Bought some stuff for the polo as an easter present to myself.... chocolate + car parts make a good easter!;) #polo #polocoupe #polo86c #mk2f #mk2fpolo #mk2polo #carparts #stickerbomb #vw #vwpolo #ebay
mk2f - vwpolo - stickerbomb - ebay - mk2fpolo - polo86c - vw - polo - carparts - mk2polo - polocoupe -
emmafare - rylie_newman - cristinita1209 - karlamooreeno -
Been a while, but the polo is having some TLC and going back on the road. #mk2polo #vwlove #vw #vwpolo #dub #euro #polocoupe #coupeS
vwpolo - vwlove - dub - coupes - vw - polocoupe - mk2polo - euro -
laurenphillips94 : Good to hear!!
v3ast : @laurenphillips94 I can't wait. She's going to be beautiful!
laurenphillips94 : Being the man with camera you better capture every moment along the way ;) 😜
mr_russy : I'm doing the same @v3ast fingerd crossed mine will be back next month! :-D
v3ast : Good luck man! It's always worth it in the end! @mr_russy
mr_russy : Yea man just so much to do to mine needs some bodywork doin but iv sorted everything to get it through mot so fingers crossed shell be back good luck with yours aswell I love you polo wouldn't mine it myself ;) if you ever sell it im interested defo @v3ast
v3ast : @mr_russy aha thank you man! I do love her. She runs well, but just a few things I need to do to get it passed. I want it looking cleaner too (: I will let you know if the situation changes! Cheers for the interest (:
_just_try_me_ : πŸ‘
d_irnz - _jaym - 3letterjon - mk3leon -
Took this out the garage #Volkswagen #mk2polo #vw
vw - mk2polo - volkswagen -
charliekean11 : That's lovely man that yours?
petrie1996 : Its my bros mate! Just tried to swap the wheels onto my car but they don't fit so gonna ask if I can drive this about! @charliekean11
charliekean11 : Ahh right I see! Yehh sweet man!
rory_winter : Thats mint!
petrie1996 : Yeh mate really nice like! @rory_winter
rory_winter : have to say im jealous of you!
petrie1996 : Haha its not mine mate its my brothers I was ment to be getting the wheels for my car but they don't fit @rory_winter
rory_winter : still hahah he not drive it?
liamboylex - emilygrr_ - cjspink - mark_scully -
Finally sourced an inline filler neck. #swegs #polo86c #mk2polo #afhconversion
swegs - polo86c - mk2polo - afhconversion -
stackmannnn : @joewphotography haha that's fair enough. Wish I could have sealed up some holes on the bulkhead but doing it all myself I didn't feel brave enough haha. You'll be fine man 😏 it's not to bad atall
joewphotography : I'm not welding them up either man, having Tim do it when he paints it because he's awesome with a welder and that kinda stuff
stackmannnn : @joewphotography that's fair enough man :) I'm happy enough with my bay. May have the front slam pannel re-done when the shell is painted cause I've hit it with a spanner a few times 😭 hahaha
joewphotography : Yeah that's my worry, I've gotta put my whole engine in after paint, recon I'm just going to put loadsa rags and bubble wrap on everything that's painted till it's all in hahaha
stackmannnn : Ah god! It's fucking horrible. My engine was such a tight fit side to side. Took ages to get it in with loads of people trying not to scratch anything. πŸ˜‚ @joewphotography
joewphotography : Yeah I'll have my two mates who both have rado g60s and ones a mechanic helping me so they both know the engine inside out and I'll just protect the bay as much as I can haha fingers crossed!! 😁
stackmannnn : Ah you lucky bastard! I'm the only vw nut in my whole fucking town basically! 😭 no one has a fucking clue about my engine/ car all my mates have like 106s and civics so I'm just here trying to figure shit out haha @joewphotography
joewphotography : Yeah I'm pretty happy that they know more than me about it! I'm not great with engines so yeah I'll need the help haha
dalescottfk - neyland123 - xdamonn_8d - matthann24 -
More wiring done on the mk2 today. Ran out of solderings doe. #mk2polo #polo86c #projectcar #smoothbay #wiretuck #retrovw
wiretuck - projectcar - retrovw - polo86c - mk2polo - smoothbay -
steve_d1188 - lsj12 - j_rowley9 - stefanedge -
Picture of my #mk2polo taken today by @leemitch91 excuse the open door haha
mk2polo -
mattyjamesn - vw_robert - kfj512 - xdamonn_8d -
Picture of my #mk2polo taken today by @leemitch91
mk2polo -
vw_robert - seanfirst - kfj512 - xdamonn_8d -
Picture of my #mk2polo taken today by @leemitch91
mk2polo -
vw_robert - seanfirst - kfj512 - xdamonn_8d -
Thanks @bert997 for pressing my bushes in for me this morning 😘. #mk2polo #fullypollybushed #redsweg #racekor #newparts #shiney #projectcar #polo86c
fullypollybushed - projectcar - newparts - shiney - polo86c - racekor - redsweg - mk2polo -
bert997 : @stackmannnn no probs son! Be nice to see it rolling x
dannyb_323 - chlooor - kanetilley - polostig -
Chilling with @herbiematt sorting parts out. #mk2polo #mk1golf
mk1golf - mk2polo -
v3ast - headclean - wolfsburgfanatic - baker_1987 -
Had a sick day! #pologti #civic #mk2polo #a4069 #roadtrip
a4069 - pologti - roadtrip - mk2polo - civic -
camberfever - charliefamalam_ - actrightvinny - lildds -
First clean of the year #mk2polo #clubpolo #autoglym #retro #compomotive
clubpolo - autoglym - retro - mk2polo - compomotive -
mattyjamesn - bshaw557 - nige8021 - g40alex -
Progress pic. 2 😊 kept the original square/cut off arch shape but made wider to allow more width. #mk2 #mk2vw #mk2polo #breadvan #polo #custom #arches #vdub #vw #mk2breadvan
mk2breadvan - mk2vw - custom - arches - vdub - mk2 - vw - polo - breadvan - mk2polo -
nathankenyon : Yeaaa !@
vag_crew - dalescottfk - vw__gti__wv - counterkultur -
Well... Bit of a progress picture.. Arches going fat yo #mk2polo #mk2 #mk2vw #vw #polo #breadvan #vdub #custom #bodywork #arches #steel #ignorethedirtywheels #cant #wait
steel - ignorethedirtywheels - breadvan - cant - mk2vw - custom - arches - vdub - mk2 - vw - polo - bodywork - mk2polo - wait -
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Big Dreams! #bigdreams #snowboarding #bigdreamssnowboarding #sticker #stickerbomb #vw #vdub #veedub #vwpolo #volkswagen #mk2polo #mk2polo #mk2bready #mk2breadvan #mk2poloestate #vwmk2polo
mk2breadvan - vwpolo - mk2poloestate - vwmk2polo - sticker - bigdreams - stickerbomb - volkswagen - vdub - mk2bready - bigdreamssnowboarding - vw - snowboarding - mk2polo - veedub -
ventoalex : Need to take a trip out there again at some point, my board could really use a base grind.
jetta_james - daniisek - jesssis - irislazz -
Started sticker bombing the wing i sprayed matt black. Lots of @ukcustomplugs & @dropdeadstore stickers! #stickerbomb #stickerscoverdents #mk2polo #mk2breadvan #mk2bready #mk2poloestate #mk2 #vwpolo #vw #vdub #veedub #volkslife #volkswagen #dublife #ukcustomplugs #dropdead
dublife - ukcustomplugs - mk2poloestate - stickerbomb - volkswagen - vdub - mk2bready - vwpolo - dropdead - veedub - mk2breadvan - vw - stickerscoverdents - mk2 - volkslife - mk2polo -
alicee_marie : I have quite a few ukcustomplug stickers if you want them :3 xxxxxx
amb_dub : Ooh yeah please girl! @alicee_marie xxxxxx
steveey92 : #neighbourhoodwatch
amb_dub : It's noise basterds operate in this area! @steveey92 πŸ˜‚
artisestvita : I like the lil flyin pug in the corner @amb_dub
amb_dub : Me too, hehe, he's my fave! He needed to be that side of of the wing because of the way he's faced. But he looks cute on his own anyway. :) @artisestvita
steveey92 : Haha I only just noticed the pug... Definitely the best one! 🐩
amb_dub : It's the best, isn't it! @steveey92 I love him!
ventoalex - vdubjosh - artisestvita - ilovejoelsmith -
Not bad for a rattlecan bay spray job! #polomk2 #mk2polo #mk2love #polog40
polog40 - mk2love - polomk2 - mk2polo -
g40py - vw_polo_g40 -
Still that high spot in it, which is massive but it needs a new wing, bashed out as much as possible! Sticker is going there πŸ˜‚ loads better though! #vw #vwpolo #vdub #veedub #volkswagen #mk2polo #mk2bready #mk2breadvan #mk2poloestate #dublife #dubsnotdrugs #filler
mk2breadvan - dublife - filler - mk2poloestate - volkswagen - vdub - mk2bready - mattblack - vwpolo - dubsnotdrugs - vw - mk2polo - veedub -
artisestvita : This is bready? sweet Jesus @amb_dub xxx
amb_dub : Heheh, yeah it is @artisestvita! It will be #mattblack when it drys! :)
leepayne92 : Still after the roofRack? @amb_dub
amb_dub : I will be! Don't worry about keeping it back for me if someone else wants to buy it! Just been through a rough couple of months but in a couple weeks I would love to buy it! @leepayne92
leepayne92 : Yeh sweet ha yeh know that feeling 😩 hah no worries it's yours πŸ‘Œ
amb_dub : Sweet man! It's beautiful! @leepayne92
leepayne92 : Haha πŸ˜‰
gengis777 - tomohawk59 - allantbtc_ - victor_korotkov -
Today the breadvan had some TLC. The massive dent & rust & just mess from where a van hit her has been sorted for now. #vw #vwpolo #vdub #veedub #volkswagen #mk2polo #mk2bready #mk2breadvan #mk2poloestate #dublife #dubsnotdrugs #filler
mk2breadvan - dublife - filler - mk2poloestate - volkswagen - vdub - mk2bready - vwpolo - dubsnotdrugs - vw - mk2polo - veedub -
lukeherbss : Mine has the exact same dent
amb_dub : Haha crazy! Another bready in my town has a dent there too but on the drivers side! A van came round a corner not looking and drove straight into my dad, can't go through insurance as it would be a right off. It was so bad the wing wouldn't go back on at first, mega bashing out! @lukeherbss
lukeherbss : Haha mad! Mines the same aswell with the same filler, I've got new wings for when I respray it
ohsoretroevents - allantbtc_ - _chris_w__ - vw_joel -
This was the bend -.- #vw #vdub #veedub #volkswagen #vwpolo #mk2polo #mk2bready #mk2poloestate #mk2breadvan #exhuast #dublife #dubsnotdrugs
mk2breadvan - dublife - mk2poloestate - volkswagen - exhuast - vdub - mk2bready - vwpolo - dubsnotdrugs - vw - mk2polo - veedub -
amb_dub : I've now bent it all back into shape & fitted three new exhaust rubber hooks! Boom! All done!
artisestvita - wowohops -
Yesterday my exhausts fell off, all the rubbers snapped and well.. All that was holding it together was the manifold then it had dented as it fell off & wouldn't go back into place. :((( #vw #vdub #veedub #volkswagen #dublife #dubsnotdrugs #exhuast #mk2polo #vwpolo #mk2poloestate #mk2breadvan #breadvan #bready #mk2bready
mk2breadvan - dubsnotdrugs - bready - mk2poloestate - volkswagen - exhuast - vdub - mk2bready - vwpolo - dublife - vw - breadvan - mk2polo - veedub -
amb_dub : Haha thanks, haha yeah I don't see why not! ☺️ @Steveey92
steveey92 : Wicked! When can you start? πŸ˜‰
amb_dub : Erm.. Whenever! I accept payment in sweeties btw!
amb_dub : @steveey92
steveey92 : Haha any specific sweets? If not you're getting flying saucers πŸ™ˆ
amb_dub : Flying saucers are my fave! @steveey92
steveey92 : I flippin hate em!! Nasty things lol. All about rhubarb and custards!!
roydelabar : If they were bent down you might want to think about getting some braces welded on too before it happens again :)
steveey92 - wowohops - j__cermak -
Jammin on the whip after an evening ride. #volkSWAGen #polo #yolo #england #mtb #dh #mk2polo #summer #polly #pocket #dubway #cuckmere
summer - yolo - england - dh - polly - cuckmere - dubway - volkswagen - pocket - mtb - polo - mk2polo -
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Rolling shot on the way to #earlyedition 😎 #mk2polo #ozturbo #splitrim #stance #bikecarbs #edition38 #clubpolo #fisheye πŸ“·πŸ‘‰ @jordancharles_
earlyedition - edition38 - stance - splitrim - ozturbo - bikecarbs - clubpolo - mk2polo - fisheye -
ma_croxford - robdaviesss - lucas_fawcett - dellboi1290 -
Shit. #lowcarproblems #mk2coupe #mk2polo #mk2polocoupe #86c #clubpolo #slammed #stance
mk2coupe - lowcarproblems - stance - mk2polocoupe - slammed - clubpolo - 86c - mk2polo -
tonywalters68 : Clean uninstall Angus!
tompinkneyy_ : Weight reduction πŸ‘Š
ellie_johnson_ : OmgπŸ˜‚ @angusunsworth @tompinkneyy_
camsnape : Sounds better with just the downpipe anyway ;)
henryplumb : Oh dear Angus...
angusunsworth : @camsnape turned some heads when I Bwaapppeeddd through Coggeshall
camsnape : I bet! It's sounds like a tractor haha. Did you just chuck it in the car and drive home?
moobslikechagan - gwizzle1 - gebrew - bustinjieberr -
Bready and the beast πŸ˜… #mk2polo #vw #clubpolo #ohsoretro
clubpolo - ohsoretro - mk2polo - vw -
vw_support_ - shades0717 - counterkultur - scenegraphics -
The breadvan looking sweet with the alloys #vw #mk2polo #breadvan #alloys
alloys - breadvan - mk2polo - vw -
scottwarren_ : Looks half decent with the new alloys
finlaypip : To low on the back thou :'(
dewey_92 - jaybeasley - davealexparker - oldworksgarage -
#vw #volkswagenpolo #vwpolo #volkswagen #clubpolo #dubwerx #mk2polo #motor #daily my new daily ride
vwpolo - dubwerx - daily - volkswagenpolo - motor - vw - clubpolo - volkswagen - mk2polo -
nickkkharrisss : Do something good with it ffs
m4ttyf : Like what
_iammaggie_ - westwalian - marks_f2d - zackky95 -
A good day at #earlyedition today with the boys. Me and @ryantw repping the polo scene. #vwpolo #mk2polo #ozturbo #stance #fitment #edition38 #clubpolo
earlyedition - edition38 - stance - fitment - ozturbo - vwpolo - clubpolo - mk2polo -
andybmx : Loved both of these today, both so clean πŸ‘Œ
robbodred : Lads!
_jakeb_ : Cheers dude, you need to get yours sorted then! @g40alex I'll be going to elsecar this weekend then all types after that :) @tomomh cheers man, they scrub up alright ;) @andybmx
g40alex : Sadly my mk2 was scrapped, but I'll just have to pull my finger out with the g40 haha
_jakeb_ : Yeah get it done! I loved it when it had the eaton charger on it @g40alex
g40alex : Haha I will! It's going to be fully done, fully forged, gt25, aem management etc will have loads if neat touches to it too
_jakeb_ : Sounds like it's gonna be a monster πŸ˜‰ @g40alex
g40alex : Hopefully man
jordancharles_ - samparker101 - marekskoupy - zimirrr -
Very tidy bready from #earlyedition πŸ‘Š #polo86c #mk2polo #edition38 #retrorides #breadvan #hovis #50/50wholemeal
earlyedition - edition38 - retrorides - hovis - 50 - mk2polo - polo86c - breadvan -
5strikecrew : Hopefully. Just money :/ @brokenxmind
jamie_6n : This flew past me on the way home, must have been doing well over 95!
stefanedge : @ryantw
sue_paterson : @callummcgregor92
jameshenderson18 : Any one know the true size on these 14s??
stackmannnn : @jameshenderson18 not to sure man. I don't know the owner I'm afraid
jameshenderson18 : Ok thanks anyway man
ryantw : @jameshenderson18 pretty sure they're 14x6
corey_feighan - mattbrooks1995 - j_rowley9 - stig1603 -
My Mk2 WV Polo will turn 27 on 1st August, and she's just hit 100,000 miles. Wooooo! #breadvan #mk2polo #vw
vw - breadvan - mk2polo -
vag_crew - kowareta_doll - ktehill - pandamichele -
Got to meet @_jakeb_ and see his 16v coupe today πŸ‘ thanks for bringing that arb dude 😊 #polo86c #polo86c #sweg #ozturbos #mk2polo #slamburglars #bikecarbs #retrorides #edition38
ozturbos - edition38 - retrorides - slamburglars - sweg - polo86c - bikecarbs - mk2polo -
stackmannnn : @_jakeb_ I'll have to make sure my launch control is all wired up for mega bangs πŸ™ˆ and maybe 13x8/9 with like et15 front and et0 rear maybe. Looking at some custom splits and going golf arches at the back so want to fill them out so it looks proper wide
_jakeb_ : Yess, I'm not allowed launch control until my engines run in incase it πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’£πŸ’₯ haha. Wide 13's will look badass if you can get it low 😊 sooo many plans.
stackmannnn : @_jakeb_ hahahahaha. do you have any form of rev limiter on it at the moment then?
stackmannnn : @_jakeb_ hydros will definitely get it low 😊 we're the brave ones you never see stanced mk2s
_jakeb_ : When the pistons hit the bonnet is the limit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ notching them skinny chassis legs will be fun thenπŸ˜‰ I was scared doing mine yesterday. We're either brave or stupid haha
stackmannnn : @_jakeb_ judging from my previous cars I'll say stupid. Don't know if I'll start cutting my chassis on this one. It should sit on the floor with 13s when it's on hydros so may not need to
_jakeb_ : Hahaha, yeah hopefully you might get away with it and it not worth doing until you really have to
barr_end : This coupe 😍
samuelpugcoston - stinkypetebmx - tomomh - popekpatryk -
Old car looking sorry for its self, hopefully finish up the sanding and strippng today, running on cbr600 carbs and full stainless exhaust from 4branch with gtcam in engine, #mk2polo #mk2 #vw #polo #coupe #vwcoupe #vwpolo
mk2 - vwcoupe - vwpolo - polo - vw - mk2polo - coupe -
tommybastard - ljontoast - pat_paddles - dottywoz -
Eight ball! πŸ‘Œ #vw #vdub #veedub #vwpolo #mk2polo #breadvan #mk2bready #mk2love #volkswagen #dubdub #eightball #gearknob
vw - mk2love - eightball - gearknob - volkswagen - vdub - mk2bready - vwpolo - dubdub - breadvan - mk2polo - veedub -
jetta_kings - andrew_wilson94 - wowohops - vwemily -
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