Would u do it for $5MM??? Let me hear from you ladies? #NoJudgementZone
nojudgementzone -
emmag_ : Nah. My reputation and morals are worth more than that!
ysims72 : @love_is_86 LOL, yea but 5MMnot enough, especially for you, you already enjoy the finer things in life. She Is GOING to be broke in 2 years. Hold out for 50MM. LOL
love_is_86 : Yes $50MM I'll be doing more than swinging from a shower rod πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ysims72
love_is_86 : @emmag_ agreed! She can't even go the grocery store, look her daughter in the face, I'm sure she's not proud! It sounded good at the time. She let that lil change get in the way because I thought she was much more classier than that.
whit1023 : Fugg that I'd just buy me some new morals and values! I'm surf boarding and swinging from shower rods all day B! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ @emmag_ @love_is_86
love_is_86 : πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ @whit1023
emmag_ : I def didn't expect that from her! She let that clown talk her into it bc he has a new song called "shower rod" it's sad that he exploited his gf for some fame and she fell for it!
emmag_ : Lmao I hate you!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜© @whit1023
mzbj2u - beme_phuckyou - black1stallion3 - askaboutme1 -
Love this 😜😜!!!
nojudgementzone -
prettyjai_nolagal : #gulity
undraya12 : Truth
ashcray : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @prettyjai_nolagal
ashcray : #NoJudgementZone @undraya12 lmaooo
passmymirror : Yes ma'am @bestbetbass can attest to this
ashcray : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @passmymirror and that's why he married you lmaooooo @bestbetbass you're welcome again lolol!!!
bestbetbass : Lol @ashcray
lexi_713 : @passmymirror she'll never let y'all forget
ashleybmakeupartistry - hairbyaprilbgreen - passmymirror - limitededitionpink -
I miss my boo... @zamandaba β™₯ #Melrose #GoodLife #NoJudgementZone #KanyeWestMusicInTheBackground
kanyewestmusicinthebackground - nojudgementzone - melrose - goodlife -
jakob2301 - illi_ilhan - thejimzone -
My favorite holiday is in 2 daze! #420 #pothead #stoner #holidaze #cantwait #nojudgementzone
holidaze - stoner - nojudgementzone - cantwait - 420 - pothead -
mik3cook - claudimufasa - thesolemiser - blazingbudsireland -
In Order To Seek Your Strengths, You Must Expose And Attack Your Weaknesses......Stay Motivated To Your Cause And One Day Those Weaknesses Will Bring Forth Your Strength πŸ’ͺ #Motivation #MyQuote #FitnessMotivation #StayMotivated #StayFocus #TeamFitness #NeverDownYourself #NeverDownAnyone #Strength #weakness #NoJudgementZone #FitForTheSummer
motivation - strength - neverdownyourself - myquote - fitforthesummer - fitnessmotivation - weakness - teamfitness - stayfocus - staymotivated - nojudgementzone - neverdownanyone -
spokenword_rs : Aye cuz hit me up real quick. @strength_motivator
kekeshakara - infamouz_2014 - mara93_ - xo_jomiex3 -
It is incredible for me to see how much emphasis people can place on structuring their own happiness and security based on the level and position they hold over others. Every person in life is on their own journey. Every person has different goals that they wish to accomplish. Just because someone's goals or ideals are different than yours does not necessarily mean that they are wrong. Try hard to see things from another person's point of view instead of immediately lashing out and criticizing them in a negative manner. After all, we are all living in the same world, but each of us has the choice to view things through a different lens. Believe and trust that all people inherently mean well and wish nothing but success in others and I can guarantee you this attitude will be reciprocated back to you! @erikatkatchuk #ilovemywife #realtalk #positive #hatersgonnahate #bevulnerable #nojudgementzone #fitness #health #mindset #believe #inspire #motivate
hatersgonnahate - inspire - realtalk - positive - motivate - mindset - nojudgementzone - health - fitness - believe - bevulnerable - ilovemywife -
mariannemireille - kyblock7 - alliefolk - laurica306 -
#tbt #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - tbt -
feelinglikeasir : 2010-2011
#ShitsReal this is one beautiful man @kingamiyahscott and you ppl think that some of your favorite #celebrities #RealityStars & #everyday ppl are "bad bitches" #MakeupMakesMiricles #WeaveMakesMiracles #transform
real - crazy - realitystars - celebrities - jocelinehernandez - weavemakesmiracles - nojudging - deceit - makeupmakesmiricles - everyday - scary - trickery - fuckery - transform - foolishness - alllies - makeupmakesmiracles - nojudgementzone - shitsreal -
eve_jobs : #makeupmakesmiracles
breeze_bi_yuu_7 : The "unicorn w/o a horn" as "she" calls herself! The epitome of bad!! Gorgeous!!
eve_jobs : Yes honey!! And let's not forget "Mermaid" I read his\her reasons about how & why he's transgendered & I respect it & even liked the post. I secretly admire beautiful transgender ppl. It truly is a TRANSFORMATION & I be in AWE!!! This is a #NOJUDGEMENTZONE I'm just tripping off the fact that makeup & weave and surgeries can transform a man into a "bad bitch" "gorgeous woman" shit is #crazy #scary & #real however it's no different than born women transforming themselves with makeup & weaves and cosmetic surgeries, honestly is #AllLies #deceit #trickery & I'm guilty of the shenanigans as well 😁 that's why it's #NoJudging and ppl think @thebaddestputa1 #jocelinehernandez was born a woman βœ‹ the #foolishness & #fuckery
eve_jobs : @breeze_bi_yuu_7
eve_jobs : And the saddest part is that ALL this mess is not only accepted with wide open arms it's also encouraged!!!!!
breeze_bi_yuu_7 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ ! Yes, we all are guilty of such! I can say that I wear makeup up to enhance beauty, definitely don't need it! & when I do, it's eyeshadow, blush, & a lippy! NO concealer πŸ™…hell, I hate applying it at times, but it's only for occasional use, I'm glad I don't have to apply it daily like some! Females nowadays do the most, so over-the-top! #lessismore & as far as hair, weave is an accessory, not a necessity(for most) πŸ˜‚! That's why I was fussing at you at the office that day, you look so much better wearing your natural hair, but us ladies love our weave! It's fun to mix it up, cut it, "grow" it, color it, etc...I think of it as jewelry, something different, lol
eyecandieemandiee - whats_mine_ismine - mz__kat - pattypessutti -
Haha #littlekidsunglasses #nojudgementzone #kidatheart
nojudgementzone - littlekidsunglasses - kidatheart -
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This is the kind of height i need in a man #Dublin #NoJudgementZone #SixFiveAndOver πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
nojudgementzone - dublin - sixfiveandover -
grace_aff : amen girlfriend
k_hicky : Can you find one for me too? Make it a sexy one made out of iron ;)
keepklaum : I'm dying hahhaa
charlotte_renker - sarahhcaulson - shanelizabethh - kaitlinodonnell_ -
Too last one down bc i ONLY CARE WHAT MY MOTHER THINKS and she wasn't thrilled...ok. Point is I'm proud of me...thats all i tried to make. #imagoodgirl #hard #nojudgementzone
imagoodgirl - nojudgementzone - hard -
reaganisthebest - heath427913 - nells1226 -
#misunderstood #can #never #be #told #whats #nojudgementzone #getyourlife #getup #letsgo #understand #everything #kansasp #charlottenc #eazyazthabreeze #good #iamshe #sheiskansaspayne #canILive #ycantU #tagsforlikes #redhead #idohair #headliner #haha #hairjunkie #yes #kansascitylimitz
be - ycantu - good - whats - charlottenc - never - haha - kansasp - kansascitylimitz - understand - sheiskansaspayne - yes - headliner - idohair - getup - getyourlife - letsgo - iamshe - tagsforlikes - everything - nojudgementzone - can - eazyazthabreeze - redhead - canilive - told - hairjunkie - misunderstood -
kinks_kutz_kicks - p_u_n_k_i_n - greedy1975 - daddychuck2u -
It could all be so simple πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
nojudgementzone -
redline_llf : Freak lol
a_yo_keesh : Hahahaaaa... #NoJudgementZone @redline_llf
tarikapproved : I will
redline_llf : Man my ringer off! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
a_yo_keesh : @redline_llf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that shit will FOREVER be a classic man!
cool_grey - body116 - sweetpeach86 - 1wallace89 -
The ladies keep me sane @a_spicy_margarita x @kathymwong88 #nojudgementzone #love
nojudgementzone - love -
msyau : @tomasglenn @a_spicy_margarita Miss you guys! 😒😚
tomasglenn : Miss you always @msyau No idea β€πŸ’‹
a_spicy_margarita : @msyau you need to come visit!!!
mxdvxn - pexyy - usckbates89 - mzconceited_09 -
Sometimes people show there true colors. No one is perfect everyone bleeds. Everyone has secrets, and skeletons. The difference is recognizing that. People can pretend anything they want that's the glory of media. I have a lot of enemies, and sadly I've done nothing to them personally. Yet they lash out at me for standing up for myself. I am not a doormat, I have faults and I have feelings. And truthfully those fake associates will never know the real me, not because I didn't try but because they care more about publicity, and popularity. Then they do about having a real person in their life. I am very blunt I will tell you the truth. I don't sugarcoat or falsifying information if you ask me be prepared for the truth. Most people can't do that in their lives. So here I sit being real with the world sometimes that's all I can do. #fitness #lonely #feelings #imissmyrock #missmyswolemate #fakepeoplesuck #bullies #npc #fitness #powerlifting #lostlove #beingreal #fake #projection #nojudgementzone #wpd #contestprep #iifymgirls #edsoldier #idontcareanymore #inowhoisrealwhoisfakeandwhotokeepataarmsdistance #theworldisnotallsunshineandrainbows
lostlove - lonely - projection - bullies - npc - feelings - contestprep - fake - wpd - imissmyrock - fakepeoplesuck - beingreal - inowhoisrealwhoisfakeandwhotokeepataarmsdistance - iifymgirls - idontcareanymore - nojudgementzone - fitness - edsoldier - powerlifting - theworldisnotallsunshineandrainbows - missmyswolemate -
ntl_elitetc : @nflbezzy ...!!! Clueless
miklbarton - annelyomega - musclechick83 - samanthasylvain -
Hey Winston If you're like myself and HATE working out but know you need too come on out and follow my husband @staffsgtharrell he's leading a FREE work out session at Hanes Park every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm starting today! Hope to see you there, bring a kettle bell, towel/mat and a positive attitude. Be prepared to work! All fitness levels welcomed!!! #tagafriend #fitfamily #doitforyourhealth #nojudgementzone #freefitness #allwelcomed
doitforyourhealth - fitfamily - freefitness - tagafriend - nojudgementzone - allwelcomed -
ms_vega507 : @cam_vam_damme why can't it be in High Point .... God knows I need the exercise ; (
onenonlymo : @mythriftedcloset @classicraw
tigerlili04 : @pinkcultrtruck wish I could go!
cam_vam_damme : @ms_vega507 hopefully u can make it one day or just choose one of the days that you can come. Follow the page for updates @staffsgtharrell
minnie_78 : @adowens
a_jus_coolin - brenparson - yungcoolsummerj - alexderaye -
#Truth: I found out recently that someone close to my son and I was making up lies & spreading rumors, specifically about me and my parenting styles. I thought about it. I prayed. I focused heavily on my personal development. And I realized a few things, which may be helpful to other people in a similar situation. 1. Whether you say good things or bad things, you are still talking about me. 2. God, my family & my true friends know my intentions & believe in me. 3. Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither. Before you go "judging", "gossiping" and/or "mocking" other people's lives, why not re-evaluate your own. I was always taught growing up "when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 pointing back at you." Rather than be boggled down by your negativity, I will use this situation to make me stronger. #thankyou #personaldevelopment #haterswelcomed #iambetterthanthat #positivelife #lesbrown
youknowbetter - onlygodcanjudge - positivelife - iambetterthanthat - thankyou - nojudgementzone - happinesscomesfromwithin - betterthanthat - truth - haterswelcomed - personaldevelopment - aintnobodygottimeforthat - lesbrown - mysonisnumber1 - happiness -
aahenriiquez : You go girl @sj_bizzle πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
sj_bizzle : Thanks boo @aahenriiquez πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
roha17 : Your a great mom, a real inspiration. I don't see you much, but I love following you on insta and fb. Keep up what you do, I love reading your positive postings @sj_bizzle <3
ssaclo : Haha!!! I love you! Just remember #you'reabossassbitch & #anamazingmother
the_siggest : πŸ‘Œ
sj_bizzle : Awwww ☺, @roha17. That means a lot, thank you. I'm glad to b able to make a difference in others lives. A lil positivity goes a long way. Say hi to Adam & the boys for me. πŸ‘πŸ˜„
sj_bizzle : πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚ bahahaha @ssaclo. U crack me up. Thanks boo!!!!!!
sj_bizzle : Thanks @the_siggest πŸ‘πŸ‘
lindzekwerekwu - reginarose86 - camirob7 - jusprestige -
What a great night out after long weeks of preparation ❀ #hardworkpaysoff #timeforfun #girlyfashion #nojudgementzone #confidence #walkinwithauthority
confidence - nojudgementzone - timeforfun - walkinwithauthority - hardworkpaysoff - girlyfashion -
roxyvalentine : When you girls coming to ny we must chill
chrissycrimaldi : @roxyvalentine ha! We were just talking about that Saturday!
elohelpalma : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
vicagapay - eas787 - kaykneps - falithjk -
No shame. All you can eat with my sorority sisters. #axo #bonding #nojudgementzone #nom #hillcountry
nom - bonding - nojudgementzone - axo - hillcountry -
theshoppingslayer : Looks good
monsteriffic70 - themagnificent1 - miggsc - da_ni_ela -
Couldn't have said it better myself! I honestly rarely drink these days so when I do, it doesn't take much πŸ˜‚ #amiright girls?? #peopledontgetit #nojudgementzone #endofchallengeparty #weightloss #ashybines #weightlossjourney #progress #exercise #fitfam #fitness #healthy #eatinghealthy #cleaneating #dirtyeating #fitspo #motivation #inspiration #inspiring #dedication #determination #abbbcstkilda #losingweight #gettingfitter #saywhatyouwill
motivation - gettingfitter - fitfam - peopledontgetit - abbbcstkilda - cleaneating - eatinghealthy - weightlossjourney - amiright - determination - ashybines - dedication - dirtyeating - losingweight - fitspo - inspiring - healthy - endofchallengeparty - weightloss - saywhatyouwill - nojudgementzone - fitness - progress - inspiration - exercise -
eliseann1 : @erinpetrie08
kerbyd13 : Sounds like something you would say @patdabrat
giul222 : Like It! :)
shazwoj : @haylz9586 totes!
speckii : @sandicrabb thank you for understanding me xx :P
jennyradnai : @em_vadas hella yes this is you!
em_vadas : @jennyradnai hahaha thanks betch I try !
paanasenmiia : Hahah @evetsuh
sarascotthudson - lu138 - whitneyhagan - cytrin -
I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together by good intentions. #selfie #emoselfie #nojudgementzone
emoselfie - selfie - nojudgementzone -
lucasjake4226 : Haha that quote is on at least 15 girls profiles on here I know.
kblastoff : @lucasjake4226 Yeah and they probably have no idea who said it. I hate out generation.
lucasjake4226 : Augusten? I don't even know I just imagine it's commonly shared on tumblr over some dumb pic and emo bitches go nuts for it πŸ˜‚
kblastoff : Borroughs yeah @lucasjake4226 And that sounds about right.
bennypierce - tiffanyelain - melanie_lynn - heylookitsjbailey -
Just give Socacize permission to wuk you! Where will you #Socacize today?? #MondayMashup #Areyoureadytosweat
mondaymashup - nojudgementzone - areyoureadytosweat - socacize -
iluvelshaddai : One day I'll be fit enough to teach a class...ONE DAY
livingrightlookingtight : @iluvelshaddai #nojudgementzone! You come to class to be/get fit!
valleyne - mekumone - lady_d_1208 - _aunty_stush -
Especially if your going to be around me. ;-)
nojudgementzone -
curvybeautyx : #nojudgementzone get it how you live as long as the next step is better than the last.
bigdj213 - itsmeehnichole - amarusmommy07 - tuwebossy -
Are you ready? And I have quite the surprise for you! #treydanielsmusic #atlanta #merchandiseforsalethough?? #yep #comerdytoexperienceoneofthebestliveshowsyouhavebeento #ifyouremarriedwearyourring #fellasarenotgettingcaughtup #nojudgementzone lol @_showtime8 will be singing. I can't wait... #ustreamwillbeavailable
treydanielsmusic - ifyouremarriedwearyourring - ustreamwillbeavailable - nojudgementzone - comerdytoexperienceoneofthebestliveshowsyouhavebeento - yep - merchandiseforsalethough - atlanta - fellasarenotgettingcaughtup -
_showtime8 : Lol @ if you're married wear your ring...Please wear your ring haha
treydanielsmusic : Lol! @_showtime8
sweetlikemm : @shaunda8709 if I'm in town?
jessielboyce : Im there
treydanielsmusic : @mropportunity u better be n the bldg doc!
mropportunity : Lol that's the day I get back in I'm going to press my way there
treydanielsmusic : PRESS ON IN @mropportunity
hardknocks09 : I wanna talk to you about a booking for the Broward county alphas hit my phone when u get a chance 954-260-8541
jl29_ - josh_shampaner - jeremane - fondo_foto -
I've been guilty of this myself, unfortunately. πŸ˜”. SO glad God has been working on that part of my heart. #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone -
tiredofadjusting : President Uchtdorf is a pretty cool cat his talks are always inspirational
ellenchristian23 : @terriswagel #imguilty
tiredofadjusting - _jennib_ - alyssafalstad - ellenchristian23 -
Butter Pecan Cupcake, hell yes. #cupcakestation #annarbor #nomnomnom #nojudgementzone
nojudgementzone - cupcakestation - nomnomnom - annarbor -
casiewndl - sashgreer - earth__muffin - mattfelice26 -
#pitbull fight #bsl #nojudgementzone #animalcare
bsl - animalcare - nojudgementzone - pitbull -
brisildaz - solgavezen - skylerandsabrina - cashtroubletorres -
Cut from the same cloth #nojudgementzone #isitsaturdayyet #soulmates
nojudgementzone - soulmates - isitsaturdayyet -
a_paige_c - wrapskinnyintexas - mandyjane8885 - brislatts_ -
Whaaaaa!!! Flaming hot Cheetos with chorizo, sour cream, and onions? Shut up!! My new favorite food!! 😍😍😍 @vic_anthony welcome back, my darling face πŸ‘« #cheetos #chorizo #mexicanpeopleproblems #foodporn #junkfood #love #food #nojudgementzone #iamwhatieat 😝 #ipa #madeinlosangeles #thedudesbrewingcompany #doubletrunkipa #newfavbeer
cheetos - ipa - love - mexicanpeopleproblems - food - foodporn - junkfood - thedudesbrewingcompany - madeinlosangeles - nojudgementzone - doubletrunkipa - newfavbeer - chorizo - iamwhatieat -
kuhkies : Oh I'm mad now!
teee_ohhh : Omg heaven!!! @kuhkies it also has nacho cheese 😍😍😍😍 next time I'll bring you!
vic_anthony : @kuhkies cause ur the #sidechick.. I het the better end of things
vic_anthony - kimberlym87 - karinitalove - in_yohallway -
nojudgementzone -
ashlyndanielle2 -
Love this girl so much!!!!! 😘 Xoxoxo Cap'n...<3 Thor lol πŸ’‹ Glad we got to live, love & groove together today at #24DanceFit πŸ’ƒ #love #friendship #nextlevel #dancers #nojudgementzone #jazz #funk #hiphop #heels #music #groove #ladies #fellas #southbay #redondo #sundays
24dancefit - jazz - love - dancers - ladies - hiphop - heels - fellas - nextlevel - funk - sundays - groove - redondo - nojudgementzone - music - southbay - friendship -
sultan99h - giuliano_ms - missadelia - damiens411 -
Who digs my new doo? #nappyheadedhoe took my Dominican braids out ✌
nappyheadedhoe - hungover - nojudgementzone - justwokeup -
ladykornflakes : Ps #hungover #justwokeup #nojudgementzone right?
c_foxxxx : Lookin ethnic af right now
brandergram : Wish I could double like this
brandergram : And like Cashmir's comment.
kaitlynjaimee - _jerseyanimated - ximenabanegas - bware314 -
Forgot two normal daily makeup items rushing to be on time for church! Guess which? BUT HE DOES NOT CARE #NOJUDGEMENTZONE
nojudgementzone -
lyndacrick : You look beautiful!!!
theangieo : Thank you lyndacrick
pamelashaw : Cheek color--- but still beautiful!
theangieo : @pamelashaw correct!
fabulousjc - naturally_fobbulous - babydaddyjem - lyndacrick -
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