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Please help spread the word about Jack! All the family wants for Easter is for Jack to come home! Together we can help bring Jack home! 🐰😔🙏 @helpjackismissing #missingmaltese #missingdog #studiocity #losangeles #jacksmissing #pleasehelp
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duchess_the_pug : #jackismissing
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#Regram #dog #doglovers #dogtheft #vancouver #bc #vancouverbc #frenchie #frenchbulldog #frenchbully #squishy #squishyface #squishyfacecrew #stolen Please spread the word and regram #dogloversofinstagram
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kozzy85 : #stolendog #missingdog #missing
skhall1985 : Saw this yesterday - it's shameful! Some people are sick xxxxxx
kozzy85 : @skhall1985 have you seen the video? Nasty lil sicko! So sad! Xxxxx
candyfloss_69 : :-(:-(:-(:-( heartbreaking
kozzy85 : @candyfloss_69 I know it makes me so mad!! 😢
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Our thoughts and prayers are with @littlebabychips. We praying for Chloe's safe return all the way from South Africa! 🙏🙏🙏 #bringhomechloe #stolendog #missingdog #helpfindme #vancouver #frenchie
stolendog - helpfindme - vancouver - bringhomechloe - missingdog - frenchie -
shaughnessy : Thank you guys!! You are extremely kind-hearted and we appreciate all of your help!!
shaughnessy - elisabethschaverien168 - bffya100 - super_cooper_frenchie -
Missing now for an hour - he's never done this before!! - anyone in the port Chester area!!! #PLEASEHELP #MISSINGDOG he's 9months old and answers to the name Harley - he's currently wearing an orange Harley Davidson collar & a red bandana .. Please call if you see him or have him 😭😭😭
pleasehelp - missingdog -
nyesco914 - fighterbrah -
Freddy is one funny dog #missingdog #bostonterrier #onatrip #visitingfamily #lompoc #pizzacrust #holdingon #funny :)
funny - missingdog - visitingfamily - bostonterrier - holdingon - onatrip - pizzacrust - lompoc -
patdbvbbatmanluver98 : We all miss freddy cant wait to see him when we come back home :)
loudafaith92 : Aww... I miss Fred too! :( . :( . :( . :( . :(
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Praying @littlebabychips gets home safely from the monster who stole her. #bringhomechloe #frenchie #frenchies #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogs #missingdog #missing #stolen #bulldog #bulldogsofinstagram #frenchiesofinstagram
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What a horrible thing to happen especially during the long weekend!! It's like kidnapping a child! @shaughnessy @kyleboosh I hope you guys get your dog back home soon and hope this girl gets the karma she deserves! #repost #bringchloehome #missingdog #vancouver
missingdog - vancouver - bringchloehome - repost -
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I miss my puppy !!!!! #missingdog #beauty
missingdog - beauty -
lovemmzz : Wth who tookhm her :o or did they steal her from you guys /:?
ihearttiti : aww nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!i hope she pops up somewhere,where was she last seen cuz? @_feesago_
_juju_323 : I miss her also :(
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Please re-share so that @littlebabychips can get their baby girl Chloe back who was STOLEN from them by this woman!!! #stolendog #missingdog #helpfindme
missingcanadadogs - missingdog - vancover - stolenftenchie - helpfindme - stolendog - stolencanadadogs - vancovercanada - bringchloehome -
cq019 : #bringchloehome #stolenftenchie #vancover #vancovercanada #missingcanadadogs #stolencanadadogs
kudoandpiefrenchielove : #bringchloehome frenchie families stick together ♥
tallulahshuman : Sounds like they have some leads.... Hopefully Chloe is safe and home soon. And those baby stealing monsters will rot!!!!!
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Sorry I haven't posted the boys today but this is important! Please repost. A lady in Vancouver stole this precious dog Chloe from its owner while at the owner's work. She drives a black car with no license plate. Contact Kyleboosh on Twitter or the Vancouver police department at 604-717-3321 #bringhomechloe #missingdog #Vancouver #missing
vancouver - bringhomechloe - missingdog - missing -
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#Repost from @littlebabychips with @repostapp Reposting this and hoping someone overseas who has some info will see it and help get this precious girl back home where she belongs --- PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE! We are absolutely heartbroken that someone would be so incredibly evil to steal our baby Chloe. We are asking for your help to bring her back home. On Thurs she was snatched by this terrible human being from @shaughnessy's place of work and jumped into a black car with no license plate and sped off. If you have any info or leads on this matter please contact us or the VPD. Remember social media is a powerful tool and we can bring Chloe back home. #bringhomechloe #vancouver #frenchbulldog #dog #missingdog #chloe
missingdog - chloe - frenchbulldog - vancouver - bringhomechloe - dog - repost -
tasha_bridger : Awful situation!! Sick woman.
tasha_bridger - joshherd26 -
#missingdog #stolendog #vancouver #yvr #van HELP FIND THIS DOG!!! Some horrible lady stole her if anyone recognizes her please report to police!!!
stolendog - missingdog - vancouver - yvr - van -
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Who goes there? Mommy, is that you??? #IMissYou #CinoLasVegas #LostDogAlert #Stolen #MissingDog #YorkshireTerrier #Yorkie #MyOnlySon #LovedAndMissedAlways #WhereAreYou #SafeReturnHome St. Anthony, St. Anthony PLEASE come down. Cino is lost and can't be found.
imissyou - yorkshireterrier - cinolasvegas - missingdog - lostdogalert - stolen - yorkie - myonlyson - lovedandmissedalways - safereturnhome - whereareyou -
lollypopgirl73 : 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
theheckler1976 : That my mom bark bark 🐶🐶
pebbletherebel : Praying, never losing hope for your safe return...
tututulsit - tabik30 - yorkiecoco - goliath_the_yorkie -
Someone catch this hideous woman. And give the dog back #Vancouver #missingdog
missingdog - vancouver -
ultimateenthusiasts : I will kick her in the vagina if I ever see her
nikolausrosacker : Good!
nikolausrosacker : Kick her once for me! @ultimateenthusiasts
ultimateenthusiasts : I'll double foot Zohan kick her
ultimateenthusiasts -
I would kill if this happened to my dog. Hopefully she will be found and this person punished!!#vancouver #stolendog #missingdog #frenchie
stolendog - vancouver - missingdog - frenchie -
kmck518 : @laceychea did you steal a dog?! Hahaha😂
kmck518 : @laceychea do t take offense, it was the hair haha
lindseyluimes : She was found!! 😊😊😊
lindseyluimes : Or I read this wrong at first and thought it had said she was found 😫😫😫
tattoosbyanya : @lindseyluimes nooooo! Ugh I hope they find her soon!
queen_of_cups : @thugxwife has this twats actual ig account posted, I hope they find her and get the poor baby home. Id be wrecked
waffle_pockets : Terrible 😔
lindseyluimes : @tattoosbyanya seriously, my stomach dropped and I cried when I saw the surveillance footage. I can't imagine what her owners are going through. 😓
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#dog #missing #missingdog #dogthief #stolendog #frenchbulldog
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My baby when she was just a teeeeny little pup. She went missing six days after my 21st birthday. Everyday since Jan.27th, when she was stolen from my backyard while I was at work during the day, my heart aches. I want her back in my arms, and back in my home. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
missingdog - humboldt - thecutest - whoeverstoleherwilldie - heartbroken - luna - ineedpuppycuddles - baby -
bree_angele : #missingdog #luna #baby #thecutest #humboldt #heartbroken #ineedpuppycuddles #whoeverstoleherwilldie
bean_mama : She was stolen?!?! Are you sure she didn't escape? Omg how sad!!! Was she microchipped ?
bree_angele : @bean_mama She was microchipped, yes. Please please keep your eye out for her. I have been so depressed without her. And she wouldn't have been able to get out of the gate herself :/ someone had to have taken her.. 💔 some people are so fucking evil I cannot even comprehend how they could do such things and live with themselves. Someone stole my bestfriend, my baby, my puppy. I loved her more than most humans. I spent so much time with her. I am slowly crumbling.
bean_mama : This just breaks my heart. I have seen her signs up around town and of course I will ALWAYS be on the lookout for her. How old would she be now? I'm SO sorry. People are cruel. 😓💔
bree_angele : Thank you so much. When she went missing she was 6 months; so she is 9 months now. This is a pic of her when she was like 3 or 4 months (I think) though she's fasho larger now.
bree_angele : She is such a sweetheart! 💔 I miss her so so much! Thank you for your support! @bean_mama 👆
bean_mama : No problem! My eyes shall remain peeled.
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REWARD for lost Chihuahua! Her name is Sophie and she was last seen in Sunland CA. Female spayed, white tips on her toes. Her mom is devastated! Please contact @jcavallo or 818-233-1062 with info. Reward and no questions asked! #lostdog #missingdog #sunlandca #chihuahua #blackandtan #reward #noquestionsasked #pleasehelp #findsophie #missing #lost #sophie #dogsofinstagram #missingdogs #lostdogsofinstagram
findsophie - chihuahua - missingdog - dogsofinstagram - lost - missing - lostdogsofinstagram - sunlandca - noquestionsasked - pleasehelp - missingdogs - blackandtan - sophie - lostdog - reward -
jcavallo - pitstopdog - wolfgangmanandbeast - scvitkovic1 -
Found this lost doggy in Cliffside Park if anyone knows of any missing little white poofy doggies in the area let me or Steph K know :) #missingdog #cliffsidepark
missingdog - cliffsidepark -
paralegal_yesenia : @vickiicee, I want him. 🐶. If you don't find the owner I'll take him away from you.
paralegal_yesenia - johnnysalzz - alanstuhl - nbturbos -
Okay facebook, instagram and tumblr friends I need your help. This is my grandma dog rose she ran out the gate this morning and we can't find her. She is a basethound light reddish brown hair. friendly and limps on her right side from Parkinson's disease. I live by the windcreast and Randolph park and ride area. If you see her text me or message me on any of these websites. Thanks guys... #missingdog #sanantonio #Texas #windcrest
sanantonio - windcrest - missingdog - texas -
samanthaadames : That's a Dachshund not a basethound :P
hey_kriskris : She is mixed with dachshund lol I had my other friend tell me that. But I didn't know how to spell the word lol
hey_kriskris : @samanthaadames
samanthaadames : Oh my bad. I shouldn't act like I know what I'm talking about. :P
hey_kriskris : Oh it's ok it's my fault too because I was lazy to use Google voice to see how to spell it lol
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Repost and help bring Chloe back home! #frenchbulldogs #frenchie #dogsofcanada #britishcolumbia #vancouver #bc #alberta #saskatchewan #manitoba #quebec #novascotia #newfoundland #pei #ontario #nunavut #nwt #yukon #Canada #missingdog #dogmissing #stolendog #alert #instadogs #instamutts #dogstagram #muttsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogpics #help
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This is just downright horrible. @littlebabychips had some low life walk into their shop and steal their baby girl, Chloe, right in front of them. If you're in the Vancouver area please keep a look out for this precious little girl. The woman who took her will not meet a happy end, I'm sure. No matter where you are, please repost and help bring Chloe home to her family. #inkmaven #thefall #thefalltattooing #vancouver #frenchie #frenchbulldog #missing #missingdog #stolen #petrecovery #spreadtheword
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#repost and find this hoe #missingdog #vancouver
vancouver - missingdog - repost -
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REPOST! This breaks my heart. If you have any info please contact the Vancouver police. Let's help @shaughnessy & @kyleboosh get their pup back!
stolendog - bringhomechloe - lostdog - vancouver - missingdog -
lololacey : #vancouver #stolendog #lostdog #missingdog
_tinadarling : @jwredetattoos
lololacey : #bringhomechloe
lindsey_withane : Posted. So horrifying.
insta_regret : 😣
thelittleflorist : @floralista
jeremi_ah - harshrealms - duchessbella - tonymike -
@littlebabychips #bringhomechloe help bring Chloe home! Go to @littlebabychips for full story and the video of Chloe being stolen!😞
instalost - stolendog - help - missingdog - bringhomechloe - repost -
feature_my_bullmastiff : #stolendog #missingdog #repost #instalost #help
anabananakitty : :(*
nibblesandbully - anabananakitty - katrin_locc - jpisa_m -
Missing dog in the Schuyler Lake area. Tan, muscular, almost 2 years old. Super friendly and will answer by the name Marley. Please contact 6076435253 if you find him or know the number for the game warden. #missing #missingdog
missingdog - missing -
irving_mastiff : Nonono :(
nickwinne17 : Is he still missing?
abdrakhmanova_1992 - mzeh12 - sydneykirkby - totianna_xoxo_infinity -
Awkward signage... #MissingDog
missingdog -
gracie_lloyd -
That's not how you cop a bitch!!!!! #missingdog #chloe #frenchiepups
frenchiepups - missingdog - chloe -
andr3wadams : Why is everyone posting this??
castillotriciaa : Because who steals dogs..? Lol also it's in Vancouver so yenno @andr3wadams
andr3wadams : Lol ya ok but is the dog fckin special or some shit? Legit seen at least 30 different ppl post this 💁
castillotriciaa : More special than u 😝 @andr3wadams
andr3wadams : Well since I'm above you that means you basically dissed yourself so.... #applycreamheretotreatburn
castillotriciaa : Above me eh? Alright alright.. 😔🔥🔥 @andr3wadams
greatlate - andr3wadams -
Help Chloe return to her owners! Chloe from @littlebabychips was stolen as the owner let this women👈 stroke Chloe at the owners work! Go on there account to see the video😞 repost this!! #bringhomechloe
bringhomechloe - stolen - missingdog - missing - repost -
nibblesandbully : #missingdog #repost #missing #stolen
amber_the_choclab : Iv reposted poor things how discusting
nibblesandbully : I know! Hope she's ok and I hope she has a safe return home! @amber_the_choclab
instapup_pixie : This just makes me sick to my stomach, it's been two days 💔 I hope the find Chloe!!
nibblesandbully : So do I! I know it's so disgusting💔 @instapup_pixie
okpitbulllove - littlezuri11 - crystalqueerxo - charles_worthex -
This is truly disgusting! I can't believe this horrible human did this to this family. Any information on the whereabouts of #Chloe or if you recognise the woman caught on video stealing her. please contact #Vancouver #police @shaughnessy or @bringchloeback #frenchie #frenchbulldog #missingdog #stolendog
stolendog - police - chloe - vancouver - frenchbulldog - missingdog - frenchie -
maggiemarton : Omg. How despicable. Hope the woman is caught soon!
projectrr : @kiweekane I was trying to tag you in this and IG banned me (dewridge) from leaving ANY more comments. They think I leave too many comments and that's suspicious to them. So I apologize for not commenting on @super_sof's or @kiweekane's pics 😡
super_sof : @projectrr there is actual video footage of the woman running out of the shop with the frenchie. I was a bit confused though because the person that created the IG account bringbackchloe claimed to be her owner but the owner thanked the person who created the account. I'm just hoping her picture is flooded over all media outlets and the dog is returned safely to the owner.
projectrr : I've seen this reposted many times now, so let's hope 🙏
mgarveyharrison : No way! That is horrendous.
georgesthefrenchie - joliethefrenchie - jpfarish - ashliee21 -
Attention VANCOUVER area!! Please help find Chloe, she was stolen by a a trashy whore bag! Let's help get her home! Please repost and keep an eye or 2 out for her! #findchloe #justiceforchloe #bulldog #frenchbulldogsofinstagram #frenchbulldog #vancouver #vancity #falltattooing #vancouverbc #igerscanada #igersvancouver #help #missing #missingdog #stloen #stolendog
stolendog - help - missing - bulldog - falltattooing - vancouverbc - bringchloehome - littlebabychloe - findchloe - vancity - igersvancouver - missingdog - stloen - justiceforchloe - frenchbulldogsofinstagram - vancouver - frenchbulldog - igerscanada -
misshoneydipd : #littlebabychloe
misshoneydipd : #bringchloehome
sweetazn_pie : WTF!!
misshoneydipd : 😠😡😤😤😤😤 @sweetazn_pie
cxthy_ - jamie_sing - jprivetta84 - therealjpez -
This is an AMBER ALERT for dogs!!! This dog was stolen in Vancouver two days ago from @theallendabbs dogs r peoples children please call with any info.. So sad people do this #frenchbulldog #frenchie #Vancouver #Vancity #stolendogs #dogs #sadpets #dogsinvanvouver #tattoos #missingdog please help him find his baby!!!!!! Please post and get out there!!! 😢💔🙏
tattoos - missingdog - dogsinvanvouver - sadpets - vancity - vancouver - frenchie - frenchbulldog - dogs - stolendogs -
theallendabbs : Not my dog. @shaughnessy's 10 month old french bulldog "Chloe"
theallendabbs : Thank you for the repost
robynnebrezo : NP .. Sorry I got tht wrong @theallend
robynnebrezo : @shaughnnessy's good luck finding your baby!!!
georgesthefrenchie - yoonsangmi - notaboutdat - k_wonger -
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