I am learning to let go and not to over think and over analyze everything, especially the future. ☺
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❄️Iv decided to read this note to myself every morning. When I'm feeling out of whack, it can only get easier. #appreciation #notetoself #probablydoesntmakesense #key #reminder #dontflatline
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คนเราก็เหมือนดอกไม้ สวยงามสดใสเมื่อได้อยู่อย่างธรรมชาติ ได้อยู่ในที่ๆเป็นตัวเอง แต่การจะอยู่ได้ทนอยู่ได้นาน ก็ต้องรู้จักปรับตัวไปตามสภาพดินฟ้าอากาศ คนเราก็เช่นกันจงรักษาจุดยืนของคุณเอาไว้ ในขณะเดียวกันจงปรับตัวเข้าหาสังคม เพราะตัวเรานั้นไม่ใช่ศูนย์กลางของจักรวาล จงเป็นคนดีที่มีสติ รอยสักของเวลา time_tattoo
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time_tattoo : #Quote #quoteoftheday #quotefoelife #notetoself
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originalzee : The only constant is change 👐
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Den där #dumbledore alltså. #frånklarhettillklarhet #notetoself #frågaintehuroftajaglästböckerna #harrypotter 👍👏
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#morningmeditation #notetoself #stayhumble
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by @erizzy_m "#NoteToSelf: Never Settle #EyesOnThePrize #WhoGonStopMeHuh? Thanks @mrdavegarcia for the everyday reminders from @lyfebrand."
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koolsista : @lyfebrand I need those!!!! Where can I get them???
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👍👌 #thrive#relationships#toxic#ditchthebad #positivethoughts #foodforthought#notetoself
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#NoteToSelf Thanks, Mr. Einstein ♥♡♥ #happy #goals #motivation
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Don't fall victim.... #notetoself #knowbetterdobetter #truth #riseaboveit
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#notetoself #BalaiHereWeCome #fatkidproblems
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angeligrace : @crissyforu13 we need to do this, badly 😜
If I'm your reflection Then baby you must be an angel Cause when the light hits you just right, One could mistake you for a star, That is exactly what you are! NOTE TO MYSELF. #notetoself #reflection #mirrors #tbt #goodmorning #love #lovequotes #thursday #jheneaiko #inspiration
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"You are beautiful. Your waistline does not determine your worth." #notetomyyoungerself #neon #thankyousleepingbabies
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laylapayton : No, it does NOT.
cawlovesaww : True that. But sometimes it makes me buy an excessive amount of shoes 👠
emikovenlet : beautiful work!!! and no, it only shows that you're a beautiful mama!!!
lesleymanning : @cawlovesaww shoes never let a woman down because they always fit!!!
lesleymanning : @emikovenlet thank you :) that's how I view my stretch marks too, I earned them by carrying two precious little guys!
zigocaro : You are so gorgeous and beautiful and you are enough!
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #futuressobrightyougottawearshades #notetoself
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"Don't go to bed with a sink full of dishes. That is the quickest way to ruin a perfectly good morning." B&W today because I like it better :)
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lesleymanning : #notetomyyoungerself
emikovenlet : haha!! i know how that is!! dishes, please clean youselves.
lesleymanning : @emikovenlet that is one of the few things my husband and I don't see eye to eye on. He is always like come to bed they will be there in the morning...and I know good and well that's the last thing I want to do in the morning lol
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"Enjoy each day." Days like today are easy to enjoy! Sun shining, nice breeze, warm spring air, kids taking nice long naps, I'll take a few more of these Lord! #notetomyyoungerself
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krugthethinker : Love this! Such fantastic colors and a great message:)
lesleymanning : Thanks @krugthethinker :) I found the color scheme on Pinterest for a living room design that I liked!
zigocaro : Beautiful. Love the energy🙏
emikovenlet : message taken!! really, enjoy each day, such a simple thing, but forget to do!! love your color scheme too! lovely marks!!
lesleymanning : Thank you @zigocaro :) @emikovenlet I'm loving creating these each day thanks so much for the inspiration! My soul and sanity needed it lol
emikovenlet : i know what you mean! art really keeps my sanity!
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"Your mom was right. Put your things away when you are finished using them." Good advise I should have used before the incident this morning lol #notetomyyoungerself
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zigocaro : I was wondering what it was about (& I scrolled down)!! 😁
zigocaro : Love this😘
lesleymanning : Life with a newborn and toddler is never dull @zigocaro lol
emikovenlet : well said, @lesleymanning !! and I'm so stealing this gorgeous line work!!!
lamohino : Love this!
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #notetoself
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I think I may call the last several art journal entries the #screamingbabyseries ....hoping this series ends soon lol reminding myself constantly that "This too shall pass." #notetomyyoungerself Got this idea from one of the #bloomtrue bloomers on FB, social media is a beautiful beautiful thing some times :)
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emikovenlet : sister!!!!! i hope too that this series will end soon!!!! love the art though despite...
lesleymanning : Rough night and rough day but we made it through!! Hoping tonight goes more smoothly @emikovenlet !!
emikovenlet : i know!!! the first one month is ultra tough!!! this too shall pass!!
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4-4-14 "Yes my dear, sometimes it sucks being a woman." Post pregnancy hormones are taking their toll today. Calm one minute, a raging sea the next, then a flood of tears. Lord. Have. Mercy. #notetomyyoungerself #ineedaglassofwine
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emikovenlet : #aglassofwine will be #yourmedicine I feel ya sister!!!! I'm here if you need me. your art is gorgeous btw!!!
lesleymanning : Thank you @emikovenlet I'm doing better now, the hubs took Milo to town for a few hours this evening :) peace and quiet and a sleeping newborn can do wonders for a hormonal momma haha!!
emikovenlet : ohhh ssoo good to hear!!
christinavonwittken : best wishes! I can remember although it is 7 years ago ;)
lesleymanning : @christinavonwittken I was a bit hormonal for the first couple weeks with my first son so I'm hoping I'm on the tail end of this craziness lol
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#notetomyyoungerself "Selective abandonment". Learned this lesson my first year of teaching. An overloaded life is not a full life. An overloaded painting is not a good painting...hence all the black :)
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diddy_wah : 💚👍 and so true !
lesleymanning : Thank you @krugthethinker & @diddy_wah hoping it helps me get enough courage to start covering things on my big canvases!!
emikovenlet : transforming!! this is a gorgeous painting and gorgeous lesson!
kristyfleury : Love it, I lesson I could learn for sure x
lesleymanning : Thank you @emikovenlet :) I need to selectively abandon my white paint pens and invest in some better ones lol
lesleymanning : @kristyfleury thank you!
3littlebyrds : Wow!
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #intuitivepainting #notetoself
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#notetomyyoungerself "The world is much too colorful for you to act like all is grey." Feels good to get the paints back out. Hoping to get back in the swing of things with my #bloomtrue canvases soon. Still struggling with the whole imagery thing with them.
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emikovenlet : well said!!! and yes imagery thing... don't get hooked on one image. just keep moving and adding or transforming. trust it's really just a process!!
lesleymanning : #intiutivepainting #artjournal #makearteveryday #notetoself
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#notetomyyoungerself "Coffee with a friend is always a good friend is always a good idea." Back to a cup a day now that this guy is here :)
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emikovenlet : coffee... i need two a day now...
lesleymanning : Oh good lord I should have reread before I posted that! Obviously sleep deprivation is taking its toll haha @emikovenlet I'm sure my coffee consumption will increase as my boys grow!
krugthethinker : Precious! And I am looking forward to drinking coffee again when our little boy gets here. It sounds like bliss!
emikovenlet : don't worry. i know!! your little one is absolutely gorgeous! and your art.... yummy!!!
3littlebyrds : So sweet!
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#notetomyyoungerself had to finish it this morning. My birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket, any suggestions on what art supplies I should buy?
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wendart328 : If you don't have gelatos already, I'd recommend them. They're great for art journaling!
lesleymanning : Thank you @wendart328 I don't have any, I will check them out!! If I didn't know better gelatos sound like a fancy Italian dessert lol
wendart328 : Lol, I agree!
emikovenlet : acrylic ink!! they are super fun!! or golden high flow paints, which i don't have but have heard they work like ink but more fun!
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#notetomyyoungerself "Wearing pajamas to Walmart is never appropriate." Take pride is how you look people! On another note I sure love #goldenfluidacrylics !!
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laylapayton : Truth.
lesleymanning : @laylapayton it is an epidemic in Sallisaw!!! Keep it classy Oklahoma lol
laylapayton : It's an epidemic at WalMart. In fact, I believe WalMart IS an epidemic... 😝😱🙊💀
lesleymanning : Preach it @laylapayton !!!!
emikovenlet : this thread is great! in vancouver people wear yoga pants everywhere... great art too mama!!
laylapayton : 😂 I actually love yoga pants, but I typically wear jeans when I leave the house, @emikovenlet.
emikovenlet : yep that's it. people here wear yoga pants as part of fashion!! has to be lululemon too lol
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #notetoself #inspiredbytracibautista
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#notetomyyoungerself 3/29 "Believe it or not, silence will one day be a welcomed guest! Laugh but it is true!" Super hormonal today after two nights of little sleep. Thankfully my husband took Milo for a few hours and the little one and I relished the silence!
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emikovenlet : so true!! the little one takes a better nap when the older one is not at home, which is not the case everyday... hope you got some rest in silence!!
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #mandala #notetomyyoungerself #notetoself
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Sort of stealing this idea off @emikovenlet who makes a thankful note/work of art every day (with two young ones at home as well!) I'm going to do notes to my younger self to capture the little nuggets of wisdom and wit I've learned in my 29 years (today is my birthday:) so here is note number one! "It's ok to go with the flow. It doesn't mean you are invisible." I'm super laid back and when I was in HS I felt that because of my easy goingness I didn't stand out. Now I realize that it's a great quality and one of the things that makes me unique :)
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lesleymanning : Thank you for the birthday wishes! @zigocaro @heartinspiredlife @lydiasdrawingboard @jdj473 @mrscalebrogers :) I had a very blessed day!!!
lesleymanning : @greenecape thank you!
emikovenlet : it will!! take it slow too. i totally understand how tired and busy you could be right now or later! i sometimes cannot bother cleaning my hands after painting so instead of using paints, i draw with pens or oil pastels. collaging is actually relaxing, i find. do a bit here and there helps too to finish the page. but i think you'll learn your pace yourself though!! enjoy and rest too ;) looking forward to your notes!!
cawlovesaww : 💛💛 happy bIRtHdAY
3littlebyrds : Love the saying!
lesleymanning : Thanks @3littlebyrds I like to fancy myself quite lyrical from time to time haha!
3littlebyrds : Yes indeed!;)
lesleymanning : #artjournal #makearteveryday #stripes #notetomyyoungerself #notetoself
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To do or not to do. U make your own choice. #notetoself #reminder
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kameloaziz : 👍
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#NoteToSelf... 💚✌️
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It's all about your mindset. YOU ALWAYS have a choice in EVERY situation. Growth is such a beautiful thing! Good Morning IG!!! #Thankful #MomentOfClarity #FoodForThought #LetItMarinate #Growth #WordsOfWisdom #TrustTheProcess #KnowYourWorth #BeConfident #BelieveInYourself #BeGoodToYourself
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lokodolo : #NoteToSelf #EckhartTolle #PowerOfNow
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Time to get this money. I'm not where I wanna be but thank God I'm not where I used to be! #notetoself
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Hmm.. #quotes #love #bored #spam #follow4follow #true #notetoself #rns #single #taken
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