One of our setters practicing a comp move #megaproj #rocknasium #climbing
climbing - rocknasium - megaproj -
gear_30 - mirkocaballero - neither_allen_nor_hawke - lily_legacy_2 -
The Scene
bouldering - bishop - megaproj -
ky_queener : #bishop #bouldering #megaproj
huntermiller86 - juliarauman - nervousone - idratherbebouldering -
Chad lapping the #Hueco classic Baby Face. #Bouldering there is steep and the feet were surprisingly polished. Reminded me that I enjoy climbing on my toes more than my tips, but also that new learning curves are always a great experience. #sorefingers #soreego
bouldering - soreego - hueco - sorefingers - megaproj -
motomouth : How long you gonna be there for? I'll be there in about a week!
ericbissell : Reunion @motomouth! Was just there for the weekend but I'm only 5hrs away. Ill come back if you bring Christmas lights and settlers.
ericbissell : @chad_shepard
motomouth : Haha! I'll be there the 5-14! I have settlers but Christmas lights can be replaced by el pasito? ;)
james_lucas : Chad sent that last time we were there! That's my #megaproj
ericbissell : @james_lucas Chad's got his routines ya know. #megaprojโ„ข
pee412 : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
j__rush - sf_stallion - owenbissell - nolangarrettrobertson -
@kimikittenkisses puttin the smackdown on a happy classic. #megaproj #happyheelhooker #guesshowmanycarswereinthepullout #four #roadtrip #touchstoneclimbing #bestspotterever
four - bestspotterever - guesshowmanycarswereinthepullout - touchstoneclimbing - roadtrip - megaproj - happyheelhooker -
james_lucas : #kneelinghand
brobrablahblah : #highballsfordays
producersteve : That looks fun!
marenjleonardo - jbredditt - whitewhinewilson - rpuro -
Despite the snow and ice we managed to make it to the top of The Prophet. @csinatra pulling hard on his first encounter with the A1 beauty. @simoore @smashits @mountainhardwear #Yosemite #megaproj
megaproj - yosemite -
eliotac : Wow
benjis_wind : Wouaw !๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
bensnead1 : #openingtheelevatordoors @csinatra
csinatra : @Bensnead1: Just trying to make @eliotac, lorrrrrrrd of the straight-in, proud.
peppermintriple - altagroupinc - noahnapier - sormanis -
I hope the #governmentshutdown ends soon. I wanna get back on the #megaproj working the Enduro Corner pitch on the Freerider/Salathe #yosemiteclimbing
yosemiteclimbing - overit - governmentshutdown - megaproj -
ericbissell : #dontbailtillyousend
ethan_pringle : Shouldn't have left @james_lucas. Weather has been splitter this whole time!
ethan_pringle : You would have #sent by now
james_lucas : @ethan_pringle @smashits said it was wet... Whatever . I'm #overit for now
smashits : Build up the psych ull be back. Theu dont call it a megaproj for nothing
getready2rumble : My girlfriend little sister onsighted this pitch. She is maybe a bigger deal. Huh
james_lucas : @getready2rumble if you're gonna heckle, at least be funny
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Bummer. #megaproj #yosemite #yosemiteclimbing
yosemiteclimbing - yosemite - governmentshutdown - megaproj -
treuness : It's closed because of the #governmentShutdown ; all NationalParks are ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
ilikerocks91 : The longest shutdown ever was 21 days and honestly it's happened quite often in the last 40 years chill out plenty of rocks to climb outside of parks till then
cedarwright : That's some bullshit right there.
susanchoi : :(
richbliss : @freschl I'm not taking sides but house republicans proposed to keep parks open. House democrats shut that down.
richbliss : Simple strategy right. We hold everything hostage until you agree to our terms. Both sides are playing the same game.
richbliss : Closing the parks is asinine
thetreelines : Of course - if you're a local and LIVE in the park, then having rocktober all to yourself is pretty awesome. No offense James and Dave :)
lonniekauk - locot101 - felix_schmale - noah_yo_ -
Last year, @mikeylikesrocks sent his #megaproj Father Time on Middle Cathedral. It was fun working on the #athletic12c pitch with him
athletic12c - megaproj -
bodedharma : Nice shot on epic stone!
johnny_danger : The climbing looks amazing as does the colorful rock!!
mosespotter : Athletic12c is probably a real popular hashtag #jameslucas
sinamohajerani - cortnil12 - ggkkbb - ztpvi -
You got to get up to get down dancing on El Cap Spire while working the #megaproj @cheynelempe
yosemitebreakdancecrew - boogaloo - yosemite - locking - popping - megaproj -
ivanitighe : Glad you still got your moves.
dyno2mono : hahahha thanks for the laugh #killinit #robot
nikdingleberry : #didturbobitchgetthenoserecordyet
mapblodgett : @james_lucas YBDC reunion tour '14... Holler if you come Orygun way, got some new moves up my sleeve
devinhelmen : Two step two step
boulderdoc : #toomuchtimeinfrontofmirror
ginnymitchelldesigns : U made my day !
sinamohajerani : ๐Ÿ˜‚
smashits - ayyti - ztpvi - ryan_willard -
The sunrises make the alpine starts worth if #megaproj
megaproj -
smashits : Nice, early!
eliotac - johnny_danger - nikdingleberry - migrantmatt -
Another sunrise from East Ledges followed by an afternoon swim in the Merced. I love Yosemite #megaproj #yosemiteclimbing
yosemiteclimbing - megaproj -
atimestwo : #sixgramssamephoto
kimgroebner : Get it James! You can do it!
james_lucas : @atimestwo different sunrises
mikeylikesrocks - hansflorine - sgeneser - drdulcedulce -
Time to set the alarm #megaproj
megaproj -
evinlake : Nice alpine start
aoeui : When do you El Crapitan?
nip9 : El Napitan sounds more my speed
curlymedia : Who's your partner?
randy_savg : Probably some poor Sapitan ๐Ÿ˜
zacdoesmath : I don't want to know about el fapitan.
potatoe_bob - goclimbarock - villamein - townsendb -
Another sunrise on the #megaproj #yosemiteclimbing
yosemiteclimbing - megaproj -
ohthatschill : @magreenbaum
magreenbaum : @ohthatschill we have to go BACK
eliotac - kellyhsheridan - pullphoto - ststacey -
"Just don't look past your feet."- advice from Coiler on how to head down El Rapitan #yosemiteclimbing #neednewshoes #megaproj
yosemiteclimbing - neednewshoes - megaproj -
alex_worthen : Eff that!! Looks terrifying
ilikerocks91 : Incredible
beccajcaldwell : Don't drop your phone!!
bravedave11 : I bet if you put a dollar in a jar every time you ate a donut you'd have new shoes fast
adamclimbs : That's cheating!
ky_queener : Nice dude. Crush the mega-proj
nikdingleberry : Is that nutcracker? That mantel is a bitch.
iehoward : Naww, that's fer sure gotta be hall of mirrors...
rmfitness0711 - lissbell_96 - secretspongebob -
Went for two trips up the east ledges to stash more gear. 600 feet of climbing and lots of hiking today #megaproj #justlikehikingtotheprojectwall #yosemiteclimbing
yosemiteclimbing - justlikehikingtotheprojectwall - megaproj -
aud_bod : Brrrrr!
oceangoingmonkey : Gerrrrr!
beau_skalley - alex_mldv - rhartegan - nikdingleberry -
Smoky morning starting the #megaproj
megaproj -
paulgrider3 : Sick and sickening...
jckasey - nikdingleberry - beau_skalley -
Got home to find the both of these in the mail. It's pretty rare for me to get a cover shot and even more rare when I'm actually on one of them. The Patagonia cover is from climbing on the west face of Cerro Torre with @katerutherford and @oceangoingmonkey which was one of the craziest and challenging days of my life. I feel lucky that I got any photos that day, it was more about just surviving up there. More photos from the season down there can be found at #vidapatagonia Then there is the American Alpine Journal. It's is the only publication I've been subscribed to for nearly twenty years and my collection goes back nearly 50 years. This yearly journal is the definitive resource for any serious adventure climber in the world. And I feel honored to have written a feature article about my new route in Yosemite, Father Time. And thanks to @jeffjohnson_beyondandback for coming up and making some photos. More photos from the route here #megaproj. Thanks to all that helped make both of these happen. @katerutherford @oceangoingmonkey @james_lucas @curlymedia @jeffjohnson_beyondandback @dougald as well as the whole @patagonia photo crew, Jane, Sus and Karen
vidapatagonia - megaproj -
climbacadia : @climbacadia thinks your a giant bad ass!
wadejackman : Got mine last week. Read your story on the plane yesterday. Nice work on all fronts!
abmather : @the_aaj your mag
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Yeah Mikey! You worked hard on all that stuff. You deserve it!
danaillo : completely amazing! BRAVO! However, somewhat terrifying for the madres! If you know what I mean!
vashonkitty : Way to go so proud of you.
_jt_photo : Finally had a chance to read the article. Great words @mikeylikesrocks
ampbae5 : You have an amazing life. Thanks for sharing!
tlomprey - tyler_baggett - janericeuler - alduhe -
Kris Peters from @kpathletictraining and @teamof2 is in the house working with staff and members, getting them fit! Come by and ask some questions about the Team of 2 training going on this weekend! Here's PGSV's own manager @eliotac getting worked during a two hour power and endurance session! #planetgranite #pgsv #teamof2 #training #climbing #megaproj
pgsv - planetgranite - training - climbing - teamof2 - megaproj -
evensara - bethlim4030 - skopound - kewail -
Just got worked by @kpathletictraining @planetgranite ! Awesome workout that got me psyched for more climbing and training! #megaproj #planetgranite #teamof2 #yosemitetraining
planetgranite - teamof2 - yosemitetraining - megaproj -
jcrase : #oldmanstrength #pulledhammies #someonehelpmeouttabed #callingallchiros
eliotac : @jcrase haha, what's a chiro?
dtesfai - bethlim4030 - skopound - moorejackie -
Time to start MONSTER training #offwidths #megaproj
offwidths - megaproj -
burryan29 : Incredible!
freschl : So pretty! I want to climb it:)
james_lucas : @freschl September!
springloader : Who the f hauled the death block back?
johnny_danger : Yeah, get rid of that block!!
randypuro - cassiarose - mirkocaballero - pkingsbury -
Remembering early morning starts to the top of El Rapitan #megaproj
megaproj -
nikdingleberry : #skullfuck
ryanwjames - fallonclimbs - evinlake - andrew_marshall -
Sent the #megaproj today! #firstascent #SOpsyched #fivestars #crownjewel #tahoelove #bouldering #asana #climbing
sopsyched - bouldering - crownjewel - fivestars - asana - firstascent - climbing - tahoelove - megaproj -
trevorthepirate : @konakyle sick man congrats! What shall be her name ?
kellyhsheridan : #backandfoot
justinclimbs : Congrats! Whatcha going to name it?
ltjian : #shutthefrontdoor!!! #congratulations! #donedidit
konakyle : It's called 'Crown Jewel'
mosespotter : Its called #dogpatch
justinclimbs : @mosespotter #senderpun?
mosespotter : @justinclimbs #senderfun @konakyle srsly tho, awesome climb dood!
jtreetrad - shanejcollins - sebnero - powelldavidm -
#vedauwoo #wyoming #bouldering #megaproj
vedauwoo - bouldering - wyoming - megaproj -
giddyorganics : Hugs!
dalanfaulkner - mirkocaballero - mt_bouldering -
@with_a_why getting psyched to take down another Tuolumne 8B classic! #megaproj #GRRRRR #eightbee
grrrrr - eightbee - megaproj -
evensara - danelbennamer - townsendb - michelerenelombardo -
A B5 day. #yosemite #finalfrontier #megaproj
finalfrontier - megaproj - yosemite -
hilljack_steve : So they've started putting vending machines at the end of the routes in yosimite? Very nice. I love acomadations with my climbing lol
smashits - justinvitcov - cyears - febiooo -
The view from another #megaproj #sorefingers
shouldhavedoneitinthefall - sorefingers - megaproj -
konakyle : #debris
james_lucas : @konakyle #shouldhavedoneitinthefall
jongleason : To many mega proj's.
james_lucas : @jongleason I know
olivercantet - rosewaltzer - _live_life_457 -
The move is hard but the view is good. #whereIfall #megaproj
whereifall - megaproj -
oatnut - 314anthonywags303 - rhartegan - paulgrider3 -
Cheyne works the first 5.11 pitch on The Final Frontier #yosemitetrad #mini #megaproj
mini - rockclimbing - cheynelempe - yosemite - tradclimbing - yosemitetrad - megaproj -
james_lucas : #cheynelempe #yosemite #rockclimbing #tradclimbing
tim_ditt - rhartegan - rosewaltzer - flailer -
@nikdingleberry works the 5.12 stem pitch on the Final Frontier. #megaproj #yosemitetrad #minitraxion4lyfe
outdoorresearch - minitraxion4lyfe - yosemitetrad - megaproj -
james_lucas : #outdoorresearch
nomadnicolette : Great pictures James. I live in the valley, come play more often!
krayz3daytripp3r - fliphickson - bcarancibia - miahwatt -
@drewschick looking optimistic about the top of the #megaproj
megaproj -
james_lucas : Hash tag copyright infringement
james_lucas - bcuzhedrick - deemcq6 - thegentlemanpragmatist -
#happyboulders #buttermilks #nightsession #training for #megaproj
buttermilks - training - happyboulders - nightsession - megaproj -
fluxcoffee - malibuslam - p_tree - jakyv -
Dreaming of Yosemite. #megaproj
thisisrealclimbing - megaproj -
uncle_fafe : Me too.
evan_stevens : Is that the Scotty b ow? Hardest pitch on the route
nikdingleberry : @james_lucas that crack to the right looks cooler
james_lucas : @freschl #thisisrealclimbing
freschl : @james_lucas maybe a few more examples... Getting clearer:)
factory4 - fliphickson - fhanower - enkriptcode -
#Warriorwithin designed with @katerutherford and Greg Garretson in Smith 2011
getpsyched - warriorwithin - megaproj -
james_lucas : #megaproj #getpsyched
kellyhsheridan : I bet @james_lucas will get a neck tattoo of this picture if it gets 1,000 likes... #necktattoo
seanleary : rainbows and crossbows
hazel_findlay : Makes me think of Merica
freschl : #unicorn=love
ggkkbb : @murphy_3 @kreagp @george1stofmynameofhousehector
tyler_miles_ : @huntyhuffman
ggkkbb - kreagp - markjohnstonphoto -
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