Feeling like a new women! Just got Totally made over by @tmostylingstudio 3 bundles of virgin hair from @vaniteehair702 (2 bundles I've had & reused over a year now) FYI !! My boo has the best virgin hair in town!!!! #nomakeup #needed #mylifeasacovergirl 😘
nomakeup - needed - mylifeasacovergirl -
sboutiquelv : @jazzysteele We need to talk soon. Ill text u 😘
evakleen : πŸ™Œ cutie 😍
evakleen : @sboutiquelv
brookejourneyinc : You don't even need that hair
brookejourneyinc : But still nice
sboutiquelv : @brookejourneyinc lol thank u!
brookejourneyinc : Just make ya look even hotter..... Maybe I should grow mines back..... so I can get my long hair don't care on..... Hope all is well with you and the kids
mgmpokerplayer : Cute
mrhandsome80 - timickea_ - 8lacclipz - slaybigavelli -
Luv my city..can't do yours. Lol See yall when the snow melt. Dont worry about me here in sunny Las Vegas. If u knew better you'd do better. #noarthritis #mylifeasacovergirl #nosnowdayshere
noarthritis - nosnowdayshere - mylifeasacovergirl -
dhouseofhair : @tmostylingstudio lol fort Lauderdale this summer baby its over for me!!!
mz_chubbs : Lol @tmostylingstudio
tmostylingstudio : @dhouseofhair. U know better. So it's automatic that u gone do better. Woop woop
ms_sonyahill : That's a good 1!!!
naturalroots : Blah blah blahhhhhh πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
sheryldinise : πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ yeah yea yea... Lol @tmostylingstudio
nudynudy : got jokes! !! @tmostylingstudio
nudynudy : Lol
cdub41 - sheryldinise - shirenec - 72_kmichell -
@mstricia23 stay crispy. You'll never catch a hair out of place. Can't even take a 2 week vacation with her lol #every7days #tmostyling #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl #shortcuts
shortcuts - tmostyling - mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - every7days -
_phil3000 - tyeshaj23 - liss_ahh - sweetcakes_100 -
mylifeasacovergirl -
kwamemensah : Lmao
bananaleeaf - jemimahborewa - _cobrablood - ravenalicia -
alrighty - mylifeasacovergirl -
konstantinostrichas : #mylifeasacovergirl
artufex - e_vagelismoss - thisismeltemi - thedreamer_gr -
Just partying #matlab #skills #flawless #tocoolforschool #mylifeasacovergirl
skills - flawless - matlab - tocoolforschool - mylifeasacovergirl -
therealsappy : It's all wrong. Start over
angelinaplaza - kidtiger2k4s - da_coats - marcellaamaducci -
My Supermodel actress writer @khalilahyasmin always represents the brand #TMOBABY # weaves # natural. Sometimes u feel like a weave...sometimes you dont! # haircare is essential when picking a bomb stylist like #tmobaby lol #mylifeasacovergirl #mybunniesstaystuntin
mybunniesstaystuntin - mylifeasacovergirl - tmobaby -
khalilahyasmin : Yessss!! Thank you for being my hair doctor! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ”Ί
thetruth1913 - silvia702 - khalilahyasmin - missannwalker -
Congrats to all my ladies Last night that participated and Wrapped. We had a blast stay tuned for the next party coming real soon. #mylifeasacovergirl #GOMODE
gomode - mylifeasacovergirl -
pebblesforte : I'm next πŸ“’πŸ‘‹πŸ˜˜
tmostylingstudio : @pebblesforte I'm ready !!!
that_owl2u : @tmostylingstudio Hey Connie! Can I order a wrap for myself and how much?
tmostylingstudio : Sure go to my site. Totallymadeover dot myitworks dot com
tmostylingstudio : @that_owl2u
that_owl2u : @tmostylingstudio Thanx Connie!!
brighteyes2140 : I want to purchase some wraps
tmostylingstudio : @brighteyes2140 go to www totallymadeover myitworks com
thetruth1913 - stevensblackbutterfly - brookelynn97_xoxo - clemhtp -
Thanks @mstricia23 for baring it all. Trish git her wrap on Saturday and saw instant results. is day 3..stay tuned to after the party!!!! #mylifeasacovergirl #mybunniesstaystuntin #theturnupisreal stay tuned..... totallymadeover dot myitworks dot com.
theturnupisreal - mybunniesstaystuntin - mylifeasacovergirl -
liss_ahh : I need my gut wrapped too!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tmostylingstudio : @liss_ahh I sent u an invite
mrs_mann13yrs : Wth really I need a wrap asap @tmostylingstudio how do I get one? ????
tmostylingstudio : Go to www dot totallymadeover dot myitworks dot com now n order. Or call me
hungryandhumble : I need one asap!!!
tees_tease - sankofafree - liss_ahh - toshaworldnext_level -
My mock table setting for the party tomorrow...everything I do is such a production. Lol. #beenaboss #mylifeasacovergirl
beenaboss - mylifeasacovergirl -
thetruth1913 : @tmostylingstudio Hey Boo! Looks like I won't be able to make it tomorrow 😒. Good luck and know that in there in spirit! Love ya 😘
kim_klips_koupons : What's going on tomorrow
kim_klips_koupons : @tmostylingstudio
ss_lee_toyou - allysinsant - so_not_bipolar - mrs_mann13yrs -
Know ur worth Ladies...#GOMODE #beenaboss #mylifeasacovergirl
gomode - beenaboss - mylifeasacovergirl -
mocat47 - toshaworldnext_level - lookin_for_loyalty - healthy_hair_fanatic -
My class was cancelled. #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
alyssakrompier : 100% yes to the hashtag
angelinaplaza : THIS is my life **voice of jaslene*** @alyssakrompier
alyssakrompier : Hahahahahahaha, fucking brilliant
myrawthoughts - nikki_teeee - heyyxxlee - alyssakrompier -
As you saw last night my knots were smaller. So my coils are a bit different. The honey love like these better, I like the bigger curls. #naturallook #mylifeasacovergirl
naturallook - mylifeasacovergirl -
datdeal_her - legally_chris10 - marieann06 - dowatkins34 -
VIP BABY #mylifeasacovergirl #myshuggie #winning
myshuggie - mylifeasacovergirl - winning -
mardabarber - muffincakes30 - clemhtp - osojazy -
Just won on my 1st ticket. Woop woop. Go Seattle # date night #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
sankofafree - allysinsant - jaiblack1 - sweetcakes_100 -
Just when she thought that her thinning hairline was vanishing.....bammmm. #TMOBABY #vaniteeextensionclosure #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl
vaniteeextensionclosure - mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
liss_ahh : She smiling from ear to ear!πŸ‘ #Bam
khalilahyasmin - osojazy - iamotlucas - shaneicebarnett -
Bammmm...ABC...ANOTHER BAD CREATION!!! This what I do. ..what you do???? #mybunniesstaystuntin #TMOBABY #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
rtaylor03 : A the finish is BAM!!!
carmikia_ : Love her hair
gemini_nailtech - ss_lee_toyou - lpbeauty1 - syclark_makeupartist -
Gym flow with...#myshuggie #glamma got to keep it tight #mylifeasacovergirl #beenaboss
glamma - myshuggie - mylifeasacovergirl - beenaboss -
thetruth1913 - gemini_nailtech - his_sueboo - gemvon -
We be all night..Ooooooo. #drunkinlove #mylifeasacovergirl #myshuggie
drunkinlove - myshuggie - mylifeasacovergirl -
rtaylor03 - shirenec - moniere_ - taushatate -
I was able to squeeze in a hot date with my honey love. #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
laneluey : Beautiful pic
msconniet : Thanks @laneluey.
laneluey : Ur welcome, hot mama!
enhancemefancy : One of my favorite couples EVER!!!!!!! :-)
funmiwatson - arethialovesaubrey - oscarladd111 - d_hall07 -
It's PARTY TIME MITCHES. ...TURN UP!!!! #mylifeasacovergirl #tmobaby
mylifeasacovergirl - tmobaby -
tmostylingstudio : @chacha909 @blurae98
chacha909 : Turn up ladyies
2_capricornslove : Where the party Saturday?
141dothe_rightthing : Gm Black" wats up wit u boo?"πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒ
tmostylingstudio : @141dothe_rightthing good morning. About to get to this paper. Lol
141dothe_rightthing : Get dat paper Black I kno ur gonna do dat!!!πŸ’΄πŸ’΄πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’·πŸ’·πŸ’ΆπŸ’ΆπŸ’³πŸ’³πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°. Chuuurch!"
tmostylingstudio : @141dothe_rightthing fo sheet my neezzy
141dothe_rightthing : @tmostylingstudio u kno I've 2 get out there ASAP!!!πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘βœŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’Έ
blurae98 - mrs_mann13yrs - nicadivine - taushatate -
I'm moving back home...i miss this. F the money...#mylifeasacovergirl #ladylovetheland miss my family n friends
ladylovetheland - mylifeasacovergirl -
sheryldinise : Come on home we miss u! Lol @tmostylingstudio
ladylucklisa : Yayyyyyy
wandawawa1 : Cool ur always welcome to come back.
mz_chubbs - chacha909 - brazilianbratz - mhuckvierk -
#TMOBABY #mybunniesstaystuntin #masterstylist #mylifeasacovergirl
tmobaby - masterstylist - mybunniesstaystuntin - mylifeasacovergirl -
thetruth1913 - mz_chubbs - gemvon - shirenec -
Look at my momma. Lol she was surprised to see me #firstborn #heronlybaby #mylifeasacovergirl #beenaboss #rolldolo
rolldolo - heronlybaby - mylifeasacovergirl - firstborn - beenaboss -
mzunderstood__ : White ass teeth
achicknamejamie : Tell Samantha HEYYY
darnell127 - tees_tease - itsmaine0226 - hairstrandsbybre -
The turn up is Real....come to my birthday party tonite at Jacks on Mayfield. Then on friday my party at Double R on Taylor. Then my going away party on Saturday at @mrs_mann13yrs house...i think. Lol. # fly high #TMOBABY #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - tmobaby -
nicadivine : Awwww I would've come but have to go out of town for work :(
thetruth1913 : Get it in Boo!
nudynudy : I will be there! ! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
tmostylingstudio : @cent_world @poopie__
cent_world : C u later...missed u at the funeral...gotta do a couple shots for the BDAY BOO!!!
iam_traci : @tmostylingstudio Ok πŸ‘€, I can't do weekdays for shit, but Friday whoop, whoop...let's do this πŸ’ƒπŸΉπŸŽ΅πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜...c u Friday
toshaworldnext_level : So when you coming 2 c me @tmostylingstudio
fashionguru01 : Ok ill ne there saturday @tmostylingstudio
darnell127 - his_sueboo - tiaann_lizzie - brazilianbratz -
#TMOBABY #cutcolorweave #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl
cutcolorweave - mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
tae0521 : Love this look I miss my mama doing my hair 😒 @tmostylingstudio
sheryldinise - ss_lee_toyou - allysinsant - rtaylor03 -
If u knew'd do better!!! #tmobaby #tmostyling #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl #myitworks
myitworks - tmostyling - mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
stay_grindinformines - madidiaa - jackinralph -
OMG Sponge Bob pillow down!!! The washing machine took it out. Gotta fix it asap. #GRANNYONIT #glammababy #mylifeasacovergirl
grannyonit - glammababy - mylifeasacovergirl -
ladylucklisa : OMG!!"
mzunderstood__ : Awwww
naturalroots : You in TROUBLE ! @tmostylingstudio
mocat47 - mrs_mann13yrs - so_not_bipolar - clemhtp -
Peek a boo @msjensosweet rock yo # bob #shortcuts #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl #tmobaby #beenaboss
shortcuts - tmobaby - beenaboss - mybunniesstaystuntin - mylifeasacovergirl -
melymell777 : @tmostylingstudio do u have any remedies or advice for thinning hair im so worried ive tried vitamins every product im not sure wut to do anymore. Is there anything u can suggest plz???
mocat47 - syclark_makeupartist - clemhtp - healthy_hair_fanatic -
why buy1..When u can invest in many. #beenaboss #tmobaby #mylifeasacovergirl #mybunniesstaystuntin #GOMODE
gomode - mylifeasacovergirl - beenaboss - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
tmostylingstudio : Ok ladies. Not only is this a great's a great company to invest in if ur looking for extra cash. Check out my website for further info
foreverfashionable_18 : Wht is this?
tmostylingstudio : It's "The Wrap Thing" check out the site so u can see how it works. I'm hooked girl. It's helping my curves maintain in my old age. Getting that extra fluid off me. It's great for ur arms, stomach, neck thighs etc...
tmostylingstudio : @foreverfashionable_18
foreverfashionable_18 : I want one!
tmostylingstudio : Ok go to my site located at the top of the picture
foreverfashionable_18 : Ok
ss_lee_toyou - _ladyvegas - poopie__ - abad0ne -
My grandbaby is ....." my grandbaby" she's specific. Lol #glammababy #mylifeasacovergirl
glammababy - mylifeasacovergirl -
naturalroots : Hilarious ! U got to baby girl... Lol she giving me LIFE! @tmostylingstudio
poopie__ : Too cute
iam_traci : Aaaaawww, so sweet 😘
mrs_mann13yrs : I know that's right!! To cute @tmostylingstudio
sha_rells_fashion1 : Hey boo merry christmas
sha_rells_fashion1 : HAPPY NEW YEAR TO you
sha_rells_fashion1 : Your grandbaby to cute...I got 10 now
thetruth1913 : LMBO! She knows what she wants.
sheryldinise - iam_traci - mrs_mann13yrs - melissiarene -
Bam boom powwwww. And another one. #mybunniesstaystuntin #mylifeasacovergirl #tmobaby
mylifeasacovergirl - mybunniesstaystuntin - tmobaby -
amberslim : I think I want somethin like diss!!
tmostylingstudio : @thetruth1913 hit em with a side n back view
thetruth1913 : @tmostylingstudio I just sent the other views to you.
thetruth1913 : @tmostylingstudio I was shopping today and at least 4 ppl asked me if my hair was real. I tried my best to answer in the most polite way but that a compliment to you Boo! Hair so fly, folks think it's a wig. Lol
janetdmrs - silvia702 - dee4488 - 72_kmichell -
I'm 41..A woman, a mother a grandmother a girlfriend a business owner I'm a Lil hood at times but im a professional I'm educated I'm a realist I'm optimistic I'm assertive I'm aggressive I'm a fighter I'm a winner I'm a survivor..and this is MY JOURNEY #41FOOL #mylifeasacovergirl #beenaboss #ladyfromtheland
41fool - beenaboss - mylifeasacovergirl - ladyfromtheland -
ladylucklisa : Amen!!!!! You go Big Sis!!!! #youaboss!!! Love ya!!! @tmostylingstudio
loving_my_life_ : @tmostylingstudio love it!!!
mrs_mann13yrs : True #iknowthatsright!!!! Love u babe @tmostylingstudio
sexxyrikka : Yes you are all that and so much more @tmostylingstudio!!! Happy Belated Birthday I love you girl!!!
tmostylingstudio : @sexxyrikka thanks babe.. hey everybody
mrs_mann13yrs - artisan227 - 72_kmichell - liss_ahh -
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