Grad pics with these fine people. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
lorachristine : Mad that you didn't put our fab picture up!
77kmw - gregoryeliasbeaty - samantha_maloy - rachface__ -
Having my senior pictures done and giving my senior presentation tomorrow, it's sinking in that graduation is just around the corner. Where did this year go?? #classof2014 #seniors #sje #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
seniors - classof2014 - moresweetthanbitter - bittersweet - sje -
alliwinters - ambernicole1314 - marshallbafus - carrie_hennigar -
Quick trip home and this sweet treat was waiting for me. A signed copy of one of my all-time favorite books. Thanks Mom! Thanks @jamie4ord !!!!! #moresweetthanbitter
moresweetthanbitter -
jamie4ord : ✌️😎
rleutzinger : That's awesome!
billmrowley - jamie4ord - kookykaren22 - meganrflores -
Can't wait till this is my everyday. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #califawnia
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter - califawnia -
biancaaaa_f : πŸ™Œ
kristina_q : Your making it hard for me to like u today
shakaitaylor : Check your DM πŸ‘‰πŸ“¬
dominiquemish - matttyboyy - timmybuffet - keith_oc -
Last drive in Humperdink! #firstcar #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
firstcar - bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
carrot_juice13 - kyrangullberg - summerwoolum - j8l3 -
First day of my last quarter at this place, bittersweet. #moresweetthanbitter
moresweetthanbitter -
justineee_rose : Woooohooo where are we all going to celebrate? !
jqgotsteeez : $125 haha
rickivicious : @jqgotsteeez 100 lmk if you get a better offer
ms_robles - luuuuuzzzz - _nguyenlinda - mayra49 -
Just graduating, and things. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #graduation #senioryear #proudmoment
bittersweet - proudmoment - senioryear - graduation - moresweetthanbitter -
jocemurphy - rayekruegs - alicronk - katreftw -
The face I make on my last day in the Md office! 😁 #deuces #bye #imout #headedtothewestcoast #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #missinghome #californialove #seeyouonthewestcoast2U
bittersweet - imout - headedtothewestcoast - moresweetthanbitter - deuces - missinghome - californialove - bye - seeyouonthewestcoast2u -
qsofly : You better come say bye!
chrislj08 : @tnt_lady my LAWd!!!
_skylerspanishthreat : Bye be safe out there @tnt_lady
_skylerspanishthreat - augustthewriter - ricky_bobby_no_1 - shelleysteenson -
Moroccan slippers. Goodbyes. And the road home. #mytoday #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter - mytoday -
_j4nny_ : Does that mean their flight finally stopped being delayed...? 0:D
beccamae7 : Yes! They are on their way now!
kathrynanna97 : I totally understand the bittersweet! It is so hard to say goodbye but it is so awesome that they are married and everyone is headed back to the mission field!😊 @beccamae7
sunshineface24 - sarahjuanita22 - jordantalor - katielizbeth87 -
March 11, 2014- The fact that I have 47 school days left before I'm done with high school makes me extremely happy! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ“πŸ‘‹ #100happydays #secondday #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #istillneedapromdate
100happydays - bittersweet - secondday - moresweetthanbitter - istillneedapromdate -
sarah_walker19 : I realized we go till the 28th today and wanted to slit my throat... 2 extra days of agony
zule_emma - smelly_melly23 - karlee_ortega - papachin15 -
Bittersweet moment ending mentor #moresweetthanbitter
moresweetthanbitter -
mattsellan : Cute
christineleiky - olivia__flynn - brooklynshweso - willett3 -
Memories worth repeating! #springretreat #COCI #brosandsissinchrist #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - brosandsissinchrist - springretreat - coci - moresweetthanbitter -
kmzeman24 - cass_1994 - britkneeclark - lizsiron9 -
Last day in this place! Gunna miss my Goodlife fam tho. #newjob #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - newjob - moresweetthanbitter -
mleung65 : You'll be back
daniellemgee : @mleung65 I don't think I'm welcome back, I'm a traitor, remember?
alissamcdonald : πŸ’™πŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’š
gunruh : She'll be back @mleung65
callab - heidirainville - kacijoelle - ritch_13 -
Sophia's 7 months today 😩😩😩 #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
free_spirit_20 : @imthatgirl_dez she's tryna get her weight up lol
imthatgirl_dez : I see smh are u still here are u gone ? @free_spirit_20
free_spirit_20 : @imthatgirl_dez I'm back in Tyler
brig_91 : Can you believe it??? @free_spirit_20
free_spirit_20 : @brig_91 nope time is going by fast
imthatgirl_dez : -__- I need my gf back lol @free_spirit_20
free_spirit_20 : @imthatgirl_dez I'm sawwyy πŸ˜” school has me extra busy in Tyler
imthatgirl_dez : Trust me I do understand. @free_spirit_20
jazzy_n_classy - skinnieminnieg - ctcookiediva - only1me_me -
Time to put it down on the blue mat! #cheercompready #lovethesegirls #lasttimecoaching #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ @xomisslove
lovethesegirls - lasttimecoaching - cheercompready - moresweetthanbitter - bittersweet -
tershuh : GOOD LUCK ! (:
vivian_gonzalez : Good luck ladies
tavasharrison : Good luck
isaisa_18 : Good luck rams
aarionnac : Thanks guys
garciajosieg - karencatalan - prettyunique92 - baby_marie094 -
Tonight concluded my marching band career. It's been a beautiful experience…really long 8 years…but it's time for me to hang up my bibbers and get on with the rest of the aspects of my life as a musician. #GoodbyeMarchingBand #Bittersweet #MoreSweetThanBitter #MovingOn
bittersweet - goodbyemarchingband - moresweetthanbitter - movingon -
callynnw : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ I'll just text you!
t_gia - firstladytwilliams - _megwalker - basil_of_bakerstreet -
The LAST package ever is on it's way to Cincinnati!! Merry Christmas Elder Moore! I'll be seeing you in 13 days! πŸ“¦β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ˜˜ #missionarymail #moresweetthanbitter #missionarygirlfriend #iloveeldermoore #christmaspackage
missionarygirlfriend - christmaspackage - moresweetthanbitter - iloveeldermoore - missionarymail -
carlyflower_ : I am so excited for you! 2 years is a great amount of time and you guys did it! your love is so sweet and strong! I can't wait to see pictures of you guys once he's back! p.s. what a trip that I just happen to be reuniting with my man on that day too (: lots of love!
cassidyann_s : Those mugs😍 what does the little letter on the mug say? @aleighjoy
bbygurl662 : Mine is in Cincinnati Ohio too. Elder Harper! @aleighjoy
aleighjoymoore : @carlymariiie you are such a sweetheart!! Thank you so so much for your kind words and encouragement. I can't tell you how much it means to me :) yay!!! January 2nd will just be an all around amazing day!!! :)
aleighjoymoore : @cassidyann_r aren't they cute?? Gotta love target :) it says something along the lines of him having the A mug and I have the H to remind us of each other during our last Christmas apart :)
aleighjoymoore : @bbygurl662 aww how cool!! What area is he in??
cassidyann_s : My sisters husband is coming home for Christmas so you gave us so many ideas! Your so creative! I love it all(:
laurasiobhan_ : Yes!!!!!!
ggarcia44 - stbotacio - princessamy16 - rester_fidele -
That, my friends, is an empty truck, after making its last load to our new building! Mac Hall... It's been a slice! Onto bigger and better!! @springscalgary @springschurch #springscalgary #nomoreload #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - springscalgary - nomoreload - moresweetthanbitter -
andreabrayer - gwendolynlarsen - jeremyprest - lashondadueck -
Empty desk empty apartment. NYC it's been real but it's time for me to go home now. A part of me will definitely miss this place. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
k_d14 : I cannot like this picture!
key_ta1 : @k_d14 I'm so sad I didn't get to say a proper goodbye :(. Will you be at the sales meeting?
k_d14 : nope! I'm gonna miss you! I'm sure I will be at a sales mtg eventually! I'll stay in touch!
key_ta1 : @k_d14 I'm gonna miss you too. We definitely have to stay in touch. Keep holding down the forte! See you soon
chocolatedrop1987 : You're coming back to Dallas???
key_ta1 : @pretty_brown_coco where you been?! Yep I'm coming home! Lol
chocolatedrop1987 : Yayyyyy lol...I've been out of the loop because of work but I'm back now
ashbern : Guess you really missed me!! See you soon!!!
chocolatedrop1987 - who_is_xander - ashbern - carraw29 -
#CountDown #LastDayOfWork #MoreSweetThanBitter πŸ˜πŸ‘
countdown - moresweetthanbitter - lastdayofwork -
lynnseyray : That's my wedding day!
beccamcfly89 : Lol that's funny @lynnseyblake
mayiesurds04 - baleigh_bay22 - little_mermaid2011 -
Senior 2014. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #happyhappyhappy
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter - happyhappyhappy -
shyannerain : Skinny skinny
jordinnicole_15 : Ha. I wish. @shyannerain
shyannerain : When did yours come in? I still haven't got mine
jordinnicole_15 : Last night @shyannerain
bringmethecats_ - ciannaajeann - lydmonroe - ajk234 -
You can't go around making plans! Uno pone y Dios dispone :) #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #excited #nursingschool
bittersweet - nursingschool - moresweetthanbitter - excited -
gmoreno2 : Dude that's awesome!!! Congrats:) @marir17
marir17 : Thank you!! :) @gmoreno2
iziboi - mrz_cervantezzbarcenass - totis315 - rockyourjawshhua -
😘 #tuhc13 #LastOneAsUnderGrad #BitterSweet #MoreSweetThanBitter
tuhc13 - bittersweet - lastoneasundergrad - moresweetthanbitter -
beaute__naturelle - __lipsthatwontlie - mrbsignificant - lovelybone16 -
4 years marching band over with... I survived the countless hours of practice in the, rain, cold and blazing heat. #fun #abouttime #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #gonnamissthis #bandkidsonly
bittersweet - abouttime - fun - bandkidsonly - moresweetthanbitter - gonnamissthis -
_itzeeeeeel - liliya_nazarchuk - andrerobledo - danilopeniano -
Enjoying one of my last few days in Cleveland before moving back to my office in Akron. #itsabouttime #moresweetthanbitter
itsabouttime - moresweetthanbitter -
katydietz10 : Where are you in CLE?!
jas72782 : @katydietz10 I work in the Highland Hills area off of Green Road.
jyoung364 : "Enjoying"....... Yes
osutiff : I've missed that handsome face!
joesho - juliestankey - c_r_redstar - jess_shows91f -
Farewell Knockouts, we had a good run. #lastday #shutitdown #myfirstgig #lastcall #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter 🍻
bittersweet - shutitdown - lastday - lastcall - myfirstgig - moresweetthanbitter -
mikeetimm - youxarexthexmoon - dirty_dubbin - ccx3_ -
last time i get to walk through the mall when it is deserted #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
mikekowalski_ : You quit?? I'll have to say hello on my way to work!!
edow94 : @mikekowalski_ yes sir! okay i'll look for ya(:
patty68xoxo - jessiiicaa_lynn - mikekowalski_ - niiiiccoleeee -
Walked away from ipc for the last time as an employee! #excitedforchange #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #lastday
bittersweet - lastday - moresweetthanbitter - excitedforchange -
mcclelland1994 - lifestylingnyc - yoshislife - baileygrace2121 -
The last 6 years have been a great experience. The Eckley's are closing this chapter and onto the next 😊 Farewell all you Bucketeers πŸ”πŸŸπŸ»πŸ΄ #ineedajob #bye #thebucket #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - thebucket - bye - moresweetthanbitter - ineedajob -
miss_evelina : I am so sad.....I will definitely miss those mushroom burgers.
c_valaaade : What??? No more the bucket?! Shit I haven't been there on awhile either. Damn that sucks :(
daequinox : Oh snap! :0
lita85dk : @alyeeckley just came from there so sad. Would there be another restaurant open
alyssandraee : Another restaurant like The Bucket? No, unfortunately πŸ˜” @lita85dk
lita85dk : Oh no!!!! But whyyyy so sad !
alyssandraee : The property manager doesn't have any respect for us as business owners of a landmark @lita85dk 😒
moneyqueen_dez : If you know ANYBODY who works for the government and is going to need an extra stream of income or work then PLEASE have them contact me ASAP!!! I am hiring and am looking for people who are out of work SPECIFICALLY to give a job to. This is an AMAZING opportunity. PLEASE spread the word!!!
danweller10 - kristiecalma - saralovesberlyn - zleary12 -
Last day at Pocatello McDonald's! Pretty much party time, except for leaving my favorite little buddy. @chantelerae πŸŽ‰πŸŸπŸ”
mcdonalds - vscocam - moresweetthanbitter -
mimshady : #vscocam #mcdonalds #moresweetthanbitter
lina_celesta - jessicatrahant - hammesa - emilyyjcook -
Last day of work πŸ’ΌπŸŽ‰πŸ’#bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #endofanera #movingonUP
bittersweet - movingonup - moresweetthanbitter - endofanera -
katiebernay : Whaaaaat?!?! Tell me more!
abbeyboeding : You go with your bad self!
michellemine : #movinonup
ashydoesbend : @katielee327 I got a new job in Bend! Normal hours finally ha. Lets celebrate!
mykegets : What's a (blank) gotta do for a drink around here?
katiebernay : @ashydoesbend YES!!!! πŸŽ‰
ashydoesbend : @mykegets haha yup my antics will be missed I reckon. πŸŽ…πŸΈ
coreocookies - meg_major - morgan_omlid - lissycraft -
I can't believe I started my senior year yesterday! #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
laurenfulton_5 - starkles92 - asoonerfanh - ohmygoddess_ -
One week ladies and gentlemen #Outcheaa #ReadyToLeave #MoreSweetThanBitter
outcheaa - moresweetthanbitter - readytoleave -
shayshaw1 : U r soooooo hype! Lol
the_gregster12 : @shayshaw1 I am haha
hegotjokes06 - cassiyrose - lipstick_n_pistolss -
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