Lets saturdate d family today... #hootd #ootd #motd #hijaboutfitoftheday #hijabstyle #instahijab #hijabchicks #love #pink #120814 #saturday
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raudah09 : #120414
xtacyheart : Gorgeous!
svntism : :>
raudah09 : Would like to thank ms @munirahmohamed @lilmrspolkadot #lilmrspolkadot for the dress.. love it!!!! Xoxo
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#OOTD Out for family good time! Loving #naimanadyne 's top bought from @pickledfairyshop β™‘β™‘
tasselshawl - lilmrspolkadot - naimanadyne - ootd -
furrymittens : #tasselshawl #lilmrspolkadot @lilmrspolkadot
lilmrspolkadot : Jambu la!
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Amidst my ambitious list of things to do today, a lil perk me up of @lilmrspolkadot tasselicious shawls greets me! Super pretty and awesome shawls, received well in downunder! #lilmrspolkadot #happy #AMAtakeson100happydays #100happydays #todolists
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lilmrspolkadot : Yeay!!!
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sha_me_la : Me and my big sister with our #tasselicious #ootd #outfitoftheday #hotd #hijaboftheday #smile #saturday #haagendazs #hijabcandy #hijabstyle #hijabmodesty #hijabchic #lilmrspolkadot #sister #love
bn_barakah : nice
sha_me_la : @salooooh122 thankiu :)
lilmrspolkadot : Love it!! Thank u dearies!
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#ootd lah guysssss~~~ #lilmrspolkadot #hijabfashion
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Comfy saturday! Shawl by #lilmrspolkadot Top by #nufaaboutique
lilmrspolkadot - nufaaboutique -
megamayasari_missmayamulia : Boleh endorse kak? @adilahkarim
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out for a date with the husband. 😁 #hootd #ootd #tasselshawl #lilmrspolkadot #chichijab
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lilmrspolkadot : U r so pretty! N cute! Hehe
slckndmnr2 : @lilmrspolkadot thanks sis! you're too nice!
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Nudes and neutrals but I always need that pop of colour. Heh.
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot -
lilmrspolkadot : Pretty!!
adilahkarim : @lilmrspolkadot Thank you! Your shawl material is amazing it stayed in place all day! Loving it! #tasselicious
adilahkarim : #lilmrspolkadot
haslinabidin : @adilahkarim how do u don the tudung ? So nice ... Can u do a collage ?
rozianah_fauzi : @adilahkarim babe where did u get this pant? Its pretty!😍...ive been searching this kinda cutting for quite some time.πŸ˜“
adilahkarim : @haslinabidin Hello and thank you! I actually do it in a very similar way with a youtuber. You can search for "Simple hijab tutorial | Safiyahhh" . Hope it helps!
adilahkarim : @rozianah_fauzi Ahh so sorry. These harem pants i wore was bought long time ago. Cant recall where :(
haslinabidin : @adilahkarim tankiu for replying ... Will surf and keep a lookout for the YT ... Haf a wonderful Friday 😊
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sel-peeee #tasselshawl #lilmrspolkadot #hotd #lotd
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lilmrspolkadot : Pretty on u! :)
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kinda hot eh today's weather. β˜€οΈ #hootd #ootd #tasselshawl #lilmrspolkadot
tasselshawl - lilmrspolkadot - ootd - hootd -
lilmrspolkadot : Weeeewit!!
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Monday... With my new shawl!! #ootd #outfitoftheday #hotd #hijaboftheday #selfie #hijabstyle #hijabmodesty #awesome #hijabchic #hijabcandy #lilmrspolkadot
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mrs_rieyda717 : Cantiknyeee
sha_me_la : @mrs_rieyda717 thankiu sis.. u can add @lilmrspolkadot to get pretty shawls β™‘
lilmrspolkadot : Pretty!!! Thank u!!
sha_me_la : @lilmrspolkadot thankiu to u too!!!!
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new tassel shawls from @lilmrspolkadot added to my collection. shall don it on soon!
lilmrspolkadot -
slckndmnr2 : #lilmrspolkadot
lilmrspolkadot : Thank u dear!
slckndmnr2 : @lilmrspolkadot more than welcome!
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Back at work during March hols..benchiiii. But happier cos i'm wearing my lovely tasselicious shawl from @lilmrspolkadot ! Love love! #hijaboftheday #hijabstyle #lilmrspolkadot
lilmrspolkadot - hijabstyle - hijaboftheday -
lilmrspolkadot : Thank u jambu!!
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Scarf: LilMrsPolkadot (Singapore) Top: Uniqlo Jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Ria Qoute of the day: Money can buy you every single piece of fashion but not a single thread of style β™‘ #fashion #hijabi #lilmrspolkadot #uniqlo #forever21 #singapore
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ifrah717 : Looking cool:)
reajasmine89 : MasyaAllah! Thank you! :) @ifrah717
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Thank you Kak Munirah for the lovely cat printed top. Love love it! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’• @lilmrspolkadot #lilmrspolkadot
lilmrspolkadot -
munirahmohamed : Hehehhe! I love that top too! :)
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Off to Jakarta!!! #hotd #hootd #maxihijab #plainmaxishawl #lilmrspolkadot
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pamizura - mu4amm3d - bigtallgookylady - lyana_n -
#hotd #hootd #lotd #motd #maxihijab #plainmaxishawl #lilmrspolkadot #hijabi #instahijab #hijabsg #sghijab #hijabster #hijab
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the advantage of your kid growing older. she gets to practise snapping shots of her mommy. ;) #tasselicious #lilmrspolkadot #cintacamelia #cambridgesatchel #tods
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emilosophy : @lilmrspolkadot @cintacamelia
ryanstarr : I like the colour of your shawl!
nurulasyikinamin : Ceh ceh dah pandai pakai loafers eh! U dah berbubah, emida.
nurulasyikinamin : *berubah
munirahmohamed : Omg. Kawan u suka colour shawl je kt! Dia tak suka shawl i ke! Lol!
emilosophy : @ryanstarr royal blue :) @nurulvoe i'm turning 30. mesti ada kemajuan! hahah. @munirahmohamed kt! semua orang suka okaaay. how do you explain the order of 1982 shawls then!
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my baby sister's "merisik" day. yet i'm the one acting coy. ;) #tasselicious #lilmrspolkadot
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot -
juzda2ofuz : You look like jessica alba! :)
emilosophy : @juzda2ofuz lol! no la babe. if only i did have her looks & post-pregnancy body. sigh.
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some things in life are black & white. accept it.
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot -
munirahmohamed : Yes! ini namanyer 'a good picture yang i boleh steal and post pat @lilmrspolkadot dan orang akan terpegun dgn ciptaan Tuhan!' Lol!
lieshan : the shawl is prettttty and u too obviously lah ye...
emilosophy : @munirahmohamed dramatic nye! and hello! the other photos of me in the other colours ok whaaat. fiiiiine. i will buy a new hp soon. hahah. @lieshan it's the shawl only, i know. hahah.
joeeshawls : MasyaAllah... Wat a beauty πŸ˜€ @my_name_is_emil
emilosophy : @joeeshawls mashallah. you are too kind.
joeeshawls : πŸ˜€πŸ’ @my_name_is_emil
jazminderr : I love your hijab style mashaAllah
emilosophy : @jazminderr mashallah. thank you. :) it's just a simple wrap. ;)
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sufia's shot ;) (three days in a row wearing @lilmrspolkadot's #tasselicious shawls. you like or not, KT @munirahmohamed? hahah. #lilmrspolkadot ftw ok!)
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot -
3happypills : So georgeous la u!!!
emilosophy : @3happypills camera trick, sis. hahah. or maybe it's the blur shot.
qayyummd : N is for nano. Heh! @my_name_is_emil im getting one real soooon too. #obsessing
emilosophy : @qayyummd ooohhh. show me which one! ;)
nabikaly : I wanna don a hijab like urs, simplicity at its best!
emilosophy : @nabikaly i usually check my feed before notifications. just commented on your photo. then terperanjat i see a few notifications from you. lol! thanks sis. :) i have to keep it simple & fuss-free coz i don't have alot of time to get ready with two kids around. hahah.
nabikaly : Hahaha... No worries. Yea tell me bout it... Keep it simple so I monkey ard wit my munchkins.. 😊😊
nabikaly : So I can*
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i haven't done an ootd post in months, so... here it is! hahah. #lilmrspolkadot #tasselicious #thepoplook #balenciagafirst #ihavenoenergytodosuchposts
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot - balenciagafirst - thepoplook - ihavenoenergytodosuchposts -
nabilahhuda : So pretty:)
emilosophy : @nabilahhuda pretty simple actually, sis. thanks anw. :)
roziela_183 : dress ni awk amik saiz ape?... tnggi brape?..nk beli tp x thu saiz pe :(
emilosophy : @roziela_183 ini skirt, sis. free size. :)
nurlianimohdisa_ - hfj_2012 - butterflykiszes - nayanadiya33 -
tasselicious shawl in navy blue by @lilmrspolkadot. you like, my "kawan terbaik" @munirahmohamed? ;) #lilmrspolkadot #tasselicious
tasselicious - lilmrspolkadot -
ananasser : Wow jambu eh.. 😘
emilosophy : @ananasser merajuk with you! you never see me today!
munirahmohamed : Suka sangat! Lol!
mazinus711 : @my_name_is_emil so gorgeous! 😊 and really, how come ur shawls all look so terletak all the time?? Hee
emilosophy : @mazinus711 no la. biase2 only. :) it's usually messy. but amik gambar, adjust2 abit, i guess. hahah.
ananasser : Next week ok! We can go hjh maimunah and tapau the mee bakso. 😁😜😘
emilosophy : @ananasser lol. ok set! ;)
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While waiting for the husband to send the clothes for the donation to Syria, here comes a selca. #hijabfashion #hijab #lilmrspolkadot
hijab - hijabfashion - lilmrspolkadot -
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Shawl received with β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯ @lilmrspolkadot #lilmrspolkadot
lilmrspolkadot -
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Feeling princessy in my tasselicious shawl and ballerina skirt from @lilmrspolkadot ! Not forgetting, my fav go-to chiffon outer from @buttonmybuttons (soon to be released) :D πŸ˜„ #sheawears #lilmrspolkadot #buttonmybuttons
sheawears - lilmrspolkadot - buttonmybuttons -
nazirarara : cantik laa..
dilaadira : cantiknyee akak sheaa niee,,pndai mix and match,,i like,,hahahaa
nismashop : nice like everytime :)
pink_vintage_home : loving this pink!!! shea if u love pink come visit my ig
motifsstyles : Pwetty sweeet! Im coming to KL hope can bump into u @shearasol
abidz_ : SubhanAllah !, gorgeous nya !!~~~
chempakaa : Love the skirt, dear :)
mayah0909 : Racistically cute
missfza - suhaila_ibraheem - manja_zr - ifaaaahhhh -
Tengok ape tu kak??? #fendisarinah #boonlaypowernasilemak @rinafndi_3606 #supper #lilmrspolkadot #nasilemakpower
lilmrspolkadot - fendisarinah - supper - nasilemakpower - boonlaypowernasilemak -
rinafndi_3606 : Tengok bulan cik abg @dadiefndi_3606
rinafndi_3606 -
My newfound love! ✨ Have been looking EVERYWHERE (like REALLY everywhere) for maxi tassle shawls, and finally found it at @lilmrspolkadot !! What I love about it: β€’ maxi sized (approx 180x110cm) β€’ cotton (not sheer like the normal cotton viscose maxi shawl) β€’ It's their in-house design β€’ superb quality #sheaadores #lilmrspolkadot #instashop (This is not an advert ok. I genuinely love these shawls) 😊
lilmrspolkadot - instashop - sheaadores -
jemmilo : Wow ... How come you got it first? So lucky
litasuffian : Model this please!
shershes : Haha kebetulan dgn rose sekali looks like tassels πŸ‘πŸ‘
nautr : Try pakai @shearasol :) nak tengok nak tengokkk :)
aysh____ : They don't ship to UK :(
myzajane : Visit my ig.. Ade minyak hilang parut, minyak dagu pun ada.. Hahaha jkπŸ˜‚
shearasol : @myzaali bhahaha nk kena myza! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amischaheera : Nakkk! Cantek
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do i wanna twin?! NOPE! 2 sistas are MORE than enuff! Plus 'sistas' from another parents! Lol! in blazed by Baroque blazer from @sgshopbyrona & black maxi headwrap from @lilmrspolkadot! feeling awesome possum! #islamicfashionistas #lilmrspolkadot #baroqueblazer
lilmrspolkadot - islamicfashionistas - baroqueblazer -
wakzool : Yah one of u is enough. If two...kesian toilet asyik full nanti
ellyz : @wakzool hahaha!!! True that! Im contented with ONE of me! heh. 😜
anaza - sgshopbyrona - iryn2aiz_hansher - _sydah -
#wiwt to a pastel themed birthday party! #ootd #lilmrspolkadot
wiwt - ootd - lilmrspolkadot -
amirahorlis : Oh snap itz lya!!!! :o
osnapitzlya : oh snap..it's youΞ£( ̄。 ̄ノ)οΎ‰
amirahorlis : Pemi 5
ksaa99 - amirahorlis - ichaaachaaa - nawiwu -
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