŸŒΌπŸ’›
girlfriendinacoma : @mikimon1118 thanks!! It's in downtown fullerton, the store is on harbor and the warehouse is around the corner. The store is really cute and there are a lot of great vintage stores nearby, defiantly worth the visit if you're ever in the area! ❀️
girlfriendinacoma : Oh AND she is supposed to be opening another storefront somewhere in Tustin @mikimon1118
mikimon1118 : @girlfriendinacoma Oh thanks! I will go check it outπŸ™βœ¨
girlfriendinacoma : #vintage #antique #flea #ohfstudio #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #fullerton #downtownfullerton #dtf #yellow #instagood #love
indigo_bird : Your username πŸ™πŸ’•
girlfriendinacoma : @indigo_bird ☺️😘
flaricee - thegreenpicnic - leahbeahig - _kmam -
I'm in love with it. :) thank you Janelle and happy birthday! @lavendersflowers #lavendersflowers #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #ohhellofriend #flowerarranging #floralarrangement
ohhellofriend - floralarrangement - ohfworkshop - lavendersflowers - ohfshop - flowerarranging -
lavendersflowers : Beautiful work! Hope to see you again soon 😘
ezraproper : You will :D we loved your class. I hope we can make your grid workshop @lavendersflowers
laurenoceros : Very lovely
vrinkley - thekimnguyen - ok_gina - cc714westcoast -
Ringing in the first day if spring by arranging flowers <3 #ohfshop #ohfworkshop #OHF #lavendersflowers @lavendersflowers @kesurfer2089
lavendersflowers - ohfshop - ohf - ohfworkshop -
thegreatjasmino : 😍
nayonestherkim : Omg teach me how to make this I want one <3
jayeeenaye : So pretty!
lanwins : Lovely
revniel - aaaaallllyyyssa - vrinkley - briyourself1 -
excited to open up some goodies from @ohhellofriend go get some!!!! #ohfshop
ohfshop -
asplendidoccas : Amazing scissors. Where from?!!?!
penelopespress : i know, so awesome @asplendidoccas they are from @ohhellofriend
asplendidoccas : Ahhh thank you!! ☺
tristanb : Gorgeous shot my dear!
penelopespress : @tristanb thanks lady!
lilgirlbigcam - angelaliguori - chykalophia - nanotuki -
our spring workshop schedule is now online and sign ups are open! ohhellofriend.com/workshops we're offering calligraphy, candle making, floral arranging, and lots more, hope you can make it :) #ohfshop #ohfworkshops
ohfshop - ohfworkshops - ohfworkshop -
krista_mort : @ohhellofriend will you be at the road bowl flea market tomorrow??
krista_mort : Rose*
ohhellofriend : @krista_mort we were but our friend bought our space! May be there next month :)
oskifan : This is lovely. Who teaches the calligraphy class?
redlipstickstyle : Just signed up for the April 11 craft class! I'll be driving up from Laguna so hopefully the Toll roads will be traffic-free ;) so excited
yosnaps : @amanda_dsk
ohhellofriend : #ohfworkshop
brebuskey : Just signed up this weekend to take the end of April class! :)
rosalindbootle - frnzmnn - livelovepop - polisheddomaine -
excited to announce a fun event coming soon! We're partnering up with @amandarydell of BE CRAFTY and doing an oc edition! Sign ups open this Friday, stay tuned :) #becraftyworkshop at #ohfshop
ohfshop - becraftyworkshop -
dgiacomino : @dreenie , we need to do this β™₯
lizziloves : @trayseetee I'm game!
trayseetee : @lizziloves wish I could. I'll be in FL at the time. :(
tiffanygodinez : Oooh, I'm excited to learn more @joanteng22
melika1187 : @higgity this looks like fun! :)
ruerococo : So fun!
amyrader_5 : Where at I'm California?? @ohhellofriend
amyrader_5 : '' In'' California sorry @ohhellofriend
aha_heartdance - theurbanbarnhouse - giverevolution - bugandbelle -
Happy Monday friends! We're hoping to launch our online shop real soon, we need a few people to test the new shopping cart out. we'll throw in some extras with your order ;) if you're interested please leave your email address and we'll send you an email with details. Thanks! #ohfshop #rubberstamps #ilovestationery
ilovestationery - ohfshop - rubberstamps -
rinnesbliss : Corinne.reyes@gmail.com :)
samandkatedesign : Fun!!!!!!
munclefredart : Love this! MuncleFredArt@gmail.com
amandatatumlewis : Leigh_amanda18@yahoo.com
ashinwonderland84 : @ohhellofriend How is your online shop coming along?
livelovepop : We are loving everything! @ohhellofriend
trishastraub : Trishastraub@yahoo.com
thorwhywhy : precious-fifteen@hotmail.com 😁😁
paletteetribambelle - thorwhywhy - nun - aosborn8 -
It pays to work at the cutest shop in the world! #nopunintended #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #ohfshop
ohfshop - vsco - vscophile - vscocam - nopunintended -
ohhellofriend : Aww you're sweet :) love those!
trolleycars : Just got that passport case too! It's adorable.
ohhellofriend - jnapalan - travismoulton - marningrace -
😍 #workview #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #ohfshop
workview - ohfshop - vsco - vscophile - vscocam -
ohhellofriend : Love this shot!! :)
ellyhong89 : Hi Connie!! :) is this the one in downtown fullerton??
conniedoan : @ellyhong89 yep! Come visit me- I'm there Sundays :)
sarah_spurlock - kandisbrianne - jesbland - brookeforsi -
ohfshop - vscocam - ohhellofriend - vsco_cam_ -
myragale : Best daily reminder, ever. Happy Sunday, friends <3 #ohfshop #ohhellofriend #vscocam
aimeedeana : Happy Sunday!!
myragale : πŸ˜˜πŸ’• @aimeedeana
myragale : #vsco_cam_
fresh_923 - mara_virgilevan - hashtagasma - melanielaurene -
Cutest shop ever. πŸ’• #fullerton #ohellofriend #afterlight
afterlight - ohhellofriend - love - ohfshop - fullerton - instagood - ohellofriend - diy - abeautifulmess - downtownfullerton -
girlfriendinacoma : #downtownfullerton #ohfshop #diy #abeautifulmess #instagood #love
glosalon : Great photo! I hope you can get a chance to check out our page 😊
girlfriendinacoma : #ohhellofriend
shesonthesquare - jorjiapeach - drinkbarjuicery - lislis2775 -
β€’ outfit of the day β€’ #oftheday #photooftheday #picoftheday #outfitoftheday #potd #ootd #dress #cute #sundaybest #sundayfunday #brunch #necklace #purse #wedges #asos #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #louisvuitton #lv #bergamobag #bergamo #charlesdavid #charlesdavidshoes @louisvuitton @ohhellofriend @asos
cute - ootd - sundayfunday - purse - oftheday - brunch - dress - charlesdavid - ohhellofriend - bergamo - louisvuitton - asos - bergamobag - charlesdavidshoes - lv - outfitoftheday - ohfshop - sundaybest - necklace - wedges - potd - picoftheday - photooftheday -
workforyourfit : @_oftheday_ love that dress
_oftheday_ : @workforyourfit thank you! :)
coffem5 - nowherestyleca - gamzeli_74 - jsauraa -
stopped by @ohhellofriend shop finally... #vscocam #squaready #ohfshop
squaready - vscocam - ohfshop -
ohlovelyday : So cute right?
citysage : Oh haaaaai
cafeelefant - walking_among_the_stars - lainetrees - limalz -
ohhellofriend - ohfshop - vsco - dtf - vscocam -
myragale : Surprise trip to my new favorite store, #ohfshop! 😍 Thanks my love! #ohhellofriend #dtf #vsco #vscocam
megaanjay : OMG I love that store! Can spend hours there
myragale : Girl! You can only imagine Paul and his precious patience with me in there LOL @megaanjay I'm so glad he remembered how long I've been wanting to go though πŸ˜‰
megaanjay : LMAO bless @paulgavini
ohhellofriend : @myragale aww love this photo! Thanks for stopping by! :)
myragale : Thank you! I will visiting again very soon! ❀️ @ohhellofriend
emily_jeffords - kimmiero - carmenicole -
Happy Sunday friends! Valentine's cards and gifts now out at the shop, don't forget to get something for that special someone. #ohfshop #vday
ohfshop - vday -
ellolovey : I die! ❀❀❀
mommyof5as : @ohhellofriend when will your on line shop open? Do you have the new tape in the store?
brandarooo : Too cute
thriftsimply : Any idea when the online store will reopen? Would love to shop! Thanks πŸ’•
jennyn1019 : @littleprettypink this is where we are going next!
kwchamplin : Someday I will make it to your store! Love everything you create! ❀️❀️
burge4 : Do you make custom packing tape for businesses?
meadowgastown : @caseymyrfield
polianceva_k - vivienne_roxanne - deneewarren - fifigirl1000 -
Opening up adorable letterpress blocks - new in the shop! #ohfshop #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #monogram
monogram - ohfshop - vsco - vscophile - vscocam -
girlsonbikesinnyc - travismoulton - ppetra_v - hannahdean -
ban.do coming soon to #ohfshop! I'm so excited about their new gift line, so much cute stuff!
ohfshop -
valdirose : Love it
gigihead : Yay! I've been wanting one of their bows!
dearlizzy : Loved meeting you today at CHA!! Thanks for selling my stuff. 😘
pinkstwabewies : Can't wait to visit your shop again!
shaycochrane : Don't mind me while I stalk your feed ;)
ohhellofriend : @shaycochrane lol I just did the same thing with your feed. Will shoot you an email tomorrow!! :)
projectphamily : Oh sob you still have that I'm busy pouch???
projectphamily : Do**
cristinaburdo - cherries_and_rio - kim_rico - irisrivares -
Sunday work day! #ohfshop #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #afterlight
afterlight - ohfshop - vsco - vscophile - vscocam -
cejocson : I need to come visit you ASAP! When do you work this upcoming week?
allieloy : Thanks for covering me! :)
conniedoan : @cejocson Please do!!! I work tomorrow and this Saturday! @allieloy No problem :)
_laurencanderson - iheart2hope - cardigangirl - confettibrand -
Made a stop at the best store in #DTF for some #smallbusinesssaturday shopping. Come and see all that @ohhellofriend has! #ohfshop
ohfshop - smallbusinesssaturday - dtf -
jennathecat : Where is that
joannaabraham : So cute!
emmellieh : @jennathecat it's in Fullerton, near my house!
bobbielklein : Yes.
joannafarnham : I love that place! So cute and the owner is the sweetest!
bialyshonna - karlyalleman - jenniegebhard - alexa_naiomi -
Christmas shopping >:) #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #supportlocal #dtf #blackfriday
ohhellofriend - blackfriday - ohfshop - supportlocal - dtf -
alycheeks : Also received a free necklace with my purchase which was a lovely surprise! I'll definitely be doing more Christmas shopping @ohhellofriend this year >:D
castazel - christinawoody1 - psylentmike - brittanyann_89 -
Got all my cute Xmas needs from @ohhellofriend today! #ohfshop
ohfshop -
jessicahlee : I would have gone with youuuuuu boo!
andreeeeuhh : Oh I love her stuff! She used to sell at uci fairs, she has a shop now?
jujuxbee - nyrdak - tmoorepr - jdude626 -
Took full advantage of @ohhellofriend's black friday deals & now I'm done. Happy camper 😊
ohfshop -
ohhellofriend : Haha thanks for coming @madisonlim!! I'm adding a tag so you can be entered in our giveaway contest ;) #ohfshop
mdsnlm : @ohhellofriend :) loved meeting & chatting with you for a bit! #ohfshop
myragale : 😍
melfunnie : Cute stuff! Where is this?
mdsnlm : @melfunnie it's in downtown fullerton :)
_laurencanderson - alix_joye - ryangirlie - csleeper -
BLACK FRIDAY sale today at #ohfshop! free necklace with any purchase / $10 ohf voucher for every $50 you spend / free tote bag for $75+ purchases! Don't forget tomorrow is small business saturday, more promotions coming! :) #shoplocal
ohfshop - shoplocal -
soulsensei : will you still have promotions on Monday :)?
ahollandetc : Will you be listing any of these lovelies online? I'm not local but would love to buy still!!!
stellakralt : Oh hello, i send you a email about my order?
jrmillama : Just wanted to let you know that you have the most adorable store ever! It reminded me a lot of Brooklyn! It's beautiful! And everyone loves the purchase I just made recently from there! Keep up the good work!
ohhellofriend : Aw thank you @jrmillama that totally made my day!! :)
trouvemag : Love tons whole scene! What a great shop!! We can't wait to stop by in the near future!
constancelyu : was at the shop a few weeks ago for the UE shoot & fell in love! just wondering where you guys got the rods for the light draped fixture above the map?? adore!
brewedtogether : Okay your shop is adorable!! πŸ‘
bianconigliobianco - ambramariaflaminio - mendingstring - jkfacee -
The only way to spend #BlackFriday.
igdaily - golocal - ohfshop - blackfriday - fullerton -
gabriellecastillo : #igdaily #ohfshop #golocal #fullerton
ohhellofriend : You're the sweetest!! Thank you @gabriellecastillo :)
gabriellecastillo : @ohhellofriend My pleasure! Thank you for the great deals today!
rtzmom2083 : I'm going DTF today to support small business Saturday... Hope Hello my friend still has some good deals :)
morgan_paul - mayw33zy - samantha9991 - danny__shapiro -
it's the most wonderful time of the year. holiday goods now at #ohfshop! #shoplocal
ohfshop - shoplocal -
darlingstudio : Need to go shopping there soon!
goldfieldarts : Paper Spree! :)
heytherekellbell : @seeking_refinement I KNOW!!! I saw this post too!
perfecthairties : I spy some #perfecthairties!
frlcassandra : This looks so nice. Wish i could come and see it myself!
skippee : Holiday goodness! So much eye candy!
beastmodemeli : Are the gold scissors there?
akwoodanddesign : Wow! So beautiful!
pdlauj - imagicallery - geoffbardot - akwoodanddesign -
Just finished my first calligraphy class at @ohhellofriend with instructor @jennamrainey. So fun, it's definitely a soothing art. #calligraphy #OHF #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #crafts #diy #handmade
ohhellofriend - diy - crafts - ohfworkshop - ohf - calligraphy - handmade - ohfshop - monvoir -
__redhairdontcare : @ezraproper oh wow. Can you write me a love letter and put "yours truly, Thomas Jefferson" (or one of the Founding Fathers)
gracehan85 : Wow... I would love to learn calligraphy! Can you send be info about this?
ezraproper : @__redhairdontcare LOL you are hilarious
ezraproper : Yes! I will Msg you soon @gracehan85
ezraproper : #monvoir
ezraproper : #ohfworkshop
misspaolalissa - jppopotamus681 - jaymiejoy - geraldine_gigi -
I love my new stamp and mini jars scored at the #ohfparty Filled the jars with Mango sugar...yum & stamped a gift tag. #stamps #ohfshop #iwanttostampthissayingeverywhere
stamps - iwanttostampthissayingeverywhere - ohfshop - ohfparty -
linus_love - kyungwona - shedariz - yep_i_know702 -
Favorite moment of the night: getting my sugar cookie cotton candy by @bonpuf ! Congrats @ohhellofriend on your 5 yr anniversary! x #ohhellofriend #ohfshop #bonpuf #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #afterlight
afterlight - ohhellofriend - vscocam - bonpuf - ohfshop - vsco - vscophile - ohf5years -
conniedoan : #ohf5years
bonpuf : So happy you loved the sugar cookie flavor :) great meeting you!
bonpuf : Btw I love this pic, when u get a chance could you send it to me? 310 625 3113☺️
balamoda : yummy!
yucocolaura - j_tsu - kimmiero - shibbyyousofunny -
Statigram feedback