@teammikeygarcia files lawsuit to leave #TopRank #fighthype #post 😱👍👊 "Garcia is looking to break free of Top Rank by seeking a declaration from the court which states that he "has no further obligations" and "is free to schedule future fights without any further interference from Top Rank." Evidently, Garcia initially signed a 5-year "Promotional Rights Agreement" with Top Rank on April 13, 2006. On February 27, 2009, Top Rank entered into a second 5-year "Promotional Rights Agreement" with Garcia prior to the original agreement ending, thus extending his commitment to the company to February 27, 2014 without first giving him the opportunity to negotiate a new contract with any promoter. Essentially, Garcia is saying that the two contracts overlapping each other put him into a 8-year long-term deal, which violates the Boxing Reform Act."
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jaldintv : #boxing #boxingfanatik #boxingfan #boxeo #fighthype #mikeygarcia #champ #wbo #hbosports #toprank #bobarum #box
muslimah_rn : I read this today
muslimah_rn : Smdh with his promotion tactics
muslimah_rn : I hope he's able to break free and negotiate with another promoter. I love the way this dude fights
jaldintv : @muslimah_rn mark my words mikey is the truth he next up in a few years he will headlining ppv ....Spanish mayweather hopefully he signs with golden boy
muslimah_rn : @jaldintv this my dude. Love watching him fight. His patience, his poise has boxing skills and he is very talented beyond his young years..
bp_xylotolife206 - mendoza_steph - ___jooseph - connorpurcell10 -
Junior lightweight titleholder Miguel Angel "Mikey" Garcia, declaring that his promotional agreement with Top Rank is illegal and also expired, sued the company in California State Court in Riverside County on April 8. The suit, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN.com, says that the reason for the action is because of "Top Rank's unlawful attempt to exploit, own and permanently control" Garcia's boxing career "as well as Top Rank's consistent violation of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, a federal statute enacted for the express purpose of protecting professional boxers like Garcia from the exploitive practice of boxing promoters like Top Rank." Further, the suit claims that his promotional agreement "improperly provides Top Rank the ability to extend the agreement indefinitely, essentially rendering the contracting fighter an indentured servant of Top Rank." "Mikey has no further obligation to Top Rank under the 2009 promotional rights agreement that he signed," attorney Bryan Freedman, who is representing Garcia, told ESPN.com on Tuesday. "It's very clear for a number of reasons, but that's our position. There are a number of reasons why it's invalid. Even if it hadn't expired under its own terms, Top Rank acted not only as a promoter but also as a manager under the definition of manager in California and that is against the law. This is an absolute fairness issue." The suit uses also claims that Top Rank "violated numerous provisions of both California law and California's strong public policy to protect California-based boxers from unscrupulous promoters and managers," while also accusing Top Rank of acting as Garcia's "unlicensed manager." In another claim in the suit, Garcia said Top Rank violated the Ali act by not making federally required disclosures concerning the amount of money the company would make from Garcia's bouts.
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mr_rtb_chuyg : @rtb_robert
_mrsloera_ : Smart move @teammikeygarcia Arum is a fool. @goldenboyboxing Here comes Mickey. 🙌
boxingfan_jose : Smart move
rich_n_nina : @arizonafit pacquiao should of been one to do this if he really wanted to fight floyd.
jr87chevy : @realtalkboxing nice picture bro.
gsm991 : Top ranks is a crap company that's out to use fighters but also gotta read what you're signing
marynegrete7 : nice photo !!!
rammendoza : That's a nice pic @jr87chevy.
tha_squatch_is_real - smtn49 - xxjrg87xx - groofy83 -
More on the Mikey Garcia lawsuit against Top Rank from BoxingScene.com: Junior lightweight titleholder Mikey Garcia has filed a lawsuit against promoter Top Rank in a California court, alleging violations of the Muhammad Ali Act and seeking to break free from his contract with the company, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by BadCulture.net. The lawsuit alleges that Garcia’s contract “improperly provides Top Rank the ability to extend the agreement indefinitely, essentially rendering the contracting fighter an indentured servant of Top Rank.” The filing claims that the contract violates California law. It also claims that the promoter has also violated the United States’ Muhammad Ali Act for multiple reasons, including “by failing to make required disclosures to Garcia concerning, among other things, the amount of money it would make from each of Garcia’s bouts.” The lawsuit was filed April 8 in Riverside Superior Court. Online court records show the case as being open, with a case management conference hearing scheduled for Oct. 6.
ramongang : @therealsupersteve @heri562
art_romero : Time to go to golden boy baby!!! Way better fights for you anyways!
arielleesmee : You have to watch these Jews. Arum holds back from all his fighters. Any fighter with intelligence ends up leaving Top Rank. Look Pacquioa, one of the biggest idiots in boxing. Pacquioa could of went the Mayweather route and cashed in big........
frankiemelz : @i_melch @deelow4 @__andrew @fredrock805
mrpersson1985 : Hopefully he get outs then we can see gamboa vs garcia!
oscarm_15 : @donkuya @mexifbaby10 @mroctubre31
12_swerve : Good move by Garcia. Bob arum was going to exploit him and take him no where.
agustinfl0res : @xtian_408
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WBO super featherweight champion Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia has filed a lawsuit to try to get out of his promotional contract with longtime promoter Top Rank. The lawsuit was filed last week in the Superior Court of Riverside County, California and alleges that Top Rank attempted to “exploit, own and permanently control” Garcia’s career. The suite also alleges that Top Rank acted as Garcia’s “unlicensed manager.” Ironically Garcia’s manager of record, Cameron Dunkin, is considered to be one of the best managers in boxing. As you can remember earlier this year Top Rank and HBO failed to come to terms in order to make the Garcia vs Gamboa match, which would have been the biggest fight of Mikey Garcia's career. Then Bob Arum went on to publicly slander Garcia over his purse demands for the fight. *We personally want to wish @TeamMikeyGarcia the best. He's one of the best young talents in boxing today, and we wish nothing more than to see him back in the ring.
ludwigdroog1 : We'll be seeing Miley dominate the lightweight division with goldenboy.
chango_est_85 : @e_felipe9
e_felipe9 : @chango_est_85 lol what is "Gamboa would be out in 7" based off of? And rocky Martinez sucks
julian_g5 : @ericsaldua
chango_est_85 : Gamboa has been put down by punching bags. His GOD given talent allows him a chance to fight back with out being tested and pressured. He he gets put on the canvas by Mikey, well that's a different story. Mikey is not a average joe either. Gamboa is a great fighter don't get me wrong. But he probably is the only high profile boxer who hasn't been tested by a top contender multiple times. @e_felipe9
chango_est_85 : He Is like another khan... Great fighter no chin... Mikey will expose it. @e_felipe9
e_felipe9 : @chango_est_85 along with Mikey lol
e_felipe9 : @chango_est_85 we can only hope the fight gets made... I like Mikey but have my doubts
imsz_z - alejandrrrro - el_cazador805 - sugarjthompson -
If Mikey Garcia @teammikeygarcia is LEGALLY able to leave Top Rank, jump ship and go to @goldenboyboxing do you want to see him fight Abner Mares @abnermares? Or would you rather see Mares avenge his 1st Rd KO loss to Jhonny Gonzalez @jhonnygbox?? #MikeyGarcia #AbnerMares #JhonnyGonzalez #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #Sports #p4p #KO #Knockout #MainEvent #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #ESPN #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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bodibyfresh : @boxingego The fact that most of TR fighters are leaving is tge most teling story about the business being conducted over their yet Bob Arum cant stop bashing other networks & promoters. As for the question posed, I'd like to see Abner rematch Jhonny 1st! Whom blasted,shocked & embarassed him in front of the boxing world.
bodibyfresh : The*
kobra2014gt : Lol abner shut your mouth ...He don't want to fight Johnny or leo. .
evanbabyex : Want to see both
just_davv : He should avenge his ok loss first, right now he looks suspect of being a bitxh
60yroldwhitemansays : Mares still running from Johnny
lost_angeless_575 : @boxingego did you see my comment before the tweet came out?
sjohall_ : Apparently Bob Arum said no to Gamboa and Garcia? Now we know why Floyd and Manny won't take place
xbryanfettx - rocha_el_father - chobani___ - dknunez94 -
#Mikeygarcia wants to give #bobarum and #toprank the #gasface! The #ruslanprovodnikov fight against #chrisalgieri on 6/14 has been moved to #brooklyn! Originally, this contest was supposed to take place in #longisland. #providnikovvsalgieri Lastly, visit #fightnews to find out about the 10 weeks of big mega fights that are on the #horizon!
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#mikeygarcia #sueing #goldenboy #toprank #fighter #boxing #boxeo #leavingtoprank
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EGO Thoughts: Check out my latest video on the channel. It's being reported that Mikey Garcia @teammikeygarcia has filed a lawsuit to void his contract with Top Rank @trboxing CRAZY! Everything is speculation at the moment, but I'm sure it has to do with money and Mikey feeling like he is not getting his just due. If this court stuff works in favor of Mikey Garcia and he is able to separate from his TR contract, that's a bad look for Top Rank/HBO BOTH have invested a lot of money in to Garcia. And Top Rank has a lot of older talent Marquez,Pacquiao, Cotto (kinda), etc fighters off recent losses Bradley,Donaire, Alvarado,Rios, or young fighters who haven't built up to a superstar fan base yet Lomachenko and Verdejo. So if Mikey bounces that's Top Ranks only real established undefeated star(by established I mean Televised HBO main event headlining performances, good HBO ratings, etc). I want to know what does this mean for the Mikey Garcia vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa? Gamboa is with @50cent @smspromotions and I don't know if He has an established working relationship with @goldenboyboxing or if they'll do business with him. (if Garcia got out of contract and signed to Golden Boy Hypothetically) what do you guys think of this lawsuit? #MikeyGarcia #TR #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #Sports #p4p #KO #Knockout #MainEvent #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #ESPN #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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dpp_montana : I feel like every fighter should leave top rank lol good for Mikey
dpp_montana : @noblepack ya boi
dpp_montana : @boxingego say bro when you say channel, you mean YouTube?
pinoyboxing : Good luck suing Atty arum lol
boxingego : @dpp_montana yes sir, the link to my YouTube channel is in my about me in my IG Bio
bugster_ : go to golden boy!!!!
ftm247 : @boxingego any news on lokachenko vs Russell jr?
salthepal7272 : @boxingego @teammikeygarcia will be find, @goldenboyboxing has a better crop of fighters, up and coming and older that MIkey can pick and choose from, as oppose to top rank who doesnt pay anyone, look at @floydmayweather who went from 6 figures to 7 figures just by leaving top rank, it happens all the time to top rank, look what @realoscardelahoya, TR under values their fighters and pays them as such. If mikey keeps growing, he can get a mega fight with @dannyswiftgarcia later on, overall just get better fights. I dont think Mikey is a 6 figure yet, but he will have a better platform with GB, because of the quality of fighters they are developing.
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According to Jeandra LeBeauf of BadCulture.Net, WBO Featherweight Champion and budding superstar Mikey Garcia is suing his promotional company, Top Rank. The suit pertains to a violation of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, in particular an alleged attempt to exploit Garcia. Visit www.RoundByRoundBoxing.com to read the entire suit. Photo: Jeremy Flores / Round By Round Boxing @jaypanama
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bigmark1400 : Imagine abner and Garcia going at it or even Leo Santa Cruz at the right weight! This is big news!
revo11 : GO MIKEY!!!!!!
chobani___ : Fuck yea haha another one bites the dust
cesarnnunez : @mww17 @rogercampos_vi
hervey0592 : @eliasmtanous
chochas91 : @escoba7
uscanga11 : Good
atr014 : Fuck Bob Arum
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Gorgeous, I know!!! The mic!
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nixtamusic : #selfie #musicselfie #recording selfie
nixtamusic : #houstonmusic #music #rap #thelastplaceyoulook #mikeygarcia #music #Missouricity #sugarland #hiphop #sesh #studio #studiosesh
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@salas7878 @teammikeygarcia @valleyjewelry @chris_donovan @evelynerives thanks Mikey 4 coming out we had a blast !
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evomike23 : @nved1320 thanks for remembering about us here in Yucaipa
nved1320 : @evomike23 lot on my mind my bad !
evomike23 : @nved1320 all of a sudden! Imma use that one lol
nved1320 : #pawnshop #boxing #mikeygarcia #boxingchamp
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Today was so cool and so unexpected! Met a real boxer @teammikeygarcia and actually won in a raffle!! @991kggi #raffle #winner #totalbum #Sunday #manIlookgross #MikeyGarcia
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lisabustos : Awwww how awesome!!! :D text me!!
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The champ Mikey Garcia With some of our little ones along with Coaches Angel Ochoa and Angel JR #ptownboxing #boxing #boxinghype #boxingfamily #boxingfanatik #mikeygarcia #anboxeo #champ #kids #gym #class #workout @teammikeygarcia @boxinghype @elieseckbach
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howtobox : Keep it going!
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#Superfeatherweight #Champion #MikeyGarcia is picking #Pacquiao tonight #pacbradley I told him #Maidana needs to not respect #Mayweather and fight dirty & rough he agreed. Mikey says one of the Japanese champs in Macau is prob next for him #boxing
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Quick pic with my boy (★FAMOUS BOXING STAR★) MIKEY GARCIA at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy. #Mikeygarcia #Teamgarcia #RobertGarciaBoxingAcademy #Cortes
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elevenfivefifty : Pacman vs Bradley u gonna watch it?
mightymouse116 : Hermic at what time does the fight start?
hernan97cortes : @elevenfivefifty yea lamez. onde la estas mirando puerko?
elevenfivefifty : @hernan97cortes en tu cola
setrocdivad : Hahaha ^
elevenfivefifty : Vas a venir puerco? Todavia ay tacos
hernan97cortes : @elevenfivefifty a quiero va estar el taquiero
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"It doesn't matter who it is whether its [Yuriorkis] Gamboa or [Takashi] Uchiyama. Mikey has proven he is one of the best fighters in the world. I think Mikey is on a level now where he could demand a little more and I think that's what Bob Arum and Cameron [Dunkin] are working on right now," expressed Robert Garcia, Brother and Trainer of WBO SuperFeatherweight Champion Mikey Garcia Do you agree with this? Has Mikey paid his dues? #boxing24_7 #mikeygarcia #robertgarcia #superfeatherweightchampion #BobArum #hboboxing #toprank
hboboxing - boxing24_7 - bobarum - robertgarcia - mikeygarcia - toprank - superfeatherweightchampion -
_manuel : That's right!! Team Garcia!!!!
georgie_ferrari : He needs a big name so we can truly be convinced. However he's been looking great so far.
1000proofwizz : Would like to see him vs broner at 140
indoelicious93 : Idk about he's trainer..
voiceofbeard : He's paid SOME dues, but he doesn't seem to be a huge draw. My guess is he's seeing what's going on between HBO, Showtime, Haymon, etc and wants his piece. Understandable. But I wanna see he and Uchiyama tangle.
max32361 : Good fighter
samitogram : #teamGamboa
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Just made this👌💪👊💥 #gamboaGarcia #smsaudio #rgba #mikeygarcia #yuriGamboa #cuba #cubanboxing #mexico #boxing @_rgarcia3 @50cent @gamboa @teammikeygarcia #yuriorkisGamboa #robertgarcia #robertgarciaboxing #boxinghype #boxingfanatik #brandonrios
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itschriswhite : Word!...Don't forget about Monday! Turn up lol
x_superc_x : Very nice 👌👊
hideez96 : @e_d_d_1_e did you know Yuri Gamboa endorses Max Products?
e_d_d_1_e : @hideez96 yeah I seen the article :)
stela72 : Nice!! When is this fight ?
e_d_d_1_e : @stela72 it's just a fantasy match up, there's no contract yet
beccawhoa : Dope
e_d_d_1_e : @beccawhoa gracias :]
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#Vegas #Selfie #MGM #MikeyGarcia
selfie - vegas - mgm - mikeygarcia -
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#boxing #humor #mikeygarcia @teammikeygarcia
boxing - humor - mikeygarcia -
teammikeygarcia : @2_insanity lmfao. shit works huh
_k_lee_4 - akintolashop - muhammadaliclay - tvflyers18 -
Guess who's my height :-). .I'm not alone haha. #boxingheads #boxingjunkie #boxinglife #RobbertGarcia #atlanticcity #fan #mikeygarcia
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boxingnlife : Wowwwwwwww jealous mama. Have an amazing time.
jorgediazboxing - carm317 - h0enisch - osnelcharles -
#mikeygarcia in action. #iloveboxing #boxingfanatic #boxing #blackandgrey #sketch #raza #jab
sketch - mikeygarcia - blackandgrey - boxing - boxingfanatic - raza - iloveboxing - jab -
suavecitosantosjr : Legitttttt!! Brow
kalashnikov82 - yourstruly_meaning_in_da_name - pound4pounddvdringcandy - ernestdeleon -
Jazz,pencils and a lot of patience drawing to one of my favorite young boxers @teammikeygarcia and his powerful #jab #mikeygarcia #boxingfanatic #iloveboxing #boxing #clown13 #blackandgrey
boxingfanatic - iloveboxing - clown13 - mikeygarcia - blackandgrey - boxing - jab -
dami_elguinea - kingdaddyo_513 - mayweathermaidana - pound4pounddvdringcandy -
Looks like this mega fight is off for now as Garcia seems to be upset about how much he was proposed to be compensated in an upcoming bout with Gamboa the undefeated Cuban who has only fought 3 times in the past 3 years. This fight needs to happen! As a fan of both fighters I want to know if Gamboa could really take out a fighter at Mikey's level and as a fan of Garcia I want to know if Mikey is going to have a future at higher weight classes and huge pay days with possibly PAC Man. Who wins if these two can get this thing signed?
dubai - mexican - hboboxing - sog - mexico - mikeygarcia - mgmgrand - teamgarcia - ringkings - vegas - boxeo - army - navy - boxingfanatik - gamboa - uae - latergram - hbosports - mexicali - airforce - la - boxing - aleetboxing - tagsforlikes - boxer - obsessedwithboxing - igdaily - saudi -
itsjustjoshua : @javiloc90 thank you man. I'm fucking sick of hearing about Pacquaio and Mayweather. Put it this way the second anyone tells me they want to see them two fight then I know that they don't know shit about boxing.
itsjustjoshua : Besides didn't Pacquaio get his ass kicked in the 3rd Marquez fight...was given the win. Then lost to Bradley. And then get Ktfo by Marquez? Then he beats Rios and is the best again? Rios was coming off a fucken loss too.
ej1_pito : @itsjustjoshua rios was put in the ring with paq just to make him look good. That was a stupid mismatch. And rios wasn't even trying . He was payed off
itsjustjoshua : @ej1_pito nobody was paid off dude. Relax.
ezanddaddys : It's belt ninja . Not bout lol
juliangh801 : Garcia easy. Ko 5th round
us4real7 : Garcia may win eventually by K.O. but Easy no...
rasulm88 : Gamboa
flaco1965 - wolfysicko - us4real7 - saqerjawarneh -
So Bob Arum explained why Mikey Garcia vs. Gamboa isn't happening...."Garcia thought he was worth more and obviously didn't give a shit about what Gamboa was getting"-Bob Arum😱😨 so why is bob throwing his own fighters under the bus⁉️ lol Garcia needs to leave top rank and go to golden boy....also leave Cameron Dunkin and join Al haymon it's ok to dream...
endcoldwar - cuba - oxnard - wbo - iloveboxing - hbo - boxinghead - mikeygarcia - boxing - toprank - gamboa - olympics - wba - bobarum - hbobox - smspromotions - 805 -
jaldintv : #mikeygarcia #gamboa #smspromotions #toprank #boxing #boxinghead #iloveboxing #oxnard #805 #cuba #olympics #wbo #wba #toprank #hbobox #hbo #endcoldwar #bobarum
danny_mag87 : Huh? This shit don't make sense. I'm a Mikey Garcia fan but I think they want no parts of Gamboa. They want Mikey to continue to smash On guys like Salido, juanma, ponce de leon, Rocky Martinez and all the other top rank garbage.... Top rank is shot.
jaldintv : @danny_mag87 I am a fan of mikey and it seems that way sometimes Bob arum is blunt about stuff....there trying to build Mikey Garcia up I think to be a ppv star. Gamboa might be a risk
danny_mag87 : @jaldintv Gamboa is a 100% a risk. It's a 50/50 fight mikey being the slight favorite. Bob rather have mikey smash on a few B- or c + level fighters for the next 2, years before he gets his ppv.. Maybe his ppv will be against Pacman once he's completely faded and done with.
smiley_612 : @diablo710 @yodaddylazy @mezkin_mickey @moy324
lil2lowkrew : Yes i agree Bob Arum doesnt want to risk a fight with Gamboa because it would ruin a Pacquaio-Garcia fight in the near future. Arum wants to put Mikey in with Manny ASAP he stated.
jaldintv : @lil2lowkrew Garcia is p4p future of boxing bobby needs to end the Cold War so we can see these fights top rank is so limited
mightymouse116 - _mabelle_vie - correa_916 - hurielbello -
Got The Chance To Hang With World Boxing Champ @teammikeygarcia 2Day, Real Solid & Down 2 Earth Dude Cane To Speak To The Kids @ #UndisputedBoxingClub Here In #SantaAna Even Got A Shirt Autographed! #WBO #Champ #MikeyGarcia #130Ibs #garciavsgamboa #LetMeHoldHisBelt #MyPopsWasWearingIt #TeamGarcia #superfeatherweight #RankedNumber1InTheWorld #PeoplesChamp #Undefeated
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bee_anna_ - dala_mari24 - celinamichelleee - letittbee -
#mikeygarcia #boxing
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The one and only Mikey Garcia. #mikeygarcia #boxing #boxinglife
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lesliefreckles : Is he famous ?
lesliefreckles : Can u believe I got 100+ likes in just 35 mins.
noelia2fab - _amanda45_ - lesliefreckles - jojao -
Mikey Garcia, Brandon Rios, Zab Judah, Robert Garcia and myself - at the official weigh-in of Canelo vs. Angulo. #MikeyGarcia #BamBamRios #ZabJudah #RobertGarcia #canelovsangulo
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LMAO! Idk why this is hilarious to me! So Gamboa has his own Barbershop in Miami and that Logo is hilarious! I don't know if I can get my haircut at a place with a nigga flexin coming out of a Tornado like the Tasmanian devil! HAHA And I just keep picturing Gamboa when he had that Cuban Flattop! That's probably the default haircut they do. But all jokes aside, I've worked closely with tons of barbers on various directing and editing video projects and Florida has tons of talented barbers! So if it makes money it makes sense, so I can't knock the hustle! In addition I just want to see @gamboa a lot more active than he has been. I was really looking forward to the @teammikeygarcia fight. It's crazy how these Cubans and/or former Olympians can be so skilled and talented, but inactive for one reason or another (Promoter/Network beefs,etc). Who do you want to see Gamboa fight next? I just want to see him fight somebody and not wait around! @50cent @smspromotions #YuriorkisGamboa #Gamboa #50Cent #SMSpromotions #MikeyGarcia #Barbershop #Miami #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #p4p #KO #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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thegameofboxing : Lol...
2tumblah4you : Hi! I just started my YouTube channel the other day, and it would be amazing if you could help me out my subscribing to it! I'll be posting things like covers, tags, challenges, diys, and other types of videos. Please subscribe (link in the bio)! If you have any requests for videos please leave them in the comment section on one of my photos. Thanks!
chuyhdzjr : @cubanboxing305 is trash!! He does not respect other fighters and wants respect for the cubans lol
boxingego : @melimel23yahoocom HAHAHAHA
melimel23yahoocom : Lol
melimel23yahoocom : On some Real Shit I really Don't Cee Gamboa going Far in diz Bussines, he still ain't Fight Nobody Really Good, he Needs 2 get Hit on dat Chin 2 Cee how his Boxin Skillz would Reflect! Is 2 early 2 say how Good of a Fighter he Really is! Ain't Fight in a Hot Minute!
seanyoyo92 : Gamboa got to start fighting somebody anybody cant he fight Richard Abril for the so called AHEM full wba lightweight title???
seanyoyo92 : Cause he has the interim belt of the association can he at least do that?
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#mannypacquiao fight purse. Manny has been earning millions since 2006!
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pinoyboxing : #cashcow lol pacman can pay the purse of #dannygarcia #adrienbroner #mikeygarcia and all the boxing social climbers
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Gamboa vs Garcia @gamboa @teammikeygarcia @trboxing @50cent #art #illustration #drawing #ink #watercolor #boxing #boxingart #boxinghype #obsessedwithboxing #gamboa #garcia #mikeygarcia #yuriorkisgamboa #smspromotion #gamboagarcia
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amandaoeiwells : Nicely done!
thechaoman : @amandaoeiwells thanks!
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More back and forth from @gamboa and @teammikeygarcia! Will ever get this fight any time soon? 2 undefeated fighters...@trboxing @hbo @hboboxing #MikeyGarcia #YuriorkisGamboa #GarciaGamboa #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #Sports #p4p #KO #Knockout #MainEvent #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #ESPN #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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boxingego : *we
israeloluna : I'm getting tired of this back & fourth 😤
boxingego : @israeloluna Forreal!!
seanyoyo92 : Just fight damn!!!! And i go to gamboas barbershop smdh
c4urself : Split 2M evenly and rumble
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New video up! Is Garcia-Gamboa the new Mayweather-Pacquiao? I say that because this fight has been discussed for years now, and it looked like there were serious negotiations to make the fight summer 2014. But now Bob Arum has come out saying “Mikey, we’d like to get him back in action." “There’s nothing but silence from HBO. Garcia-Gamboa is not going to happen because, frankly, who the f*** is Gamboa? Why should he be getting as much money as Garcia? He hasn’t fought on HBO. He f***ed me in the [Brandon] Rios fight. What kind of sh*t is this? What, 50 Cent singing songs? It’s not going to happen.” Full thoughts on video I hate how these networks and promoters interfere with great fights happening to protect their cash cows or to uphold personal age old grudges. Boxing is getting outta hand with this! Now we may never see another good fight! Full thoughts on video. @trboxing @gamboa @teammikeygarcia #GarciaGamboa #MikeyGarcia #YuriorkisGamboa #Mexico #Cuba #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #Sports #p4p #KO #Knockout #MainEvent #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #ESPN #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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_edwinr : Come on, u can't compare this to Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Nobody really cares THAT much. Not even close... Mayweather and pacman dodged each other when they were the top dogs in the sport. Beating the shit out of dudes easily (which I feel like they both cherry picked a lot of their fights but whatever). And with them it was a battle against time. Two aging fighters who needed to fight each other before getting too old for any excuses to be made. Gamboa is already old and hasn't dominated shit since like 2010 lol and Mikey is still young, he really doesn't NEEED Gamboa for his legacy, Gamboa needs Garcia more. I wanted to see that fight but really don't care if it never happens. Fuck both of them
raa_0983 : Gamboa???? He needs to step his game up and stop getting dropped by Filipino fisherman
hotstepper44 : @boxingego tru.ucfk politics in boxing Bob Arum and Mayweather promotions or whoever is stopping fifhts from happening due to big paychecks not coming there way can see they're greedy asses out of boxing world
01100111i : No not even remotely close. Only hard core boxing fans know gamboa
boxing_prophet : Lmao sike
lil2lowkrew : Yes it is!!!!!
boxingego : @reewben9000 MMM HMM @lil2lowkrew Yeah now we gotta weight til 2017 to maybe see this fight
_juniorgarcia_ : Who is 50 cent in the boxing world??? He's nobody!! What makes them think that they are worth that much?? Yeah Gamboa was a great fighter but we're has he been?? Garcia has been fighting and putting in work and showing us (the fans) he is a champ and he is worth getting paid!! Gamboa and 50 please!!
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