Couldn't find any of the exclusives I wanted but still made a few purchases #rsd14 #deafheaven #powertrip #ringworm #mliw #bayside @radioactiverecords
rsd14 - bayside - powertrip - deafheaven - mliw - ringworm -
ky_furt - qpriscilla - natmountain - thoughtserased -
I wish you well. #mliw
mliw -
jeremydigital : I feel like this album is underrated
dontfuckingcare - youngbloodsx - jeremydigital - unciviljared -
This should be a fun project. 🎥🎬#ThrowBackFootage #ComeBackKid #MLIW
mliw - comebackkid - throwbackfootage -
mattpulpfree - jaydmorales - muffinmouse_ - walkingxbye -
Laughs I h8 everything today #mliw #codeorangekids
codeorangekids - mliw -
marlaynaconder - makaylagoins - lakota_cheyenne - aslidikilitas -
Some bday records for @bobwillreign
bane - nofx - mliw - thursday - rancid - modernlifeiswar - verse - lifeofagony - why -
slynns : #lifeofagony #mliw #modernlifeiswar #nofx #verse
slynns : #rancid #bane #thursday #why?
plastikgato : Nice job dude
xepic : Bane on vinyl?! 😍👍
donomyte : Some nice scores.
skateac : Love/own that full collapse record
dave_182 - maddiebythesea - justinfeliciano - nataliebalshem -
"Cut through the haze..." #diefighting #mlif
mlif - diefighting - mliw -
cjk_77 : #mliw
notjustpicturesoffood - jayrossette - dbks_daddy - rane_matthew -
Thanks @deebodna @blindbubbacheex and Bill Bob...made my day! I miss you guys! #EqualVisionRecords #MLIW #MerchNow #hardcorevinyl
merchnow - mliw - equalvisionrecords - hardcorevinyl -
xderekskix : Well obviously pre, but I meant were you around when that was being written
deso518 : @xderekskix Nope that was Rob singing. I was on the "Jawbreaker" demo in 93-94ish and their first ep "Absolve". They re-released the Absolve ep on " Gravity Wins Again". It was not nearly as powerful as Bloodlust.
xderekskix : Thats sweet man. I like getting bits of history
deso518 : @xderekskix I can't read, yes PRE Bloodlust lol.
xderekskix : Its all good. I got what you meant. What took you out west?
deso518 : @xderekskix Long story but basically I got run out of town by multiple graffiti arrests. Someone had signed statements against me and after so many arrests I just wanted to start over somewhere else. My own fault. On another note, I ordered the Represent package from Seventh Dagger, have no clue when it ships but it would be cool to be playing that as I drive past Erie on the 27th! It may be the last time I drive through Western PA.
evilutiononline : Speaking of graffiti.. I'm in the process of getting an entire Graffiti themed sleeve on my left arm from the back of my hand to my shoulder which should be done in the next few weeks. I've always been a huge fan and inspired by your skills and was wondering if the next time your randomly doodling if you could tag me out a 518? Would be dope to add that to my piece bro.
deso518 : @evilutiononline You got it.
doc_umberto - bleedingxheadphones - scoves - diggario -
[Modern Life Is War - Midnight In America gold /300] #mliw #modernlifeiswar #lifelinerecords #equalvisionrecords #vinyl #records #mailday
modernlifeiswar - records - equalvisionrecords - vinyl - mailday - lifelinerecords - mliw -
mark_champion : @concreteforeverforeverconcrete has this for sale in grey marble if you're into it.
littlexcritter : @mark_champion thanks for looking out. As soon as the lifeline represses get here, I'll have everything except a test. Thanks though.
jcaffey - hardxscape - casualpogs - dukesup361 -
It's our life! We do what we choose! Black Jeans. Black Shirt. Black Shoes. #MLIW #DEADRAMONES
mliw - deadramones -
rose_whittaker : 💘
ronamonroe - himynameisscottadair - roons__ - nathanxbowling -
Brothers in arms Forever #zionwetsuits #mliw
zionwetsuits - mliw -
yo_stagram : il va être tout beau @johnnyforwardkrew en Oz
johnnyutah29 : Yes et j'ai pas que ça, je vous attend les boys
johnnyutah29 : Australia i'm comming
boner_one - bootike - goflyent - mec2p -
[Modern Life Is War | Kill Your Idols Split - Live On WLUW 7"] I need a test for this release. I have doubles of the blue, pre-release, showcase, and pink mail-order (much lighter in color w/black streaks). Get in touch if you can help me out. #mliw #modernlifeiswar #killyouridols #kyi #lifelinerecords #deathwishinc #vinyl #records
kyi - killyouridols - mliw - deathwishinc - modernlifeiswar - records - vinyl - lifelinerecords -
littlexcritter : @adambombx79 still waiting on that picture of everything.
adambombx79 : @littlexcritter I'm on vacation in a few weeks . I'll probably bust everything out once I get the MIA represses
texaspoontappa - edgarzilla - thievesoftower - dukesup361 -
"I'm in an awful state, it's getting late, and I'm full of question. My overactive mind has been wasting all my time. I've been wandering aimless every night, and sleeping every day. But it really doesn't matter anyways, 'cause the second coming has been cancelled since some time around 1982, when Jesus looked down from his cloud and saw schoolkids. They were duck and coverin'. There's nothing gonna happen out there..." Perhaps the most riveting minute and thirty four seconds of music ever created? I think so. @mliwofficial #Marshalltown #YoungManOnASpree #Witness #MLIW #ModernLifeIsWar #HXC
hxc - modernlifeiswar - youngmanonaspree - marshalltown - mliw - witness -
mad_foxy - sterlingxdrake - nicolexile - wezjt -
"You got the power...but only if you know you do". #modernlifeiswar midnight in America. Newest press on clear gold.Not sure of the pressing info. #nowspinning #vinylnerd #vinylporn #modernvinyl #slyvinyl #vinyligclub #instavinyl #equalvision #equalvisionrecords #MLIW
vinylnerd - instavinyl - mliw - equalvisionrecords - nowspinning - slyvinyl - equalvision - modernvinyl - vinyljunkie - modernlifeiswar - vinyligclub - vinylporn - keepitonwax - vinyloftheday -
xcanwestartagainx : #vinyljunkie #vinyloftheday #keepitonwax
joelsmithxx : That's a perfect record @xcanwestartagainx
justint182 : Just got that pressing also /300.
sorethroatsyndrome - isarealgirl - vinyleveryday - murphyblane -
Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting Bone vinyl #mliw #modernlifeiswar #lifelinerecords #deathwishinc #vinyl #records
modernlifeiswar - records - vinyl - lifelinerecords - mliw - deathwishinc -
tastemysin - isarealgirl - chelsylulz - wescoakley -
If you told me anytime in the last 5 years id be seeing Modern Life Is War twice this year id call you a fucking liar. Oh and Converge? Icing on the cake. #blessed #converge #mliw
mliw - blessed - converge -
a_manatee - travel_alone - whatheathersaid - joshstraightedge -
Grabbed my tickets for Deathwish Fest today. Shit is going to be bananas! #converge #trapthem #doomriders #mliw
mliw - trapthem - doomriders - converge -
braydenislame : Be careful. @grimroseblackheart
grimroseblackheart : @daveglo you should probably take my extra ticket
daveglo : I probably should. Let me check the dates. I saw it sold out...
daveglo : Is it really on a Tuesday and Wednesday @grimroseblackheart ?
grimroseblackheart : Yep. Which is perfect for me ha! @daveglo
xcanwestartagainx - justhughsteele - stegaclothes - trisarasaurus -
black jeans black shirt black shoes #d.e.a.d.r.a.m.o.n.e.s #MLIW
mliw - d -
seeingandhearing - kebabcity -
One last spin. Good night. #hardcorevinyl #MLIW
mliw - hardcorevinyl -
olydemon - lice_krispies - murrayedgex - blasphemourrecords -
I'm down for day one if anyone else is #infest #doomriders #mliw #converge
infest - mliw - doomriders - converge -
dkpc_squid : @sleepyrandy245
ilivefaster : Ugh yes plz. :(
imsorrygirls : I would go to the first day with you
laneydurden : Ugh
lsnico : Ima be driving up from Baltimore for this. So. Excited.
letsxgo : This looks so sick
amongthethugs : @dkpc_squid @ilivefaster @imsorrygirls @lsnico @laneydurden @letsxgo I'm buying tickets Friday. Just saying.
technique758 - baconsarnie67 - stegaclothes - laneydurden -
Modern Life Is War - Smoker #modernlifeiswar #mliw #smoker #DeathwishInc #MelodicHardcore #Hardcorepunk #Punkrock #MyTshirts
melodichardcore - mliw - smoker - deathwishinc - modernlifeiswar - punkrock - hardcorepunk - mytshirts -
travelers_cult - bowdensam - bencwright - tjarkandtheinfinitesadness -
mliw -
thisisnotmywar : I haven't seen Modern Life Is War since they played The Alley however many years ago.
crustafur : Best song!
thisisnotmywar : #mliw
crustafur - cmcrawford954 - invimonster - tomcollery -
#ModernLifeisWar #southeastbeast #sogood I should have know about their awesomeness earlier.
modernlifeiswar - mliw - southeastbeast - sogood -
kelinafur : #Mliw
kelinafur : @southeastbeastfest
nooneeverwenttoclass - kellytb - wittletifa - theburbspace -
I saw Modern Life Os War tonight and my 15 year old self (and my current self) were stoked. #mliw #modernlifeiswar #southeastbeast
modernlifeiswar - mliw - southeastbeast -
cjhunchard : I just had a flashback to my 15 year old self too... Mine was a little different than your I'm sure. #areyoupickingupwhatimputtingdown
autumnwinn : @cjhunchard quite possibly.
cjhunchard : @autumnwinn you're a smart cookie. I'm sure you got it #loveyouseeeeeeester
benwilson0913 - botondhonor - mirandaeliotphotos - soybean79 -
Yesss!!! Pretty much all of my princess dreams just came true! #southeastbeast #modernlifeiswar #mliw #feverhunting #mylovemyway @jte810 @mliwofficial
modernlifeiswar - mliw - feverhunting - southeastbeast - mylovemyway -
hellodearwnd - pieces_of_reese - brandibritches - mrssparkssss -
Today was beautiful. Here's a shitty picture of Modern Baseball and Modern Life Is War. #southeastbeast #mobo #mliw
mliw - southeastbeast - mobo -
lil_switchhitta69 : Wow
morgandynda : @lurkjosh what josh
lil_switchhitta69 : It's great
morgandynda : @lurkjosh thank you
oliviaashford : 😍
morgandynda : @oliviaashford right!?
vanibronze : Mliw kill'd it.🔫omg☺
morgandynda : @vanibronze so good
mrconeybear - harrehsin - emilyqueeen - joebadluck -
Find @nicholas_christian . That guy is wearing the same harvest shirt as me. I'm tired #mliw #modernlifeiswar #southeastbeast
modernlifeiswar - mliw - southeastbeast -
thisisnotmywar - shookjuans - finney314 - darrinnnnnn -
Save me from ordinary. Save me from myself. #MLIW
mliw -
joeycppr : Solid mcdonalds, throw a McDouble off the stage for me
natederbs : ^
oliviaashford : Modern Life Is War played at McDonald's? Dang I need to eat there more.
erick_cedillo45 - audisdo - robinwankenobi - chlo_edwards -
Hey @eichmancometh this is the cool backdrop you wanted right? #MLIW #DVD
dvd - mliw -
eichmancometh : So sick!
stephensmeal : @eichmancometh Where's the Emperor gear? Or was it a fly in?
moonchaplin : That guy is hot
eichmancometh : It's a fly in @stephensmeal
eichmancometh : @moonchaplin 😘
karimnlsl : @moonchaplin @eichmancometh looks like a perfect spokesmodel for the DVD industry to me.
moonchaplin : Totally agree. We will make millions
joelifeline - tomdice - moonchaplin - eddieshearrow -
#modernlifeiswar #mliw #southeastbeast #elenadesotophoto
modernlifeiswar - elenadesotophoto - mliw - southeastbeast -
abra_su_mente : Omg how did you get this up so fast
silenceofthedan : That's what she said
elenadesotophoto : @silenceofthedan 👌
gordonxkingston : Great shot. Where can I see more pictures from this set?
elenadesotophoto : @gordonxkingston they'll be up tomorrow when I'm home! or
stoop_weather - mosesedge - xjimmythekidx - wearethecampaign -
#morning #ritual #mliw #lovethatshit @mliwofficial
lovethatshit - mliw - ritual - morning -
we're not pretty and we're not rich... we're gonna have to fucking work for it. #deadramones #MLIW #vscocam
mliw - vscocam - deadramones -
wooden_heart -
Finally framed this. #MLIW #Iowa
mliw - iowa -
bkgaspard : Gonna see them this weekend?
dressxcode : Only band im interested in on that show but probably yeah, and I'm going to fest this year. Who am I becoming...again.
jordan_baileyyy : @dressxcode you're going to fest? Descendents?
dressxcode : That is confirmed @jordan_baileyyy
jordan_baileyyy : @dressxcode hell yeah. I may go.
dressxcode : Lookout hippy punks, banker punks are on the way @jordan_baileyyy
killaaa_k - katie_katiehansen - bkgaspard - hannahtenenbaum -
modernlifeiswar - mliw - converge -
jesciexvx : HERE TO CREATE!
legionovscum : #converge #mliw #modernlifeiswar
marty_nipples - n1v3k420 - joseph_john_ - peggyhillyall -
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