Lost 4 pounds :) eating and drinking better is awesome!!! But I'mma stay away from the scale for a while ;) check it once every two weeks maybe monthly idk...but I'm glad I'm strong enough to do this!!! #weightloss #healthy #nofastfood #nosoda
healthy - nosoda - nofastfood - weightloss -
This was so funny to me , that was me ! Been on #herballife for 16days half way there & only 5 lbs away from goal weight but because I realized the #fastfood and #junkfood I had been eating wasn't healthy I've decided to purchase another months supply I'm amazed with my results I cut out soda and juice things I felt I needed but I don't ! I got my whole house eating healthy #NoPork #NoBeef #Nofastfood #Nosoda #Nojuice a gallon of water a day!!!!
nojuice - nopork - fastfood - nobeef - junkfood - nofastfood - nosoda - herballife -
ambition747 : πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
calibayybee : Being fit just makes u feel so much better and energized.....
kae_ko_mommi - lionheartedmarv - inggridx - long_d_short_convo -
Today is an absolutely marvelous day! Why you might ask? Well it has officially been 11 months since I have had any soda. Now I think that is pretty freakin fantastic considering how addicting soda can be. This includes diet soda and other types such as ginger ale. Nothing for 11 months. 😊 I am so stoked! Side note- it has also been 19 days since I've had coffee. I'm going strong so far. Lol πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸš«β˜•οΈπŸš« #100happydays #day27
healthy - day27 - 100happydays - healthylifestyle - accomplishments - stoked - nosoda - nocoffee - awesome - happy -
lolo2816 : #nosoda #healthylifestyle #nocoffee #healthy #stoked #happy #awesome #accomplishments
roscoes_wetsuit : I'm going on 40 days without coffee. Brb crying πŸ˜ͺ lol
lolo2816 : @roscoes_wetsuit omg major kudos to you! I've tried giving up coffee so many times and only lasted a week tops lol. This is the longest I've gone since January. Lol it's so hard. Keep it up though! :) just think of how delicious Starbucks green tea is! Haha
nicole_la_ree - jennaazadnia - kep133 - roscoes_wetsuit -
Official 2nd month without any soda! :D #healthy #nosoda #water
healthy - nosoda - water -
jcpee123 : Good job!! I don't drink soda anymore either!!
paytience229 - backwoodsbeautiful2000 - stryker_stryker - jcpee123 -
Healthy choices! Help me out!! #health #healthy #workout #nosoda #staytrue #dontkidyourself #becareful #naturalsugar #nofat #water #smartwater #eathealthy #eatsmart
healthy - workout - dontkidyourself - eatsmart - water - becareful - eathealthy - health - naturalsugar - nosoda - staytrue - smartwater - nofat -
johannacfit - beatrisekau - ahikeiki - adelaidaharkless -
Healthy choices! Help me out!! #health #healthy #workout #nosoda #staytrue #dontkidyourself #becareful #naturalsugar #nofat #water #smartwater #eathealthy #eatsmart
healthy - workout - dontkidyourself - eatsmart - water - becareful - eathealthy - health - naturalsugar - nosoda - staytrue - smartwater - nofat -
brodylang -
Only thing keeping me sane right now.. Day three of having no pop/energy drinks/coffee. 1st cup of green tea to chill out a bit and that's about it for my caffeine intake. This is so not fun #nosoda #nocola #hardshit #addicted #coldturkey #energydrinks #anxiety #health #nutrition
nocola - hardshit - anxiety - nutrition - energydrinks - addicted - health - coldturkey - nosoda -
darbykh : Go hard! It gets way easier! I am (mostly) caffeine free and it is the bomb :)
tbmtto : @darbykh "Day three. I haven't had anything for three days now. This withdrawal is killing me. It's like shock therapy to my guts. Day four. Last visit to the clinic. My whole body feels like it's cracking into pieces"
sportsfitnessnutrition - khadijahosequera - dumoulinbernetta - frankchills -
I did it! I sacrificed Pepsi and all soda for a whole 30 days and I made it. As much as I wanted to I stuck it through! The best part of this whole fast is I seen God open so many doors for me. #30dayfast#nopepsi#nosoda#ididit#proudofmyself#
nosoda - ididit - 30dayfast - proudofmyself - nopepsi -
fuk_what_you_heard85 - thenamessnooks - jhendrickson82 - maleaandmommy -
Heart attack
nutrition - carbs - mexicanproblems - fatty - hungry - lunch - cheatmeal - stuffed - dietbroken - nosoda - losingweight - instagreat -
iamedgarp : #cheatmeal #carbs #fatty #losingweight #dietbroken #nosoda #mexicanproblems #nutrition #hungry #stuffed #lunch #instagreat
hectorddiaz - caro1anne - beverlycleverly - kimberleydorschner -
Let's drink up #water #healthychoice #noexcuses #nosoda #refreshing #waterisgood
water - nosoda - refreshing - healthychoice - noexcuses - waterisgood -
gilbizo : Yo qiero!
ruby__ryes : @gilbizo sunshine come get some agua de limon
paytonthechamp - mark_crooks - tuduenalatrokera - prisssalvarez -
Last week I had to wear a corset just to get one button. Now, no corset, both buttons. :) #progress #mealprep #squats #crunches #workinprogress #teamfit #waisttrainer #corsets #nosoda
crunches - squats - waisttrainer - teamfit - corsets - nosoda - progress - mealprep - workinprogress -
patriajarvie - beattlesavannah - gaynellebursik - goodlifehaircompany -
You'd be amazed how many issues can be solved with a simple glass of water. Your body needs water to function, if it's dehydrated & malfunctioning then give it what it needs #TheThirstIsReal #WeOutHereTrynaFunction #NoSoda #NoJuice #NoCoffee #PlainWater
nojuice - thethirstisreal - nosoda - nocoffee - plainwater - weoutheretrynafunction -
mariarvlcb_ - nikkiwilmar - jess_inkredible - creepycasanova -
That's that pre workout body. Im in love. #edm #edc #thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin #tomorrowland #rave #sitonmyshoulders #NotMuchHasChanged #nosoda #nofriedfoods #noshame #nogirl #nomoney #homeless
nofriedfoods - edc - thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin - nogirl - edm - nomoney - nosoda - noshame - homeless - rave - sitonmyshoulders - tomorrowland - notmuchhaschanged -
flvcodellic : Like money? Easy money? You should go check out this site! The more people that visit, the more MONEY you make! Link in bio!!
chewablespider : Bruh get your comment off my stuff
___johnc : @seanluhring SPAREEEEEE CHANGEREEEE!
seanluhring : @___johnc sup bruh
___johnc : @seanluhring oh we'll
chewablespider : Wut @seanluhring @___johnc
untz - tonie_96 - paoloortelli - themiiriam -
My husband suffered hydronephrosis for several years after he got out of the army. Hydronephrosis literally means "water inside the kidney" β€” refers to distension and dilation of the renal pelvis and calyces, usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urine from the kidney. After trying several doctor visits, examinations and treatments, nothing made the pain go away. When we met a year ago, I got him into changing his diet to organic. This wasn't necessarily an attempt on our part to heal his hydronephrosis, but it did end up being the solution. Ever since he made this change, he has had no kidney pain. It's testimonies like this that make me wonder what other ailments/disease out there can be helped by simply changing one's diet.
nutrition - organic - hydronephrosis - diet - health - nogmo - testimony - nosoda -
lakin_bayless : #organic #hydronephrosis #testimony #diet #health #nutrition #nosoda #nogmo
jennymarie536 : Very cool!
mommyoftwo72049 : I very rarely hear of adults suffering from hydro. Awesome to hear you found something that worked and didnt involve a ton of medical procedures! My daughter had hydro caused by other kidney conditions and we had no choice but surgery to fix it. Love connecting with other people on this! @lakin_bayless
lakin_bayless : Yes it is rare. My brother has cerebral palsy and suffered from it as well and ended up having to have surgeries in conjunction with a kidney transplant. My husband wanted to avoid surgery if possible and after changing his diet, had a follow up appointment and they found that he didn't have hydro anymore. @mommyoftwo72049
enc793 : My son has it, ill keep this in mind in his diet :)
brooke_jones17 - emily_kates21 - mellybean614 - adrienne_sigg -
I'll take a glass of sorry please. #nobbqsauce #nosoda #nogoodness #Popeyes
nosoda - nobbqsauce - popeyes - nogoodness -
gingeremery - ryannobrien - totallybodee - archieep -
I'm in love #sparkly #steviaissafer #nosoda #energy
steviaissafer - nosoda - energy - sparkly -
julia_boyce - coliewud1 - andrewford15 - djturner0105 -
totally stop drinking sodaa even sweetened juices. it's been 7 mos.. since started.. #feelsgood #nosoda #nosweet
nosoda - feelsgood - workout - nosweet - eatclean -
dannafherz : Just saying. U wanna lose weight. Then stop,.. #workout and #eatclean happy tuesday!
karen_kay82 - makulits - kaloymendoza - ramirezsindy1965 -
Yess! I am right on track! I even drink more sometimes. :D #stolen #waterlover #nosoda hehehe!
nosoda - waterlover - stolen -
tomiakinola : Me tooo
paulkonadu - elleswits - tomiakinola - etnoek__ -
Want to jump start your health? Get ready for shorts and swimsuits? Join me Monday 4/21 for this free challenge! 21 days to a healthier YOU! #nosugar #nosoda #nocandy #21daystoabetteryou #healthy #happy
nosoda - nosugar - 21daystoabetteryou - healthy - nocandy - happy -
lana_shay - allyonika -
Water is good for many reasons! #water#h2o#hydrate#health#exercise#lifestyle#yourbodyneedsit#nosoda#healthpromotion#drinkup#manybenefits
lifestyle - manybenefits - drinkup - water - h2o - health - nosoda - yourbodyneedsit - hydrate - healthpromotion - exercise -
msninamarie : #TeamWater #TeamNoSoda !!
vegan_lifting - dianitamm - msninamarie - andres_gatsby -
Screwed up and ate so much take out this past weekend I was sick all night last night and realized that the thin ice finally broke under me...I am so disappointed in myself..and the fact that now my hubby and dad are diabetic scares me..no food or soda is worth that...I don't eat big meals but fast food even just a burger is terrible and my addiction to soda is ridiculous..I want to live!!! #nofastfood #nosoda #sick #unhealthy #exhausted #disgusted #changingeverything #weightloss #willbemyoldself
changingeverything - unhealthy - exhausted - disgusted - nofastfood - sick - nosoda - weightloss - willbemyoldself -
_goddessofdreams_ - oletia - amoremarcela -
Grilled chicken veggies and quinoa #makingtherightchoice for #dinner. #nosoda just plain cold water 😊 #gettingfit #allaboutflatabs
nosoda - dinner - makingtherightchoice - allaboutflatabs - gettingfit -
julitosjourney - ohsilverrific -
Cilla's #tipoftheday .... If you're like ME πŸ™‹ and like soda then you may wanna try some home brewed tea and add some sparkling water for a little effervescenceπŸ‘Œ works every time! I think that's why I like the #sparklingice so much! The pic above is orange iced tea.. I thought it was DELICIOUS but my husband and daughter weren't fans😏
effervescence - lifestyle - thestruggleisreal - fitnessmagazine - sacrifice - sparklingice - fitnessjourney - becreative - fitlife - weightlossjourney - tipoftheday - fitness - nosoda - chefmode - fitfam -
laurenkel83 : πŸ‘ more for you!
cynthia_two_oh_nine : more for you lol
cillarose13 : #nosoda #sacrifice #effervescence #becreative #thestruggleisreal #chefmode #lifestyle #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitlife #fitfam #fitnessmagazine #weightlossjourney
cillarose13 : @laurenkel83 @cynthia_two_oh_nine HA! You got that right!! 😬
hairofredfire - mama_is_king - chaostheoryx_x - themrsstephen -
Getting Back On My Diet!! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ“πŸ΄#EatClean #Again #NoSoda #NoFastFood #Grilled #Chicken #Vegetables
again - eatclean - nosoda - grilled - vegetables - chicken - nofastfood -
ladymorales760_ - 91armando - exotic_hunny - tapyourgirl -
I never realized how bad my soda addiction was, for about seven years I've only drank soda and not just a few a day more like 2 two litter bottles a day or a twelve pack. But I'm stopping today! I hate water but soon I will love it. #healthy #starts #now #nosoda #coke #goodbye #illmissyou #soda #hello #newme #detoxing #water #love #gettingbetter #firstday #thisisgoingtobehard πŸ‘‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
love - coke - firstday - water - thisisgoingtobehard - detoxing - nosoda - now - gettingbetter - healthy - starts - goodbye - soda - illmissyou - hello - newme -
leahcontreras : If it makes you feel better it will get easier over time :) sugar acts just like a drug in the brain, like a additive, so the more you consume the more you crave it. So, eliminating sugar as much as you can kicks the craving :)
abigailives : Withdrawals suck but I've read up on what soda and sugar is doing to my body so I'm glad I found out by reading instead of it happening to me and hopefully I stick with it! @leahcontreras no pain no gain!
aminorthreat : Try to drink ice cold water, or carry around a jug
leahcontreras : Don't worry you'll be fine :) properly educating yourself is the best thing you can do to stay on track. Good luck ☺️
abigailives : Thanks! @leahcontreras I know I've been drinking really cold water lol I just hate the taste @aminorthreat
handyhemanny : I'm trying so hard not to but I keep touching diet....... but yeh water all the time now
abigailives : Yeah I think it's going to be really hard since I don't like water but it will be worth it @handyhemanny
brownskinn_greeneyes - mmarieconcepcion - aviebug - mommyhealthynfit -
La dieta del agua! Hehe #nosoda
nosoda -
πŸ“ #FavoriteFruit #InfusedWater #Delicious #NoSoda #AllNatural
nosoda - allnatural - infusedwater - delicious - favoritefruit -
jisha11 - daisy2586 - chinitamoreno7 - izrocketsauce -
when you Re-Up on these drinks πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #lastweek #bouttohaveonethough #nosoda
nosoda - bouttohaveonethough - lastweek -
chiquitalea : πŸ’£πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
jaay_flo : @chiquitalea πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
brian_c17 : I see You got naked 😏
jaay_flo : @brian_c17 love getting Naked 😏
babylove00 - julio_bucio - d_mingo_17 - chaski11 -
Made it past the two year mark and didn't realize it. #SoLongSuckers #NoSoda
nosoda - solongsuckers -
itsmejessjess : So impressive! I'm jealous
minkproductions : Thanks @itsmejessjess it is pretty easy now. First few months I has cravings constantly. But, I feel way better without them.
minkproductions : *had cravings
itsmejessjess : Hmm... I drink at least 2 Cokes a day. I'm not sure i have the willpower :-p
minkproductions : @itsmejessjess the last day I had sodas I drank 6 mountain dews. Just during daytime. If I can do it anyone can.
ashleybobbitt85 - itsmejessjess - terrymbledsoe - james_133 -
Man I Ben sippin and sippin I might say fuck it and crack the seal put a straw in it and just drink it straight ! #nosoda #justst8ACT!
nosoda - justst8act -
voiceofmuzik -
seeing more #definition after only 1 month πŸ’ͺ #hardwork pays off πŸ‘ #postbaby #tummy be gone! 6 years later...πŸ˜‹ #running 4-5 times a week #100 #situps 100 #squats #crunches #plank #glutepush #weights #nosoda #morewater goal: to bulk up, 10-15 lbs please! πŸ˜›
definition - situps - squats - crunches - postbaby - plank - hardwork - tummy - running - weights - nosoda - 100 - morewater - glutepush -
hayleyparaoan : 😘
kranky52 : sexy..
jovyab : I wanna know how to get that without losing any weight!!!
jyllie81 : @jovyab keep eating and stay consistent... can't be lazy πŸ˜›
jyllie81 : i meat eat lots of protein, fruit, veggies, water... not so much sweets and strictly no soda! take protein shakes too yung wheybolic
jyllie81 : *i mean @jovyab
jovyab : @jyllie81 What kind of work out routine did you have to do? I try to eat healthy, hardly eat junk food and definitely don't drink soda. I need a beach bod before we go there!!! lol
jyllie81 : i just do situps, crunches, planks, squats, glute push... get weights too .. look on youtube for work out videos @jovyab key is consistency ... work out at least 5 times a week
albajuradocarrillo - msvambina - gabby_thibodeaux - hazy_dazy -
Trying to get back in shape, jogging at 5am! #NoSoda #NoAlchohol
nosoda - noalchohol -
presh_mak - janelle_mal - lebimore - williammat12 -
Rarely I'll have one. #better #nosoda #cravings #nomoresoda #sometimes
better - nosoda - nomoresoda - cravings - sometimes -
kikabarba951 -
Statigram feedback