Thank you @modernmaven! We just love this dreamcatcher and it goes perfectly in my daughter's room. β™‘β™₯
mavenmercantile - dreamcatcher -
sarahtreed : #dreamcatcher #mavenmercantile
modernmaven : Yay!! This makes me so happy. Happy Easter to you 🐰
sarahtreed : Happy Easter to you too @modernmaven β™‘
modernmaven - missibbymoore - mrswackerr - amberdayhicks -
@modernmaven made this beautiful dreamcatcher from a doily I sent her for my sister @angdowning23. Thank you so much Tara! You did an amazing job!! #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
modernmaven : I am glad it made it safely! I loved making this one and I hope @angdowning23 loves it xoxoxo
angdowning23 : I love it so much! It's gorgeous!! Thank you @modernmaven !!!
sterlids - petticoatsandpeplums - haha_wsnkn - mortiz9122 -
Best giveaway!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #mavenmercantile #hopeiwin
mavenmercantile - hopeiwin -
koltonstanley - npalutis - annstahl - madebybettyb -
@mavenmercantile Such an awesome giveaway!#mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
What an adorable theme πŸ™ #mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile 🌺
mavenmercantile -
ysabellas_closet - nellylopez91 -
Are you kidding me?! Flamingos are my thing! This is amazing!! <3 #mavenmercantile @mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
mavenmercantile -
mavenmercantile -
alysriley : Is this the birthday theme this year???
kinley531 : No I'm not doing a party πŸ˜” but I am doing a TeaParty theme for her birthday. @alysriley
mavenmercantile - christina_ces - alexandra_mcg - madison_dillon6 -
mavenmercantile -
klacki : @cortneylong
mavenmercantile - cortneylong - piteague - paige__shaw -
#mavenmercantile #giveaway
mavenmercantile - giveaway -
daladymiki - alisonkaminski - anayariconnolly - heidimarieproducer -
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mavenmercantile - akw_catchme - kileynoelle -
A super fun Flamingo themed giveaway happening right now over in my @mavenmercantile shop!! Enter to win an @oppositeoffar flamingo mask, a pair of @freshlypicked moccs and more!! Even a copy of our favorite new book Flora and the Flamingo (signed by the illustrator!) πŸ’—
freshlypicked - freshlypickedmoccs - mavenmercantile - fpkidoftheweek -
miss_jamiemarie : Eeee so cute!!
modernmaven : #fpkidoftheweek
brooklynninspired : Soooo cute
brooklynninspired : Where's the bedding from?!
modernmaven : Target! @brooklynn_inspired
modernmaven : And thank you 😊 @brooklynn_inspired
meganvansipe : Hey there! My buddy @colefranke referred me to you for something you might be interested in! Can you email me or let me know your email? Lilacsaloon at gmail 😊
colefranke : @modernmaven @meganvansipe :)
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Love pink and flamingos! #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
modernmaven - lolabunnay - mhmmmmtaylor - catherinecurrie13 -
GIVEAWAY !! I am so excited to celebrate my upcoming sale (Monday March 31 at 7pm MST) with this super fun giveaway!! It's a fun Flamingo theme. To enter: Tag up to five friends below. For more chances to win, repost this photo and hashtag #mavenmercantile. Winner receives: @oppositeoffar flamingo mask, @freshlypicked moccs, @mavenmercantile Dreamcatcher (shown), @the1andonlysmash hand made crochet flamingo doll, a signed copy (by the illustrator!) of Flora and the Flamingo Winners announced Monday March 31 before the sale. this giveaway is for US and Canadian followers only. πŸ’—
mavenmercantile -
missbeemariee : @erica_marie09 @hannahgregson_ @missbeemariee @cjmorrsun @illnana
blakeleylately : @amandaaa_roseee @abby_and_co @littlejbboutique @blablakidsshop @bocobaby
pikinateran : Fingers crossed is almost time!!!
yarncandy : @craftedbykerstin @mama_sheep @karleeamaya @maybematilda @mandyanderson80
babymommom : @megswolter @abowforteagan @eatingabook @bibdana_love @fivesixpickupsticks
colleenkessler : @auriegood @diannakennedy @goldenreflectionsblog
nasus25 : @xhotnoodles @huh_icecream @breadbutters @colordope @bucjamez
colleenkessler : @jezamama @creativlei @cheryllpitt
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@modernmaven thank you so much Tara for the gorgeous dream catcher... I was blown away by just how gorgeous it is... Seriously you are so talented. :) if u guys aren't following this lady... U really should! @modernmaven
mavenmercantile - dreamcatcher -
vol25 : #mavenmercantile #dreamcatcher
modernmaven : Oh Jessica! You are so kind. This space looks amazing. I am honored to have one of my pieces hanging within such loveliness!! 😘
_mariaelizabeth_ - orielglennen - ericarenee - kirssmithphotography -
Almost ready for tomorrow night's big sale! Starts tomorrow at 7pm MST. Also, there's still time to enter the giveaway (see the precious post). Winner announced tomorrow ❀️ #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
mavenmercantile : Oops **previous, not precious πŸ˜•πŸ˜‰
recycled_charm : Delicious colors!
nannadavis : This one is amazing, wow!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ’•
milkandhoneyshoppe : Gorgeous.
crazysimplelove : Love this!!!
acreativebeing : I'd love to collab with you on a crochet project, would you be interested? :) Email me!
nicoleymccoy : @kennaholm
mavenmercantile : Thank you @acreativebeing ! I will email you this week once I get through all this sale stuff!!
hlyhy - doxiesandturtlesandscottiesomy - tararae07 - surlysarah -
Black + Gold
mavenmercantile -
denisechilds : Lovely!!! As is the background texture of the tree.
modernmaven : Haha! Yes, I am certain my neighbors think I am fairly loony for taking a photo of my newly painted feather outside in front of the tree πŸ˜‚ @denisechilds
ohhdearlover : So pretty!
denisechilds : @modernmaven oh Tara I once found the most perfect red topped mushroom in the yard. Went got paints. Painted door and windows on it. Then took pics. The things creative minds doπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
nannadavis : Does your mind ever rest? The ideas just get better and prettier all the time❀️
bananazilla : Ooooh that needs to b made into something!
modernmaven : Thank you mom. It needs to rest now...feeling rotten and going back to bed. Love you @nannadavis
modernmaven : I am working on new dream catchers in my shop @bananazilla !
effie_grace - ringosgirl - weheartpaper - terricajoy -
Gold and glitter and lovely threads coming up!! #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
jnferarmao : Beautiful
mavenmercantile : Ooooo, that would be lovely! πŸ’› I am seriously addicted to these gold glitter /gold dipped feathers...I can't stop making them!! @katehinojosa
adelaida1122 : I love that
dyanamichelle : Ohhhh!!! I want this one!!!!!!
ohhdearlover : So pretty, Tara!!
themostelegantsin : Straight gorgeous. Can't wait for your sale. My place is going to be covered in dream catchers.
veronicaoseguera : #oohlala
mmeriche : want this one!!
ginavr - caitlincam - veronicaoseguera - ammienotamy -
Finishing up #mavenmercantile dreamcathers during naptime (thank goodness for naptime!) Just a reminder that I will be closing up the @mavenmercantile shop tonight until January 1st so, if you want to order a dreamcatcher in time for Christmas, order by tonight! xo
mavenmercantile -
modernmaven : **dreamcatchers that should say!
denisechilds : Awww nap time and beads. I love both. When i was very young one of my possessions was a bead loom.
craftitupbooks : Beautiful jewel colour palette @modernmaven
meghastings - sosomobark - graceaileenrennie - ashraebrooks -
Channing helped me make the bed (a rare occurrence) then said "ok, that's good, now let's take a, stand on this stool"..."oh wait, this heart pillow looks nice" as she added her fluffy pillow. #imighttaketoomanyphotosofeverything #rubbingoffonmytoddler
mavenmercantile - imighttaketoomanyphotosofeverything - rubbingoffonmytoddler -
mrslaurgrant : Your felt flowers look gorgeous!
ruba_a_s : @raana_s
denisechilds : Tooo cute. A designer in the making!!!
jessjudkins : She is adorable ❀️
jillylyn : Love your hashtags!
collecting_memories : Such beautiful colors!
modernmaven : Haha, I love that. 😊 @katykristin
modernmaven : Thank you Jennie!! @collecting_memories
joss11ts - marvelouscara - laetibricole - shelovesvintage_ -
For you @takethecannoli1 @sole_hope πŸ’› #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - influencehope -
modernmaven : You can message me at my etsy shop, MavenMercantile @ashklimas . Thank you so much!!
hmarie19 : Beautiful!!
meridethaltom : so beautiful!!!
modernmaven : Thanks you guys!! I think it is my favorite @constantauditor @deewags @meridethaltom @hmarie19 @casadepaz6
modernmaven : Thank you so much ladies!! @sandandstarfish @starburststudio @c2bloom @mrskatelyn @miss_jamiemarie I really love this one 😊
yarncandy : @takethecannoli1 I emailed you! Did you get it?
littlemissandmisters : @mikaelashaye - this reminds me of you 😊
missfurnellie : Wow. Love
yellowhouseyall - missfurnellie - tsdailyinspiration - blissnaturals -
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night for my insta sale!! 7pm MST #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
glamourandgrace : Are you taking any customs right now? I ordered one from you a couple of months ago and I would like to get another one that matches!! Love it!
modernmaven : I am! Thank you so much for your patience Mary-Kaitlyn... Just shoot me a message at the shop and I will get it going @glamourandgrace
glamourandgrace : Oh no worries!! I know you are busy, you are just too talented!! πŸ˜‰
geezyclothing : how do i order? :)
modernmaven : Hi @geezyclothing ! Sorry, I am responding from my personal account and not the shop. I will be having a big sale right here tomorrow night at 7pm. You can also visit my MavenMercantile etsy shop to order a custom
geezyclothing : i don't know how to use etsy sorry :( but i do want a custom! :) @modernmaven
jheiert - cottage_industry - sookamoka22 - acreativebeing -
One reason I closed the @mavenmercantile shop for the month...time to experiment and enjoy the creative process. This lovely is headed to Channing's room. #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
btejeda28 : If so I get first dibbs on that bad boy!!!
modernmaven : I know!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @btejeda28
lumablumahandmade : Love love love it!!
modernmaven : Thank you! Also, could you email me your address? I thought I had it but I must have something incorrect because your dc came back in the mail to me! I am sorry for the delay on it. @lumablumahandmade
ringosgirl : I wish this lovely was headed to Sarah's room.
lumablumahandmade : Oh no! I will email it to you right now. Sorry about that, getting returned mail isn't a good feeling.
caseyplusthree : Ooh! I like!!
littlepnuts : I really need to order a custom piece!!!!!
ashleyrulesalways - c_c_designs - cloudymorning - kelseereeves -
Super excited for the arrival of my @mavenmercantile Dreamcatcher! Due to a mishap on my part, shipping took a tad longer than expected, but she's finally here and she's perfect! IN.LOVE @modernmaven is amazing! Thank you SO MUCH! You have a true gift!
blue - mavenmercantile - art - dreamalittledream - dreamcatcher - etsy - handmade -
karisob : #dreamcatcher #mavenmercantile #handmade #art #blue #etsy
karisob : #dreamalittledream
skippee : I love it~ soo pretty!
karisob : @skippee Thank you! @modernmaven customized it perfectly for our bedroom!
modernmaven : Yay!!! I am so very happy you got it. Thank you for all of your support. I appreciate you 😘
mad_dreams_ - browneyedgirlshoppe - skippee - giada_rujade -
:) @mavenmericantile #mavenmercantile (:
mavenmercantile -
r__n__j -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile Oh I love your dream catchers so πŸ’œ
mavenmercantile -
ericarogers : I love me a dream catcher! Hope you win!
jisal - nicole_elsabags - adamharward - amyfurstenau -
I will be having a dream catcher IG sale over at my @mavenmercantile shop in 2 hours. Come on over if you get a chance! (It will be at 7pm MST) #mavenmercantile || #rhonnadesigns_app #heyrhonna
mavenmercantile - heyrhonna - rhonnadesigns_app -
loverain_mama : Good luck sweetie pie! (Although I know you'll sell OUT! β™₯)
lilyblu001 : Good luck with you sale Tara!!!!!
modernmaven : Thank you ladies!!! 😘😘 @loverainn_ig @lilyblu001
miss_jamiemarie : I love them all!!!!
modernmaven : Thank you my friend!! Let's hope everyone else does too 😁 these sales make me so nervous!! @miss_jamiemarie
houseofhappy : Love them! I need to order a felt flora from you, too! πŸ’—
erinwakeman : πŸ’›πŸ’› no need for nerves, you're fabulous!! 😘
jillylyn : Good luck! #somuchtalentmyfriend
thriftedandmade - xiongyan123 - sol_goode - jmalynn -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
heeeyitsreinaaaa - shopsassyapparel - hugging_hemmo - ninaubrey -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
dmather23 - stephaniejoyrush -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
simplyluckymommy -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile yay!!!
mavenmercantile -
dangerousmoustache - mgsloan - cesupps -
Today is the final day for my GIVEAWAY !! Simply like this photo for a chance to win a dream catcher before my sale tonight at 7pm MST. For more chances to win, repost and tag @mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - heyrhonna - rhonnadesigns_app -
mavenmercantile : Thanks a bunch Courtney! @taylor29
mavenmercantile : #heyrhonna
nicole_elsabags : Love!
rockinmommi : I absolutely LOVE your items!! Amazing work!! I hope I win!! 😁😁
canarieleaves : @breshirland thought you might like these!
breshirland : Omg I'm in loveeee @canarieleaves thanks for showing me! Miss youuu!
jtschiffrin : @amberflax how amazing!!!
amberflax : @jtschiffrin looks like my house. I can't stop myseld
karisob - linenandtulle - l_gillsmith - joellelauren_ -
@mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile β€’β€’I NEED this in my life! β€’β€’you guys-the ever so talented @mavenmercantile is giving away this amazing dream catcher!! Winner will be chosen tomorrow!! πŸ˜‰πŸ€
mavenmercantile -
karlaquiz - madameswanky - thetrendsettingtot - fitlife_armywife -
Last one, I promise @mavenmercantile #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile -
modernmaven : That would be a great idea!! Maybe we should chat @belittleyouandme! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @solo_mermaid
magpie1023 : Could you make a gray & white dreamcatcher? I want one for my nursery!!
houseofhappy : Magazine worthy. Beautiful, Tara!
79lvprncess : OMG I need one for Christmas boyish πŸ™πŸ’•
erinwakeman : oh my. beautiful! @modernmaven and @belittleyouandme... what a combo! 😍
solo_mermaid : Right?!? @erinwakeman? Maybe @belittleyouandme can't get these tags unless she's following @modernmaven ... IG has been weird about tags lately. I think both parties have to be following each other, in order to see the tags.
belittleyouandme : @modernmaven Yes, let's collaborate sometime! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ 😘😘 @erinwakeman I didn't see this until you tagged me! @solo_mermaid Thank you!!😘😘
solo_mermaid : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @modernmaven & @belittleyouandme ... & @erinwakeman I'm so excited! Tee- pees & dream catchers. What every little kid needs for a good sleepover! It could be a "slumber party" or "camp out" giveaway ... 😴
irii_photography - missfurnellie - rosealivelynarts - natalie_miller_design -
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