Lol... Just hope these guys are not at the Warriors game Saturday #abc #lockitup #nottalkingshit #hellafunny
hellafunny - abc - lockitup - nottalkingshit -
tarynjojohnson : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
courtneypatricialara : hahah that's awesome!!!
rich_roo : @tarynjojohnson we should do this at a game
rich_roo : @courtneypatricialara you know you wish this was you lol
courtneypatricialara : No Doubt! Baet La ! hahah
drew_5ten - knipfelluise - meganbabyxoxo_ - calimuscle1 -
Simply Said. #woman #notgirls #men #instagood #picoftheday #simple #menoverboys #nottalkingshit #weallhavebeenthere
woman - notgirls - simple - men - instagood - menoverboys - nottalkingshit - picoftheday - weallhavebeenthere -
3ditsrevealed - thulioboy - zaynsidehoe - klynnexo -
I'm fiercely independent while I'm also terrified about being alone. #decisions #thatsonme #nextstep #dontknow #nottalkingshit #me #allme #alwaysme #hastobeme #smiles #giggles #hardnights #thatsforthosewhostandbyme #thankstothosewhohaveleft #hellothenew #goodbyetothepast #tomuch
thankstothosewhohaveleft - smiles - giggles - alwaysme - thatsonme - nottalkingshit - decisions - goodbyetothepast - me - tomuch - allme - hastobeme - hardnights - nextstep - thatsforthosewhostandbyme - dontknow - hellothenew -
rudeboiranks : #HashtagONEmoreHASHTAG
christinaanicoleee - kaitlynnrogers - dj_jewelz13 - tessa_gordon -
Hahaha, yup. #toobad #sosad #dontlikeit #changeit #suckitup #nottalkingshit #realtalk #truth #truthhurts
toobad - truthhurts - realtalk - sosad - suckitup - dontlikeit - truth - nottalkingshit - changeit -
cjsmamacita - og_dodgerdawg - ___nursejennie___ - shugnite26 -
#insulting #describing #truth #nolie #dontgemad #nottalkingshit #honest #thankyourself
nolie - dontgemad - insulting - thankyourself - honest - truth - nottalkingshit - describing -
amberrrmariieee - yanksgirl2 - _nessalynn - kristengel -
Yup 😝 #ItsTalkingFacts #NotTalkingShit #FuckUp #JustGottaLetYouKnow #CuzIDGAF
justgottaletyouknow - fuckup - cuzidgaf - itstalkingfacts - nottalkingshit -
lovelyy_lorenaa : Love , πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
countryprincess89 - kitty_katt2014 - _undreamed - _amsdj_ -
Fuck yeah !!! Poached from @therealbrendanwayne that's awesome
nottalkingshit -
earthwormjerm : bahaha
kathadgaf : @bryan_haddock I think poppa would enjoy this
bryan_haddock : @avenne6 thought you would like this one , #nottalkingshit
avenne6 : Hahaha nice one
frozennachos - dnschivell - tj5adame - david_graves -
Came across this flic and it was too funnyπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ’‹ #nottalkingshit #speakingthetruth #instamood #itsjustinstagram #noneedtogetnasty #peaceandlove
noneedtogetnasty - peaceandlove - nottalkingshit - itsjustinstagram - instamood - speakingthetruth -
14barrientos : 10 years later
loveydovey714_ish : Hahahah @14barrientos
lf_empowerment : Lmfao i have a cpl of those
loveydovey714_ish : @lf_empowerment but we better then them so that's why they feel the need !πŸ˜‚
jamalchi - nancy050507 - lf_empowerment - georgina_ann -
#haha #realtalk #repost #nottalkingshit #justme
justme - nottalkingshit - haha - realtalk - repost -
jjbroncs : Yo u at work
santosda3rd : @jjbroncs yes sir I am.
_marlenem25 - steeltoeschanuceywrapitup - delilahizamar - tiifffalexisss -
Thanks @__brittanyc2369 I love it! #icanrelate #nottalkingshit #justexpressingmyfeelings #sorry πŸ˜‰ #loyalty
trust - icanrelate - justexpressingmyfeelings - sorry - nottalkingshit - loyalty - shesreal -
nhiler89 : And #trust me #shesreal
__brittanyc2369 - cloeey_x - jennita92 - brittanye11 -
So im hitting this toro and i dont get what the craze is i think a #hitmanglass hit way better but the marble is nice #nottalkingshit #talkingthetruth #letsdab #staygoldextract #sundaecup #shattermatters
talkingthetruth - hitmanglass - sundaecup - nottalkingshit - shattermatters - staygoldextract - letsdab -
sexigeelove : Agreed ;) #hitmanpowerhitter
og_golddabs : Good glass and way overpriced
staygoldextracts : Im not talkng shit my friend swears by toro they are nice i just have a better preference
staygoldextracts : @og_golddabs
og_golddabs : @staygoldextracts ya same I got one.just not feeling the craze like everyone else
lusker420 : Isnt this at the 420 treehouse?
staygoldextracts : Yup. @lusker420
lusker420 : I ripped that, my opiniom regular xl micros are better, don't really like the mouth pieces on the macaroons
zaxglass - neverfallin89 - justdabit661 - mrhelton982 -
Well this is a first, a restaurant where you 'pipe your own' cannoli #grano #pipeyourown #cannoli
pipeyourown - cannoli - grano - nottalkingshit -
dddeniel : @rcamenzuli_ we're going one night
rcamenzuli_ : Yes! I'm in! They have hot waiters too ;)
dddeniel : @rcamenzuli_ well ill be doing a lunch shift on Sunday #nottalkingshit so I guess I'm a hot waiter
rcamenzuli_ : ... wait what? They offered you a job?!
dddeniel : @rcamenzuli_ you seem surprised
rcamenzuli_ : I am surprised
dddeniel : @rcamenzuli_ text me, not having a convo here
rcamenzuli_ : Kkkkk
olimpiastambe_ - alexiskennedy_001 - darealluhnuk - jayjayrocs -
TrueπŸ‘Œ #statingfacts #nottalkingshit #dealwithit #sorrynotsorry #ohwells #getoverit #notmyproblem #dontaskmyopinion
notmyproblem - getoverit - dontaskmyopinion - dealwithit - ohwells - sorrynotsorry - nottalkingshit - statingfacts -
darealsavage8709 : #hardass
morgandecker32 - jklinggg - jamie_jessicaa - brandieelyn -
#itookyououtofthepicture #nochances #nottalkingshit #justsayingfacts #word
nochances - word - justsayingfacts - itookyououtofthepicture - nottalkingshit -
sweetooth83 : "I'm sexy and I know it!"
priss2310 - amyelaine72 - alma_adriana_ - erikka9 -
Can I please sleep more than 4 hours at a time please! This is how I be looking lately! #NeedSleep #Insomnia #BritneySpears
needsleep - britneyspears - nottalkingshit - floptinaisfuglytho - britneyshot - insomnia -
_jassy23 : But still looking fierce! 😘😘
born_2_die : @_jassy23 that's true haha jk 😍😘❀️
itsmichaeldirianbitch : Poor Brit! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜•
born_2_die : Btw #BritneysHot #NotTalkingShit #FloptinaIsFuglyTho
joshyoung114 - abelduh - diver_danny - cloudblazer -
Tipsy crow has 3 levels.. Upper class... Middle class.. And lower class lol ---#truestory #nottalkingshit #seeforyourself
seeforyourself - truestory - nottalkingshit -
runuponabitch : πŸ‘ so which class r u hangin with???
djpeterg : @runuponabitch been dancing downstairs all night lol.. No one is talking to me on the other 2 floors haaaa! Maybe it's cause the dj is on the bottom floor bam!
frank138 : @djpeterg very #classy...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
djpeterg : @frank138 shut it! Haha
donbiggyjr : If ur still there in the morning have breakfast at tequila 100 bar..good food and bottom less mimosas
iheartcecejean : Tfti πŸ’
runuponabitch : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘
djrokstdy - djrobertblaze - iheartcecejean - korebluntz -
Check it out! Lmao! @jelikaa @cyndisweetheart This is us with our younger boyfriends @dodgergabe27 @danny4torres @doesroberthaveIG ? Lol #nationalgeographic #cougars #sleepingontree #heeey #lovemyman #bitchimhappy lol
bitchimhappy - nexttime - nationalgeographic - sleepingontree - notitle - lovemyman - cougars - nottalkingshit - ifyoulikedityoushouldveputaringonit - imaginaryboyfriend - ib - shesaboutthatsinglelife - justtellingithowitis - heeey -
cyndisweetheart : Haha I told you don't make me promises you can't keep! @dodgergabe27 but next time! A bar would be funnn @girl__who__waited that's how you really become friends with people, when you get super drunk lol
lorelaisdaddy : Hey you're the one who couldn't have another drink haha @cyndisweetheart
cyndisweetheart : I do what I want! Hahaha @dodgergabe27
iam_the_badwolf : @cyndisweetheart is a bad as #shesaboutthatsinglelife
iam_the_badwolf : All I got to say is ... #ifyoulikedityoushouldveputaringonit lmao! @cyndisweetheart it's okay I like calling him #imaginaryboyfriend
cyndisweetheart : Bahahaha! Shoulda put that as his bowling name yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #itsnottalkingshitifitstrue lmao
lorelaisdaddy : Haha you guys are too much
iam_the_badwolf : @cyndisweetheart that's what I always say... lol #nottalkingshit #justtellingithowitis lol yeah his new name is #IB
sal_2007 - dea_money - abe_g13 - evalicious188 -
Said no real man ever! xD Fords are better in just about every way. Not tryin to talk shit but I'd rather drive a Ford then a Chevy. #ford #chevy #fordisbetter #chevysucks #nottalkingshit #myopinion #ratherdriveaford
chevy - myopinion - fordisbetter - nottalkingshit - chevysucks - ratherdriveaford - ford -
devink1995 : @redneck296
redneck296 : Me either lol, my dad owned 1 chevy when I was little, we broke down on the side of the road a lil while later, what's that tell ya? Dad ain't bought a chevy since.
devink1995 : Haha well for me it's a different story. I watch my buddy drag race. He was in a Chevy nova and was racing an old mustang and one of his pistons shot out through the hood. xD. There was a big "BOOM" the a whistling sound. It was halarious. @redneck296
redneck296 : @devink1995 I'd say so! Bet he was embarrassed?! Lol
devink1995 : Not really he said he knew it was going to happen. Haha @redneck296
redneck296 : Well if it was me I'd be embarrassed to be drivin a chevy lol. Jk
devink1995 : I gtg tho so I'll talk to you later haha @redneck296
redneck296 : @devink1995 cyaaaa
vicki5612 - alexlovesbud - marianicole717 - landyn45 -
This is so not something I would post typically but damnn . . #ifjordanmadecondoms #iwouldnthavemybaby #tooghettoformyinstagram #butsotrue #nottalkingshit #ilovemydaughtersfather #heloveshisjaystho #makesmelaugh #teenpregnancy #basically #jordan #jordans #ohboy #reallife #hashtaghappy
iwouldnthavemybaby - ilovemydaughtersfather - ohboy - makesmelaugh - hashtaghappy - heloveshisjaystho - jordans - teenpregnancy - tooghettoformyinstagram - butsotrue - jordan - basically - nottalkingshit - reallife - ifjordanmadecondoms -
erensnchz : Lol
auset___ : Cat williams looks scary
kevinguevara_ - canodaprodigy - sparda669 - __zolnier__ -
My cousins car is perf. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
subarunation - subienation - nottalkingshit - eatsleepshift - subielove - subarulove -
idkjournee : It was haha @jaake_420
idkjournee : @mk3_zinger no, this is beautiful. Not that other "thing" 😏
idkjournee : #subienation #subielove #eatsleepshift #subarulove #subarunation
idkjournee : @_will_dc5 really? Because my cousin sold me this and now its mine and it'll shit on your car.
_will_dc5 : @idkjournee you prob would lol I dont care I deive nine for the love of hondas and I love and subaru any day best cars ever made but dont come on here talking shit to me I dont waste time on kids
idkjournee : Funny thing is I only said that your cars slow lolol #nottalkingshit @_will_dc5
_will_dc5 : Eh right makes since I guess
idkjournee : @chrismcguckin98
d0p3ashell - _amandanicole_u - rosewrx - clevelandstance -
Half time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
rymerson56labk : I do support you guys, just not the shit talking.
catherinegeisler : I can't even imagine how bad y'all would have lost to them.
rymerson56labk : I can't either since we weren't there
beauray : umm not as bad as you mother fuckers lost tonight!!!!
rymerson56labk : Beau stop. Not the place or time @oneofthemboysroundhere
beauray : .....but...but they started it!!!!
tylercornn : Stay out of your teams business? I forgot we aren't aloud to watch bhs play @calebdechert
hijinio_the_great : You should be more specific when you comment if you wanna comment towards me then tag me .. @calebdechert
tolar_reed27 - danielmosely50 - centennial_spartan98 - dana_mosbey_17 -
#JustSaying #Halloween #BeSomethingYoureNotOnceAYear #OhWait #YoureSupposedlyAFatherOnFathersDay #RNS #NotTalkingShit #NeverThat #JustSpeakingTheTruth
justspeakingthetruth - ohwait - justsaying - besomethingyourenotonceayear - halloween - neverthat - nottalkingshit - rns - youresupposedlyafatheronfathersday -
neecyweecy : HahahahahahahahahahahhahHHahahahaha
allie_71512 - adrianjiujitsu - selena_dlg - 1seven6 -
deeds, not words. a photo exhibition about doing shit, not talking shit. #spmel2013 #feelingcool #alt #melbourne #nottalkingshit #nowords
melbourne - feelingcool - nowords - spmel2013 - nottalkingshit - alt -
michellemirandahill - tendollarfonts - semipermanent - thehouseofem -
hello there insta. #Yup #nottalkingshit #realitycheack #timeforit #bitch #female #ihatehoes
realitycheack - timeforit - bitch - female - ihatehoes - yup - nottalkingshit -
7231071 - emmananana_ - brookelen_larae - doctorgonzalez95 -
24hr shift. Government shutdown. 11hrs left. Hm. #lol #nottalkingshit #ijs #brainshutdown #selfie #snapchat #soldier #lipsfordays #lezbehonest #lesbian #youtube #drake #covers #nothingwasthesame #random #uniform #happyhumpday
ijs - nothingwasthesame - selfie - random - covers - lipsfordays - snapchat - nottalkingshit - lezbehonest - brainshutdown - lesbian - lol - youtube - drake - uniform - soldier - happyhumpday -
jaaxxx_ : Besos
hello_kitty__10 : Add me on Snapchat! Kitty_8889 @bridge1021
flipton : @bridge1021 Nice!
mspixie87 - bornasupastarent - _msmurgi - miz_kiya -
#tbt last winter, when I had my gym partner, time to turn up dolo this winter #gym#toughguy#fatboy#workout#workhard#weightloss
workhard - workout - nottalkingshit - toughguy - gym - fatboy - tbt - weightloss -
ready2tango : @eli_socali_neal try a get like u
moneymart___ : Man hmu I'm tryna get lyk u lol
eli_socali_neal : Lmao damn bro u got it
ready2tango : Lol naw i have to rid my fat side for complete transformation lol u saw my mcnugget meltdown πŸ”πŸŒ‹β¬‡
ready2tango : @solobobo u dnt wanna chk me in the paint #nottalkingshit lol
eli_socali_neal - minahbina - bryanpeasley - free2b_me12 -
Good kids acknowledging, love it. #SouljaT6 #SouljaaT6 #halo #halo2 #halo3 #halo4 #haloreach #HowtoSnipe #NotTalkingShit #HeWasGood #followme
souljaat6 - halo3 - haloreach - hewasgood - nottalkingshit - souljat6 - halo2 - howtosnipe - followme - halo - halo4 -
fjolsen : Thats not often u get those!
tea_six : @fjolsen Usually it's "Cheater/Hacker!" Or "You're so lucky!" lol
halogirl8 : I added you but you didn't accept. 😒
tea_six : What was your account? I haven't been on all day! @halogirl8
halogirl8 : Buuuuuhhh! πŸ‘MsYuyu8
tea_six : Ok sounds bueno! I'll add ya
tea_six : @halogirl8 ^^
nate_riter - fjolsen - calii_girl09 - jamie_gee7 -
Seriously! #keepit100 #truthnolies #nottalkingshit #justbeingreal #stolen #repost @dutchessofink
truthnolies - stolen - keepit100 - nottalkingshit - justbeingreal - repost -
victoria519 - litathediva - the_unique_one84 - janelle1107 -
All the workers letting Delany know that they don't care @yourgirldirtyd #allingoodfun #nottalkingshit
allingoodfun - nottalkingshit -
yourgirldirtyd : Lmfao y'all are bitches. YOU ARE SO TALKING SHIT.every time you talk shit imma add a week of extra tips
italyvsgermany : I didn't write it therefore I'm not talking shit. I just documented the shit talking. @yourgirldirtyd
yourgirldirtyd : That falls under the same category of talking shit!
mexican_chefluis - imlilc -
My scars. I need a new lid. I can't afforded one. Any sponsors? #deadication #deadicationclothing #deadicationtrailtuff my head still hurts. #lovelife #headache #doublevision
lmfao - imme - deadicationclothing - nottalkingshit - idontsuckdick - lovelife - deadicationtrailtuff - idontdrive4wheels - doublevision - justtellingthetruth - deadication - headache -
greeneyedcyn : @dickfinn
dickfinn : @greeneyedcyn yeah last job it's doing. I cracked the foam inside.
boe_due : Hit up those richards at IMG or SB... they have connects! I would spray for free if I was around homeboy!
boe_due : Live the dream
dickfinn : @boe_due I'm not in the click and I don't drive those carts. They don't give this dude love. I guess I talk to much shit for there "SPORT"! Shit I can't even get gloves! Drunk ass retarded get gloves before I ever would. #nottalkingshit #justtellingthetruth
scranton_boys : @dickfinn just txt me to grab you gloves.... #noslack #badmemory #toomanyheadinjuries for me to remember everything all the time to keep everyone happy... but I will try...
dickfinn : #lmfao im cool dude. I've seen those gloves before everyone else. U didn't forget about me! Come on dude really? @scranton_boys u make me laugh. I still like u tho. Keep them gloves bud.
dickfinn : #idontdrive4wheels #idontsuckdick #imme
teddy_54 - blue_eyes_4u - saltymndy - dinicola666 -
Soooo smooth!!!! #eagles #philly #nottalkingshit #slightlyexcited #tooearlytogethype πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
eagles - slightlyexcited - nottalkingshit - philly - tooearlytogethype -
yeniferrrrr : Look at you look so pretty. Loving your shirt #letsgoeagles
yeniferrrrr : *looking
ronika84 : @_yeniferr awww THANX sis
momoneywon : What happened to the Bears?
ronika84 : @momoneywon they aight but I'm an actual Eagles fan
harriskalawe77 - illmaticnena - jus_dawn - roxanne__ramirez -
So I was blocked by this page. I'm not talking shit about them at all I liked there page a lot but they posed something about dead space and I corrected him and he said I was acting like a "dick" so I'll let it be I can't do anything about it. #sadsadsad #wtfman @zombie_central #notbeingadick #deadspace #iknowmoreaboutit #deadspace1 #deadspace2 #deadspace3 #gamers #gaming #cod #zombiecentral #lol #nottalkingshit
deadspace2 - deadspace - deadspace1 - zombiecentral - iknowmoreaboutit - deadspace3 - nottalkingshit - sadsadsad - lol - wtfman - gaming - cod - notbeingadick - gamers -
on_the_clock_gaming : -Doct0rMonkey
callofdaddy - that_gaming_fanpage - game_fiendz - lexi_law23 -
That moment when you start reevaluating the people on your friends list! Crazy Erica
dontstartdrama - nottalkingshit -
__alyssaesperanza : 😳
monicalifas_ : She knows I posted this #dontstartdrama #nottalkingshit
l_grijalva : @moniezalover love the hash tags lol
vanessallobato : The fuck
balmir_g : Damn lol
monicalifas_ : @balmir_g and you think la goes hard
carly_hamdon - ohheyvalerie - __alyssaesperanza - _yeesiikaa -
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