4.16.14 #ProjectThankful14 it's always a sigh of relief when you get good #mammogram results
projectthankful14 - mammogram -
momisrunning : Indeed! Congrats.
jenjgill : Hooray
petriidawn : PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
mindofkiwi : Wooooooohooooo!!!
petriidawn - morknotmindy - makemeupmia - mindofkiwi -
mammogram -
tageekly : Hope your boobies are healthy!
fishhook120 : Take care of them things!!
fishhook120 - shannonlynne - flpmomi - sovictorrious -
Men have their own special exam as they age that isn't a great joy. I'll keep the smooshers, thank you. #lol #mammogram or #prostate #aging #health #funny
aging - health - funny - mammogram - prostate - lol -
It's not as bad as you think, get it done. #mammogram #women #health
mammogram - health - women -
3monkeyzmama -
#mammogram #gown #waiting #glamorous
gown - waiting - mammogram - glamorous -
hann3h88 - bekaloo -
Mammogram day! Not fun, but very important. #mammogram #humpday #savethetatas
savethetatas - mammogram - humpday -
thumper__5 -
Show your boobs! #nofear #healthy #mammogram #breastcancerawareness #loveyoudoyou #liveyourbestlifenow #livethelifeyoulove
mammogram - nofear - prayersanswered - healthy - radiationisrad - breastcancerawareness - livethelifeyoulove - blessed - liveyourbestlifenow - loveyoudoyou -
mrstessablakeman : Tits up thumbs up! My cyst seems to have disappeared on its own!!! #blessed #prayersanswered #healthy
mrstessablakeman : #radiationisrad
linsleaze - broozer - bri_connorton - karafromtexas -
Breast foot forward. #instagramsocialite #imverypopularoninstagram #dontmakesing #mammogram #breastcancer
dontmakesing - mammogram - instagramsocialite - imverypopularoninstagram - breastcancer -
bellemoe : You're a good girl!
grigiogirl : @bellemoe I learned it from watching you:-)
yvetulia - kimsevyskin - sydneyawesometown - yumyummy13 -
So this just happened. I went in for my yearly physical yesterday and durning the exam the doctor noticed something and felt it was best that I have a #mammogram right away. Ladies, I can't stress how important it is to give yourself a #monthlybreastexam and if you have a family history of breast #cancer like I do get #mammograms done yearly. Now I pray and wait 2 weeks for the results.
mammogram - monthlybreastexam - cancer - mammograms -
ambtjc : Prayers and hugs. And yes so important. I lost a cousin to BC 2 yrs ago at a young age and my Grandmother just had a mastectomy and is a surviver. It's so important. I'm so glad you went in right away.
craiginsobay : @jenncruz_ good luck hope all goes well
karioca95 : Prayers. I've had the same thing before and it was a benign cyst. Praying that it's "nothing".
craiginsobay - catholic_trojan -
Two down two 2 to go! Quarterly teeth cleaning and yearly X-rays DONE! Mammogram DONE! LADIES: get your #MAMMOGRAM no matter the discomfort. It only lasts for a moment. We must be ahead of the C word! Regular self exams and mammograms are key!
mammogram -
letrez - justjefe713 - parkheights443 - ikhalilo92 -
Here goes nothing #breastexam #mammogram #pink
breastexam - pink - mammogram -
clcgessman - stone_softball05 - rican_barbie_doll - amylynn717 -
Which one do you hate most? Taxes or Mammograms? I did both today!! #taxday #mammogram #breastcancer #womansworld
womansworld - taxday - mammogram - breastcancer -
nickmacco : Mammograms. Hands down.
garmonsgps : @nickmacco haha! You would if you ever had one!
eddierobbins : I don't do either. :)
garmonsgps : Haha. I didn't expect to hear from all you men! 😉@eddierobbins You're a Lucky Man!
eddierobbins : True!!
garmonsgps - kimsetser1 - msmellie316 -
🎀4/12/2013🎀 ill never forget this day. one yr ago tdy, i took biopsy @ the queen's medical center in hawaii. since i had a lump in my breast that had a possibility of cancer. it was definitely one of the biggest events in my entire life. i was so scared 2 take the biopsy & 2 have a cancer.. cuz i totally didn't have any confidence 2 face that. i cried almost every nite. but, its fortunately benign. i still have lumps( now not only one lump tho..) in my breast, so go 2 hospital 4 checkup sometimes. i know how important that is. and i also think supporting the ppl who have cancers is also important. i wanna keep donating especially buy some stuff through pink ribbon organization🎀 🎀2013/4/12🎀 忘れられない去年の今日。 ハワイ州立クイーンズ病院で乳がん検査のため針生検を受けました。マンモグラフィーもエコーも引っかかり、転院すること3回の最終段階。人生初の手術室…この検査の結果次第で私の胸のしこりががんかそうでないか決まる、大切な検査。針生検の結果が出るまで不安でほぼ毎晩泣いていたけど…結果は幸運にも"良性"。この結果に甘んじることなく、これからも定期検診を受けること、ピンクリボンのものを買うことを通して、募金をし続けて行きたいと思います🎀 #pinkribbon #pinkribbons #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #donation #ピンクリボン #乳がん#募金
checkup - mammogram - pinkribbon - breastcancerawareness - biopsy - blessed - 募金 - 乳がん - donation - マンモグラフィ - breastcancer - pinkribbons - ピンクリボン -
docrock : That is one if the reasons I wear Pink so much. One because you love it and two because I love you.
tatsuya808 : @dolly_lily our company supports breast cancer patients year round so I wear the pink ribbon to work everyday!!
dolly_lily : @docrock i luv ur post so much as u know😘❤️thx besty✨
dolly_lily : @tatsuya808 how cool that is😊🎀our company should do like urs❗️i wanna suggest if i have an opportunity to do👌
dolly_lily : #mammogram #biopsy #blessed #checkup #マンモグラフィ
ambrygenetics - ___rgc - kaori_may12 - kremeo_ -
bloodmoon - mammogram -
newera79 : Looks more like a #mammogram
yadiinc : @newera79 lol
ri_mm_ - ambss_13x - alicia_grocottx - jjjun_ -
This is how you know you are getting old! Cramming in as many doctor appointments as you can before the kids get out of school for summer. #gynecologist #mammogram #ultrasound & #endocrinologist and this doesn't show my dentist or my ophthalmologist appt! #oldladyprobs
ultrasound - mammogram - oldladyprobs - endocrinologist - gynecologist -
annaaelizaabeth_ - victoriagoins - toddandangie - thu_names_kate -
Call and schedule yours today. #mammogrammonday #mammogram #h4ha
h4ha - mammogram - mammogrammonday -
pretti3_ugly : :( i had a memogram n a sonagram n the clinic sent me a letter saying that my doc has the results and that further testing shud be done... they have to do radiology...shud i be scared :(
gossipviv - ellediscovers - alwaysme_keepu - elle0009 -
Regram...from Ndrow #mammo #breastcancerawareness #health #life #pinkribbon #reminder #examinate #doitnow #checkyourself #supportbreastfeeding #bravery #strong #onlythestrongest
life - woman - cancer - scan - checkyourself - breastcancer - world - onlythestrongest - strong - reminder - bravery - pink - mammogram - pinkribbon - doctor - inhonor - support - breastcancerawareness - girl - health - supportbreastfeeding - cancerawareness - examinate - mammo - doitnow - self - prevention -
brittsukrisno : #cancer #support #cancerawareness #breastcancer #pink #woman #girl #prevention #inhonor #world #reminder #self #doctor #scan #mammogram
alexjamesmodel - v_vasilevskaya - that_oneaccount_ - cins31 -
Healthcare - busy moms have to fit it in when they can, even on Sundays. #mammogram
mammogram -
amyj9 : Good on you for getting it done. 👏👏👏👍
yoyo4fun : @amyj9 thanks!
vleoralv : Not one of my favorite things to do but necessary :-)
yoyo4fun : @vleoralv YES!!!
hollyrhardy - jesss_25 - tinkj - lacachanilla -
Yup I'm officially bored and since this is ig we can't say boobs lol weird I know you will not see hashtags for it #mammogram#sweaterpuppies#sandbags#handfuls#bikinitop#leopardprint#pillows#cushions#chesttattoos#girlswithink#inkedchest
pillows - girlswithink - leopardprint - sweaterpuppies - inkedchest - cushions - chesttattoos - delicious - sandbags - mammogram - bikinitop - handfuls -
patricia_247 : #Yum
renee_foxx : You #delicious @patricia_247
zacattackya : @renee_foxx that's what we fight wars for :) #tattedhottness
awesomearmy10 : @renee_foxx love it! Inked boobs r best lol
kawimau5 : Thankyou!!!
doublefistedent - knifebandit - bradleyxtrussler -
#MyMorningFlow #Mammogram #OBGYN #She late this year but better late than never LADIES MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERYTHING CHECKED✅✅ #GrownWomenProcedures #thankful #blessed Nobody likes this machine tho 😩😫 Had to do it!!! #WhyIsThatThingSoCold when are they gonna come up with a need procedure to check our vajayjay 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Hated it!!! #Who Thought of that!! #ThingsWomenGoThrough 2 Make Sure they Healthy All Worth it tho😘😘😘😘😘 I know TMI😂😂😂😂😂😂
mymorningflow - who - blessed - thankful - she - thingswomengothrough - grownwomenprocedures - mammogram - obgyn - whyisthatthingsocold -
lov4_3 : Oooh...that thing is so not my friend !
og_ursulajohnson : Just got mine Wed now I'm at the internal doctor. Sheesh I wanna be a kid again. NO WORRIES
tammepha : Right cause they don't have No Worries @og_ursulajohnson
fabulousdivaz : Uggghh, @tammepha and @og_ursulajohnson @lov4_3 @deedras_world @siscomanagement abs @behindthedreamz I'm due my first one and yall making me renig...
behindthedreamz : I got mine done last year. Wasn't fun, but had to be done @fabulousdivaz. I'm not quite old enough yet, but my mom had breast cancer. It's worth the pain. You can do it lol
og_ursulajohnson : It's not that bad @fabulousdivaz. The mammogram saved my cousins life
siscomanagement : @fabulousdivaz a moment of being uncomfortable beats unsure. I ended up having to get a lumpectomy I'm only 26!!! You have to do it!!!
tammepha : Awwwww @siscomanagement 😔
debora0128 - nyc2md - thefus_ - sweetthingmartin -
Professional boobytrapper! #booby #trap #mammogram #earlydetection #dontputitoff #savethetatas #smash
smash - savethetatas - earlydetection - trap - booby - dontputitoff - mammogram - boobytrapper -
kdsoup : #boobytrapper
vj2inspire : 😂haha
woahitsizzyyy - lilrjc3 - vj2inspire - sammysba -
#TBT Me w/ Jotunheim. "If you're not down with us, we got two words for ya!" #YOLO #KvltKomedy #Yolotoi #Mammogram #TusPplLolYeaOk
yolotoi - mammogram - tusppllolyeaok - yolo - kvltkomedy - tbt -
nyne1024 - pajamallamas - anthraff - arvonart -
The ladies at St Vincent are caring and helpful. So thankful for them. #mammogram #stvincent #dontprocrastinate
mammogram - stvincent - dontprocrastinate -
allidusko - jen_matherly23 -
4.10.14 #ProjectThankful14 got my #mammogram done for the year. Good to stay on top of. #checkthetatas #squish
projectthankful14 - mammogram - checkthetatas - squish -
ceres47 : @rebeccajoknits did it hurt?
rebeccajoknits : @ceres47 not at all. It's a little pressure for about 20 seconds, but that's it
lneal1959 : Good! Gotta stay up on those!!!
artofbalanceblog - mimimakingmemories - laurenk611 - fromtracie -
Give 'em a little SQUEEZE! #mammogram #wth #seriously #everysixmonths #lame #savethetatas #squeeze #mylife #is #too #exciting
mammogram - lame - is - seriously - savethetatas - squeeze - too - mylife - wth - exciting - everysixmonths -
stephanie_renee82 : Lmao
lucky13pb - saabstory - oriana_m18 - soccer_softball_girl -
Up at the hospital fixin to get the boobs squished!!!! #mammogram
mammogram -
lacartera408 : @sasseeass can someone plz make these thing more comfortable :/ #mammogram
sasseeass : Lol...yea I know!! Wasn't too bad tho...just kept thinkin bout rough sex to get thru it!!! 😂😂😂😂 @lacartera408
lacartera408 : @sasseeass u r funny 👍
apkmail_big_joe - claudiojim4371 - emondy95 - kayla_is_cuteee -
It's me at the doc getting my first mammogram....its a must women. We have to be proactive in regards to our health. Take charge. #ahealthyme #breastcancerawareness #mammogram #ihatecancer #healthysista #healthyisthenewsexy #savethetatas
ihatecancer - savethetatas - ahealthyme - mammogram - healthyisthenewsexy - breastcancerawareness - healthysista -
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Menacing! #mammogram
mammogram -
allysiabrooke : That machine is my nemesis!
foragerkea - allysiabrooke - daleranch -
A #journal entry from 12 year old #me. #mammogram #pancakes #mom #awesome
me - coolkid - mom - pancakes - journal - mammogram - awesome -
mssumner : So tender!
alexmaria_ : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg
heyyimhuman : XD
itsjustro : Omg! 😂
_courtneycook_ : Ahahahaaaaa that's awesome.
briana419 : 1. I love that it's in marker. 2. I adore that you titled the entry. That's amazing
hjbabs : @briana419 I was in this whole "I wanna be like Harriet The Spy" phase lol and I think she titled her journal entries too hahaha #coolkid
briana419 : Omg I wanted to be her too! Lol I so badly wanted to spy around the neighborhood but didn't have the balls
tracelee - kayla_farrington - heyyimhuman -
It's a pancake type of morning for me. Waiting for my turn. #mammogram #annualcheckup #imporyantt
annualcheckup - mammogram - important - imporyantt -
vanillabeanbaker : @eatingniagara Thank you Tiffany. Always go to these with cautious optimism and a little bit of trepidation.
trilogy_edibles : Lol.
trilogy_edibles : About the pancake comment not what you are doing
bridget350 : Ugh. Go treat yourself afterward! 💕
vanillabeanbaker : @trilogy_edibles I know! One must keep their sense of humour :)
vanillabeanbaker : @briget350 Dental appointment after this. Like to pack all the fun in one day!
yomamasbakery : You are glutton for punishment 😜
isugarcoatit : 😱 my aunt tells me how wonderful an experience this is. Hope all is well with you, Paula.
pumssweets - thefoodcharlatan - bridget350 - smithbites -
ตรวจเต้านมหน่อยมั้ยคะ 🍼🍼 #マンモグラム #mammogram
mammogram - マンモグラム -
greengreeny : เค้าทำมา2 อาทิตย์แบ้ว เบื่อนมม๊วกกก 😓
babymelonzz - _pattamaporn - atcaspy - chaaimdarat -
I'm here! #mammogram #ncsm
ncsm - mammogram -
princessamalina : Kenapa mmy. Anything wrong ke
wminurul : @princessamalina Takde apa la sayang. mmy bawak orang jeee. hehehe
meiyabroughton - theaimansmy - fazlenasarif - abamringo -
Repost from @tarrantcancercoalition: Need a #mammogram? Attend one of these #breastcancer education & screening events in #FortWorth and Bedford this Saturday. #healthdisparities #breasthealth #tarrantcounty #stopsix #midcities
healthdisparities - midcities - stopsix - tarrantcounty - breastcancer - fortworth - breasthealth - mammogram -
songsviewfoto - munchkins5 - darwinianfail - 4thacure -
Statigram feedback