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I know I posted something about Marty earlier, but I wanted to say one final thing. My dad started taking me to Devils games at age 5 and there he was, Marty Brodeur! He amazed me, I remember sitting there thinking "how can any man make such a save? Or even move that way" from that moment on I was hooked on Devils hockey! I'm 21 now and still going religiously to games with my dad and Marty is still here, still amazing me! 20 years here in NJ, this has become his home, he is New Jersey and he always will be! He has been the backbone of this organization for 20 years now and he's been an even bigger part of my life in these last 20! I have nothing but love and respect for Marty and no matter what he will always be a Devil and this will always be his home!! So with that I say, À bientôt Marty!! Love you always #nj #njdevils #nhldevils #newjerseydevils #devils #devilswin #devilspride #devilshockey #marty #martybrodeur #martysbetter #martinbrodeur #foreveradevil #nothingbutlove #thankyou #thankyoumarty
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andrewchase4204life : Explain that to his kids...
sskabel10 : Exactly man @gregularity
sskabel10 : Haha uncle daddy! Yeah well personal life and professional life are in two separate realms! What he did off the ice was wrong, but that doesn't overshadow what he was done for hockey across the world and especially here in NJ @andrewchase4204life
andrewchase4204life : Go bruins!!!
andrewchase4204life : @sskabel10
sskabel10 : Haha yup... All starts tomorrow man! Love me some playoff hockey, in it or not! @andrewchase4204life
lunnkyle : Still a great hockey career good luck to his future gotta love the way he played from his first game to his last
sskabel10 : Well said man! @lunnkyle
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One of a kind.Thank you Marty! #NewJerseyDevils#MartinBroduer#3Cups#2GoldMedals#MartysBetter#Marty!ClapClapClap!
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pete_joseph : Did he retire?
mrx00101 : Not officially but it seems he may play in the west for 1 more season.Sundays game they treated him like he was as good as gone
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#martysbetter #sayitaintso #disbelief #njdevils #number30 #firstballethalloffamer could this be the end of an era? Well if it is thanks for the great years, it'll be weird not seeing Marty in a devils sweater.
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telrunya9891 : ........ My heart. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
minitom0307 : Forgot one #thankyoumarty
minitom0307 : @telrunya9891 it's very very likely......
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The man, the myth, our legend Marty Brodeur @nhldevils #30 #martysbetter
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#NHLBracketChallenge #playoffhockey #bucciovertimechallenge
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r_mckay : Lol at your bracket
jrhein : @r_mckay why cause the rangers are out in the first round?...
r_mckay : Mainly lol
jrhein : @r_mckay as much as I hate to say it but the flyers are playing better than you guys
loumeggs24 : flyers are not beating the rangers faggot
jrhein : Look at you rangers fans crying cause they aren't being picked to go anywhere in the playoffs #henrikswonnothing #martysbetter @loumeggs24
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#legendary Marty leaves the ice for the last time.😞 #martysbetter
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jul22ify : =,(
jul22ify : He was good.
arebak_ : I was at tht game
imdelirious8 : Wait, last night???? @arebak_
arebak_ : Yea
arebak_ : I was in a suite, and we saw Bobby Orr
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No matter where you are or what you decide to do you will always be a Devil. #martinbrodeur #njdevils #martysbetter #legend
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This is probably it. The greatest ever's last game as a New Jersey Devil after 20+ years and 5 trips to the Stanley Cup. Kinda crazy to imagine life without him in goal. #ThankYouMarty.
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brystr06 : #MartysBetter also trended on Twitter today. Beautiful.
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#MARTY #NJD #newjerseydevils #devilswin #martysbetter #martyslastgame #thebestfans #thankyoumarty #winningestgoaltenderofalltime #martinbrodeur #30 #brodeur #loveofmylife #forever 😭😭😭💔
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Thanks Marty !!! #legend #martybrodeur #martysbetter #martythegod @martinbrodeur @nhldevils
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Don't know if its his last Devil game or not, but he got me into this sport and team. What an ovation by the fans #NJDevils #MartysBetter @martinbrodeur
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therealdj688 : #MB30 #ThankYouMarty #NJD
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For as long as I've known hockey I've known Martin Brodeur. Today was the end of an era. I've been incredibly lucky to have attended 200+ games and see him break record after record. #MartysBetter #ThankYouMarty #nj #njd #devils
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I think this says it all. Marty will forever be better. #ThankYouMarty #MartysBetter #3Cups #bittersweet #NJDevils
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Going to miss chanting this! MARTY! #martysbetter
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tyler_cilenti : Im going to miss chanting uncle-Daddy
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Thanks for a great season boys ! Glad to have met so many new people ! Hope to meet more next year ! Let's Go Devils !!!!
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devilsfanforlife : #newjerseydevils #devilsarmy #devilspride #nhl #nhldevils #letsgodevils #wearejersey #dowhatyoulove #jerseypride #devils #njdevils #devilsfamily #fanfest #brodeur #marty #thankyou #follow #goat #halloffamer#martysbetter
nj_ferox : Marty On!
showboogie : Nice to meet U & ur peeps today Steve.. See U in preseason kid!! @devilsfanforlife
itsabozza : @devilsfanforlife bought season tickets for next season! See you there!
devilsfanforlife : Sounds great see ya there @itsabozza
madinick : Glad we met our new devs family
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Thanks for everything Marty!! #martysbetter #thankyoumarty #letsgodevils #hockey #nhl #nhldevils #njdevils
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#bestgoalieofalltime #wellmissyou #hockey #njdevils #martybrodeur #30 #newjerseydevils #martysbetter #legend #hero
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flynndog34 : Nice pic!
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Possibly Brodeur's last game in a Devils sweater. Very sad day to be a Devils fan. #martinbrodeur #martysbetter #endofanera #onemoreyear #GOAT #bestgoalieever #greatest #552 #alwaysadevil #halloffame #firstballot
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NJ Devils goalie Martin Brodeur waves to fans as he leaves the Prudential Center ice for what may be the last time #NJDevils #NJD #Brodeur #Legend #MartysBetter
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jscags : @muls96 great picture
frontpaigenews2 : This one made me tear up. Watching him and Derek Jeter play was my childhood.
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Martin Brodeur takes center ice as the fans cheer after the Devils 3-2 win over the Bruins #MartysBetter #NJDevils #Legend
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Fans hold up a sign saluting Martin Brodeur during what might be his final game as a New Jersey Devil #Brodeur #ThankYouMarty #MartysBetter #NJDevils
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Well here we are. Devils close out the year with a solid 3-2 win over Boston, great way to end the year. However, I was also very sad, on the verge on tears. Chico's last game as a commentator and very possibly Marty's last game in. Devils sweater. These two men have been staples in the Devils organization and two men that I greatly love and respect. Marty's future is uncertain, but it seems inevitable that he will walk. As for Chico, best wishes and happy retirement!! I'll miss you and all of you're Chicoism's love you both and love my team! Till next year boys! #nj #njdevils #njdevils #nhldevils #newjerseydevils #devils #devilswin #devilspride #devilshockey #chico #chicoresch #marty #martybrodeur #martysbetter #glorydays #farewellsalute #thebest
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7_3stroker331 : I Told ya they weren't gana lose didn't I?
christherat : it seems fitting they're leaving on the same day, chico always had a little crush on Marty
scoutiemrbandme : Did marty get a standing ovation and did he wave off the ice?
sskabel10 : Yes you did haha @7_3stroker331
sskabel10 : Yeah Chris hahah who doesn't though? I love them both!! @christherat
sskabel10 : And yes he did, exactly what happened :) @scoutiemrbandme
7_3stroker331 : ;)
scoutiemrbandme : Oh no that must really mean the end for Marty why else would he do that?
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Devils win!!! Career win 688 for the legend! Maybe his last game in a devils uniform also
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joe_torbik : #newjerseydevils #nhldevils #njd #njdvsbos #jerseysteam #devilsarmy #martinbrodeur #legend
joe_torbik : #martysbetter #thankyoumarty
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Brodeur is the entire reason I started watching hockey when I was young. If today was his last game with the team he turned into a winning franchise, it has been an amazing 20 years. It has been an honor to root for him and watch him as I have grown up. I can't imagine a devils team without Marty, but hell was it a fun ride! #Brodeur #Legend #AllTimeGreat #Devils #MartysBetter
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#martysbetter 😭❤️
martysbetter -
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A legendary career comes to an end #martysbetter #brodeur #thankyoumarty #njdevils #njd #devils
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dvlsfan30 : What section were you in
fromrussiawithglove : @dvlsfan30 231. Generally always there.
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Throwback in honor of today's game. #thankyoumarty #martysbetter
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It was hard watching my childhood hero potentially play his final game today. I was there in 2003 when he won the Cup and the "Marty's better!" chants were born. I was there when he won his record-breaking 552nd victory. And now I'm here watching what might be his final victory lap. I grew up with Marty. He broke into the league in 1994, and I was born a year later. And now I'm a senior in high school and Marty is in the twilight of his career. Thank you for everything, Marty! Hockey won't be the same without you! #MartinBrodeur #Brodeur #MartysBetter #Devils #NewJerseyDevils #NJDevils #NHL #hockey
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jakewinderman : Luongo is better
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Thank you Marty, the best goalie in the history of hockey. #martysbetter
martysbetter -
i_is_dylan : Most likely @ben_shan14
ben_shan14 : Aw tht sucks I only got to go to three games this year hah. And he only played in one
i_is_dylan : Haha wow I have his autograph @ben_shan14
ben_shan14 : Hah lucky
kbuss2000 : That bull @i_is_dylan
i_is_dylan : What is @kbuss2000
kbuss2000 : Send me a pic of it
kbuss2000 : @i_is_dylan
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(Possibly) Marty's last hurrah. #njdevils #martysbetter
njdevils - martysbetter -
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Thank you Marty. #martysbetter #martinbroduer #njd #devilshockey #devilsarmy #greatestever #goalie #nhl #gotcups
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Regardless of whether or not Marty comes back, it was an honor to see a true legend play--and win--live and in-person. Thanks for everything, big guy! LET'S GO, MARTY! LET'S GO, DEVILS!!! #NewJerseyDEVILS #MartinBrodeur #Legend #MartysBetter #JerseyPride @martinbrodeur @nhldevils
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